tagIncest/TabooHow Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 08

How Mom Made Him State Champ Ch. 08


Most of the family hung around the cabin that day, swimming and socializing. In the early afternoon Jacob decided to take the boat out to do some fishing. With five horny pussies floating around him like vultures, there was no fucking chance of him going alone.

Any of the women would have jumped at the chance, however, they all knew Michelle was the "alpha-female" so to speak. Jacob was hers, which always gave her first dibs.

"Hey, handsome, Going fishing?" She asked as Jacob prepared the little boat.

"Yeah, I thought I'd try my luck for a few hours." He said.

It didn't take Jacob's mind long to wander far from the fishing. Michelle was standing near the bank in a pair of cut-off Daisy Duke shorts and skimpy bikini top. Michelle had her hands on her hips and with all that tit-flesh oozing over the fabric, Jacob felt his cock begin to rise to salute.

"Need some company?" She smiled.

"Sure." He muttered.

"Be right back. I'm gonna let your father know we're going out." She said.

Jacob watched her prance away, her luscious ass-cheeks spilling from her shorts and swaying naughtily. He let his eyes travel down those long silky-smooth legs, the muscles flexing as she walked. Then there were those sexy bare feet. God-damn how he loved his mother's cute little feet. He could already feel them resting on his ass.

When Michelle came back she was carrying a inflatable mattress that hadn't been pumped up yet. She stepped into the boat and set it down.

"You're bringing that?" He asked.

"Of course I am. It's my bait. That's how I'm gonna catch the big one." She said, reaching back and rubbing his cock through his shorts.

"The big one huh?" Jacob smiled.

Michelle turned and looked into his eyes with this cute little smile.

"Yep. The big juicy one. It won't be able to resist jumping on my hook. You'll see." She smiled.

Michelle and her son set off in their little boat. They traveled for about twenty minutes before they found a nice private little cove.

Jacob threw over the anchor and set up his fishing gear while Michelle used the automatic pump to blow-up the mattress. It wasn't long before it was fully inflated. It was a large water-mattress, about the size of a full-sized bed mattress, with built-in pillows.

"Mmmm, doesn't that look comfy." She said teasingly.

The mattress had a tie-on which Michelle securely fastened the end of a rope to. She tied the other end of the rope to the boat and threw the mattress out into the water.

Leashed to the boat, the water mattress floated off about 30 feet away. Knowing she had her son's attention, Michelle undid her shorts. With her back to him she slowly slid them down her big bubbly bare ass and kept going until they fell to her pretty little feet.

Jacob squeezed the knot in his shorts as he stared at the big buttery butt-hole peeking out from between those meaty cheeks.

Michelle reached around, untied her bikini top and let it slip from her breasts. Jacob could see the sloping breast-bulge drooping way down onto her tummy.

Michelle dove into the water and swam over to the mattress. Jacob watched as his mom gracefully slipped up onto the float and resting on her knees, squeezed the water out of her hair.

He picked up his pole and cast it out, deciding to play hard to get. After a few minutes, the water mattress floated back behind the boat.

"Jaaaaccccooobbbb." Michelle called teasingly.

He smiled, trying to ignore her.

"Jaaaaccccoooobbb." Her sexy voice sang.

Despite how he tried Jacob couldn't ignore her. He peeked around and saw his mom laying down on her tummy, resting on her elbows. Her body was still wet and glistened beautifully in the noon day sun. Her big mommy-boobs were all spilled out onto the mattress beneath her and she had a warm smile as she stared back at her little boy.

"Cooooome here." She said in a soft, loving tone, patting the cusion beneath her. "I can't catch fish from back there, mom." He smiled.

"So you're gonna to just ignore that big boner in your shorts?" She said.

"I guess so." He said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Jacob Little, get your ass back here, right now." She said, half-sternly.

"But mom I wanna fish." He said.

"Yeah, right. I think I know you better than that, young man." She smiled.

"Obviously you don't." He said.

"Well that's too bad then. I guess you'd rather fish than spend the day fucking your mother's pussy." She said.

Jacob quickly stood up and turned around with a look of surprise.

"You'd let me fuck your pussy today...seriously?" He asked.

Michelle got a cute little look, cocking her head to the side.

"Well, you could come out here and we could talk about it." She said.

In a split second Jacob was naked and diving into the water. Moments later he was pulling himself onto the mattress with Michelle. She giggled at how eager he was.

