tagIncest/TabooHow My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 04

How My Daddy Made Me...Ch. 04


The next day was Friday, and I spent most of it in a daze. I was getting so that my pussy was in a permanent state of excitement. My brain was constantly filled with the fancy I’d developed for Allie’s wet pussy, fantasy images of Bobby’s dick spurting where I could enjoy it, and the anticipation of learning more from Miss Julie’s Sexkitten column.

After school Allie had her new copy of the school gazette, and she squeezed my hand as I read it on the way home in the back of Dad’s car.

All right, ladies. It’s time to discuss cum. You know, that hot wet sticky stuff that he loves to shoot into you. The thing to remember about cum is that buried somewhere deep in his subconscious brain, a man believes that his sperm is valuable. It is, after all, his claim to immortality. That’s why he’s having sex with you in the first place. If he wasn’t trying to perpetuate himself, he could just whack off on the floor, and boys wouldn’t need girls at all! So in order to fill this need, satisfy your guy, and have him worship you forever, you have to show him that his cum is something precious. That it’s something you just have to have inside you no matter what.

Here’s your trick for this week. If he splashes his cum on you, wipe it up with your fingers and then lick them off. If he cums in you, scoop some up from your dripping pussy and then lick it off your hand. Always smile while you do it and make yummy noises as if you’ve never tasted anything better. That goes for blowjobs, too - never spit - always swallow! Tell him that you love the taste so much that you just have to have it. And don’t fake it - enjoy the sensation of that hot sticky fluid, enjoy the taste, and enjoy the look on your boy’s face while you eat it up. This is absolutely guaranteed to drive him crazy. Remember, the best Sexkittens are also cumsluts!

Whoa! Frankly, I felt like I was almost a cumslut already. I’d become hooked on my precious Allie’s musky taste so quickly that I could hardly believe it. Since we started reading Miss Julie’s column and fooling around my mind couldn’t seem to focus on anything but sex. What would happen to me if became addicted to Bobby’s cum the same way as Allie’s? On the other hand, it sure was a lot of fun, and as much as I loved Allie, the thought of having some hot cum shoot into my pussy was starting to intrude on my thoughts ever more frequently. Besides, she’d been fucked already. It was about my turn, wasn’t it? Maybe tonight.

Dad broke my reverie when he said, “So, what are you two up to this weekend?”

“Well,” I answered, “Bobby’s taking me to dinner and a movie tonight, and Allie and I are going to go shopping for homecoming dresses tomorrow, and then tomorrow night’s the homecoming dance.”

“Wait a minute. Did I hear you say that the two of you are going shopping? Natalie and Allie? Loose in the mall? Two teenage girls shopping?! Giggling and hanging out at the mall? God help those poor salespeople. This is going to hurt my wallet, I can just feel it.”

“Yes it is,” I said. “But you’re going to let me get whatever I want because you love me so.”

“I suppose that’s true,” he said, laughing. “I’m assuming that you’re going to homecoming with Bobby?”

“Yepper,” I said.

“What about you, Allie?”

“Mark’s gonna take me,” she said. “All the boys I know in school are such idiots, and I wasn’t gonna go, so he volunteered.”

“That was nice of him,” Dad said.

“Oh, I’m sure he has some ulterior motive,” Allie said with a giggle for Dad and a conspiratorial wink for me.

When we dropped Allie off, she told me to give her a call later, and I knew that it was because she wanted a report of my night with Bobby.

I decided that if I was going to go further with Bobby tonight that I should maybe dress a little slutty for the occasion. But I didn’t want Daddy to think there was anything going on, so I figured I’d better tone it down until I left. I put on a mid length skirt, a blouse and sweater, pantyhose and low sandals. Very business-girl like. I told Mom and Dad goodbye, and that I was going to wait on the corner for Bobby. Dad was a little miffed because he believed that a girl’s date should always call at the door, but I pleaded that we’d miss the movie if we tried to change plans now. He didn’t like it, but he knew Bobby well enough to let it go, and I left the house.

On the way to the corner I ducked behind our neighbor’s hedge. It was pretty thick and I knew that you couldn’t see into his yard from the street. Fortunately he was gone for the week and I didn’t have to worry about being seen from the house either.

I opened my blouse and quickly took off my bra. I was struck with the thought that I was getting undressed outside a lot all of a sudden. I kind of giggled to myself as I rebuttoned my blouse. I noticed my erect nipples poking obviously through the fabric. Good for Bobby, bad for Daddy. Then I kicked off my sandals and removed my panties and the pantyhose. I took off the plain mid length skirt which revealed a much shorter skirt I used sometimes as a cover over my swimsuit. I stuffed the underwear, skirt and hose in my bag and went to the corner to wait for Bobby. Now I really felt like a tart. Bare legs, no bra, no panties, standing on the street corner hoping for some action. It was luscious.

Bobby came and picked me up as we had planned. If he’d been a dog he would’ve started drooling when he saw me. My nipples were in obvious need of attention, and I’m sure that he knew that he was in for some action tonight. Gentleman that he was, though, he didn’t say anything. He even got out of the car and came around and opened the door for me.

