tagRomanceHow Long Can You Resist Ch. 06

How Long Can You Resist Ch. 06


Author's note: I have been overwhelmed with emails pleading with me to continue with this story. I apologize for taking so long to write this next chapter in Elizabeth and Gerard's story. I hope you enjoy it, and all your votes and feedback are appreciated.


Elizabeth awoke, finding herself tucked snugly up against Gerard's chest with her back to his still sleeping form. His left arm lay underneath her head. The other arm was slung over her waist, and he snored gently in her ear.

The light streaming into the barn was gray, indicating that it had to be early morning. Sighing contentedly, Elizabeth's thoughts turned to the events of yesterday. She frowned as she remembered the disastrous dinner; her stomach turned at the memory of Mrs. St. Claire's hurtful words.

But then her mind drifted to Gerard, and what he had done to her, for her last night -- she had never felt so wonderful in her life. She blushed thinking about it, and snuggled back against Gerard happily.

Gerard started awake at the feeling of Elizabeth's warm, womanly bottom pressing against him so intimately. His nether region also awoke, and Gerard was embarrassed as it rose to greet Elizabeth so eagerly.

"Oh," Elizabeth murmured, feeling something poking her.

"I apologize, sweetest," Gerard said quietly. "But when you do that, how could I react any other way?"

Elizabeth smiled shyly, turning even more pink. "I am not saying I mind, Gerard," she said, biting her lip at her boldness.

Gerard's eyebrows rose, and a sly grin spread across his face. "Someone's feeling saucy this morning," he said, wrapping his arm more tightly around her. He was rewarded by her sigh of satisfaction. He buried his nose in her dark tresses, breathing deeply and enjoying her scent.

"It must be your influence," Elizabeth replied, unable to control her smile. She felt a familiar fluttering in her belly, and a warmth was slowly building between her legs. She pressed her thighs together in an unconscious attempt to relieve the pressure, and couldn't repress the soft moan that issued from her lips.

The sound did not escape Gerard's attention; a surge of pleasure shot through him, his cock becoming even more rigid as it now pressed against her back. "I would have to agree," Gerard said huskily, rising above her and cradling her face in his hands. "Forgive me, if I have been bad."

He bent his head and captured her mouth, pent up passion rushing forth and breaking his former resolve to take things slowly. He groaned as Elizabeth's tongue swept experimentally across his bottom lip, and his fingers tangled in her hair as he pressed himself even more closely to her.

Elizabeth's head was swimming. She had never seen this side of Gerard before -- he was kissing her without abandon, his hands wild as his hips began to move against her. Where before she had been timid, she was now daring; her hands roamed across his broad back, and she arched up, pushing her breasts against Gerard's front. She filled with joy as she was graced with his moans of pleasure.

Gerard was surprised by Elizabeth's actions -- gone was the apprehensive girl who had been shy with her kisses. In her place was a wild woman, as eager and willing to show her enthusiasm as he was. The ache that had been so concentrated in his groin was now suffusing his entire body, and he groaned against her mouth as he captured a breast in his hand.

Elizabeth gasped at the touch, Gerard's thumb brushing against the hardened nipple that strained through the fabric of her dress. "Undress me," she murmured, her cheeks reddening as she met his gaze.

Gerard paused, staring hard at Elizabeth. For a moment she was afraid he would reject her; she looked away, unable to maintain eye contact under his fevered stare.

"Are you sure, darling?" Gerard asked softly, taking her chin in his hand and turning her face back toward him. "Because if this goes much further, I do not know if I will be able to stop."

It was Elizabeth's turn to stare. She looked up into Gerard's handsome face, his eyebrows furrowed with concern as he studied her. His smoky eyes seemed to reflect all the things she was feeling: desire, hunger, and need. But then there was something else -- something tender, something moving that threatened to unnerve her if she focused on it for too long. Before she could change her mind, she nodded. "Yes, I am sure," she said, closing her eyes. "Please, Gerard. Undress me."

Gerard took a shaky breath as he helped Elizabeth sit up. His hands trembled as he reached for the top button of her gown. He silently admonished himself for his nervousness; he had been with plenty of women, but somehow Elizabeth shook his confidence. He wanted so badly for her to enjoy this.

He was jerked out of his thoughts at the sound of Elizabeth's anxious giggle. "Are you having trouble?" she teased quietly, looking down to see Gerard still struggling with the second button.

