tagLoving WivesHow It All Really Happened

How It All Really Happened


Sophie and I had no intention of having any adulterous affair! We were very content with our lot. We have always had exciting sex together and didn’t see any need for any change or experiment. We have been married for 7 years now and had often joked about the 7 year itch which was a general topic of conversation with anyone who was reaching the 7 years. We were very happy. We both had good jobs and so far had no children although we would love to have 2 in the future.

It all began when we were on the ‘net and having a search for something exciting. We logged onto the Literotica site and read a few stories on the screen. When we had been trying to read them we ran into all sorts of problems in so far as we couldn’t see everything we wanted and in addition there were times when we wanted to skip forward to see how things would turn out!

I suggested to Sophie that she should pick out 10 stories which interested her and I would download them and print them out so we could read them at our leisure. So that is what she did. She chose the Loving Wife section and as soon as she began to read each story, she would say, “Quick Darling, I want you to print out that one!” So in no time at all, I had printed out the 10 stories for her (actually for us).

The one common thread running through all of these stories was that the man always wanted to watch while another man fucked his wife! Sophie thought this was really strange as I had never mentioned wanting to watch another man fuck her. She asked me if I had ever thought about watching her getting fucked by another man and I had to truthfully say it had never even occurred to me. I would have to say I am the jealous type of husband and although I have never had cause to be worried by Sophie, I would kill any man who attempted to fuck her!

When we retired to our bed that night I was surprised to see Sophie had brought the whole 10 stories with her and they were sitting on the table alongside the bed waiting for us to read them. As usual I reached over for my naked wife and began to caress he body. She is easily excited and it doesn’t take very long to get her aroused and ready to make love to. We have a sort of a ritual where I stroke and caress her and gradually stroke her breasts until her nipples get hard. I then lean over her and take her nipple in my mouth and suck it carefully so as not to hurt her. I then continue stroking her body until I reach her pubic hair and then begin to rub her clitoris and run my fingers through her pussy lips until I can finally get my finger inside of her body. As soon as Sophie is ready, she reaches over and begins to stroke my cock. It is usually hard by this stage and after she has been stroking it for about a minute, she gives me an extra hard squeeze and then I climb on top of her, part her legs and she pulls my cock into her cunt. It is a very easy system and we each know the other is ready by this method. Every now and again, she will move onto her knees on the bed and then lean forward on her hands, inviting me to fuck her from the back. She loves this position because I can get deeper into her.

This particular evening when I began to stroke her, she stopped me and told me she wanted to read a couple of stories first and we would make love after. Well, I had to be satisfied with that and asked for a couple of stories to read as well. We were both lying there naked as we always were in bed and each reading the stories. It wasn’t long before I heard Sophie’s breathing pattern change and she began to breathe more quickly. I moved over closer to her and found she was on the verge of an orgasm. She was reading the story and at the same time was stroking her clitoris as fast as she could go. I told her to keep going and I would stroke her nipples to make sure she had a great orgasm. She took her eyes off the page for just a second when she turned around and smiled at me. She then returned to the reading and the stroking whilst I reached over and grasped her nipple between my thumb and finger and began stroking it steadily. Sophie came with a very loud sigh and quite a lot of twitching of her body. Wow, she certainly had become aroused by the story.

As soon as she had settled down, I asked her to tell me what had aroused her so much. She said, “Darling, I can’t believe these stories could be true – what man would want to watch his wife being fucked by another man, often a complete stranger?” I asked her if she was finished with that story and she told me to wait – she was almost finished. It took a long while because, believe it or not, she continued to play with her clit and in no time at all, she came again! I really wanted to read this story.

When she was finished with the story, she handed it on to me and grabbed a second story. She had only just begun to read this one before she again began to moan and move around and she came again! This time, I wasn’t even caressing her. All in all, Sophie came 7 times whilst reading the first 3 stories and when I told her it was time to turn out the light, she did so almost with relief because of the number of times she had cum.

