tagRomanceHow My Best Friend Became My Lover

How My Best Friend Became My Lover


I have known Ellen for as long as I can remember. Our mothers are best friends and live on the same street, and our birthdays are only weeks apart. We used to play together all the time as children, and were in the same class all the way through our school days. When we were young children the differences between boys and girls were not very important and Ellen and I were best friends, I was forever round at her house and she at mine. As we got older I spent more time with the boys, but we still remained very close through primary school and into secondary.

Once we hit puberty the differences between boys and girls became much more important, and along with my friends, I started going out with girls. I had several girlfriends throughout my later school years, but never really saw Ellen as girlfriend material. That wasn't to say she was ugly. The short, chubby little girl with braces and thick glasses had blossomed into a young woman with a well-developed figure. However for some reason she never really made the most of it. While her girlfriends flaunted their newfound femininity and teased the boys mercilessly, Ellen always dressed sensibly and spent more of her time studying than partying. She was a great help to me during exam time when she acted as tutor for me in English, a subject I was not very strong in but needed to at least pass to get into the architecture course I wanted at university. With Ellen's help I managed to pass the exam and soon was enjoying myself at Uni. Ellen passed her exams with flying colours, and ended up at the same Uni as me, studying English literature. This meant we saw each other at uni as well as at home.

During my uni years I had several girlfriends but Ellen again spent most of her time in the library and never really had a boyfriend. This led to her gaining a reputation of being an "ice queen" and some people even questioned if she was interested in boys at all. However she was still the same old Ellen to me, and we always had fun when we got together as friends, even though we moved in such different social circles.

We graduated at the same time, Ellen at the top of her class, and both got jobs nearby. I started working at a local building firm while Ellen stayed on at uni to do a doctorate which she completed in record time, and ended up getting a full time lecturer job. At around that time a new block of flats was getting built in the town centre and I put my name down for one. Once I moved in I was surprised and pleased to see Ellen had done the same and was staying only four doors down from me. We saw each other all the time and I regularly had dinner at her house and she at mine. I had several girlfriends during this time but Ellen stayed celibate. I even began to wonder if the rumours about her sexuality were true. However as I never saw any girls at her house either I came to the conclusion she was just busy at work and wasn't very interested in sex.

I enjoyed my work and soon began to make a name for myself. At 25 years old I was seen as an up and coming young architect in the firm. One day my boss came in to my office to see me.

"Allan, I have some news for you which you may or may not be interested in," he said. "The firm is thinking of opening up a new office in Canada, and we are looking for a couple of young architects to go over there to help get it started. Your name has come up and the M.D wants to know if you are interested. Now I don't want to lose you so I hope you saw no, but it could be a good opportunity for you. Have a think about it and let me know."

I sat there a bit taken aback. I had never really ventured too far from home, and Canada was a huge step. However career wise it might be a good move so I had to take the offer seriously. I had no girlfriend at the time so there was nothing really to keep me here.

I discussed the offer with my parent, who were supportive and said though they would miss me terribly they understood if I felt it was the right thing to do. Ellen had been such a good friend to me in the past that I wanted her opinion as well. That night I went round to her flat. We dropped in on each other all the time so this was not unusual. I rang the bell and in a second Ellen opened the door, revealing her familiar face.

I had to look down on her, as she is quite a short girl with shoulder length brunette hair, which she always wore up on top of her head. She also always wore her small half-rimless glasses with no makeup. However her face was still pretty in a "girl next door" way, especially when she smiled, like she did when she saw me standing there.

"Hi Allan," she said cheerily, "Come in I am just getting dinner, want some?"

"Thanks," I replied and followed her indoors, casually running my eyes up and down her body.

Ellen wore her normal sensible attire of smart, well cut trousers and thick high-necked jumper. I hadn't seen her in a skirt since our school days and she never wore low cut or tight tops, even though as far as I could see she was certainly not lacking in the chest department. Perhaps she was just too shy to make the most of her physical assets. Though she was perhaps a few pounds heavier than a woman should be according to the woman's magazines she was certainly not fat, and her backside looked pretty good even in her sombre trousers. None of this really registered with me however. This was just Ellen, my friend who I had known all my life, not really a "girl" at all, at least not in that sort of way.

