tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow Kelli Stepped Into Hard Core

How Kelli Stepped Into Hard Core


Kelli walked in right on time. She had always been prompt from the day I first started shooting her almost 20 years ago when she stumbled into my studio in the French quarter and asked for some head shots for her portfolio.

"I'm an actress," she said. "Or at least I wannabe. I need something really professional that I can show agents in New York. Can you do it?"

"Sure," I said. I started rattling off me rates.

"I can't pay you. I don't have any money. Maybe I can pay you after I land my first job?"

I might have just started out in business but I knew that was a dodge. Yeah, the check is in the mail, I promise I won't come in your mouth – two of man's greatest lies.

"I'll make a deal with you," I said as I eyed her extremely nice young body. "I'll do your portfolio for free. You do some cheesecake for me and if I can sell those shots, I keep the money."

She blinked and stepped back. She brought her hand to her chest and swallowed hard. My offer was something she hadn't anticipated. She glanced nervously toward the door.

"Ummmm, you mean nudes? I ...I have never done anything like that. I don't think I could..."

"We can do it over several days, just sexy at first, maybe nudes if you're OK with it. When we get through with those, I'll do your portfolio."

She was still hesitant. "OK, but if I don't feel comfortable....?"

"Anytime you say no, we stop but I have to get some sellable material. If you say no too soon, the deal is off."

"When do you want to start?"

"I don't have anything scheduled this afternoon. Come back after lunch."

"One o'clock?"

"Perfect," I said. "Go home and bring back some sexy things. Lingerie, bikinis, killer dresses, that kind of stuff."

She nodded and walked out. I closed up the shop and went to lunch a few minutes later, thinking I would never see her again.

She walked in at exactly one o'clock with a small bag containing several changes of clothes.

"Will these do?" she asked.

I rummaged through the bag. Basic black dress that wrapped to the front, long night gown, baby doll pj's and a surprisingly skimpy bikini. I held the bikini up and looked at her.

She blushed. "I just bought that. I didn't have any really sexy bathing suits."

"It'll do. Changing room is over there. Put on the dress, nothing underneath. Don't want to see any VPL."


"Visibly panty lines."

She blushed, cute, I thought, nodded and walked back to the changing room. She came out in a few minutes. The dress fit very nicely and was pleasingly short. Lots of nice leg,.

After a first few awkward moments, she settled into the photo session like a pro. She moved well, took direction immediately and seemed to have an instinct for 'hot.' We rearranged the way the dress wrapped to show the maximum amount of cleavage without any nip slip. Toward the end, I had talked her into untieing the dress and holding it loosely in front The deep 'vee' that she insisted was all that she would do had become a block 'I".

"Let's try the long nightgown, now."

She went back to the dressing room, taking longer this time.

"Nothing underneath?" she asked from behind the door.

"Just like with the dress."

When she walked out, I gulped hard. I could see the reason for her hesitancy. The gown was almost transparent. Her nipples made nice little dark spots, pokies because the room was a bit cold. Scanning downwards, I noticed that she was a natural, unshaven dark brunette.

I would have to work quickly, she was nervous and close to backing out. "Recline on the couch."

She moved quickly because she knew she was far more exposed than she wanted to be and the couch would afford her some modesty.

She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled, relaxing now that she felt safer and less exposed. "Show me some heat!" She did. She knew how to smolder. I thought she just might have a chance in New York, one way or another.

I ran her through several more poses before I had her turn over, belly down and smile big for the camera. "Feet up," I said.

It was a great shot. "Feet up" tightened her buttocks and let the gown slide down her legs. The thin material molded nicely to her ass. The cleavage was a bonus.

She finished off the set by sitting upright, feet on the floor but slightly spread. She leaned forward and placed her hands between her legs to cover her crotch. It caused her to squeeze her tits together, making them look even larger. It was the first peek I had of her nipples, too. A great, sellable shot.

"Now let's go to the bikini," I said. "Make the change as quickly as you can."

Kelli was getting into it, too. She hopped up and walked to the changing room. This trip was almost a strut, though, none of the modesty she had shown when she first came out. She was enjoying the session and growing more confident by the moment. She was a natural exhibitionist.

