How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 06


Trudy had a daughter name Laura who was Jacob's age. She had beautiful dark hair and milky-white skin. Her tits weren't nearly as big as the older women in the family, but still larger than any girl at Jacob's school.

Taking a break from my stretches he went over and said hello to everyone. He hugged Aunt Trudy and damn did her tits feel good on his chest, but it was that hug with Grandma that sent the blood rushing to his cock. Never before had he felt boobs so big and soft.

"Think about something else." Jacob thought, trying to keep from getting and erection.

Despite trying he couldn't help but follow Jean's tits as she sat next to Michelle in the stands. He imagine how big her areola must be. What it would be like to be smothered in breasts so large. Jacob's had gotten good at working a woman's breasts and wondered if his Grandma would give him a shot at working hers.

"Hi Jacob." A voice said.

Jacob turned to face his cousin Laura.

"Hey Laura." He said.

"Been a long time." She said, moving in for a hug.

She had a different feel than the other woman in the family. She was young and fragile Jacob felt so big and strong with her in his arms.

"Oh my God I could nail this girl to the wall." He thought.

Speaking of nail...Jacob's fight was a nail-biter, but in the end he got the decision and became the Eastern Regional champion.

After the shower Jacob came out of the locker room and found his mom, Gail and Aunt Trudy and Grandma waiting for him.

"There's our boy." Jean said.

"Where's everyone else?" Jacob asked.

"They already left for Grandma's, sweetie. During the ride we kinda figured, if you had enough steam left, you might wanna wrestle with three grown women in the back of Aunt Gail's van." She said.

Jacob looked around as the women stared with anxious smiled. "You mean like..." He started.

The women burst out laughing, amused by his innocent reaction.

"He's so damn cute." Jacob's Grandma said, taking his arm.

Michelle took the other arm and they led him out into the parking lot. They all piled into Gail's van, Gail in the driver's seat, Michelle, Jacob, Grandma Jean and Trudy in the back.

The air mattress was already blown up, spread out and ready. Jacob sat in the center of the mattress and found himself surrounded by big breasted women. He watched as they began taking off their heels.

"Good gracious I feel like a randy little teenager girl again." Jean said.

"He's gonna have you screaming like a teenaged girl here in a minute, mom." Michelle said.

By the time they got out of the parking lot the women had stripped down to their bras and panties. Jacob just sat there with his mouth open. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he'd see this much cleavage in one place.

"Take it slow now, Gail. You don't wanna get pulled over and have to explain why three grown women are raping a teenager in the back of your van." Trudy said.

"I told you're Grandma how much you like big boobies so she thought it only appropriate that we let you take off our bras." Michelle said.

"Here, you can start with mine." Michelle said.

Jacob sat up on his knees as Michelle moved around to the front of him. His Aunt Trudy kneeled behind him lifting his shirt up and over his head. Michelle was wearing a strapless bra so as soon as Jacob unclasped it the bra sprung from her chest.

He reached around and cupped her big soft udders, lifting them from her tummy.

"Feel familiar?" She asked, smiling back at him.

"Oh yeah." He sighed.

"My turn." Trudy said.

Jacob turned around and Trudy's back was already to him. Michelle sat back and peeled off her panties.

Jacob unclasped Trudy's big bra and slipped the strapped over her shoulders. As the cups fell he reached around for a feel. His hands were swallowed by spongy tit-flesh.

"Oh my God." He sighed.

"Big huh?" Trudy asked.

"And heavy." Jacob said.

As marvelous as they were he couldn't wait to get to his Grandma. He turned to her and she had a big smile. A roll of tit-meat was literally oozing over the top of the huge white bra. "My Grandson's about to find out where the women in this family get their big boobies." She said, crawling around so her back was to him.

Trudy sat back and slid her panties off.

Jacob crawled up behind his grandma and unfastened the four hooks that kept her titty-cage closed. When Jacob reached around he about creamed his shorts as he hefted the biggest, softest tits he could have ever imagined existed.

