tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 2

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 2


I had been wearing tracksuit trousers and a T shirt, provided by the WWF. Kurt slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of my trousers and un-tucked my shirt. Then he slid his hands up my back and un-clasped my bra.

Damn, his hands felt so good against my skin!

His fingers moved round to my sides and I pushed myself up on my hands, allowing Kurt to cup my breasts. He gently stroked my nipples.

His right hand left my breast and gently swept my long hair from my face. He kissed my neck and mumbled incoherent nothings into my ear. Then he lifted my T shirt up and I raised my arms high in the air to oblige him. The shirt was thrown across the ring, it tangled itself around the ropes, and my open bra was tugged from my shoulders with ease.

I knelt there half naked with Kurt Angle kneeling behind me. From the corners of my eyes I could see his thighs either side of me. I reached my hands back to touch them.

With that, Kurt grabbed my right wrist and put me in another pin. He raised me to my feet and turned me around. Now I was facing him. He released my arm and it fell limp beside me. A quick glance at Kurt's trousers provided all the proof I needed to officially declare that my arms were the only limp thing in that arena. He was erect and he noticed my expression.

He took my right arm and pressed my hand against his bulge. He looked me directly in the eye whilst he did this, and he never broke my gaze.

His penis was large and powerful. I had only ever had one lover prior to this moment, and clouds of worry descended over me as I pondered on how well I'd be able to accommodate Kurt's manhood, for it was larger than my ex-boyfriend's.

Kurt removed his shirt and the chest I had dribbled over many times in the past was suddenly a short distance from my reach.

"Touch me." Kurt whispered.

My left hand slowly reached for his chest and I stroked his nipples, making him arch his head back. His penis hardened.

My hands were busy, but Kurt's were not. That is, until he cupped my face in his hands and began to kiss me passionately. His tongue tasted all around the insides of my mouth and stroked my tongue. He was a great kisser.

I pulled Kurt's head towards mine. I wanted him to ravage me. He slowly stepped towards me and I backed away instinctively, unaware of my precise location until I felt the ropes at my back.

Kurt cupped my breasts and massaged them, my nipples feeling hard. He tugged them, and the stabbing 'pleasure pain' made me gasp. Kurt took my hands and placed them on the ropes. I soon became tangled in them and I couldn't free myself. I was at Kurt's mercy. (Damn!)

His mouth covered one nipple. His hands were circling my belly button, dangerously near the waistband of my loose tracksuit trousers. I felt my juices flow to my panties and I clenched the cheeks of my buttocks to temporarily relieve myself.

Kurt's tongue and teeth tormented my aching breasts. I arched my back over the top rope, struggling slightly to free my arms, but to no avail. I quite liked being there, held captive, if you like. I'd always fantasised about being tied up and made to submit to my lover. Now my fantasy was becoming reality... and I liked it.

Kurt's kisses ran down my belly and he pulled the drawstring of my trousers with his teeth. His eyes sparkled as he looked up at me. With one tug, my trousers were around my ankles.

I was exposed.

After removing my shoes and socks, Kurt buried his face in my naval, licking and coating my flesh with warm saliva. His hands massaged my bottom again. I was so wet down below. Kurt's hands continued to massage my cheeks as his tongue flicked at my naval. I wanted to scream, the tension was too much for me. I felt fingers stroking my inner thighs whilst Kurt breathed against the front of my panties, driving me wild with lust.

His right hand slid under my panties and brushed my vagina. I gasped. He was touching my most private parts and there was not a thing I could do about it. Not that I'd have stopped it if I could! I was enjoying it too much! My panties were soaking wet and I longed to be free from them. As if he read my mind, Kurt tugged them down and they joined my trousers around my ankles. I stepped out of them, and kicked them across the mat. Now I was totally naked.

Before I had time to take in this fact, Kurt's tongue began to probe me. His hands were on my butt again and his tongue drew circles around my slit. I parted my legs and Kurt's kisses drove me crazy. He flicked at my clitoris and I clenched my fists. I orgasmed immediately.

To be continued...

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