As soon as I tried to stroke her body as usual, she stopped me and told me she was exhausted and would have to rest for a while. Of course I had found the stories exciting but short of jerking myself off, there wasn’t a lot I was prepared to do whilst lying in bed with my wife. Sophie was asleep in seconds. I didn’t feel tired and was very unsatisfied so I continued to read.

About half and hour later Sophie woke up, grabbed my cock and could hardly wait to pull it into her mouth. She wasn’t very fond of blow-jobs and her eagerness amazed me. I wouldn’t let her blow me completely. I wanted to fuck her so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began my stroking ritual. In no time at all she had me in her cunt and we were fucking like crazy. We weren’t making love – we were fucking!

It was obvious Sophie had been really turned on by the stories. As soon as we had finished fucking we turned over, held one another and fell asleep. When we woke in the morning we were still holding each other. Even before getting out of bed to visit the toilet, Sophie had me in her and we fucked again. This time it was quite uncomfortable because of my desire to urinate first, but I came anyway and we were again satisfied. I quickly jumped out of bed to visit the toilet and then returned to our bed. It was Sophie’s turn to leap out of bed and when she returned, it was just like we were lovers again. She was really, really turned on!

Today was Saturday and neither of us had to go to work. We continued to lie in bed and we read all of the 10 stories each. As soon as we were finished reading, Sophie asked me to go to the computer and print out some more stories in the same section. It seemed to take forever for the computer to warm up and also to get on the ‘net, but eventually I reached the site and downloaded and printed a further 10 stories. I quickly returned to our bed having left the computer running but I had dropped out of the ‘net.

Sophie snatched the new 10 stories from me and with just a very quick kiss, began to read the new batch of stories. Again it didn’t take very long before Sophie was playing with her clit and arousing herself to fever pitch. Soon she came again by herself and I started to feel left out of things. I tried to play with her body as usual but she soon stopped me and pleaded to be allowed to continue her reading.

Sophie was so aroused by the time she had finished 5 stories that she begged me to fuck her! She usually didn’t initiate any sexual activity and left that to me. I didn’t want to waste an opportunity and so I climbed onto her body and we fucked like teenagers. When we were finished we both slumped back onto the bed and dropped off to sleep. We were exhausted.

When I woke the first thing I saw was Sophie reading our erotic stories! She was lying on her back, the pages held in her left hand whilst her right hand was playing with her pussy. She was just on the verge of cumming when I rolled over and took her breast in my hand and started massaging it and squeezing her nipple. She came with a loud moan and said, “Quick Darling, fuck me!” I had just woken up and again needed to go to the bathroom and so off I dashed and relieved myself. I rushed back to her side just as she was having her second orgasm! I quickly mounted her and with my already stiff cock at the ready, I pushed into her and began to really fuck her! I had never seen Sophie so aroused. When we were lying in bed after our wonderful sex, she confided in me that she had already cum 4 times before I had fucked her! She was insatiable.

Sophie then urged me to go back to the computer and download and print more erotic stories about men allowing other men to fuck their wives. Well, it didn’t take me very long to follow her request and I returned to the bed with a fresh bundle of 10 stories. Sophie almost snatched them out of my hands and began reading them immediately. Despite having cum so many times and having just fucked like crazy, she continued to play with herself whilst she was reading the stories. I managed to get one of the stories from her and began to read that. I surprised myself by getting somewhat aroused and I too began to play with myself. In no time at all I had a raging erection and wanted relief. I rolled on my side facing Sophie but she was much too interested in reading and playing with herself to take much notice of me! I managed to carefully roll her onto her side facing away from me without disturbing her too much. With her naked backside now presented to my cock, I shuffled down in the bed until I could push my cock between her legs and soon found the opening to her cunt. I pushed forward a little more and she opened her legs for me to enter her properly. As soon as I had my cock fully in her cunt, I began to work my cock in and out of her. She took absolutely no notice of me and just continued to read her story. I built up speed and soon was approaching my orgasm. I unloaded a huge jet of cum into her cunt but she didn’t even grunt! She was too absorbed in her story! It was the first time I had fucked her without her taking some part in the proceedings.

