tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 03

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 03


"So how was the hand-job?" Gail asked her sister as they spoke on the phone.

"You mean hand-jobs?" Michelle answered.

"You got him off more than once?" Gail asked.

"I got him off twice in the shower, twice in bed last night, once this morning and twice on the car right home. I believe that makes seven if I'm not mistaken." Michelle said proudly.

"Holy fuck, Michelle. Seven orgasms? Are you serious?" Gail exclaimed.

"He's like the energizer bunny. He just keep going and going and going." Michelle giggled.

"Oh my God, Sis, I want him." Gail said.

"Well, funny you should say that. Guess where his next match is?" Michelle asked.

"Get the fuck out." Gail said.

"Yep, Coleville High. Right down the street from you." Michelle said.

"Oh my God, that's so cool, Michelle. You guy's have to stay at the house." Gail exclaimed.

"I don't know, Gail...if he wins we're gonna need some privacy. Maybe it would just be better if we got a room again." Michelle said.

"Don't be insane. I'll get rid of Steven and the girls for the night. It'll be just the three of us." Gail said.

"Fine, but remember, he can't fuck either one of us. Not yet. This time it's blow-jobs only." Michelle explained.

"Can he ride my rump?" Gail asked.

"Blow-jobs only, Gail. Remember, you're the one who's been preaching to me about setting limits and as hard as it's been I think I've done a pretty damn good job not letting things get out of control." Michelle said.

Jacob arrived home from school and found his mom in the kitchen preparing dinner.

"Hey, mom." He said.

"Hey, handsome. How was practice?" She asked.

"Good. Coach taught us a few new moves. Can I try one on you?" Jacob asked.

"Sure, why not." Michelle said, turning to face her son.

Jacob moved slowly towards her and threw one of his arms around her waist.

"You move towards your opponent and get an arm around them like this." He said.

"Uh-huh." Michelle said, playing along.

"Then, you pull them against you, like this." He said, tugging his mom forward until her big tits bounced against his chest.

"Okay, then what?" Michelle asked teasingly, sliding one of her bare feet up the back of Jacob's calf.

"Then I give them a big kiss on the lips." Jacob said.

"Well...I guess you better make your move then." Michelle said, gazing into his eyes.

Jacob gave his mom a slow sensual kiss on the lips. Their lips parted and there tongues flailed together for a few seconds before Michelle broke it off.

"You're getting good at that." She smiled.

"I had a good teacher." He said.

"You better be careful. Mom may have a few moves of her own." Michelle said seductively.

"Will you show me one." Jacob smiled.

"Well, first...I'll wrap my arms around my opponent's neck, like this." Michelle said, throwing her arms around Jacob's neck.

"Then, once my big mommy-boobs are squashed against his chest..." she started, then, jumped up off the floor, wrapping her legs around Jacob's waist.

"...I'll wrap my long matronly legs around his waist trapping him between them." She said.

Jacob's hands went to his mom's thighs to help support her weight. Michelle had on a three-quarter length sundress, which had now ridden up, exposing most of her long silky-smooth legs as they coiled around Jacob's waist.

"Wow, that's a pretty good move, mom." He said, now looking slightly up at her.

"I'm not finished." She smiled.

"You're not." He smiled.

"Now that I have my opponent right where I want him, I move in slowly and whisper sweet nothings into his ear." She said, moving her lips to his ear.

"Win this week so I can suck on you." She whispered.

Michelle's words made Jacob's knees go weak and he stepped backwards. When the back of his legs hit the chair, he quickly sat. Michelle let out a playful yelp as she went down with him, the swell of his boner now crushed against her nest.

"Well now, Jacob Little, I believe your mom just got the take-down." She joked, gazing down at him.

"Yeah, but haven't pinned me yet." He said.

"Oh I haven't huh." She said, grabbing his arms.

Michelle slowly tucked Jacob's arms behind his back, thrusting her breasts against him, Jacob marveled at the way her boobs were now pancaked against his chest, her face now hovering over his.

"I do believe, dear son of mine, that your mom has this match won." She said.

"I think you're right." Jacob muttered.

"So what do I get for winning a match?" She smiled naughtily.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"I wanna sit on your face." She said in a serious tone.

"You do?" Jacob gulped.

"Yeah, I do. All those orgasms I've given you the past few weeks, I think I deserve at least one. So what about it, handsome, wanna smooch with the pooch?" She asked.

"Okay." Jacob muttered, his heart pounding in his chest.

