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How It Happened


We were going out to a party out of town. We would be spending the night so that the one hour drive wouldn't become a DUI waiting to happen, or something worse. The event was an annual appreciation dinner for clients of my company's business insurance provider. My wife and I had gone last year and had a moderately good time. I thought we had to go as a good business decision and besides, it was better than staying home. How little did I know at the time how prophetic that thought was!

We are in our mid-forties and are attractive people. My wife has a sexy curvy body without being a BBW. Her big breasts and pretty face are her best assets. I am a workout warrior and hence am husky and muscular. I am not a thick tree trunk kind of guy but I am as strong as anybody you know and fitter than most. I am fairly handsome also. We fight middle age spread and manage to keep it mostly at bay. Our sex life has inevitably slowed down as time catches up with us. I am vocal and imaginative when it comes to sex and my wife, while possessing neither quality in abundance, likes to follow my lead and generally enjoys our sex.

My favorite thing in sex is to fantasize erotic situations and tell my wife about them. If she is in the least bit horny the stories will excite her further and we have really good sex. I suppose I have been doing this for about seven or eight years now. My favorite scenario is another sex partner for her or me, usually her. It turns me on tremendously to fantasize about her getting seduced against her will and ultimately surrendering her charms to another man through sheer lust. Seeing or hearing her married, wet pussy and big tits getting used by another man would probably make me cum in my pants! Even hearing about it later from her would provide me with an enormous thrill. These thoughts turn her on also, but she has only acted on them once. More on that later. She is content to let me tell her about a story I read or a thought I had or some such thing. She would have to be seduced or dominated in some way in order for it to ever happen again in real life, but I don't think it would take a great deal of effort to get in her pants. The right situation just hasn't come up again. Until the party.

The party was being held at a Holiday Inn motel. Several meeting rooms had been opened up jointly to accommodate the 100 plus guests and a band was playing on a makeshift stage. The night of the party we had checked into our room and changed clothes. My wife was looking particularly hot. A nice dress and her beautiful face and sexy body combined to make her a head turner as we circulated and chatted with friends and business acquaintances. We were both feeling good and a little loose from the numerous drinks we had downed. I had fucked her hot pussy before we left our house and she was glowing and happy from that also. I was thinking of the good sex I was going to get from her tonight because events like this always made her horny and very fuckable later. Anyway, she had left me about 15 minutes previously to chat with somebody she spotted and I had lost track of her. I noticed her as she approached me and she had a peculiar look on her face. I couldn't tell what she was thinking or feeling. As she made her way to my side she asked if we could talk somewhere quiet.

"Sure," I said and we headed over to a relatively secluded corner of the room. "What is it?" I asked.

"You won't believe who is here," she hissed at me.



"As in Brad?" I asked her.

She nodded her head.

"Did you talk to him?" I asked.

"I said hello and then we kinda got pulled in different directions before either of us could say anything else." The look on her face was one of anxiety and .... something else.

Brad was my wife's one and only lover. It had happened several years ago at her previous job. They had been flirting at work for months. He was an outside sales rep and she was his inside sales rep. I encouraged her in it and the intensity of our sex during those several months was unmatched. She would tell me of their phone conversations, each one pushing a little more into phone sex, and I would lick or rub her clit or nipples or both until she had a crashing orgasm. Then I would fuck her and use her body for my pleasure. Each time I would egg her on and tell her of the things he would probably like to do to her. Their day finally came when she was sent to his territory on a three-day training session. Part of her duties were to accompany her outside salesman and meet their mutual customers, none of whom she had ever met in person. When she first got word of the impending trip our nightly sex was mind-blowing as we discussed the possibilities. I wanted her to have fun and do anything she wanted, as long as I heard all about it later. Each night I would strip her naked and take her to bed. She would start out a little hesitant but within 5 minutes of caressing and kissing and fantasizing she would be promising to "let him take anything he wanted, just please please please keep rubbing (or sucking or licking or fucking) right.... there...." and then she would be off on multiple orgasms. I would follow soon after. As it turned out, their actual sex was disappointing because he couldn't perform through nervousness and then their scheduling got off and they couldn't get much private time. She did however, get several orgasms from rubbing her hard little clit while he sucked and bit and pinched her thick nipples. But they never had the great sex they were counting on. They both felt guilty afterwards, she changed jobs a few months later, and that was the end of the story. But I knew the passion still burned somewhere in her.

