tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHow Much Do You Want It?

How Much Do You Want It?


'If you want to fuck this' she said, running her fingers down towards her exquisite shaven pussy, 'you've gotta suck that first,' pointing at the eight inches of erect cock that stood out from Venus' lap and curved upwards and pointed at her sculpted silicon tits.

I had guessed that this was coming.

I ached to fuck the Mistress. I always did, but did I ache to fuck her enough to suck a transsexual lady's cock first? Was I willing to earn it like that? I wasn't sure if I wanted to suck Venus off. Half of me did, the other half did not. I liked the idea of it. Venus is beautiful. I worship the Mistress. She is old enough to be my mother, and I am a good boy.

I had no choice in the matter, so I moved towards Venus and knelt down between her legs as she sat back in the chair. I could always tell myself that I had only done it because I had to, that it had been no decision of my own.

Venus looked down and smiled maliciously and the Mistress looked on, cruelty in her eyes. From the corner of my eye I saw her fingers reach her cunt lips. She began to rub herself in anticipation at the fulfilment of her vicious and voyeuristic desires. And against my will, my cock was hardening. That made her smile more. It was not as hard yet as Venus' cock, though. Venus twitched inches from my mouth. She pulled on her cigarette and continued to look down at me. She said

'Come on baby, you know you want to; suck on Venus' clitty.'

The Mistress sat back in her chair too, opening her legs a little wider, so as to be sure that I had a perfect view of the reward that waited for me. Her cunt lips stuck out and her black leather boots ended at her thighs. They seemed to be trying to reach her twat.

In a trance I took Venus' cock in my hand and began to stroke it. Slowly I directed it towards my lips. I stretched her shaft as far down her cock as it would go, and gazed at the bulbous purple helmet and the rim between helmet and shaft where I would let my lips come to rest first.

Then it was in my mouth and I felt the soft hardness of her helmet on my tongue and I glanced over to see that the Mistress had stuck two fingers into her pussy. She gasped, and Venus gasped as I began to suck her cock. I licked all the way around her helmet and gazed up at her perfect surgical tits and her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders. Inside my mouth, I ran my tongue up and down her frenulum and lingered on the urethral hole. I felt her shudder and I heard her cry out.

Now it was time to suck in as much of her prick as I could take. Slowly my lips slid down over her shaft until I had taken four or so of her eight inches of glorious ladycock. I closed my eyes and sucked her faster and faster and I wanted to taste every last part of her cock and I wanted to feel her spunk exploding into her mouth and I wanted to drink all of her.

I had given myself to them completely and avidly I sucked Venus until I knew she was about to reach her orgasm. I pulled my mouth away and held it open a couple of inches from her throbbing cock. I steadied the rod to make sure the spunk would hit its target. It was warm and oily. I remember that. Venus gave me four generous spurts of spunk and I caught them all in my mouth. As the final one hit me I glanced over and saw the Mistress' body buckle and lock and she came too. She shook as her climax ripped through her and as I watched I wished that I could make her cum like that when she allowed me to fuck her.

She came to rest finally and she was spent, but she watched intently as I returned to sucking Venus' cock; cleaning up the spunk that was coated over her helmet, mixed with my saliva. I felt Venus' dick begin to soften in my mouth and she was spent too. My cock was rampant and I was ready for my reward. I looked over to the Mistress and she looked back for a long moment, as though sizing me up, and then she said

'You know, I've changed my mind, I'm not in the mood right now,' and she closed her legs.

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