Michelle slid off her son and held her hand out.

"Come on." She said.

Jacob took her hand and Michelle led him into the living room. Jacob couldn't take his eyes off her big bubbly ass is it swayed invitingly beneath her skirt.

Michelle stopped in front of the sofa and faced her son, taking both his hands in hers.

"As you get older you're going to learn that the entrance to a girl's heart is between her legs. A lot of young princess may knock at the door, but only a few come with that glass slipper." She explained.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"What I mean is most boys grow into adulthood without knowing the slightest thing about a woman's vagina. You're not going to be one of those boys, which, my dear, is going to give you the advantage." She said.

Michelle reached under her skirt and peeled off her panties. Jacob watched them fall down her legs and one of his mom's cute little bare feet kick them aside.

Michelle sat on the center cushion of the couch.

"Come over here and kneel down in from of me." She said.

Jacob did as his mom asked and Michelle sat back on the sofa, with her ass still resting on the edge of the cushion.

"Are you ready? I want you to watch this." She said.

"Okay." Jacob said.

Michelle brought her knees together then lifted her feet from the floor and didn't stop until her knees rested just under her chin. The skirt fell loosely at her midsection revealing everything from the waist down.

Jacob gawked at his mom's bulging clam-shell. It was slightly swollen and as bald as a baby's ass. Her big brown butt-hole winked at Jacob, as if to say "someday you'll stuff me with your meaty pecker."

Michelle extended her legs upward so that her toes pointed at the ceiling, then, slowly, she lets her long legs part and the gates of heaven opened before her son's eyes.

Jacob was amazed at how limber his mom was. Her legs were spread completely apart, slightly thrown back into an almost impossible position. Her cute little toes were pointed in completely opposite dirctions.

"Do you like that, sweetie. When a woman does this it's called 'spread eagle.' She said.

Jacob eye's traveled down one of his mom's bare legs, which seemed to go on forever. When his eyes met her snatch he literally gasped.

"Wow." He muttered.

Michelle's outer clamshell had now parted, revealing the thick fleshy peddles of her inner labial meat. Jacob could also see the protruding nub of her clitoris.

"Those things that look like lips, those are called the labia. Your Aunt Gail and I call them our 'meat curtains.' When you peel them apart..." Michelle said, parting her curtains with two fingers.

"You can see the vagina. Come up close to it so you can see down inside. It's not gonna bite, sweetie," she giggled.

Jacob came close so he could peer down the first few inches of his mom's creamy fuck-hole.

"Keep in mind that if you win state, that's where you're gonna put your penis, right down deep inside that little hole." She whispered, smiling down at him warmly.

Michelle pinched her clit between her fingers, making it balloon with blood.

"This is a woman's clitoris. It's very sensitive. If the vagina is the door to a woman's heart, this little thing is her door-knob. Turn it just the right way and you're in." She smiled.

"That's so cool." Jacob said.

"Now that you've met the pooch...ready to learn how to smooch?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Do you remember what my tongue was doing to yours when it was in your mouth?" She asked.

"That's what your tongue needs to do with my clitoris, okay. Go ahead, mom will guide you along." She said.

Jacob brought his face against Michelle's vulva and began to work his tongue clumsily across her clitoris. The pungent aroma was making his head spin.

"There you go, sweetie. That's it, roll your tongue across the clit." She said.

Jacob's chin sunk into Michelle's steamy groove as he lapped at her cunt.

"Right under my clitoris, where the labia meet, there's a little hood. Work your tongue down underneath it." She said.

Jacob found the spot his mom was talking about and he felt her body react instantly by giving out a little shiver.

"That's it. Right there. Ohhhh you found momma's hot spot. Let your tongue flail against it." She panted.

Jacob found that he had the ability to flutter his tongue really fast. He soon felt right at home working his mom's little love-button. He gasped for a second, coming up for air, but like a wild animal feasting on fresh meat, he went quickly back to work.

"Remember what I taught you when we were making out. Breath through your nose, love." She sighed.

Jacob followed her instructions and his tongue flailed wildly against her magic spot. Michelle legs began to convulse a little.

"Oh G-God, baby. You are a quick learner." She exclaimed.

"Put my meat curtains into your mouth and suck on them." She said.

Jacob did as he was told sucking his mom big fleshy peddles into his mouth and nursing like a baby.

"Now while you do that, let your tongue snake between the lips so you can lap at my hole." She said.

Jacob was a natural, He kept his mom's labia tucked next to his cheeks as he dug his tongue along Michelle's vaginal opening. She ran her fingers through his hair.