I admired her from behind as she walked past me. She had a great ass and the night gown flowed around it, teasing me with almost full exposure. The light in the dressing room shined through it and outlined every intimate inch of her legs and ass. She went into the room and didn't bother to close the door. Her back was to me as she shrugged out of the nightgown and let it fall to her feet. For the first time, I was seeing her completely nude. Perfect legs and ass, smooth back, I wanted her to turn around but I kept quiet. I don't think she realized how exposed she was.

She reached for the bikini bottom. It tied at either side. The top was a halter that tied at the middle of her back and behind her neck. When she had both pieces adjusted she turned around and suddenly realized I had been watching her.

"Ohmigod, I should have shut the door. I'm so sorry, I..."

"I enjoyed it. Now get your cute little ass out here and let's get on with it."

She smiled and strutted back to the center of the room.

It took a few minutes to get her to untie the top and just hold the cups to her breasts with her hands. Soon the top was on the floor and she was showing me the classic hand bra pose. After a few shots, the hands came down. Back to the couch to repeat the session we had just done in the night gown.

With her belly down, legs up pose, I reached over and pulled the tie on her bikini bottom. She looked startled.

"You're showing nothing more than a promise," I said. She relaxed. A few minutes later, the bikini bottom was artistically draped over the back of the couch and she was bare assed naked. In less than an hour, I had coaxed her into doing far more than she intended. The classy semi-nudes she had intended to do had become full on 'nekkid and raunchy."

"Swing around and put both feet on the ground. I want to replicate that last shot when you were wearing the night gown."

She did as directed and I fired off a shot every second, wanting a full crotch shot even if she didn't want to give it to me. She leaned forward with her hands between her legs. Her breasts were completely in view. Damn hot shot.

"Twist to the side and put your right leg up on the couch."


"Lay back and hands on your breasts.

Done and with one foot still on the floor, a great unintentional crotch shot. She was wet.

"Turn around, Knees on the couch put your hands on the back of the couch and give me a smile.

Done. Great ass shot.

"Arch your back and spread your knees."

Done and I had a shot of her distended pussy lips. I would be able to sell this set for far more than she would have paid me for a portfolio.

I had to stop and reload my camera. It gave her time to calm down and realize how much farther she had gone.

When I looked back, she had grabbed the bikini top and was hugging it to her breasts. I fired off a quick shot.

"That's enough. I didn't intend to show you quite so much." She was biting her lower lip which I found tremendously sexy for some reason.

"No problem," I said. "Get dressed and come back tomorrow with three or four changes of clothes. We'll do the portfolio. No charge."

Without looking for her bikini bottom, she rushed back to the dressing room. I get several shots of her great ass in full retreat. She shut the door, this time, and came out fully dressed. I did the portfolio the next day.

Over the next 20 years, I did several shoots with her. Nothing nearly as erotic. I got $2000 for the original shoot and as her career took off, she asked me to burn the negatives. I handed her the originals but kept a set of prints in my files. She made a bundle in the soaps, playing a sexy vixen. Type casting, I thought

Now she was asking me to shoot her again. "I want to know I'm as sexy now as I was 20 years ago," she said. Can you do a playboy style shoot?

"I would be glad to but the market is looking for who you were when you first walked into here at 18. I don't think I can sell. . ."

I stopped and remembered something I had done for three of New Orleans' wealthiest but most perverted good old boys. They liked to dine in a private room with a willing lady. Wining and dining was first class and at the end of the evening, when most gentlemen would retire to the smoking room for brandy and cigars, they liked to retire to the bedroom with their guest and do with her as they wished.

The young lady usually ended up servicing all three of them at the same time but received $10,000 from each of them for the evening.

They had asked me to video one of their evenings. I had shown them the shots of Kelli I had taken two decades ago. Two of them knew who she was. "My God damn wife won't miss that soap, absolutely hates that bitch but I think she's as hot as a five dollar pistol," one of them said.

"I think if you could talk her into being our guest for a delightful evening, we could cough up 15 grand each. Whatta you think, boys?"

There was immediate agreement.

"Sheeeit. Look at those dick sucking lips," the first guy said.

"Damn cute little rosebud," said the other as they walked out.