"Holy shit." He groaned.

"I used to get that same reaction from your Grandpa." Jean giggled.

"They're soft." Jacob muttered.

"Oh, it's been so long since they've been squeezed like that." She sighed.

"Momma, sit back." Michelle said.

Jean sat down and Michelle whispered something into Jacob's ear. He got a big smile and followed his Grandma down to the mattress.

Jacob watched his Grandma's tit's roll off the sides of her chest. Her areola were massive, as big around as a softballs. As Jean leaned back on her elbows Jacob lifted one of her drooping udders. His face sunk into it and his tongue went to work, digging at her big pink caps.

Trudy moved behind the teen and cupped his big hairless balls. "Oh, my, my, my." She sighed.

Jacob was really going to town now on his Grandma's breast. He had slipped over into animal mode, sucking and chewing on her big rubbery saps, his tongue flailing away at her spongy softness.

He could have spent all day on her boobs but found himself licking his way down between her legs. He was surprised to find very little hair down there. Jean had a big fat clit and he wasted no time beating his tongue against it.

"Oh good heavens." She sighed.

Remembering the skills he'd been taught Jacob sucked her fleshy labia into his mouth and let his tongue dig at her groove. He wondered how long it had been since his Grandma had her pussy plowed like this.

He worked her big wrinkly butt-hole, knowing it wouldn't be long before it was stretched around his cock.

When he went back to her clit, Jacob inserted two fingers into her cunt-hole and found her sensitive G-spot. He dug at it as his tongue fluttered away at her love-nub.

"Oh Sweet Jesus!" She moaned.

Jacob was relentless in his assault. He soon had his Grandma bucking and squirming as she entered a realm of orgasm she had seen in years. Her body bounced as she began to cry but Jacob stayed with her, his tongue and fingers working together like an amazing pussy-pleasing machine.

His Aunt Trudy was now greasing down his pole. Jacob knew it was time to be on his back.

"Oh my God, what a beautiful cock." She said.

"A beautiful, well trained cock." Michelle smiled.

Jacob fell over onto his back watching his mom and Aunt Trudy reach back to grease their holes.

"Your Aunt Trudy likes it hard and rough, sweetie. Are you up for the task?" Michelle asked.

"I can do hard and rough." Jacob smiled, flexing his boner.

"Oh my God, I think this is gonna be the best family reunion ever." Trudy smiled.

Jacob watched as his Aunt mounted him. Her tits were insane. She didn't have to lean down very far for them to be hanging just above Jacob's face. He squeezed them roughly as Trudy placed the tip of his cock against her butt-ring.

He felt the mouth of her anus swallow his cock-head and slide down his shaft.

"Oh God." Jacob muttered as he felt his cock encased in Trudy's hot shit-pipe.

Jacob's horny Aunt began to bounce on his dick, packing her ass with his steak. As she fell forward her big bouncing breasts smothered the teen.

Jacob wrapped his lips around one of her big rubbery saps, letting his tongue explore every little milk-gland. "Oh Jesus that's a big dick." She panted.

For a good five minutes the back of the van was filled with a steady repetitious SLAP as Trudy's ass beat down on her nephew's big meaty cock.

Jacob was growing accustomed to having big spongy tits flattened against his face while he fucked. Sucking and chewing on engorged areola was becoming his new favorite hobby.

Soon Trudy's asshole tightened around his sausage and her body began to convulse.

"OH GOD I'M CUMMING!" She screamed.

Jacob was proud of how he could fuck a woman hard through an orgasm. With the help of his mom he had learned by now how to pace himself.

"My turn, greedy butt." Michelle said, pushing at her sister's side.

Jacob's cock slipped out of his Aunt Trudy's ass, but within seconds it was being swallowed again by Michelle's.

"Hi handsome." She smiled, gazing down into his eyes.

"Hi mom." He smiled.