"Oh, sweetheart, you're doing so good. Keep working that tongue. Don't let up." She said.

Jacob lapped at his mom's honey-pot relentlessly, savoring its sweet taste. After a minute of this he heard his next direction.

"Oh God, lick my butt-hole, Jacob." Michelle moaned.

Without hesitation Jacab fluttered his pink snake across Michelle's puckered anus, digging at the hole with the tip.

"Clit." Michelle squealed.

Jacob responded immediately going directly back to her secret spot. As he ate the pussy of his dreams Jacob peered up and saw that his mom had her head tilted. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her mouth hung wide open, panting desperately.

"M-Meat curtains." She said.

Jacob responded in a flash, sucking her fleshy lips into his mouth, his tongue already diving for her heavenly hole. After a minute or so of this his mom made her next request.

"Butt-hole." Her voice whined.

Jacob's tongue began to lash sloppily at his mom's shit-lips. It wasn't long before he noticed how her body began a little quiver.

"Oh God, sweetie you're gonna make me cum." Michelle groaned.

"OH GOD, CLIT...HARD AND FAST!!!" She yelled.

Jacob's tongue went right to her sweet spot and went into overdrive. He peered up one of his mom's legs and saw her clinching her toes.

"Holy shit, I'm making my mom's toes curl." He thought.

Michelle's head caught Jacob's attention as it rolled forward. His mom's beautiful face was now red and contorted wildly. She grunted, her legs quivering as she was struck with a massive orgasm.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" She screamed, her cunt bucking against Jacob's face.

She wrapped her legs around her son's head, trapping his face against her sex. Jacob couldn't breathe at all now, his mouth and nose buried in pussy meat. His tongue never stopped. He kept it flailing like a madman, his mom's body reacting as it beat against her clit.

Jacob had no idea how long she kept going. It seemed like forever. His mom finally released her grip and Jacob fell onto the couch beside her, gasping for air.

"That was awesome." Jacob said as he finally caught his breath.

"You're a quick learner, sweetheart. I do believe my son is a natural pooch smoocher." Michelle said as she sat up on the couch.

"Hell yeah, I could do that all day." Jacob said excitedly.

"Oh God, I've created a little sex hound. Like mother, like son I guess. " She giggled.

"So you're a sex hound too?" Jacob asked.

"Haven't you figured that out yet? There's only one person I know of that's as sex crazy as your mother and that's your Aunt Gail." Michelle smiled.

"She's pretty like you too." Jacob said.

"Well, I'm glad you think so, because if you win this week you'll probably have her lips wrapped around your penis too." Michelle said.

"Really?" Jacob's face lit up, his bone-hard cock flexed in his shorts.

"She's gonna get rid of your Uncle Paul and the girls and we can stay at her place after the match. Think you can handle being smothered by two big breasted sisters all night?" She smiled.

"Hell yeah." Jacob muttered, his heart fluttering with excitement.

Michelle noticed her son's raging bulge. She ran her long nails along the top of it sending an electric jolt to Jacob's balls.

"Oh, does my baby have a big boner? It wants to snuggle somewhere wet and warm, doesn't it." Michelle asked in a cute little girl voice.

"Yeah." His voice quivered.

"It wants to worm into momma's throat and squirt all sorts of baby-syrup into her tummy doesn't it, sweetheart." She asked.

"Mom, are you sure it's not too big to go all the way into your mouth." He asked.

"Oh, baby, don't you worry. You don't have anything your mom can't handle." She smiled.

"Yeah, but won't it choke you...I mean, if it goes all the way into your mouth?" He asked.

"You really don't believe me, do you?" She said, giving him a naughty smile.

"Well, I don't know. I just..." Jacob muttered.

"Pull down your shorts." Michelle said.

Jacob didn't have to be asked twice. It one motion he pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees. His cock was big and meaty. A spider-web of bulging veins ran along his lengthy shaft as it stuck straight up like a flagpole.

Michelle brought her legs onto the couch and knelt beside her son. He watched as she tied her hair back into a pony-tail and then lowered her face to his lap.

Jacob watched in awe as his mom opened her mouth and lowered it down over the head of his cock. The first two inches disappeared before he felt the side of his pecker sliding along the top of her tongue. He felt his bell-shaped head kiss her soft palate, worming right past it. Michelle let out a quick gagging sound as her son's cock popped into her trachea.

