tagFirst TimeHow It's Supposed to Be

How It's Supposed to Be


They'd known each other for only a few months. However they had become much closer to each other than either had to anyone else. He thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world. She was intoxicating to be around. And she surpassed every ideal he had had in his mind since he was a young boy. She made it clear that she was a submissive, lady-like girl, and yet she had a commanding presence in a room that he'd only seen in movies.

She always knew what to say or do. A few weeks earlier they had gone to a football game together at his school. She met all of his friends for the first time. She was charming and sweet, but fit right in with the boys, saying all the right things to make him sound good. Here was a boy who had never felt the smartest or the most athletic, let alone popular, who now felt like a king when she leaned into him in public. He loved the smell of her perfume and how he could always smell it on the pillow he borrowed when sleeping on her couch. His favorite time to be alive was when he was laying next to her in her fluffy queen bed, feeling her soft skin and smooth dark curls.

And she wouldn't have it any other way either. She had always promised herself that she wouldn't be that girl that made ridiculous plans for the future, like kids and weddings. Before meeting him, she wouldn't look twice at a crib or a white picket fence with adoration like some girls. But now her logical mind was preoccupied with thoughts about the nights they would spend together as husband and wife, although she always fought to try to remain grounded.

But the way he treated her and the way he looked at her, she knew he loved her. She just knew. For the first time in her life, she felt like she possessed a woman's intuition. From the beginning, she knew the decision of their future together was solely hers. And she loved that security. She loved how he was always striving to keep her, never too comfortable with how things were.

But he already had her more than anyone before him. She'd been with others. They both had already claimed to love others, just at the young age of 18. And both had realized how mistaken they'd been.

So he knew this night had to be special. He had never been as nervous before. His hands shook as he handed over what little cash he had left over from his paycheck over the counter, barely enough for a night. They both told their parents that they were sleeping over at friends'. He sat and waited with anticipation for her.

She met him in the hotel lobby. She had worn his favorite dress and the scarf she'd been wearing when they met that night on the beach. Her dark brown hair was down, left in the natural curls she knew he loved.

He watched her walk in the door towards him. His heart beat what felt like five times for every step she took. When she was close enough, he stood up and put his arm in the small of her back and pulled her towards him. "Hi, beautiful."

She blushed and looked down, hoping her hair was falling just right, praying her makeup wasn't too noticeable, and trying for once to believe the name he always called her.

He placed his other hand on her neck and traced her lips with his thumb. He laughed to himself about how many times he'd tried to convince her of how beautiful her lips were. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world as he bent his head down to kiss her first on the forehead and then on her bare lips.

They walked hand in hand to the elevator, both conscious of those looking at them and both aware that the youth and the love they possessed were something to be envied. Alone in the elevator, they didn't say a word. She just giggled at the grin on his face.

When it stopped on their floor, he led her down the hall to room 718. He opened the door for her and watched her face as it lit up to the view of the city she loved.

She put her bag and coat on the table and walked to the window. She sat on the bed as he closed the door and turned to walk to her.

He put his coat on the chair and wasted no time to start kissing her again. He couldn't control himself. He started with her lips and moved to her neck, then her ears, and then her shoulders as he slid each strap off as he kissed the skin where the dress had once been. She laid back on the bed. He followed and was soon on top of her kissing her collarbone, her favorite part of her body. He pushed the dress down as his mouth went down until her new lace bra was visible. He used his hands to glide the dress over her flat stomach and her long legs until it was on the floor along with their shoes.

She reached for the top button of his shirt, trying to focus while he ran his hands all over her body. She finally got his shirt undone just in time for him to slip off her bra. She slipped her hands inside his shirt and felt his warm, hard body with exploring hands. His mouth closed down on the peak of one of her breasts, causing her to push up towards him. Her hands went to his belt as his slowly played with the lace edge of her panties. As though he had done it one hundred times before, he slipped his hands inside them and felt the effects of what he had been doing to her.

His belt slid to the floor. He put his hands on her waist and pushed her up to the top of the bed. She pulled the covers over her as he got the last of his clothing off. She then caught a glimpse of what she'd done for him before he slipped into the bed next to her. His head began to travel down her body when she slipped her fingers in his hair and forced him to look at her. She spoke the first words of the night: "Just take me now." And in just seconds he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and felt him center himself against her warm, wet spot.

He made eye contact with her and tried to take in every detail of her expression as he pushed the head inside. Her eyes closed and her lips parted to take in a sharp gasp of air as he stretched her. He waited for something to tell him it was okay to go on. In seconds her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him. He smiled back and then shifted his concentration on withstanding the temptation to drive into her. Slowly, he pushed. It had been months since she had been in this position, and never had it felt this way. Knowing it was his first, she felt the need to alleviate his needs. She used her legs to pull the rest of him into her until he could go no further.

He moaned as he felt that incredible feeling for the first time. She loved how she could make him feel. He couldn't be considerate any longer. He started pumping in and out of her, to the point of pulling his head out and then guiding it back in. He hugged her and kissed her, trying to consume everything he could. She would latch on to his back or his head, constantly pulling him back in. At times when he would lay down on her, she would hold his neck and nibble on his ear.

The only reason he would pull out was to push back in. They both realized that they couldn't be closer. And they both wanted to stay in that moment forever, to keep feeling each other. However they eventually began to run out of energy. She whispered in his ear words like "harder" and "faster" because they both knew what was coming. He began to pump furiously as she whimpered underneath him for him to keep going.

Her muscles contracted around him as she came. It washed over her entire body. Her fingers were on his abs, in his hair, holding his cheeks, clawing his back. She exhaled as it passed. He pulled out of her expecting to come on her. However, she pushed him onto his back on the bed and pushed her head down to wrap her lips around it. She stroked up and down a few times with her mouth as her hand worked his testicles. She tasted herself on him only to be combined with his cum as he shot deep inside her mouth. She sucked it clean and then kept on until she was sure she got the last drop out of him.

He tingled in every part of his body. She collapsed next to him on the pillow when she finished. She fell perfectly into his arms as she curled up. He pulled the sheets back onto them and held her tight to him. His fingers traced her skin, the softest being her wrists. He felt her breathing change as she drifted to sleep in his arms. He whispered promises in her ear. Promises about her beauty and their future together. Promises of a little girl and a little boy. He promised a big dog and a huge house. He promised her everything, anything it took. And when he was sure she was asleep, he whispered almost inaudibly those three words followed by, "and I really mean it."

And then she smiled.

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