We went to dinner at a Fazoli’s Italian restaurant. This is a chain place just a step above fast food. We talked about school, and the football team and stuff like that while we ate our spaghetti. Bobby made a few lewd remarks, but I mostly ignored them.

I had made him sit across from me, so that his wandering hands couldn’t actually reach anything. I still hadn’t quite decided if I wanted to go all the way tonight, and I felt safer with a little distance between us. My needy pussy influenced my actions, though, and I did kick off my shoe and run my bare foot up and down his legs under the table. It was fun, because every time I did it, I could watch his whole body jerk.

At the movie, I snuggled as close to him as I could and let him wrap his arm around me. His hand fell on my breast, and after he realized that I wasn’t going to stop him this time, he began kneading and tweaking my stiff nipple through the thin fabric of my blouse. Once the movie started and the lights went down we started necking. His kisses were kind of rough and demanding. They were nothing like Allie’s, but they had pretty much the same effect on my body. Lines of energy ran from my lips and breast straight down to my naked pussy. I finally had to lift my ass for a moment and push my skirt up a little so that my cum wouldn’t soak into my skirt. My bare ass rested on the vinyl, and I think that maybe I left a small puddle of cum on the seat.

I let him stroke my breast all he wanted, but every time he tried to put his hand on my bare leg I slapped it away. As the movie played unwatched on the screen before us, I reached down a few times to give his dick a good long stroke or two. He pushed it against my hand, straining for more, but I always pulled away. I wanted him good and excited for the plan I had come up with. I figured that a whole movie’s worth of imminent orgasm would have him ready to shoot when I wanted him to. But I wanted to see it shoot off this time, and a dark movie theatre wasn’t the right place for what that.

The whole movie we never stopped kissing, and Bobby never stopped caressing my breast. I tell you, my nipple had never received 90 minutes of attention before, and it was sore by the time the credits ran, but it was a delicious kind of sore.

When we left the theatre, Bobby suggested that we go and park somewhere. I could tell that he figured that tonight was the night, and he thought he was going to go all the way tonight, or at least get another handjob. He was disappointed and confused when I insisted that he drive me home. I told him that my dad was expecting me back right after the movie ended, and that was the truth. Of course, I figured that I had a little leeway there, but I didn’t tell that to Bobby. In spite of his poor erect dick which was seriously in need of some attention, he drove me home and he didn’t push me for more. I told you, he’s a pretty good guy.

I had Bobby pull in front of my house to let me out. I knew that I couldn’t stay parked there forever - Mom and Dad would probably be looking out the window for me to get home any minute now. But it gave me a measure of security knowing that I couldn’t take all night to get what I wanted.

I reached over and turned off the key. Bobby know that this meant that we were going to fool around, and I felt him kind of relax as I leaned over and kissed him. His dick was going to get some attention after all. He was still pretty surprised when I scooted my skirt up and took his hand and placed it on my dripping pussy.

“Ooooh, baby,” he said, starting to get into it.

I spread my legs as much as I could while he rubbed between them. I think he was surprised at how wet it was down there. His hand was immediately drenched in warm pussy juice. Bobby didn’t have anywhere near the experience at rubbing pussies that Allie or I had, and so his ministrations were a little rough and out of place. But they still had the effect of making me wetter and starting to drive me towards a good cum.

As we kissed, I reached around him and caught the lever that dropped the driver’s seat to a reclining position. Bobby, bless his heart, tried to keep his slippery grip on my wet slit while he fell backward. I pushed the switch and made the seat go back as far as it could, and then I slid the steering wheel up and as far out of the way as it would go.

I got up, lifted my skirt out of the way and straddled him, my bare ass against the steering wheel and my naked pussy inches from a real dick. His eyes glazed over as he got his first look at a real live bare pussy. I held my skirt up in my hands so that he could get a good look. He probably didn’t know a really excited pussy from an unexcited one, and at that moment he probably didn’t care. But I knew. My lips were puffy and swollen, and little droplets of my girl cum were interwoven in the blond pussy hair. After a minute, I reached down with one hand and rubbed my swollen little clit with my fingers. I kind of hoped that he was paying attention so that he could see how to do me, but I think he was too excited for that much thought.

I had carefully not touched his dick yet, because what I had decided was that I really wanted to see it go off, and I didn’t want him cumming in his pants like before. But I think that he was so mesmerized that he would have just laid there forever gazing at my warm pink lips and not doing anything if I didn’t take the lead. I reached down and ran my finger slowly down the length of his shaft, and I baby-whispered, “Take it out for me.”

Bobby hesitated only a moment, and he unbuckled his belt, raised his ass (and me!) and pushed his jeans and underwear down far enough to set it free. I looked down between my creamy thighs and my wet pussy and gazed at my first naked dick. I was glad that I had decided not to go all the way that night. What could I have been thinking? How could a girl ever do that? It was so big! I couldn’t even imagine pushing something that huge into my pussy. The top was all engorged and shiny with cum, and it looked stretched and red and angry even in the faint streetlight. Even in my inexperience, I could tell that he was ready to blow.