Gerard exhaled on a laugh, relaxing a bit at the sight of Elizabeth smiling. "Yes, it seems that I am, my lady," he said, letting go of the button and raking his hands through her shining hair. "Perhaps you would have better luck?"

Elizabeth smirked as she began to undo the buttons. "I do not suppose dresses are a man's area of expertise, after all," she said, her own hands quavering a little as she pushed the gown from her shoulders.

Gerard's eyes took in the creamy texture of her skin as he watched her russet dress slide down to her waist. The lacy shift she wore underneath revealed an expanse of smooth cleavage, and the rosy color of her nipples was evident beneath the thin cloth.

"My God, you are beautiful," Gerard breathed, reaching out to stroke his fingers across her skin. He watched goose flesh spread where he had touched, and smiled as he noted her small shiver. "I believe I can take it from here, sweetest."

His lack of confidence replaced with a strong desire to see the rest of her, Gerard leaned forward and pulled the dress over the swell of her hips and down her legs. He caressed her slim ankles as he threw the clothing behind him, chuckling lowly as Elizabeth said in dismay, "Oh, it's landed in the dirt!"

"Please, darling, do not let that distract you," Gerard chided, his hands sliding up her calves and dragging the shift along with them. Inch by inch, her ivory skin was displayed: her shapely legs, her silken thighs, then the dark patch of hair that covered her woman's mound.

"You're even more lovely in the daylight," Gerard whispered, his breath stirring the curls that shimmered with Elizabeth's arousal. She moaned, her legs closing around him and cradling him to her apex.

Gerard's senses were filled with her musky scent, and he very nearly finished in his pants. "Elizabeth," he rasped, prying her legs from around him. "If you keep that up, this will be over far too early for either of us to be truly satisfied."

His hands continued their journey, pushing the shift above her waist until, finally, his eyes were finally able to take in her breasts. They were lush and round, perfect handfuls, topped with small erect nipples the color of cinnamon.

Elizabeth was breathing heavily, her mind in a heady daze. She quivered at his ministrations, feeling moisture gather between her legs. Her nipples tightened even more beneath his gaze, and she shuddered at the look of lust that had come across his face.

Taking a firm breast in one hand, Gerard thumbed her nipple, delighting in her gasps of pleasure. He lowered his head to the other breast, his tongue coming out to gently swipe across it.

"Gerard!" Elizabeth gushed, her hips rising of their own volition as he worked his tongue over her nipple. She held his head to her, her fingers threading in his hair.

"I can see you enjoy this," Gerard said hoarsely, consumed by the fire that emanated from his manhood. He moved to the other nipple, laving it and flicking it, his eyes intent upon Elizabeth's face as she flushed and writhed with the stimulation.

Unable to take it any longer, Gerard sat up suddenly, leaving Elizabeth feeling bereft. She attempted to catch her breath as she watched him peel his clothes off, obviously eager to get back to touching her. She admired the broadness of his shoulders, the golden hue of his skin. A smattering of black hair covered his chest, running down his belly and into his breeches.

Her eyes widened as he pushed his pants down his legs and his erection sprang forward. "That will never fit," she said immediately, uneasy because it seemed rather large. She blushed furiously as Gerard laughed at her. "It won't!" she argued, pouting as he laughed harder.

"Trust me, dear one," he assured her, pushing her down gently and positioning himself between her thighs. "It will fit."

Gerard used a hand to guide his cock to her entrance, rubbing it over her juices and eliciting heated moans. "This will hurt a little," he warned, leaning down and resting his hand against her cheek. "I will try to be gentle, but I want you so badly it will be hard."

Elizabeth took a deep breath, looking Gerard in the eye and feeling her heart skip at the adoration she saw there. "I'm ready," she breathed, placing her arms around his neck to steel herself.

Gerard pushed forward, the head of his shaft spreading her apart ever so slightly. He paused at Elizabeth's sharp intake of breath. "Does it hurt badly, darling?" he asked, fighting the urge to bury himself inside her heat.

"A little," she admitted, wincing at the burning sensation radiating from her sex.

"I will go slowly," Gerard said, bending down to place a kiss on her pink lips. She responded ardently, her hot tongue pushing past his lips and into his mouth. Startled, but immensely aroused, Gerard kissed her with urgency, his hips pushing forward another inch.

"Oh," Elizabeth groaned as she was stretched around him.