We sat down to dinner (Ellen makes a great pasta), and made small talk about her work at the uni. Eventually she asked me about my work and I brought up the subject of Canada.

"Actually Ellen I was wanting to ask your opinion," I said. "I am leaning towards going, as it would be good for my career, but I would also be sad to leave here. What do you think?"

Ellen just sat there with a funny look on her face. Her face fell and I though of a split second she was going to cry. Then the look was gone and she smiled bravely.

"I think that would be a good move for your career," she said quietly. "We would all be sorry to see you go though. Life would be very strange without you, seeing how long we have known each other."

"I would miss you as well Ellen," I replied quizzically, surprised by her response. I had expected her to be more enthusiastic considering how much she had helped me get where I was career wise. "I haven't decided yet anyway so it might not even happen. I still have a lot of thinking to do."

I stayed another hour or so but the conversation was a bit strained, and that had never been the case with us before, we were always relaxed and easy in each other's company. I went home a bit surprised by Ellen's response, but not thinking too much more about it.

The next day I saw her as I was leaving for work, and she seemed back to her old self, if perhaps a little more edgy than usual.

"Hi Allan, sorry I was a bit distant last night," She said with a nervous little laugh. "Your news about Canada took me a bit by surprise. Why don't you come over again tonight and we can have a drink and discuss it again."

"Sure," I replied. "See you then."

That night after work I went round at about 8 O'clock. As usual Ellen was dressed in her normal sombre clothes, but again her manner seemed different to usual. She seemed nervous and edgy, and I had never seen her like that before. Even before our university exams when the rest of us were bouncing off the walls she had been serenely calm. Not now though, she looked like someone about to take the biggest exam of her life.

"Are you OK Ellen?" I asked, concerned about my friend. "You seem a little worried."

"No," She replied a bit too quickly. "I am fine, would you like a drink of wine?"

"Sure," I replied as she filled my glass.

The wine was pretty good and after a while I began to feel more relaxed. Ellen still seemed nervous for some reason it didn't bother me too much. Then I began to feel more and more tired.

"I think I had better get home Ellen," I said sleepily. "I feel really tired for some reason."

I tried to get up but my legs would barely support me. Surely I hadn't drunk that much wine! Ellen jumped up to support me.

"I don't think you are in any fit state to make it home," She said. "You had better stay here."

Through the fast descending haze she led me to the bedroom and over to the bed. I fell down on to the bed and immediately lost consciousness.

After an hour or so I gradually began to surface. As my head cleared I managed to open my eyes and realised I was still in Ellen's room, though it was too dark to see clearly. I tried to move but for some reason I couldn't move my arms or legs. After several minutes I shook myself out of my stupor and looked around to see what had happened. I almost died of shock when I looked down to see my body, naked apart from my boxer shorts, spread eagle on the bed with both my hands and feel zip tied tightly to the corners of the bed. I could barely move an inch!

I just lay there for several more minutes unable to comprehend what had happened. Was this a dream? I shook my head to try and wake up but nothing happened. This was no dream.

"Ellen," I said weakly. "Help please, are you there." There was no answer so I shouted louder. I heard someone moving outside and slowly the door opened. I saw a figure move slowly in, but it was too dark to see who it was. I caught a whiff of perfume, which surprised me, as I had never known Ellen to use any.

"Ellen, is that you?" I said, wide awake now and a little angry and embarrassed by the situation. "What it this about?"

The figure said nothing, but moved over to the light and slowly turned up the dimmer switch. I looked on in awe as the light increased revealing my captor. It was indeed Ellen, but this not my studious childhood best friend, this was someone completely different.

