How My Dad Became My Daddy


"Beg me." He said.

"Please fuck me daddy, please fuck me... Fuck me hard! I need it daddy, I need it so BAD!"

He stuck his two middle fingers in my mouth and commanded me to suck. "Get them nice and juicy." He said. He took his fingers out and cupped his hand in front of my mouth. "Spit." He said. I spit in his hand and he reached down spread the spit up my ass-crack. He held his hand up to my mouth again. "More." He said. He put this batch right onto my anus and pressed the tip of his middle finger into me. I spread my legs wide and tried to relax as he pushed his finger in deeper. "You're so tight." He said. "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes daddy. I've been saving myself for you."

He leaned over and gave me a hot kiss as he slipped another finger in me and started finger banging my ass, deep and rough. I threw my arms around him and screamed with pleasure as he continued to pound my asshole.

I put my head on his hairy chest and pulled my knee up to give him full access to my cherry bud. He had me cradled like a baby and I gently ran my fingers over his cock which was throbbing between us. I couldn't imagine that something so big could ever fit inside me. He pulled his fingers out of me and commanded me to suck it. "Get it nice and wet for poppa."

I crouched in front of him and greedily slurped his cock into my mouth. It was like solid steel and I could taste the salty precum that was dribbling out of the bulbous head. I could feel it straining in my mouth and hands as I jacked and sucked and licked my daddy's tool. I felt as if I were having a terrifying dream that I never wanted to end.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft, lingering at the cleft under the head of his cock. I was gently cradling his balls and they felt so good in my hand that I decided to get down there and take them into my mouth. Dad loved it and let out a loud groan. He sat back, giving me full access to his furry, thick ball sack which I was coating with my saliva. My tongue probed down the underside of his scrotum and flirted with his taint. He leaned back further, an invitation I readily accepted.

My tongue found his anus and I could feel it contracting and relaxing. I licked all the way around it before plunging directly in and slurping and lapping at his asshole like a doggy. "Ahh, yeah." He said. "Clean your daddy's ass baby, lick it up good." He reached down and spread himself, giving me fuller access. I rammed my tongue in deeper, burying my face between his cheeks. If he had shit right then, I wouldn't have cared in the least. That's how devoted I was to my daddy at that moment.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up, planting his wet lips on my mouth. I threw my arms around him. "You're the best daddy in the world!" I said. He just laughed and told me to get on my hands and knees.

"You've had this coming for a long time now." He said. He squirted some of the sunscreen onto his cock and spread some up my crack. I shook my ass for him and looked back over my shoulder. He laughed and slapped my ass hard, and then I felt the tip of his cock pressing into me. He was going painfully slow, so I pushed back and felt his cock head enter. The only thing I'd ever had up my ass was the handle of one of my mom's hairbrushes, and this was much, much bigger. I tried to relax but his cock head felt as big as a fist.

I didn't think I could do anymore, but he kept pressing. I whimpered and then let out a scream and he stopped. I took a couple of deep breaths, wondering how people could do this, but then the onslaught continued. The pain got worse as he pushed his way up inside me. Finally I felt his pubes against my ass and I realized he was in me to the hilt.

As he slowly began to pull out I could feel every inch of his hard, thick, curved cock, and I felt a wave of electric energy. I knew that I wanted to feel it back where it was, back to the gorgeous hilt. He pulled about halfway out and then started pushing back in, too slow for me, so I slammed my ass back and squealed with delight as his balls slapped me. Now he started fucking me for real, pumping me, plowing me, and slapping my ass as he did.

"Oh daddy yes!" I shouted. "MORE DADDY! HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER DADDY! Oh I need it I need it so bad! Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, FUCK ME DADDY!"

He pulled his cock out to the head and then impaled me on it, and then did it again and again. I was blubbering and screaming with joy as he porked my ass. Finally he pulled out and told me to turn over. "I'm going to fuck you like a bitch now. Like a little bitch in heat."

I pulled my knees up to spread my butthole for daddy. "Yes daddy, yes!" I said as his cock probed into me. "I'm your little bitch in heat. Fuck me. Make me your little slut." His rock hard tool was all the way up inside me and he leaned forward and kissed me hard. He pulled my legs up further, rolling me into a fuck-ball of quivering pleasure. He began pounding me mercilessly, as he French-kissed my panting mouth.

"You're daddy's little cum-slut now." He whispered in my ear.

"Yes yes yes!" I said. His cock suddenly jumped and throbbed and I felt the hot spasms of cum filling up my guts. I wanted more and more and more and more, and he kept pumping it into me. He reached down and took my cock in his hands and I sprayed cum all over both of our bellies and chests. "Oh daddy I'm in heaven." I said.

"I know baby, I am too." He pulled his cock out of my cum-filled asshole and lay down next to me. I was breathing heavy but I felt lighter than air, as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I started to giggle and soon it turned into a laughing fit. My daddy started laughing too. Our little tent in the wilderness was rocking with laughter that night, and it was the first of many happy, joyous nights with my beautiful daddy.


-Oh by the way, turns out my mom and dad are getting a divorce. Guess who I'll be staying with? Sometimes life is just too sweet.

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Really Hot Until Rape Mentioned

I know everyone has to deal with their issues in their own way, but I was raped and the word is not really a toy. I toyed with the idea before reality came along and kicked things into perspective, somore...

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