With Jacob on his back Michelle crawled up next to him. Letting her big pendulous tits drag onto his chest, she reached down and curled her fist around his dong, giving it a few gentle strokes.

"See, I told you my big juicy one would take the bait." She smiled.

"So are you serious about letting me fuck you?" He asked.

There was a short pause as Michelle gazed down into his eyes.

"You know, when I first started loving on you a month ago I really didn't expect things to turn out the way they did." Michelle explained.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"Well, I guess I just didn't expect that I'd feel the way I do...about you...and about us." She explained.

"How do you feel?" Jacob asked.

"Well, judging by the fact that I can't keep my hands off of you, it's pretty obvious how I feel, isn't it?" She said.

"In case you haven't noticed your mother is a very sexual women, and she's been with a lot of guys in her life...but you're the only one, YOU, who's ever been able to keep up with me. I guess what I'm trying to say is at some point along the way this not only became about you...but about me too." She smiled.

"I can't ever imagine being with someone who makes me feel the way you do." Jacob said.

"Oh, sweetheart, I haven't even scratched the surface of how I could make you feel." Michelle said, her eyes lost in his. Jacob's heart skipped a beat. Here was this matronly Goddess, her tits hanging down and resting lightly on his upper chest, her hand still stroking his cock. Her hair was all slicked back and wet while she stared down at him with those big beautiful brown eyes. It was like a wonderful wet dream.

"Are you ready to fuck your mother." She smiled.

"What about winning state?" Jacob asked.

"I'm so proud of how far you've come, but honestly, at this point, love, it doesn't really matter. Win or lose next week, you'll still be between mom's legs." She said.

"Cool." He smiled.

"So...ready for some pussy, cowboy?" She asked.

"Fuck yeah." Jacob said.

Michelle slipped down onto her back and motioned for Jacob to follow her.

"Come on." She whispered.

Jacob moved down between his mom's legs, his mighty spear creeping towards the bald flower. As he came down on her chest Michelle positioned his cock so the bulbous head kissed the mouth of her vagina.

He felt her feet slide onto the back of his thighs as she raised her knees.

"Jacob." She said, looking up at him. "You're my champion." She said.

"Push." Michelle whispered.

Jacob thrust forward and held his breath as he felt his cock encased in Michelle's warm buttery fuck-sheath. Her soft vaginal walls molded around every vien as they expanded to accommodate his meaty girth.

"OOOHHH GGGOOODDD!" Jacom muttered, as he slid in inch by inch, his cockhead searching for bottom.

Michelle's eyes got big, a cute little gasp leaving her mouth as more dick just kept filling her.

Finally as Jacob's balls hugged the crack of his mom's ass, he felt his fat cum-drooling bulb bottom out.

"UHHH, Oh God, I can feel you against my cervix." Michelle gasped.

"Is that okay?" Jacob muttered.

"Oh sweetie, it's dreamy." She moaned.

Jacob put his face right against his moms and they both stared deeply into each other's eyes as they felt their genitals flex and contract together.

Michelle squeezed her cunt muscles around Jacob's cock, smothering it with warm tight love.

"Oh, wow." He sighed.

"You like that, love?" Michelle asked.

Jacob didn't have to answer. It was obvious that the teenager was in pussy heaven. For a good five minutes he just lay there moaning as Michelle did a little squeeze and release around his manhood.

"Oh, that's my baby. He just needed his momma's pussy." She whispered.

Slowly, gradually, they set in motion as Jacob began to saw his cock up and down her birth canal.

"Oh. Sweetie, you're doing it. You're fucking my pussy." Michelle whined.

"God, it feels so ggggood!" Jacob muttered.

Jacob squeezed Michelle's big tits, his finger sinking down into the pillow-like flesh.

At a nice slow steady pace Jacob's cock wormed in and out out Michelle's warm clutching vagina, his bulbous purple mushroom sank against the soft spongy head of her cervix with each downward thrust.

"Oh yeah, that's it, baby... just like that." Michelle moaned.

Normally Jacob could fuck for a long while before blowing his load, but not this time, even while grinding. The feeling of his mom's soft pussy around his raging boner was too much.

Michelle's orgasm was building too. It didn't take a pussy-stretcher as big as Jacob's very long to make a women squeal.

"Oh sweetie, momma's gonna cum on your cock." She whined.