Jacob's watched the final three inches of meat disappear between his mom's big pouty lips. He felt her bottom lip rest against his scrotum, creating a tight vacuum seal around his teenaged cock.

Michelle tilted her head a little so she could peek up at her son. She looked into his bewildered eyes and winked, as if to say "I told you so."

She brought her hands up, letting her full weight come down on Jacob's dick which caused her to swallow another meaty inch. Jacob could hear her gagging on his dick as her lips stretched over the root, kissing his pubic bone.

Jacob's cock-head ballooned as the skin on his shaft was pulled tight, stretching it to its maximum length. Pre-cum trickled from his piss-hole.

Suddenly, Jacob heard the garage door open. He knew it was his father, but his mom didn't seem to budge.

"Mom, dad's home." He sighed.

Michelle still didn't move. She kept her son buried to the balls and began to hum softly. The vibrations it caused on Jacob's cock was absolutely amazing.

"Oh God." He muttered.

He heard his dad's car door close in the garage and began to panic.

"Mom, dad's in the garage." He said.

Still Michelle didn't budge. She kept her son's manhood trapped in her throat and continued humming. Jacob's felt like his cock was encased in warm vibrating butter.

He heard the door in the kitchen open.

"Hello, I'm home." He heard his father announce.

For a few seconds, Michelle didn't move as if savoring every cock-gobbling moment, then, suddenly, she rose from her son's lap, making a regurgitating sound as his knob slid from her gullet. Her lips rose from his dong and a stream of cum ran from her mouth, She broke the oozing spunk-sting with her lips and swallowed what was left. In a flash, Michelle gave Jacob a peck on the cheek and rushed across the room.

"Anyone home?" His dad asked as he walked through the kitchen.

Jacob quickly pulled up his shorts as he heard his mother greet his father just as she had every other day.

He just sat there, afraid to get up because of his still bone-hard erection.

"Hey, son...how was practice?" His dad said as he walked by.

"Good dad." Jacob said.

"I'm gonna head up and get a shower." Jacob's dad said.

"There's clean towels on the bed, dear." Michelle said as she stopped behind the couch and watched her husband climb the stairs.

As soon as Jacob's father disappeared he felt his mom's hands slide across his chest as she bent over the couch behind him. She brought her lips to her son's ear.

"So, do you still question whether you're mom capable of handling that big monster of yours?" She whispered.

"No way." Jacob muttered.

Michelle whispered softly into her son's ear as she stroked his chest.

"I want you to go upstairs to your room and lye down on your bed. And while you lye there I want you to stroke your penis up and down. While you masturbate I want you to think about what it's going to be like after you win that match this week." She said.

Jacob was already rubbing his cock through his shorts. His mom's seductive voice was sending shivers through his entire body.

"I want you to think about what it's going to be like to be alone and naked with two big breasted women. Think about what it's going to be like to have them fighting for position on you, their tongues wrestling with your cock and balls." She continued.

"Oh yeah." Jacob sighed, fisting his rod through his shorts.

"Can you see us, sweetie. Can you see our big titties flopping all around while we suck you, while we drain those big beautiful balls." She whispered seductively.

"Y-yeaaah." Jacob muttered.

"Can you see our pussies, baby? Can you see our big fat mommy-pussies drooling over that big monster, begging it to be state champ." She said.

It was all Jacob could take. He felt the surge of cum rocket up his shaft.

"Oh yeah, mom. I'm gonna cum." He groaned.

He felt his mom's tongue begin to flail at his ear. Michelle let out sexy little moans as she kissed the side of her son's face sloppily.

"Oh, come on. That's my baby. Cum hard for me, sweetie." She said.

A dozen blasts of hot cum erupted from Jacob's cock, soaking his shorts. When it finally subsided he heard his mom giggling.

"So much for making it upstairs. You better go get cleaned up, sweetheart. " She said, giving him a final peck on the cheek.

Michelle went into the kitchen and Jacob got up and moved towards the stairway.

"Jacob." He heard his mom say softly from the kitchen doorway.

He looked and found his mom leaning against the doorway in a sexy little pose. One foot rested flat on the floor and the other rested on her toes, with her knee slightly bent. She slowly pulled her skirt up to her hips exposing those long gorgeous legs and neatly trimmed snatch.

Jacob could clearly see her meat curtains and her engorged clitoris.

"Be my state champ." She said pleadingly.

Jacob nodded and watched as his mom turned around to go into the kitchen. She held the skirt up long enough for him to get a good look at her big bubbly ass.

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