Michelle's ass slapped against her son's balls as her beautiful butt-ring glided up and down his shaft.

Jacob's Grandma leaned over, staring down at the teen with her daughter. With their faces together, Jacob could see the resemblance. One's face was just a little wrinkled than the other, but they both had those beautiful sparkling eyes and big pouty lips.

"Oh the sexual vigor of a teenaged boy. Makes me wish I was young again." Jean said.

"Oh don't worry, mom, he'll make you feel young again." Michelle panted.

Trudy joined them, peering down at the lucky teen.

"You can say that again. I haven't cum that fucking hard since college." Trudy said.

Jacob was now surrounded by six of the biggest breasts he ever imagined existed. Michelle's tits drug against his chest as they rocked up and back from her thrusting. Trudy's and Jean's boobs just sort of hovered there near his face as they all doted over him.

"Yep, my Grandson's gonna have three very hungry ass's to take care of all weekend." Jean said.

"Four." Gail shouted from the driver's seat.

"Four hungry ass's. Sorry, baby." Jean said to her daughter.

Trudy watched in amazement as Jacob and Michelle's bodies seemed to move as one. After every dozen cock-churning strokes Michelle would grind her ass for about five second, then go back to bouncing. She knew just how to keep her baby going.

"God, look at you two. You're amazing together." Trudy said.

"We've had a little practice, haven't we sweetie?" Michelle said, smiling down at her son.

"Yeah." He grinned.

"If he can last that long in your ass, imagine what he can do to your pussy, Michelle." Trudy said.

"Well after next week I won't have to imagine anymore." She said, her voice quivering.

"Oh Mom, I'm feeling really good." Jacob moaned.

"So am I baby so I want you to cum with me. When we're done the three of us will suck you to another hard-on, then you can hump you're Grandma the rest of the trip, okay?" Michelle said.

"Sounds good to me." Jean smiled.

Michelle laid down flat on her son's chest, squashing her tits between them. Jacob watched as her gorgeous mommy-ass rose and fell rapidly. He then gazed up at the huge hanging udders floating over him.

"Michelle, I think my nephew's got a titty-fetish." Trudy said.

She got on her hands and knees, letting one of her massive breasts hang down just above Jacob's face. Jacob looked straight up at it as it wobbled slightly. He was like a little boy being teased with an ice-cream cone.

The breasts descended and the nipple fell into his open mouth. Pounds of tit-flesh oozed onto his face, smothering it completely.

"OH JACOB!" Michelle squealed, her ass hammering him relentlessly.

He sucked hard on Trudy's nipple and felt his mom's body begin to quiver against his. That's when his cock exploded!

"HHHHHHMMMMNNNNNN!!!!" He moaned, his tongue rolling across Trudy's engorged teat.

The first rope to blast from Jacob's cock had to be his biggest ever. It was a long quivering pulse delivering a huge steam of spunk into Michelle's bowels. Even Michelle could tell the first one was a whopper as she felt her son's cock-head balloon against the walls of her cavity.

Their bodies wrestled through their respective orgasms, not seeming to want it to end.

Jacob didn't know if he black out for a few minutes or what happened, but when he opened his eyes he was looking straight up into his Grandma's smiling face. Jean had his head in her lap, stoking it lovingly as her two daughters worked on Jacob's cock and balls.

He noticed the strong aroma a pussy and lifting his head he found himself staring straight at his mom's cunt. Michelle was in the 69 position, laying on her son's body and she vigorously nursed on his cock.

Trudy was down between Jacob's legs working his balls. She had one of his testicles stuffed in her mouth, spanking it with her tongue.

As Jacob lay his head back down, enjoying the amazing sensations, he gazed up at the underside of Jean's tits. He knew that as soon as his cock was back at full mast he'd be smothered in their love. Between the wonderful eye-candy and the way his mom sucked cock, it wasn't long.

Michelle popped the dick from her mouth, giving it a little wiggle.

