tagInterracial LoveHow It Started

How It Started


It was my husband's idea, for me to submit this story. He'll probably use it to jerk off, reading this, and remembering these events.

I guess the first place is to describe us. Tim is 5'10'', 170 lbs. He stays in good shape, by working out, and swimming often. I'm just a bit shorter, 110 lbs. I have B-plus boobs, which are still very perky, with medium areolas. I also stay in good shape, with running and light weights. Tim loves to buy me panties and lingerie. He also buys me little slutty outfits. I am/was, to shy to wear most of them.

We had been married 3 years, when I first started noticing a change in Tim's behavior. When Tim would get drunk, he would grind his cock into my backside, and start mumbling incoherent things to me. At first, I couldn't make out what he was saying, but after a while, I starting understanding it. The theme seemed to be, my getting "fucked" by various men. Sometimes, they were white, but most of the time, they were black.

I really just thought my man was just hammered, and had no idea of what he was saying. The next morning, was like nothing had happend or was said at all. One night, after Tim had had a few martinis too many ( I also had had a few), I just started messing with him. I started moaning, and rubbing my ass against his stiff cock.He started getting more specific, as to what I was wearing, and where we were at. Suddenly, I felt his warm cum running down my leg. I really didn't know what to do, so I just went to the bathroom, and cleaned myself off. About 2 weeks later, again after a few martinis, he starts in on it again. This time I start talking back to him. Tim started telling me, about how I was wearing this tiny little dress he had bought-but never worn- for me. It was very short, and when I held it up to the light,very sheer. He kept placing us at a bar- Black Finns- with a black man. He kept asking me if I wanted to fuck him. So, I decided to press him on this. So when he asked me if I wanted to fuck this black stranger, I answered ,

"Oh, god yes". He started grabbing my boobs, and humping me wildly.

"You want that big black cock in you" again, "Oh, god yes."

Then " I'm going to make it happen!"

Then he shot his load again, all over my ass. I turned to him, and said,

"Tim, look what just happened."

"I couldn't help it. You were making me hot!"

"How was I making you 'Hot'?"

"You said you wanted to fuck some black guy"

"I hope you know I was only playing, you know that right..right?"

No answer.

" Tim, tell me that you know I was only playing with you."

Tim lightly coughed, " You don't think that would be hot?"

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" "You want your wife, to get fucked by some other guy...a black guy?"

" I've just had this fantasy about this for a while."

"How long a 'While"?"

"Since before we were married."

"I'm going to bed."

The next morning, not much was said at breakfast. Finally, I broke the ice.

"Do you know what you said to me last night? or were you too hammered to know?"

"About what?" he said sheepishly.

"About me, and some other guy."

He sunk down in his seat, and looked down to his breakfast plate.

" I know this sounds weird, but a lot of guys have this fantasy. I don't know what drives it. I love when you wear those skimpy little outfits, and guys check you out. I... ,I just get hard thinking about it. I wish you would wear those outfits I bought for you."

"You're sick!"

With that, I got up and cleaned up the breakfast mess, with a thousand thoughts racing thru my head. I was mad a hell with him. So, he wants to dress me up, like some fucking Barbie doll, and parade me around, for all of his sick friends to leer at me!

Tim had some stuff to do in town, so I was left that day by myself for several hours. I was doing some laundry. I open my closet, and saw several of those outfits Tim had bought for me.

I looked at each one, and wondered, how anyone could possible wear them in public. One, though, if it was dark enough, and I could be promised I'ld not see anyone I knew, could work. It had spaghetti straps, with a criss-cross front, that had a little tie in front. When I held it up to the light, I could clearly see my hand thru it. I held it against my body, and that seemed to reduce greatly the sheernish of it. I thought, I really do love Tim, and if he wants me to dress like this, at least I can meet him part of the way.

We were going away the next weekend, to a football game. We arrived friday afternoon, so we had some time to unpack, and get ready for dinner.

We were going out to a nice dinner, so I started getting ready about 5:00. I had decided to wear "the dress", as I would be dark soon, and we were in a town we didn't know anybody. I put on a pair of black sheer string panties. When I put the dress on, I knew, a bra would out of the question. I could see my nipple thru the very thin material, and hoped it would be dark, before I went out. I also notice, when I moved in the slightest way, my tits would jiggle uncontrollable. I now knew,I would have to walk slowly as well. Tim was openning a bottle of white wine, when I came out of the bathroom. He about fell over, and spill the wine he was pouring.

"Oh my god, oh my god....I...I..I can't believe you have that on for me..Thank you!"

" I just wanted to make you happy, and not to have wasted all that money on stuff I'll never wear."

We had our wine, and out the window, I could see a darkening sky. I was very happy, and the wine was making me a bit braver.