I gently reached down and as both of us watched, I smeared the cum from the head around my palm. Then I took his shaft in my hand and I began to stroke it up and down. Allie was right. The skin on the outside was kind of loose, but through it you could feel this hard shaft inside. It was hot, and as I watched, the tip started to drool a steady stream of clear pre-cum. I let it pool over my hand and massaged it into his shaft.

It didn’t take long. I mean, he had been so excited for like a couple of hours and he had a naked pussy to gape at for the first time. I’m sure it was just as though some kind of wet dream had come true for him. Suddenly he jerked and thrust his dick hard against my hand. He caught and held his breath and a couple of seconds later it started.

The cum shot out of the tip of that huge dick as I watched. I jerked my head back in surprise as the first spurt almost hit me in the nose. I felt a smile break out on my face in amazement and wonder as I kept stroking. That hot shot of cum splashed onto the back of my hand just as a second one pumped out. I was amazed at how far it shot out, at how hot it was and how it splashed just everywhere. There was cum on my hand, on Bobby’s dick, on his pants, on my skirt and even on my pussy! The next spurt was a little less, but now his cum had spilled all over, and his white hot sperm was filling all the spaces between my hand and his dick. Bobby thrust his hot tool against my hand with every spasm of his cumming and every spurt from his cock. I kept massaging it, his cum eliminating most of the friction from my hand. After 10 or 12 good spurts his spasming grew slower and finally stopped.

Bobby started gasping for air, and then he reached down to stop my hand, which was still stroking away. “Can’t take,” he gasped, “anymore.” I looked down at the cum all over my hand. I had gotten what I wanted - I had seen my guy cum. It was way cooler than I thought it would be. To think that I had this kind of power over a boy was awesome! Then I remembered what Miss Julie had said about treating cum like it was valuable. It wasn’t much of a stretch - somehow I really did want that stuff inside of me. I looked Bobby in the eye as I raised the back of my hand to my lips and stuck my tongue out and slowly licked the cum off. It was delicious and salty, and seemed somehow to fill a need within me. I just had to smile as I did it. I realized as I tasted my first guy cum that I really, truly, loved that warm musky flavor. It wasn’t anything like tasting Allie, but the taste was kind of familiar from her ‘present’ for me. The look on Bobby’s face was beyond ecstatic. It was as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing and had suddenly fallen right in love with me.

I wanted more. I wanted all I could get. I took my fingers and scraped the cum up from wherever I could find it. I wiped it from his belly and his softening dick. I found some on the armrest and a big dollop on my skirt. There was a little bit right on my clit drooling slowly down towards my gaping slit. Each drop I found I transferred to my mouth with my slender fingers and greedily swallowed. I couldn’t get enough! I was actually disappointed when I couldn’t find any more cum to drink.

Suddenly remembering where I was and my running clock, I leaned forward and gave Bobby a big wet kiss. In that position I felt his semi-hard dick nestle between the lips of my pussy, and I paused to give him some pussy grinding as I kissed him.

Finally I stopped and got back over into the passenger seat and took my longer skirt out my bag and shimmied it on. I couldn’t seem to wipe the grin from my face. Bobby put his chair up and refastened his jeans and belt. By the time he was done with that, I had the door opened and was getting out. I leaned back in and gave him a really sexy “Goodnight, lover.” I smiled at him and closed the car door. I just know he was dreaming of tomorrow night and maybe getting really lucky. I kind of wiggled my ass for him as I walked up the sidewalk to my house. I idly wondered if I could keep him happy just eating his cum until prom. This was only homecoming, and I thought that prom was the traditional “lose your virginity” night.

I said hi to Mom and Dad and gave them a recap of our date. They didn’t notice my missing and rearranged underwear. I told them about the dinner and the movie (what I could remember!), and then went to my room. Needless to say the first thing I did was call Allie and tell her all about it while jacking off furiously. I mean, I may have splashed sperm all over me and everything else, but I hadn’t gotten to cum yet. As I did it, I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have that big dick sliding in my pussy and shooting hot cum inside me.

After we were done gasping and cumming Allie said, “Now, I’m jealous.”

“Well, it’s just your turn,” I answered. “You were the first one to get laid and I was jealous, so now you get to be jealous because I got to eat cum.”

“Yeah, I guess,” she said. “I don’t suppose that you saved any for me?” she asked, giggling.

“Right,” I answered giggling. “Like I can hold cum in my mouth ‘til I get to see you again.”

“But that’s not fair!” she said laughing and wishful at the same time.

“Too bad,” I said. “Maybe next time.”

We made our arrangements for our shopping trip the next day, and I fell asleep dreaming of a hot cum-slippery cock sliding into me.

Next: The girls get ready for the dance, and Natalie comes across Daddy’s secret………..

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