"Alright, sweetheart," Gerard murmured, brushing her hair out of her face. His shaft was pressing against the thin membrane that marked her purity. "I'll have to do this quickly, otherwise it will hurt even more."

With that he surged into her, breaking the tissue and causing Elizabeth to cry out in pain. Tears sprang to her azure eyes, and she bit her lip as she willed the pain to subside.

"Shh, darling," Gerard said, stilling himself and allowing her to acclimate to him. "The worst is over, it will feel good from now on. I promise."

Elizabeth nodded, the discomfort already fading as she began to feel full. "It does not hurt anymore," she said, smiling softly up at Gerard.

"Thank God," Gerard replied, leaning down to kiss her once more as his hips began a steady rhythm between her legs. She was so tight and warm, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he was ready to finish. Wanting Elizabeth feel good as well, he reached between them and rubbed his thumb against the small button of nerves he knew would push her over the edge.

"Oh, Gerard," Elizabeth whimpered, the tension in her quim becoming almost unbearable. Rising to meet his every thrust, she felt the tension begin to release violently. "Gerard, it's happening again!" she cried, grasping his arms as she closed her eyes against the intense pleasure.

Gerard smiled darkly, amused by her reference to the previous night's escapade. He gritted his teeth as she clenched around him, drawing him further into her warmth. Thrusting wildly, he let loose a growl as he emptied himself deep inside her.

Collapsing on top of her, his body racked with the tremors of his orgasm, he found her lips and kissed her lovingly. Elizabeth wrapped her arms tightly around him, able to feel the thud of his heart at this close proximity.

Gerard summoned the strength to push off of her, rising on his arms to look down at the little minx who had stolen his heart. "I think I'm falling in love with you, Elizabeth Winshaw," he said, the earnestness of his expression nearly taking Elizabeth's breath away.

"You are?" she asked, unable to believe that Gerard felt that strongly about her.

"Yes," he answered, rolling off her and pulling her along with him so that she was nestled against his side. "I can't get enough of you."

Elizabeth frowned, her small hand resting over his heart and her thoughts whirring in her head. Do I feel the same way? she wondered, examining her feelings for this man. She knew that the sight of him melted her; the sound of his voice thrilled her; and the way he teased her and defended her touched her to the core.

Gerard stole a glance at Elizabeth, noting the frown that marred her beautiful features. His heart faltered. "It is alright if you don't feel the same way," he said quickly, the hurt that flashed across his face not unnoticed by Elizabeth. "I just wanted you to know how I felt."

He started to sit up. Elizabeth reached up to stop him, pulling at him so he was forced to look back at her. "I do feel the same way," she said, relieved when he broke into a wide smile.

"You do?" he asked, echoing her words.

Elizabeth laughed. "Yes, I do," she said, tugging him down toward her as she raised her mouth for a kiss.

It began sweetly, but quickly boiled over into a heated tangle of limbs. Gerard broke away, grinning at her moan of discontent. "Do not mistake me, dear one," he panted, stroking her face. "I would make love to you all day in this barn if I could, but if I don't return you to your parents within the hour they will have my hide, and rightly so."

Elizabeth sighed, seeing the reason in his words. "They are probably worried sick already," she said, allowing Gerard to help her stand. Walking over to pick up her shift and gown, she added, "They may have your hide yet."

Gerard chuckled as he dressed. "I'm sure all will be well once they realize it was unsafe for you to travel in last night's storm." Coming up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his mouth against her neck. "But I must say, I've never been more thankful for a storm in my life."

Elizabeth sank back against him, pausing in the buttoning of her dress. "I am thankful for barns, myself," she said, causing Gerard to laugh heartily.

After saddling up Lucifer, Gerard helped Elizabeth mount before jumping astride the other horse. "Allow me to escort you home, my lady," he said gallantly, bowing his head.

Elizabeth giggled. "As you wish, kind sir," she replied, and she couldn't stop smiling as they left the barn and headed for Syresham.


As they approached the Winshaws' house, Elizabeth spied her mother peeking through the kitchen window. The panicked look on the older woman's face unsettled Elizabeth; something was wrong, she could feel it.

"Where have you been, young lady?"

Mr. Winshaw strode out of the barn, his features stormy and angrier than Elizabeth had ever seen. He marched over to Lucifer, and grabbing his daughter by the hand, attempted to pull her roughly off the horse.