Their bodies were so in sync that the second Jacob's cock-head started to ballon, Michelle's back began to arch.

"OH FUCK, JACOB, I'M CUMMING!!!" Michelle announced, her face contorting with pleasure.

Jacob kept his slow steady pace even as his prick began to spit it's potent milk.


He clung tightly to his mom as their bodies faught against each other. It was as though they were engaged in their own little sexual wrestling match, each one using the others body to intensify their orgasm.

Their bodies were a glistening ball of sex, thrusting and quaking on the water-mattress. Michelle's long silky-smooth legs were wrapped around her son's back and were like the fleshy strap holding them together.

It was two full minutes before mother and son came back down to earth. Jacob sighed as he lay against his mom.

"Oh, God. That was incredible." He muttered.

"Incredible, my dear, is an understatment." Michelle said.

"Mom." Jacob said.

"What is it, lover." She answered.

"Did I do something I shouldn't have?" He asked.

"What do you mean, sweetie?" She asked.

"Well, I heard you tell Aunt Trudy yesterday that you haven't gone on the pill yet and I just...you know." Jacob said.

"Yes, you did, didn't you. Well, can't cry over spilt milk, now can we?" She said, making them both giggle.

"Beside's you might enjoy spending your summer at home with a pregnant mother riding your dick." She said, gazing up at him.

"No, that doesn't sound too bad." He said.

"A big baby-ball sandwiched between us. Huge milk-filled tits slapping against your face while we bounce on my bed all day. No, I don't think you'll mind." She said.

Jacob cock twitched at the very thought of it. Michelle smiled as she felt it in her cream-filled cunny.

"I think someone liked the sound of that." She smiled.

"I think so too." He grinned.

Michelle gently rolled Jacob over onto his back. He watched as his mom got onto her knees and swung her leg over his head as she turned the opposite direction.

Jacob gazed up at his mom's amazing cunt as it floated just above his face. Her big fleshy peddles were still splayed open and he could see his own spung dripping from her honey-pot.

He looked down between their bodies as he felt his mom grasp his deflating cock and stroke it gently. He felt blood rush to his genitals as he watched Michelle's dangling tits brush against his tummy as they gently wobbled.

Her twat fell to his waiting mouth and her soft tits rested against his abdomen as Michelle brought her body onto his and slipped his cock into her mouth.

For a good half-hour Jacob sucked and chewed on his mom's labia. He felt her body shiver at least a half-dozen times as he worked her clit with his tongue, paying special attention to the little spot under the hood that he knew drove her wild.

As Jacob had his fill of mommy-pussy, Michelle sloppily sucked his cock and balls, gradually bringing her son's phallus to full mast. She took her time, letting her tongue explore every bulging vien. At one point she clutched the base of his cock tightly, trapping his big scotum in her palm so it oozed through her fingers. Then, she fell into a ten minute skull fuck, let his cock-head slip past her larynx on each down stroke.

"Oh God I could spend all day nursing this big beautiful baby-maker." She moaned, rolling her tongue across the bloated bulb.

Michelle pushed herself up and turned around, still straddling her son. She reached back and positioned his spear at her creamy cave entrance.

"But I can think of somewhere else I'd rather have it right now." She said.

In one might swoop, Jacob's eight-plus inches sunk into the folds of her most sacred chamber until he felt his knob snuggle against the bubbly head of her cervix.

"Oh God." Michelle moaned, as she lifted her arms and gyrated her hips as if she were doing some sort of fuck dance.

Jacob gasped as he gazed up at his beautiful mother. Her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open in an obvious state of arousal. Her hair was still half-wet and strung down her face. This was the sex crazy animal behind all that sugar coating. Behind all those lacy bras and panties. Behind all those high-heeled saldals and cute little hairdo's. This was Michelle in the raw. Jacob had licked his way right down to her tootsie-roll center.

Michelle was so deep that Jacob couldn't even see their genitals. All there was was her bald pubic bone grinding against his. He moaned as he felt his cock-head battering back and forth across her spongy cervical door. It felt almost like a tongue licking at his head.

"Fuck yeah." Michelle whimpered, squeezing her tits together.

Gradually, she increased the speed of her gyrations until finally she settled on a consistant up and back motion, rolling her hips with desperate intensity.

"Holy shit, look at mom go." Jacob thought as he watched use her his cock to scratch her itch.