I decided to make an offer to Kelli. "If you want to know how desirable you are, I can introduce you to three gentlemen who would love to take you to dinner and..."

"A movie?" She asked with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She wasn't quite as naïve as she was 20 years ago.

"Not exactly. The would require some entertainment at the end of the evening"

"I'm not a call girl."

"It would pay $40,000 for the night."

She looked stunned. "What would I have to do?"

"Let's go to the tape," I said. I loaded the tape and started to turn it on.

"Before you see this, I have to tell you that you must be open to new experiences. You also have to enjoy sex. A lot."

Without looking at me, she said,, "I do," punched the 'start' button on the player and took a seat.

"I'll leave you to your thoughts," I said as I left the room. "I'll be in my office."

The tape was 30 minutes long. In 45 minutes, she walked into my office, flushed and looking like a woman who wanted some raunchy sex. Or maybe a woman who had just had a little self-inflicted raunchy sex.

"I'm not sure if I can do anything at all like that," she said, slightly out of breath.

"40,000 and one evening and they are gentlemen. They won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do but they will stretch your limits."

"I could use the money and my agent did offer me a role in a porno. I turned it down, I have done some soft core stuff but hard core? I don't think so. Maybe I could try this. You did the taping?"

"At their request and with her permission."

"Would you be there? Just in case things got out of hand?"

"My pleasure."

"Set it up for Saturday. If I have to think about it any longer, I'll back out."

My trio of friends had two cashiers checks hand delivered to me that evening. One made out to me for $5000 as a 'finders fee' as well as to cover my video services; the other to Ms. McCarty for $40,000 for 'entertainment services.' Her check was in an envelope that contained instructions for the evening.

They would send a car to her apartment at 5:30 PM. She was to wear the clothing they would send to her Saturday afternoon. She was to be prepared to spend the night and the car would return her to her apartment Sunday morning.

I handed the check and instructions to her on Thursday. "I'll already be there and I'll escort you to the private dining room. The room is wired for sound and there are 4 hidden cameras so you won't see me until you retire for the evening. I'll be there with a hand held."

"I'm scared," she said.


"I'm not a whore."

"I know. You are an entertainer. Think about this as a very high paid acting role."

"I'm not sure if I can go through with it."

"You said you liked sex?"

"Yes and I've been with a lot of men, some of them were fantastic lovers."


"I've never been paid for sex. I have never even done a threesome, I....I....I. The thought of three men scare me."

"Relax, I'll give you a little mood enhancer before you go upstairs to meet your new friends."

"I might need some encouragement."

"Think about that $40,000 you just banked. You'll have to return it if you back out."

She took a deep breath and got up.

"See you Saturday evening?" I asked.

"Yes," she whispered as she left my office.

Kelli showed up on time, looking incredibly hot in the elegant black dress and spike heels. Her lips were cherry red and her makeup was expertly applied.

She smiled nervously when she saw me. "They sent a makeup artist to do me and a dozen roses, too. The heels I think were a bow to my first day on the set of my soap."

She seemed a bit buzzed. I led her over to a mirror on the table with 4 lines laid out. I handed her a thin silver straw. "Sniff up a line," I said.

"Coke? I've never done coke."

"Do it now. It will make you smile."

She sniffed up a line and coughed.

"Wooo," she said. "It's all good." She was glassy-eyed and happy.

I led her upstairs and introduced her to her new gentlemen friends and left the room.

From the control room, I watched as she dazzled them. She flirted, laughed at their jokes, and seemed to enjoy herself. The gentlemen were definitely getting their money's worth so far. The meal and wine were first class, the wait staff knew their business. As the dinner ended, all four were feeling no pain.

"Time to move this party to the smoking room." said Gentleman #1 as he pointed to a mahogany door.

"You'll find a bathroom on the other side,' said Gentleman #2. "Please change to the clothing you find in there. Leave your heels on and bring us the snifters of brandy you'll find in there."

"Wear nothing more than what you'll find on the hanger in that room," cautioned gentlemen #3.

I saw a little tremor cross Kelli's lips as she realized it was time to earn her keep. A bit unsteady from the wine and the realization that she would soon be fucking three total strangers, she stood up and entered the smoking room with her new friends close behind. She crossed the room and opened the dressing room door.