"There...hard a granite." She said.

"Thank you girls." Jean said.

"Do you wanna be alone with him, momma?" Michelle asked.

"You girls wouldn't mind?" She smiled.

"Of course not." Trudy giggled.

"Be gentle with her, sweetie." Michelle said, giving his stick a few final strokes.

"Oh nonsense. I may be old but I can still handle a hammering." Jean smiled.

Michelle crawled up and got in the passenger seat while Trudy moved up between the two front seats. Jacob could hear the girls giggling as they whispered between each other.

"Sure you wanna hump this old body?" Jean asked.

"I wanna make you feel good Grandma. I wanna make you feel like a little girl again." Jacob said.

"Oh, you are quite the charmer." Jean said, crawling around and mounting him.

Jacob thought it would take some work to get into his Grandma's ass, but it slipped right in and sunk all the way to the hilt.

"Oh shit!" He moaned.

It was if his cock were just dipped in warm gravy. Jean buried the teen's face between her monstrous breasts and she leaned forward and began to ride.

"Oh my that is a big one." She said as she bounced her ass on Jacob's dong.

There was so much tit it took Jacob a minute to find her big pink cap. Jean's boobs were so big and so spongy soft that he just wanted to roll his tongue across every inch.

The girls peeked back and saw their mom's big bubbly ass rising and falling at a nice steady rhythm. Jacob's boner looked so thick and strong with her wrinkly little butt-hole stretched around it.

They giggled as they saw the boy's face completely masked in breast-meat. It was quite the sight. A 70 year old woman riding the big beautiful cock of her 18 year old Grandson.

After about five minute's Jean started to make little whimpering sounds. Even though she was 62 years his senior Jacob felt like he was fucking a young girl. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her silly.

The strong teen grabbed his Grandma's ass and began to jerk his hips upward, meeting her down stroke. He began fucking so hard that she couldn't keep up. All she could do was hang on for the ride.

Lewd slapping filled the vehicle as Jacob's scrotum thumped against Jean's bouncing ass.

Michelle and her sister couldn't help but watch, mouths agape, as the teen assaulted their mother's ass.

"Holy shit, Michelle, he's like a fucking porn star." Trudy said.

"I told you he's a stud." Michelle smiled.

Jean cried and shook as her body exploded with orgasm. Jacob didn't let up. He plowed his Grandma's ass until he felt her come down from her orgasmic cloud, then like reversing one of his opponents, he rolled her over on his back.

His cock stayed lodged in her rectum and Jean's legs instinctively coiled around him as he began to fuck hard again.

Jacob made animal-like grunts as he fucked like a mad-man.


"Jacob, maybe you should slow down, sweetheart." Michelle said, concerned for her mother.

"Don't you dare slow down, love. You just turn around and mind your own business young lady." Jean spat, her voice quivering.

Trudy smiled at her sister.

"Don't let age fool you little sister." She smiled.

For ten solid minutes Jacob's body thrashed against his Grandma as he lay against her massive breasts. Every few minutes he would hear a little whimper and feel her body quiver. Finally, it was Jacob's body that shook as thick ropes of hot semen surged from the tip of his penis. It seemed like they'd never stop as for two minutes he continued grinding.

Catching their breath, their bodies now a sweaty heap, Jean held her Grandson to her bosom, gently running her fingers through his hair.

" Grandson. My sweet, sweet baby." She said.

Gail pulled the van over to the side of the road.

"What are you doing, sis?" Michelle asked.

"Giving you the keys. It's my turn." She smiled.

"Good God, you must be crazy, Gail. He just had two orgasms, the poor boy must be spent." Trudy said.

Gail peered at Jacob as he rolled off his Grandma and onto his back.

"Is that true, Jacob? Too tired for one more ass?" She smiled naughtily.

Jacob's cock twitched. The women up front noticed it and smiled.

"Teenaged cock, tired? HA!" Gail said, handing her sister the keys.

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