We had dinner at a mid-range seafood place, and decided to have a little topper off, before heading back to the room. As we walked into the bar, I could feel a lot of eyes looking at me. At first, I thought it was the way it is in a local place, where the newbies are examined. Then I noticed the off-set lighting. I stared wondering if they could see thru my dress. The attention didn't diminish,in fact it increased. So much for the newbie theory. I had had a few drinks by now, so I had enough courage not to care as much. We had to stand near the bar, as there weren't any seats available. My husband had his hands all over me. I was actually enjoying all his attention, and stared feeling very amorous. He kept running his hand down the side of the dress, and snapping the string on my panties. He also seemed transfixed on my chest. I looked down, and notice my criss-cross top had "tented"a little. About this time, my hubby starts talking to a bunch of guys that were there. They too, seemed transfixed on my chest. I excused myself for the ladies room. After taking care of business, I started making a few poses in the mirror. I could notice my nipple more in the harsh light, but when I turned sidewise...I could see my entire boob. The dress had tented, exposing my tits to the world. My idiot husband must have known this. And all of his new friends, were getting a good look at my tits as well. I was mad as hell, but also a bit turned on. All these men were making a fuss over me, and all I had to do was show them a little tit. Men are idiots! So I head back to the gathering, not fixing my top too much. A table became available, so we took it. As we sat at the table, one of my hubby's new friend, gets in next to me. I didn't realize which one it was, until I straightened my self. It was the only black man of the group! He was just asmiling. I could feel his eyes on my bare tits. He was very nice,and kept the conversation going. At one point, because there wasn't table service, the table would empty out, and then refill. But, the man next to me wasn't going anywhere. At one point, when it was just the two of us, he ran his hand down the side of my dress, saying how silky it was. When he reached my panty string, he tugged on it. I almost fell out. Here I was, sitting next to a black man, whose name I couldn't remember, showing him my tits, and now he was snapping my panty strings. I looked around for Tim, and he wasn't in the area. I broaden my search, and could see him some distance away, watching us. Suddenly, I felt a hand run up my leg, past my very short skirt, right up to my panties. I couldn't sit, with my legs crossed,because the table clearance was too low. So, I was wide open. His finger lingered on my clitoris, before his went back to my legs. I was a bit drunk, already horny, and now some stranger was playing with me. I had a lot of confusion going thru my head. I just wanted my hubby to take me back to the hotel, where I could jump his bones.

Finally my hubby shows back up. After a few minutes of discussion, with his new friends, they decide, they were going back to his (Steve's) apartment nearby, for a nightcap. I felt my stomach knot. I had a bad feeling, that I was going to be the nightcap. A short walk, and we were in the lobby. I was under the impression, that others from the group were coming as well. But when we got to the lobby, it was only the three of us. Some other people had walked into the lobby and were waiting for the elevator as well. When we got in, Tim and I had become separated. But, of course, not our new black friend. We were a bit packed, so his body was close to mine. I felt him running his hands all over my ass and body. I tried to fight it, but I started getting out of control horny. I started enjoying his touching. As the elevator came to a stop, it lunged a bit. I felt Steve's body push against me. It felt like he had a small bat tucked into his pants. I thought that was odd, unless he was some kind of mass murderer. Then it occurred to me. That wan't a bat at all.

Finally, we arrived at his floor. His apartment was very nice and tastefully decorated. The men took turns using the bathroom, so I was last. As I came out, music had been put on, and I could hear the clinking of glasses. Tim had a wolfish look in his eyes, that scared me. Tim took his glass, and sat down in an oversized chair. Steve ( I found him name out later ) walked over to me and handed me a glass of port. I took a sip, and he took the glass from me. Then, right in front of Tim, he wraps his arms around me and kisses me, smack on the lips. I tried to resist, and looked for Tim to help me. But he just sat there, with a big old grin on his face. Steve was by this time, touching every part of me. I could feel his "bat" thru his pants. He then pushed the spaghetti straps from my shoulder. The dress fell immediately half way to my waist, and then enmasse to the floor. I was now completely naked, except for my sheer black panties. steve ran his hands all over me, saying " Such pretty titties" ," What a fine ass","I love white girls, because they have such sexy tan lines".

All this time, Tim just sat there. Steve started taking his clothes off. I knew once that happened, there wasn stopping.

I begged Tim, "Tim, this has gone far enough!" "Make him stop""Tim,Tim"

then he pulled his underwear down. I found out, it wasn't a bat, but a big black, thick cock. I had never seen one in person. A few pics, in the sorority house. He embrassed me, and I could feel his cock against my body. I was quickly breaking down. Steve gently pushed my shoulders down, and then the top of my head, until I was face to face twith his cock. I put my hands around the long heavy shaft. My little hands looked dwarfed againt it. I started rubbing it in a jerking motion, and a blob of clear liquid came out. I openned my mouth and started licking the head and could taste the sweet liquid. I sucked on him, the best I could. My mouth had a hard time getting it all in, and once in, could only go down but so far. Unlike my husband, which I can get almost all of it in. He picked me up, and gently place me on the bed. After he pulled my panties off, openned my legs apart,and started licking me. I started to orgasm shortly after.

By this time ,I as pretty wet, so he moved up on me, and pulled my legs high in the air. He started to slowly put that monster in me.He would work a little of it in, slide it back and forth a few times, then slide a litle more of it into me.

Finally, he had about as much of it that was going in. For some reason, I had this flash, of my mother stuffing a turkey at Thanksgiving! I would watch her, as she lifted the legs in the air apart, and then stuff as much as she could into it.

And I was stuffed. He fucked ( yes ,fucked!) me this way for a while, then he flipped me over, and took me from behind. As he pounded me this way, I looked back, and could see Tim jacking himself off. After much pounding and 2 orgasms, he unloaded in me. I collapsed onto the bed, and passed out for a while. After a little nap, I could feel hands all over my body. I could barley open my eyes,to look down. I saw a black man, I didn't know getting ready to put his cock in me.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Steve's roomie."

He then proceeded to pound me again. I don't remember if I orgasmed that time, because I was a bit sore at the beginning. In the morning, I gave Steve a thank you blow job, again in front of my husband, who jacked off again. I swallowed a much of Steve's load as I could.

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