When I had pulled out of her, she rolled on to her back and continued reading. She was besotted with the stories. About an hour later she requested I download and print some more stories as she had read all of those I had previously got for her. I told Sophie that was enough for today but she begged me for more and so I finally gave in and printed off 2 more for her.

Whilst she was reading these latest stories I simply rested alongside my wife’s lovely body and again began stroking her. It wasn’t long before she came again. It was at this stage that Sophie stopped reading (I don’t think she could actually see the print properly she was so spaced out) and leaned up on her elbow, placed her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She then said in a very quiet voice, “Darling, have you ever thought about having another man fuck me while you are watching?”

I almost expected that sort of question seeing she had been so aroused by the stories. I asked her if she had ever thought about it herself. She replied, “Never Darling until I read these stories – I can see just how each woman must feel when she is offered to another man by her husband and fucked in front of him! Could we try it?”

This was the question I hoped never to hear. Sophie had finally given in to the stories and wanted to be fucked by another man. I can’t say I was surprised as I could see in Sophie’s eyes that she had found a New World in the stories. I didn’t want her to be fucked by anyone else but me! I also realized she would possibly go off and do something like this on her own if I didn’t take some sort of stand with her.

I then began a lecture telling my lovely wife all about the pitfalls of extramarital sex and the dangers from disease etc., but she just smiled at me, tightened her grip around my neck and kissed me deeply. When she spoke she uttered the words I still didn’t want to hear! “Darling, I do want to be fucked by another man with you watching. The main problem now will probably be getting a man whom we both like to do the job! Have you anyone in mind whom you would like to watch fuck me?” There wasn’t any further discussion about whether I would want her to do this or not, it was just who would we use! Disaster! What could I do about it?

Sophie started asking me whether I would prefer someone we already know or would it be better to use a complete stranger. I didn’t have an answer for her – I was still in shock. Eventually we agreed it might be safer if we used a stranger as then we wouldn’t have someone we knew always looking at as knowing we had done something wrong with him. I wasn’t too happy about a stranger either because of disease and what repercussions could occur if he wanted to get nasty. I told Sophie the best idea would be to forget the whole thing! There was no way she would do that.

Sophie pestered me for more stories from the computer and, in all, I had downloaded over 50 and she still wasn’t satisfied. More had to come!

Neither of us had any idea how we would find a suitable man to fuck Sophie! I didn’t try very hard to think of ways I must admit but never-the-less I couldn’t get the horrible thought out of my mind. I couldn’t ask anyone at my work – I wouldn’t want anyone to know what Sophie was thinking about. She didn’t know anyone who would help us so we were stuck. I hoped this would be the end of the idea.

It wasn’t until I had unloaded and printed a further batch of stories that Sophie was reading when she suddenly rushed over to me and said, “Darling, I know what we can do! We can join a swingers club and then we will have lots of eligible men to choose from. I didn’t think much of that idea and, when I said, “Well, does that mean if we go to a swingers club and I see a woman whom I want to fuck, can I go ahead and fuck her?” Sophie looked a bit perplexed and said, “Well, I hadn’t thought about you fucking someone else but I guess if I can do it, so can you – yes, I guess that would be O.K with me!” I didn’t want to fuck anyone else but Sophie and my plan had backfired a bit because I thought she might buck at the idea and give it up!