"Why is he here, is he here with anyone?" I asked. She said she didn't know.

I asked, "Where is he?"

"Over there by the double door."

I had never seen him and really didn't want to in one way but in another, more perverse way I did. I looked over by the doors and saw a tall guy that must have been him because she had told me he was tall and just regular looking.

"Did you get any feelings talking to him once again?" I asked. My wife had had a lot to drink already and she had been horny all night. I was wondering if her lowered inhibitions were coming into play at all.

"Maybe," she answered evasively. "What if I did? It was nice seeing him. You always got more out of that whole deal than I did anyway," she continued.

Her typical feminine logic was operating and impossible for me to follow. I thought hard for a moment.

With a flash of insight and in a sudden rush of excitement I leaned in close to her sexy ear and asked, only half-jokingly, "Is your pussy getting wet from seeing him?"

She was quiet for the longest time. And then, just when I thought she wasn't going to answer me, she sighed and turned to look away from me. I was slightly stunned when she answered in a hoarse whisper, "Maybe a little."

I couldn't help myself. I first looked around and then, after seeing nobody obviously looking in our direction, I placed my hand on her mound, through her dress. She moaned lightly and I realized my wife was indeed very turned on! What was going on in her mind right now I wondered? I knew I had to feel her pussy! Looking around again I moved my hand up and under the front of her dress and with two fingers felt the moist folds of her sex. She was very, very wet and willingly stood there while I fingered her in a corner of a large and noisy, busy room.

I knew the next step was up to me. She would never initiate anything on her own. But what did I want? I whispered to her, "What are you going to do?"

"What do you want me to do?" she grunted out jerkily as my fingers sawed against her steaming hot pussy and nudged her clitoris with each movement. She was still looking away from me I noticed.

I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them. And then I said what I probably knew I would say all along.

"I want your hot mouth sucking my cock right now but that isn't going to happen in here." I whispered to her. "Go on over to Brad and talk to him. Don't tell him I'm here. Tell him I had to leave unexpectedly and you're here all alone. See what he says."

"Okay," she said and just like that she left my side and headed across the room. I honestly hadn't thought she would go, or at least not so willingly.

My heart was pounding and I could feel my face flush. I wasn't sure why I didn't want Brad to know I was here, maybe because I didn't know my own feelings too well at this point. Did I really want to give my wife to another man to use, I wondered? How would I feel if he did? If she did? I headed to the bar to get a drink, all the while trying not to be obvious as I watched her make her way through the crowd.

About two weeks later that my watch said took only 30 minutes she was back.

"Brad is here with one of his friends. They are sharing a room here at the motel. His buddy was invited to the party. His friend's wife is sick so he invited Brad. Brad's wife is at home." she told me quietly.

On a hunch I asked, "Is this the friend he used to tell you about, the one that Brad wanted you to fuck also?" This little tidbit of their conversations she had only told me about a year or so ago. She had related that initially she had told Brad no way, but after several hot conversations along the same line she had finally agreed his friend could watch. The idea that my wife would agree to even that had propelled me through several wonderful orgasms in the ensuing weeks when I would ask her again about it while pumping her willing pussy. I couldn't bring any of this stuff up very often however, as too frequent or persistent questioning on my part would backfire when my wife would suddenly get angry and give me a "that's all you ever want to talk about!" That would always put a damper on the festivities.

"Yes. His name is Brian. It's weird to meet him. This whole thing is freaky," she said. She had been drinking a lot and I noticed her speech was slightly slurred, or was it from excitement?

"Well, we can leave if you want. I'm so turned on I could fill you with a gallon of cum," I whispered to her. "What are you feeling?" I then asked.

She said, " I am so horny I can't stand it. You should have seen the way his friend was looking at me! I know Brad must have told him all about me, and about fucking me."