"Papa!" Elizabeth cried, startled by her father's out-of-character actions.

"Sir, if you will allow me to explain," Gerard began, hoping to temper the situation before it got any worse.

Mr. Winshaw let go of Elizabeth's wrist and rounded on him. "I will speak to you about this shortly, boy," he snarled. "Get off that horse, Elizabeth, now!"

Elizabeth shot a look of trepidation at Gerard and complied with her father's demand. "Father, please, I know you must be angry because I did not come home last night..." she started.

"Your brother was in an accident," Mr. Winshaw growled, the look in his eyes mutinous.

Elizabeth felt the color drain from her face as her heart seemed to come to a stop within her chest. "What?" she whispered, her shaking hand rising to clasp at her throat.

"The storm scared the horses and they ran off the road," her father continued, finally looking away from Elizabeth and pacing in front of her. "And you were not there! You know he's too young to fully control those beasts!" he shouted, wheeling around and pointing an accusing finger at her.

"Papa, I..." Elizabeth said, unable to form a coherent thought. Her mind was racing -- this is all my fault, she thought, horrified. What have I done?

"Sir," Gerard said quietly. Elizabeth's head jerked up; she had forgotten he was still there. "Is Teddy alright?"

Mr. Winshaw stared up at him, his jaw clenching. "He has a broken arm and some bruises," he ground out. "Had to ride out in the middle of the night fetch a doctor, the good Lord knows that cost a fair amount."

Tears spilled from Elizabeth's eyes as she went to her father. She grasped for his hand, clutching it to her. "Papa," she sobbed, "oh Papa, I will never forgive myself!"

Mr. Winshaw studied his daughter's face, seemingly unmoved by her open weeping. "Where were you last night, Elizabeth?" he asked quietly.

"She stayed at my house, sir," Gerard answered for her. "My mother invited her for dinner, and I could not allow her to make her way home in that storm."

He dismounted and approached the man carefully, not wanting to upset him further. "Please, sir, no blame lies with Elizabeth. This was entirely my fault. I am the one who convinced her to allow Teddy to travel alone."

Mr. Winshaw nodded, taking his hand from Elizabeth's and moving closer to Gerard so they were standing face to face. Though he was several inches taller, Gerard had never felt more intimidated.

"You are not to see my daughter again, do you understand me?" Mr. Winshaw said, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Not waiting for Gerard to respond, he added, "Get off my property."

He then turned and strode back into the house, not looking back.

Gerard stood silently, feeling as though a heavy weight had settled permanently in his stomach. He waited until the front door was shut before he advanced toward the sobbing Elizabeth. "Darling, please," he said, his voice cracking with the emotion he was trying with difficulty to keep at bay. "I am so sorry for all this."

Elizabeth whirled around, slapping Gerard soundly across the face. "Look what you have done!" she screeched, ignoring the look of shock on Gerard's face. "You have been nothing but trouble since I met you!"

Gerard winced at the hateful words. "You are upset, Elizabeth, and rightly so," he murmured, trying to touch her cheek. She slapped it away. "You heard my father," she muttered, wiping the tears from her face and making an effort to look stern. "Leave here."

Gerard took a step forward, his heart wrenching as she stepped back and away from him. "Please," he begged, his voice plaintive. "Elizabeth, do you really want me to leave? I love you!"

Elizabeth looked Gerard squarely in the eye. "I do not ever want to see you again," she said. "Please, just go." She turned from him then, and walked toward the house.

Gerard watched her, feeling her each step away from him as though she were kicking him in the gut. Unable to gather the courage to chase after her, he mounted Lucifer and, trailing the other horse behind him, galloped back to his mother and aunt.


Elizabeth choked back her sobs as she walked towards the house, listening to Gerard ride out of her life. It's for the best, her mind reasoned. He would only cause more trouble if he stayed.

But the tears would not stop. Once she was inside the house, she sank down in one of the kitchen chairs and laid her head in her arms. She continued to cry, her shoulders shaking with the force of her misery.

She had been a fool to be so easily charmed by Gerard St. Claire. All it took was a smile, and she had allowed him to talk her into sending Teddy home alone. A kiss, and she stayed the night with him in a barn.

Elizabeth cried harder as she remembered their tryst, hating herself for longing to feel his caress even now. She simply could not allow him to be in her life, not when she had very nearly lost her brother because of it.

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