tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 3

How Kurt Made Me Tap Out Ch. 3


Kurt freed my arms and I flung them around his neck. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed passionately and he set me back down. My legs felt like jelly. I so desperately wanted him to make love to me.

My legs buckled and I dropped to my knees. Kurt's fingers tangled themselves in my hair and, as I reached for the waistband of his trousers, I felt him push my head downwards.

I wanted to taste him, to take his penis in my mouth and please him as he had pleased me. I'd never liked the idea of oral sex, but suddenly it seemed the most appealing thing on earth.

I untied the drawstring of Kurt's tracksuit trousers and pulled them down. His penis stood to attention, his underpants straining at the seams. I slipped them off and marvelled at the size of his manhood.

He kicked off his shoes and I pulled off his socks. He kicked aside his trousers and underpants to free his ankles. I ran my hands up his outer thighs and sunk my fingernails into his hips. I scraped my nails across his belly and around to his backside. He had a great arse.

Kurt's hands were on my head and he guided me, positioning my head in front of his penis. I stroked it. I licked it. I nibbled ever-so-gently on its head. I sucked it and, without giving it too much thought, gave him "head" - an idea that had always sickened me in the past.

He soon began to shoot and I withdrew, not wanting to have to attempt to swallow and embarrass myself by choking on his semen.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around, picking me up and laying me down in the middle of the ring. He parted my legs and mounted me.

I was already dripping wet, so lubrication was not a problem. I didn't want to have to make him wait any longer, so I beckoned him inside. Contraception never crossed my mind, I'm ashamed to say.

With a grunt, his penis was inside me. In, out, in, out... I had never had such amazing sex. Before this, it had always been bland. (Of course, my ex-boyfriend was not a powerful wrestler with strong arms and a great body!) Kurt pressed one hand against my belly, requiring just one arm to do his press ups. I tried to contain my squeals of pleasure and delight, but Kurt hit all the right spots. It was hard to remember to breath, let alone concentrate on keeping quiet. Needless to say, I had an orgasm.

Kurt pulled himself off me and slid down between my legs. His tongue probed me again, and he licked my juices which now ran shamelessly down my thighs. His thumbs found my clitoris and I reached orgasm for the third time - something I never thought possible.

My legs quivered and my hands trembled. I had never felt more sexually satisfied in my life. Kurt rested his head on my belly and I patted him on the head like he were a lap dog.

If our passion had died there and then, I'd have been content. But I saw this opportunity as a chance to impress... and catch Kurt off guard.

Wrapping my legs around Kurt's head, I pulled him to my left, rolling on to my left side and clambering on top of Kurt, who was now laying on his back. I took his arms and positioned them above his head, pressing my weight onto them to hold him still. Not that he struggled. It was his turn to be held captive.

I spread my thighs and positioned myself across his waist. I could feel his pubic hair brushing against mine. I lowered my head to caress his nipples with my mouth and suckled them gently. All the time I kept my hands on his arms, as though I was powerful enough to hold him still!

I kissed his neck and throat, his ears, his forehead. He opened his mouth as wide as he could to catch me by the chin to draw me lower, my lips to his.

Our tongues collided. I heard oceans crashing against rocks in some far flung corner of my mind.

I pulled away and my mouth continued its journey south. I trailed kisses down Kurt's throat, chest and belly, circling his belly button and biting at his hips gently, making his body tighten in self defence. My hands willingly followed my mouth's lead.

I went lower still, taking his penis by the hand and stroking its considerable length. In an instance, he was erect. I parted his muscular legs and held his penis with both hands. For the second time that evening, I went down on him.

To be continued...

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