"Ooohhhh," I said. I couldn't stop myself as I asked, "Is my wife thinking of sharing her hot married pussy? With two horny men who want you? Would you act like a little married slut if you could? You sure have the opportunity tonight don't you?" I looked straight into her eyes. I was really on dangerous ground here but the intense excitement was intoxicating. Her eyes were shining with a strange light and my lips felt swollen and I could barely talk.

"I would love to fuck Brad right now," she finally said after a short pause. Then, "His friend will probably want me too." She looked searchingly into my face, waiting for an answer I think, or maybe permission.

I said all I could think of. "Then do it baby. Just come back to me afterwards. Bring your swollen pussy to me after they are done with you and I will fuck you until you can't walk." Then I added, "Don't forget your room key."

"I have it in my purse ," she said quietly. "I can't believe we're doing this," she added, in a conspiratorial whisper. She hesitated for maybe half a minute and then she left my side and started walking back across the room.

I was swimming with feelings after she left my side. How stupid could you be, I wondered? I went straight to the bar, a little nervous that I might bump into them before they left the room. I had little doubt that they would be leaving very soon. So I was careful as I worked my way through the crowd.

We knew only a small percentage of the people at the party so I wasn't particularly worried that someone would spot my wife with another man (men?). I hung around a little while, got mildly engaged in a few conversations and when asked where my wife was answered that she was somewhere around. I couldn't focus on anything of course, and my cock was threatening to bust through my zipper every time I started to think about what we were doing. I gave up the charade of pretending I was interested in the party after about an hour and headed up to our room. She wasn't in there yet and for some reason that made me feel sad, scared, and excited all at the same time.

I undressed and lay on the bed naked. The urge to masturbate was overpowering. I wanted to save my cum but I couldn't. I pictured my wife getting fucked in numerous possible ways and with just a few strokes of my hand my swollen cock poured out cum like a garden hose. I moaned in ecstasy as my seed spilled over my hand and down my shaft and onto my wrist. I was shaking and gasping with one of the best climaxes of my life! I was just thinking of getting up and fetching a towel (a bath towel!) when the sudden ring of my cell phone startled me.

I picked it up with my left hand, the one without cum all over it. "Hello," I asked/said in a deliberate manner. I was still coming down from my orgasm.

"Baby, it's me," my wife said on the other end. She sounded .... what, I wondered? I couldn't tell.

"How are you? Where are you? Are you all right?" All three questions were asked in one breath.

"I'm in my room at the motel," she answered deliberately. "I'm sorry you couldn't make it, it was pretty boring without you."

It took me a minute to comprehend what she was saying, and all that she was implying. I could also hear a strange tremor in her voice, as if she were distracted or preoccupied.

"Did you do any dancing?" I asked.

"Yes, a little." There was a definite huskiness in her voice and something else. Then I had it! She was being pleasured in some way while she was talking to me! She was being fucked slowly or her sweet pussy was being eaten, I was sure of it. I grabbed my cock, which once again was rock hard.

I could hear faint breathing in the background, and it wasn't her. Then suddenly, "I have to go now baby, I just wanted to check in. I'll...I'll talk to you later. Somebody... somebody's at the door," she practically gasped in a strained voice. And with that the connection was broken.

How long I lay back in bed I don't know. My erect cock threatened to cum without me but I managed to ignore it. Eventually I heard a key in the door and she entered the room. I had only turned on one light so the room was fairly dim. Even in the dim light however, I could see her obvious excitement and also a certain reluctance.

"How're you doing?" she asked quietly as she approached the bed. I thought I could smell sex on her.

"Good, but too hot to last. Come here," I ordered her.

She approached the bed. I sat up on the edge, my erection straining out in front of me. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked quietly.

"Turn around." She did as I directed. I unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders. The smell of semen and sex was definitely strong now. I turned her back around facing me and raised her bra up over her breasts. She just stood quietly, letting me do whatever I wanted. Her nipples were dark and swollen. There were red blotches on her breasts. Somebody had used her, there was no doubt.

I pulled her dress up to her waist. I reached my hand in between her legs and was amazed at the wetness there.

She finally spoke. "I have been very naughty. I let Brad and Brian fuck me as much as they wanted."