My hand held camera caught the three gentlemen as they watched, admiring the very sweet ass that at least two of them would sample. They took their seats and each lit a fine cigar.

"Truly a magnificent woman"

"Yes and our cinematographer assures me that she not a 'professional' woman. She's never done this before."

"Makes it even hotter. If I was a bragging man, I'd go home afterwards and tell my wife I just fucked that soap opera bitch she hates so much."

"Yeah, but you're not a bragging man and you ain't a fool either. You tell your wife something like that and you'll be a gelding right quick."

"Yeah, you know my wife, don't you?"

"Socially, not biblically, my friend. Anytime you're willing to give up that trophy wife of yours, I would be more than willing to get to know her in the carnal sense."

The third smiled and said. "If my wife had tits like yours does, I would never let her get out of bed."

All three laughed and Kelli entered the room.

"Hot damn, you are one gorgeous woman," said #1. "Turn around slowly and let us get a good look at you."

Kelli was wearing a man's dress shirt and those impossibly high heels and, as instructed, nothing more. She held a tray with three brandy snifters. Stepping to the center of the room, she smiled and pirouetted. From the look on her face, my friends had gifted her with two or three lines which she had discovered in the bathroom. She had sniffed up a little extra courage before coming out.

"Bring me my drink, sweetheart," said #1. She walked slowly and sensuously to him and held the tray out. He took one of the snifters and stood up.

"This here is a taste of a $1200 bottle of brandy we cracked open in your honor. I think you should have the first sip."

He held it to her lips. She sipped and a little bit of it ran down her cheek. He caught it on his finger tip and offered it to her. She opened her mouth and he inserted his finger. He pushed it all the way in and held it there for a second.

"Hot damn, you have a marvelous mouth." He nodded toward #2 and she walked over to him and offered him the tray. He took a snifter and put his hand on her inside of her thigh. He slowly moved his hand upward, taking the bottom of the shirt with it. She gasped when she felt his thumb touch her clit. He slowly massaged it before sliding his hand all the way between her legs and palmed her pussy. After allowing him a few minutes to probe her depths, she staggered backwards.

He sniffed his hand. "Very tight little pussy there and a perfectly perfumed aroma. I am going to enjoy making her come."

Kelli's chest was flushed with that little extra redness you see in a turned on woman. Her breathing seemed irregular as she approached #3. He took his drink and without looking up at her, asked her to turn around. He lifted up the back of her shirt, exposing her ass. He stroked it gently and reached over to a container of lube on the table next to him. He coated his middle finger with it.

"Have you ever indulged in a little butt sex?" he asked very quietly.

"No," it was an answer that barely escaped her lips. She sounded frightened. If she had any doubt what the three were going to do to her she was now completely aware of what was to happen.

#3 told her to hold still as he rimmed her ass with his finger the slowly started to edge into her rectum. She grimaced as she felt his finger enter her up to his second knuckle. I dropped to my knees about 3 feet away to capture this initial penetration. With his middle finger firmly in place, he began to wedge his index finger in, opening her up even more. She panted as she tried to relax and accept his intrusion.

"Don't worry sweetheart. I'm one of the best proctologists in town. I'll be gentle but I really must experience your virgin ass."

He sawed in and out of her back door, gradually opening her up so that she could handle his cock. From my vantage point, I could see her cunt begin to get wetter and wetter. Those nether lips were wide open and I could see the muscles inside pulse, whether she was having an orgasm or it was just the actions of his fingers that were now firmly seated in her ass, I couldn't say.

I moved around for a shot from the front. She looked at me, her mouth making a little 'o' and tears running down her face. She bit her lower lip as she stood still and allowed #3 to continue probing.

"Hey buddy, this is a partnership. You're getting ahead of us. Now get your hand off her ass."

"Strut on to the middle of the room and drop that damn shirt," said #2.

She went to the middle of the room looking as fucking hot as any woman I've ever seen. Slowly she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall from her shoulders. In just a few seconds, she was standing completely nude. Even at 38, she looked spectacular. Firm, high breasts, at least C cups, slender waist, great ass, long legs, flat belly.

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