For the first time in years I saw her with her hair hanging down round her shoulders. She had obviously just been to the hairdressers as the cut was perfect with not a hair out of place. Her glasses had been discarded, instead her face was perfectly made up with just the correct amount of eye make up and lipstick. Her eyes, normally hidden behind her glasses were large and deep brown with big dilated pupils in the dim light. She looked very nervous, even scared, but determined all the same.

As my eyes travelled down her body I had even more of a shock. Instead of her normal trousers she wore a short and very tight black mini skirt with high heels on her feet. I had not seen her legs for years and though there were not particularly long I was staggered how shapely they were now they were revealed in all their glory. I was even more amazed as my eyes moved up. Instead of her usual jumper she wore a tight short sleeved Lycra T-shirt which stopped just above her belly button to reveal a lovely belly, not flat but nicely plump and curved. The top of the T-shirt was very low cut and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the huge expanse of cleavage on display. I had though Ellen may have had a decent sized rack hiding under her unflattering clothes, but this went beyond all expectations. Basically her tits were huge and bulged out provocatively from her skimpy top. As a confirmed "tit man" I couldn't help but openly gaze at her chest.

Ellen could see the look of desire on my face and the fear in her eyes was replaced with confidence.

"Do you like what you see Allan, I can see you do" she whispered softly, her tone playful and provocative, nothing like the Ellen I knew at all.

"I had my hair done and put on make up and these clothes especially for you. You are the first person to see me like this. I am so glad you like it. Why don't I give you a better look."

She slowly strolled over to the bed and turned round as she did giving me a look at her all the way round. Her backside looked heavenly in the tight skirt and the absence of a visible panty line revealed she was either wearing a thong or no panties at all! She came right over to me and bent over the bed, giving me a close up view of the tops of her tits, which were so voluptuous I could have drowned in them. I felt the first familiar stirrings in my loins as I gazed at that heavenly chest. For a moment I couldn't speak. I was not sure which shocked me more, the whole situation I was in or the fact that I was becoming sexually aroused by it. This was my best friend for goodness sake!

"Ha Ha Ellen, very good," I laughed nervously. "Good joke, now can you please untie me and let me up."

"Oh no not yet," she replied. "You see, I have been dreaming about having you in this position for a long, long time. I never had the nerve to do anything about it before. I was too afraid it would affect our friendship. However if you are flying off to Canada soon I have to do something about it now. Just relax and enjoy it."

"Ellen please," I gasped, panic creeping into my voice. I was caught totally off guard by this and completely at her mercy. "How did you get me like this, did you drug me?" I could scarcely believe my mild mannered friend was capable of that.

"Yes, it was the only was I could think of to get you where I wanted you. After all you are so big and strong and I am just a little girl. Or perhaps not so little."

With an evil smile she reached up and cupped her overflowing bosom with both hands pressing up so even more of her luscious boob meat overflowed from the tight confines of her T-shirt. I couldn't help myself and gazed at her gorgeous tits, wanting to bury my face deep into them.

"Oh you really like these don't you," she laughed, massaging her boobs gently. "How would you like a closer look?"

With that she reached down and unzipped her skirt, stepping out of it before quickly peeling the tight T-shirt off her bulging chest. Now she stood naked in front of me apart from a very brief black thong and equally skimpy black push up bra. The bra looked several sizes too small for her, and the skimpy lace cups barely covered her areolae. The sight really blew me away and all I could do was lie there with my mouth open in amazement. Ellen had a truly beautiful body, why had I never seen this before? She was not the tallest girl and carried a bit of excess weight, but for some reason this made her even more attractive to me. My own body was betraying me now and the faint stirring in my loins were now turning into something much more serious. I felt the head of my cock start to swell and move upwards inside my tight boxers, if I was not careful I would have a full erection soon and I had no idea how Ellen would respond to that.

"Do you like my underwear Allan?" she said sweetly. "I asked the girl in Ann Summers to give me a bra that would make my boobs look as big as possible and this is what I got. To be honest I think it is a bit small for me and it isn't too comfortable but it certainly looks good. It took me weeks to build up the courage to go in and buy it but the look on your face makes all that worthwhile."