Despite what is written in erotic stories it is not easy to discover where swingers clubs operate and even more difficult to find out how to contact anyone about them! I thought the internet would be the best bet so I searched the web using all sorts of search information until at last I found a list, a rather discreet list of swingers clubs which were not too far from our home. We wouldn’t want anything in our own city so we chose one which was about an hour’s drive from home. I used the Internet to contact the secretary and I received an e-mail back almost immediately, which gave careful details of the club and two application forms. We were to fill out the forms completely and return them to the address (a post office box) together with a nude photograph of each of us. When we looked at the forms we were amazed at the detail demanded in answering the questions. I went to the library and made several copies if the application forms (no one else would be able to see what I photocopied at the library – they have a trust system where you just make your copies and pay for them at the front counter) so we could alter the answers before we sent the originals off to the club. Then we began the task of filling out the questionnaires. There seemed to be a million questions but in reality there were only 56. Most of the questions related to our health, sexual preferences, how often we had sex and in what form, how long we had been married, and then another section about why we wanted to join the club. In all, it took us about 6 hours to satisfactorily complete the answers to our satisfaction. The next problem would be photographs. I had a camera but I knew I could get into trouble if I took nude photographs of us and then had them processed at the photo shops – some people thought this was obscene and could report us. I knew my brother had a Polaroid camera and borrowed it on the pretext of wanting to take some photographs of a selection of old cars which were currently on display at a motor show. At first he was reluctant but I convinced him I wanted to make sure each photograph I took would come out O.K. before I left the show. It would be too late if some of them didn’t work out with my camera and then I wouldn’t have the photographs I wanted. He swallowed that and lent me the camera. I bought several film packs for it and returned home excited with my possession.

As soon as I arrived home, Sophie wanted to begin right away! She quickly stripped off all of her clothes and stood naked in front of me! She always looked especially good when she was naked and this was no exception. I snapped off the first photograph and we excitedly waited for it to develop. When the finished photo was ready, we both looked at it critically! There were a number of things wrong with the photo. First, as Sophie had just stripped off her clothes, there were several marks on her body from tight elastic. She had marks where her bra and panties had been, and although these weren’t too bad, they just took the shine off the photograph. Also, Sophie had some tan marks where she had worn her bikini to the beach. Although the pale bits were not very large they detracted from the photo. Also, Sophie never shaved her pussy and in the photograph it looked like an unruly bush! I suggested she would have to trim that bush at least if she didn’t want to shave it all off.

We simply stood around for about an hour watching the elastic marks on Sophie’s body gradually disappear. I helped a bit by massaging the areas and this got Sophie a bit excited as well. When we thought all had disappeared, we took another photograph and this looked better without the marks but the other blemishes remained. I asked Sophie what she could do about the tan marks. She suggested, as it was a hot day, that she would go into the back yard and sunbathe. She would rub sunburn cream carefully on the already tanned parts and then she would tan where the white bits were at the moment. I realized she would have to sunbathe naked if she wanted to remove the tan marks. She quickly said that wouldn’t be a problem. I helped her with the sunburn cream taking a great delight in carefully rubbing it in to the already tanned sections. Sophie then took a couple of beach towels out onto our back lawn and stretched out naked on them. She asked me to let her know when she had tanned for 45 minutes and she would turn over and do the other bits. We have reasonable fences around our property but if one of the neighbors decided to look over the fence at any time he or she would see all of my naked wife. Sophie told me to keep watch and time her and all would be well. I was surprised at how well the tanning venture went. It took a couple of days but eventually Sophie had an even tan allover. We decided it wouldn’t be necessary for me to tan like Sophie had and she bought some self-tanning lotion and carefully rubbed that on my white parts. Of course my cock was white and that had to have some rubbing treatment. This caused me to cum and Sophie chided me for being too excited. How could I not be excited at what we were doing? I was at last getting into the swing of things.

Next was Sophie’s bush. I didn’t want her to shave it off completely so I suggested we carefully trim it into a heart shape and still leave most of it intact. I had the job of trimming her bush so she reclined on a lounge which we have in our sun room where there is plenty of light and I proceeded to carefully cut back her bush into a heart shape. I used the scissors first and then when it was shaped I used my electric razor trimmer and really got it into a lovely shape. After, when I was satisfied with the look of her bush, I proceeded to shave her, using a safety razor and plenty of foam until she really looked beautiful. I also shaved between her legs around to her arsehole because she had a bushy growth there. She also had a very downy line from her navel to the top of her bush but I decided that as this wasn’t really dark it would be better to leave that there. Her bush is quite black as is the hair in her head and her eyebrows. The hair between her navel and her bush is almost blonde and very fine.

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