tagIncest/TabooHow Much I Love My Brother

How Much I Love My Brother


It was one of those hot days in the summer, you know, the ones where you'll get out of the shower and just walk around in your towel or less for a while. Well, my brother was soon to be home from college, being 23, he had moved out and was living with some of his friends. I was so excited I had just graduated from high school and I wanted to show him my diploma. I also had just turned 18 three days before, I knew he had something for me, I just didn't know exactly what. You see our parents were leaving for a business trip that night and I had to stay alone with my brother until they returned.

I woke up early that morning and I could tell that it was going to be hot a day. I got up and milled around the house for a while, watched my usual soap operas, and by about 1:00 I remembered he was due home at 2:00. I rushed into the bathroom and took a long relaxing bath. I got out at about 1:45 and didn't quite bother to dress myself at that time so I went into my room and just laid on my bed going through some old pictures. I left the front door open so I didn't hear anyone come in the house, and my bedroom door was wide open, so I was completely vulnerable. My brother had arrived and had not announced himself, he wanted to surprise me. He came down the hall silently, then peeked into my room, I heard a gasp and I turned to find him staring at me. Vince, that's my brother's name, finally came to his senses and ran off to his old room.

The whole day was awkward. We couldn't look one another in the face and we barely spoke a word. That night was different though. It was so hot I couldn't sleep even with just a T-shirt on. So I finally fell asleep when I was fully nude. My room has 1 of 3 bathrooms and the only one on the side of the house in which my room and my brother's room are located, so often when he lived with us he would come through my room and use the bathroom at night. Well, I had been asleep for a little while when I heard a creak in the floor, Vince was just walking around, "He probably had to go to the bathroom." I thought. All of the sudden he walked into my room and froze, I said nothing and just watched him out of half shut eyes.

The moonlight shown on my naked body accentuating every curve. I was turned on immensely by this "encounter". I wanted him to look at me, to be enthralled by me, under his intrigued eyes I shifted. I showed him a little bit more each time I moved, eventually I opened my legs and my pussy lips opened a little, they were glistening with my wetness, I could hear his breathing, it was very erratic. He then walked into the bathroom and started fumbling around, obviously stroking his cock, but making quite a racket as he bumped into some of my things. I couldn't take it anymore I had to feel him inside of me one way or another. I walked in and there he was the most gorgeous sight a woman could ever see. Vince is strong and tall, with very broad shoulders. He has dark blue eyes with brown hair, he looked so incredibly sexy.

I walked in and kissed his neck ever so lightly. Vince jumped and tried to conceal the beast that was unleashed at the sight of me. He tried to make every excuse possible, then he realized that I was standing there with nothing on, he shut his mouth right as I placed a finger on his lips and gave him a playful shhh. I walked out and laid down on my bed beckoning him to follow. He walked out and over to me in a daze, eyes wide and pants still undone barely clinging to his waist. I whispered in his ear "Please, I love you more than any man I have ever known, and I would adore pleasuring you, just as long as the favor is returned." "I, umm…well yeah." He managed to say softly.

I took his face into my hands and kissed his lips lightly, then trailed my kissing down his bare chest to his boxers. I looked into his eyes with mischievous intention then unzipped the half of the zipper he managed to get up when I walked in and pulled his pants from him. I could see a monstrous bulge in his boxers and a little wet spot from his pre-cum. After I had gotten his pants off I worked at his shorts, that was the problem. With this huge cock tenting these shorts, how would I ever get them off, I carefully lifted them above his cock and slid them down his legs. I looked at his beautiful cock amazed by its size and had to have it.

I took the head into my mouth tasting his pre-cum and licking all around it. He moaned a deep and sensuous moan. I couldn't handle it I needed him inside of me. So I got up and said in a begging voice "I want you in me, please." Without hesitation and with the greatest of ease he lifted me over his monstrous organ and impaled me upon it. I let out a great moan, as thoughts raced through my mind, I was finally getting to fuck my very well endowed brother and he was fucking me harder and faster than I had ever been fucked.

He plunged his cock in and out of me and my screaming and moaning filled the room. He slowed as he started to kiss me on my lips and neck. I just lay there moving my hips in rhythm with his soft but deep thrusts. He then reached his hand down started to rub my clit. This drove me wild I propped myself up and practically screamed "Ohh just fuck me please hard!" Vince rolled me over and put me in doggy style so he could get a better angle. He then rammed his cock deep into me and let out a moan of pain and pleasure, sounding as if I had turned into some wild animal gone crazy for sex.

He fucked me for a long time and I was on the edge when he moved and with each thrust his balls would slap my clit, I could tell he was close to cumming when his motions started getting a little more erratic. "Ooooh god please harder Vince, baby please Harder!" I said in moans. I felt my body begin to get weak as tremors of pleasure started to grow inside me. I couldn't hold on any longer and let out a wild scream " Oooooohhh, I'm going to cum!! God OOH yes please!!!" I lay there panting and moaning with my ass up high being fucked by my brother's cock and I felt it I was cumming and I screamed " Ooh Vince yes! I'm cumming yes..Yes..YES baby Harder mmmmm." My body was being overwhelmed with waves of pleasure it shook uncontrollably and tensed around his cock.

I felt him begin to fuck me with no rhythm he was beginning to cum simultaneously with my orgasm. The firing of his hot cum into my velvety pussy kept my orgasm going for a long time. Our bodies, hot and gleaming with perspiration, collapsed upon each other, both completely spent, his softened cock still inside of me as we lay there utterly speechless just gazing into each other's eyes with our hands wandering over the other's body.

He managed to whisper " I should come home more often and visit my beautiful little sister, if I'd have known that you wanted me I would have said something earlier because I've been wanting you for years now." I interrupted "But now, it's legal, well as legal as it could ever be. As long as we can find a place without anyone around, we can do this more often." "Ohh, I hope we will," he said, "ahh baby I love you."

"That was just the beginning, and didn't I tell you I would pleasure you, as I knew you would me." I said. "Yes, and I must say that pleasure doesn't even begin to describe it."

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