"But.. but.." I stammered. "This is nothing like you Ellen, you never wear sexy clothes. What has come over you?"

For a second Ellen seemed to lose her hard fought sexual confidence, and the demure Ellen of old returned.

"I have never had a lot of confidence in myself as a woman," she whispered. "In my academic life I have always been in control, but as far as relationships goes I have never really had much courage. I guess it comes from being teased at school. I was the fat ugly girl with the braces and specs, and the class swat who always knew the answers. When I got older and my chest began to grow I dreaded gym time as the other girls used to make fun of me, calling me a cow with my big udders. I started wearing a minimiser bra when I was 12 years old and always wore thick jumpers to hide my chest as much as possible. I threw myself into my academic work to try and get away from my feelings of physical self-loathing and ended up where I am now. I am 25 years old and never even kissed a boy, much less had sex."

Despite my own precarious situation as I heard this I felt so sorry for her. She was my best friend and this was a side of her I had never even seen before. I felt guilty about the way I had treated her in the past, going off with the lads and my previous girlfriends, leaving her to study alone in the library. However Ellen wasn't finished with her story.

"My lack of confidence didn't stop me having urges though. My sex drive has always been high and I have had to satisfy it all these years with toys and videos. I felt so self conscious going into sex shops to buy my toys and videos, but the release they gave me helped to maintain my outward appearance as a sexless academic which is the only way I feel comfortable interacting with other people. Everyone apart from you, that is. I have fancied you for as long as I can remember and always wanted to do something about it, but I was so scared it would affect our friendship if you weren't interested. I deluded myself that eventually we would get together, but now you are going to Canada and I might never see you again. I had to get up the courage to do something."

"Well drugging me, stripping me naked and tying me down is certainly something," I laughed nervously. "I had no idea you felt that way Ellen, let me up and we can talk about it."

For a second I thought she would relent, but once again I saw an unfamiliar naughty look on her face and I knew I was not going to get away that easily.

"I want to play a little game with you first Allan. If you play well I will let you up and you can leave if you want, but if you lose the game then I just might keep you here all night to do what I like with you."

Ellen climbed on to the bed and straddled me so that her panty-covered crotch was just inches from the rapidly enlarging bulge in my boxers. She bent over so her glorious tits were now almost touching my chest. Her cleavage seemed to go on forever and if my hands were free I don't think I could have resisted touching those marvellous mammeries. Ellen could see my obvious arousal and seemed to enjoy it.

"The rules of the game are this," she said. "For the next half hour I am going to tease you and try to arouse you sexually to the point of orgasm. I have split the game into three rounds. Every 10 minutes I will give you a 30-second break before I start doing something different to you. Now a short, fat, inexperienced girl like me shouldn't be that much of a turn on for you, considering how experienced you are and how gorgeous some of your past girlfriends have been. You should be able to last thirty minutes no problem. If you are a good boy have not came in that time I will let you go. However if you are a bad boy and mess up my bed or me with your cum then you obviously have self control problems and will need to stay here until you learn to control yourself better. OK."

"Ellen, you don't have to do this. We can talk about it like adults," I pleaded with her. Considering how aroused I was already I doubted I could last thirty minutes, even though my staying power was normally very good. I hadn't slept with a girl for several months, and had been feeling a bit sexually frustrated anyway, this was the last thing I needed.

Ellen just laughed. She lowered herself till her bra was touching my chest and slowly slid down by body. As her panties rubbed across my boxers on the way down my cock began swelling massively as more and more blood coursed into that area. She paused for a moment, and rubbed her thinly covered pussy against the front of my now obscenely swollen boxers.

"You are hard already," she laughed. "Now that really isn't a good start is it. Your cock does feel nice though. I can't wait for a closer look."

She slid all the way down so her face was now level with my groin. She reached over to her bedside drawer and brought out a bottle of baby oil. She saw the look of horror on my face and laughed again.

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