In the sack, everyone has a primitive side. Jacob was seeing his moms and he loved it. Her tits were going wild, flopping all around. Her breath was heavy, almost gasping.

Michelle's body stiffened and her neck arched back.

"UUUUUUNNNNGGGHHHHHOOOO!!!!!" She screamed, her voice echoing across the lake.

As his mom's hips continued on overdrive he felt the head of her cervix push against his cock so hard he swore he was going to pop inside her womb as she ground him against it.

Jacob was feeling pretty confident at this point. Despite all the excitement his balls weren't even stiring.

"Holy crap. I'm gonna be able to fuck the shit out of mom." He thought.

Michelle calapsed onto her son's chest. Instead of grinding, now her bubbly behind began to gently bounce on his groin.

As she lifted herself from his chest Jacob scooted down a little into his favorite position. Now while his mom rode him he could feel the wieght of her breasts on his face while he sucked and chewed on her engoged tit-saps.

For ten cock plunging minutes Michelle's ass slapped against her baby as she worked his teenaged dong with her sloppy mommy-pussy.

"OH GOD, JACOB!" She cried as her body shook with yet another mindblowing orgasm.

Jacob was in pussy-fucking heaven! He peeked out from under his mom's quivering breast as it laid on his face, her entire areola stuffed in his mouth. He could see the beautiful muscles in her hips working tirelessly as she bounced on his dick.

"Holy shit mom can fuck." He thought. By this time their genitals were making a lewd creamy slap. Jacob's cock glistened with a buttery fuck-froth that seeped down and dripped from his balls.

Stretched around his girth Michelle's vaginal lips puckered as they slid up and down about four greasy inches of bone-hard shaft.


At a steady pace they fucked like porn stars. It was another five minutes before Michelle popped again, letting out a desperate little squeal.

To Jacob there was nothing quite like having a matronly woman's body trembling against his, especially knowing it was his own mom.

As one orgasm subsided, Michelle's body was already pulling her towards the next one. When it came to sex, she was relentless and her butt just kept bouncing.


At this point Jacob's cock-head was getting used to be smothered in the depths of some sort of juicy orifice. It seemed as if lately it was spending more time plummeting up and down a warm hole than in his own pants.

"Oh my God that thing's a dream!" Michelle's voice trembled as she continued her assault.

Jacob smiled confidently. He knew that he not only had the size, but the staying power to please even the most sexual of women and Michelle was as sexual as they come. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Five more minutes of ball-bumping fun and Jacob was making his mom scream again. He felt like King of the Universe.

Michelle had been on top for nearly forty-five minutes and her body was getting tired, but still her desire for more pushed her on. She slid down a little and began to make out with her son. They feasted on each others faces like hungry animals, their genitals still rapping together, refusing to be broken.

No sooner did she recover from one than another toe-curling orgasm stuck her. Jacob watched his mom throw her head back, her eye-lids fluttering as she let out the most primitive grunt he had ever heard. He was floored when he saw a little tear run down her cheek.

Even though he had already made her cum more times than he could count, he had this overwhelming desire to make pop again.

Using the mattress beneath him Jacob thrust his cock up into his mother's cunt, meeting its downward fall. Soon it was he that was doing the work and Michelle ass was just along for the ride.


His big hairless scrotum jumped wildly, thumping against Michelle's butt-hole as Jacob hammered away.

Michelle rested her head on his shoulder, holding onto her baby as he took control. Her tanned, sweat-soaked body shook as Jacob fucked her sloppy gash.

"OH BABY...OH SWEETHEART...OH LOVER!!!" Michelle cried as she felt him shake her inner core.


Michelle's body suddenly shuttered violently and Jacob heard his mom start to sob on his shoulder. As her pussy-spasms went crazy Michelle literally wept like a little girl. They weren't tears of sadness, but of shear ecstasy. Michelle was having the most intense orgasm a woman could experience.

Hearing his mom sob only mad Jacob fuck harder. He giggled to himself pridefully. Oh how wonderful to have such a big pussy-pleaser and to know how to use it. He owed it all to his mom and now he was rewarding her for her efforts.


"Oh what a summer it's gonna to be." He thought, feeling that familiar little tingle in his nuts.

Even though he'd come so far, winning state really didn't matter to Jacob now. As far as he was concerned THIS WAS his final match. The crying, quivering beauty on top of him was better than any cheering crowd.

So did Jacob Little become State Champ? His mother still expected it, so what do you think?

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