"Did you like it baby? Did they like your little pussy?" I was panting with lust and finger fucking her slippery, hot pussy. Juices were running down my hand.

"I have never felt anything like it baby." I stood and pulled her dress back up over her head and off of her. She never wears panties and I had her bra off in a jiffy. Then I pushed her to her knees on the floor next to the bed.

"Suck my cock for a minute baby," I muttered. "I need your mouth, then I want to hear more." She obediently began sucking as I sat on the edge of the bed. The intensity was too much and I almost instantly began cumming in her mouth. "Oh god... yes...yes...suck all my cum, you little slut." I poured myself out into her willing mouth.

I reached down and pinched and rolled her nipples as she finished off the last of my seed. I could tell she winced a little as I brought pain to her abused nipples. "Someone was hard on these big things weren't they?" I asked as she pulled her mouth off my softening erection.

"Yes. Both of them played with my tits and nipples while we fucked," she replied. "They wouldn't leave them alone. Be gentle with them, they are starting to feel very sore," she continued.

I pulled her up to standing and softly suckled the hard nipple of her right breast. I could taste...what?... semen?....saliva? "Does that feel better?" I asked as I removed my mouth.

"Yes," she groaned out.

I laid her on the bed then and kneeling over her in a 69 position, inspected her red, swollen pussy. Her lips were sloppy and the cum and moisture were clearly visible. I will never be able to describe how lustful I felt. Then I noticed her other hole, and how open it looked, and the faint trickle of cum visible there.

"They fucked your tight little ass, didn't they?" I managed to croak out.

"Yes, baby, they both did. They did everything to me."

"Did you cum for them?"

"Oh yes baby, I came real good. Especially when Brad was fucking my ass and Brian made me suck his cock and told me to finger my clit. I exploded!"

I started to lick her little clit. It looked so inviting and just the thought of what she had been doing! She shuddered and began thrashing on the bed. "God baby, you'll make me cum. Keep doing that. Oh, I am so horny again," she wailed. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, ooohhhh... God... here it is." With that a gigantic orgasm shook her entire body. She thrust her hips up and flung her head from side to side. I changed to sucking on her clit. That only seemed to prolong her pleasure. Her climax went on and on and on. Eventually she pulled my mouth from her as the nerves in her clitoris screamed for mercy. I felt her wetness on my mouth and chin as I turned around to mount her. I lined my cock up with her slippery, used asshole, raised her legs up high, and sank my entire length into her in one long push. Her asshole was still fairly tight and it felt wonderful around my aching cock. Her eyes opened wide and she gasped momentarily and then groaned defeatedly. We didn't do anal very often because she needed a long slow buildup and because of that I was surprised her tight ass had gotten fucked at all. The fact that her lover had taken her there tonight, probably partly against her will, inflamed my desire and I wanted the same thing she had given him.

I began rhythmically pumping her depths and, incredibly, felt another strong orgasm building in my balls. She lay grunting and panting, occasionally groaning as I pleasured us both.

"You were getting fucked when you called, weren't you?" I gasped out to her. I was really getting close now but I wanted to know this one more thing before I finished.

"No," she managed to say in spite of my powerful thrusts into her sensitive and tender hole. I noticed also that she was frigging her clit as I felt her hand bumping into my cock occasionally. "They both were sucking and biting my nipples hard, trying to get me to make some noise, to give myself away. Brad had already fucked me once by then, and I knew Brian was going to take me next. I felt so dirty and naughty and like such a fucktoy I almost died. I knew I was only there for them to use my holes but somehow that turned me on beyond belief!"

With that I pumped her like a wild man. I didn't care at all about her pleasure, this was all for me. I fastened my mouth on one of her big tits and, ignoring her whimpers and small cries, sucked and bit her long, thick nipple. She cried out to me as I approached my orgasm, telling me, "that's it baby, cum good for me. Cum in my ass. Fuck your dirty wife. I have been so bad, just fuck me hard .... oh no .... you're going to make me cum again .... don't make me cum again .... no.....no .... aaaahhhh...." And at last, with a heart stopping surge, whatever cum was left in my balls I starting pumping into her ass as her climax drove me over the edge and then I fell into a whirlpool of nothingness.

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