tagIncest/TabooHow My Daughter Put Me In Check

How My Daughter Put Me In Check


This is my second story; I'd like to thank everyone who sent me their responses to my first piece of erotic writing. I'd also like to thank Rozezwild and CopyCarver for their editing assitance

Looking back I don't quite remember when she started losing respect in me and in the rules that we held over the house. I remember bringing her home from the hospital; she was tiny and perfect and my heart swelled with love for her. I remember her first day of school, how excited she was and how nervous I was. I actually stood outside her door all day after calling in sick to work. I remember the day her mother died after a long battle with cancer, how she told me to move on with my life and to take good care of our little girl.

It had to be that day that it all began. She just graduated from high school three weeks ago, and although most of her anger left her the summer after her mother was gone and buried I felt like some of it still lingered. I had done everything I could and on the outside she put up this picture of everything being perfect. It was when everyone was gone that it all came forth.

Mind you, I didn't spoil her. On the contrary I grew up with a "spare the rod, spoil the child" mentality. There were days when Avery went to bed in tears and I had to hang my head in shame wondering if this is how my wife would have wanted her raised.

Not long after she received her diploma, she started acting out more. I let it lax because after all, the parties and events around her graduation would only happen once.

That was, however, until a few nights ago. After having dinner I went to my room with a massive head ache. I tried to sleep but that only worked for a few hours. I woke up to read, hoping it would put me back into a deep slumber until either the morning or until the pounding ceased. It was pounding I woke up to, only this pounding wasn't in my head.

It was coming from Avery's room. Along with the pounding were her moans and the voice of some random guy saying, "Oh yeah, baby, work it, give me all you got!"

First I turned red with embarrassment, and then it gave way to anger. I shot up out of bed, threw back my covers, and stormed to her door. All her days of ignoring my rules and disrespecting me had come to a head. Something in me snapped as I opened her door and flicked on the light.

"What the HELL are you doing in my house, boy?" I yelled with such ferocity.

Avery's boyfriend stopped mid-thrust and tried to pull on his pants "I uh...Oh shit baby, I gotta go!" he said to her Avery tried to cover herself with her sheets. "Stay right there and don't move a muscle! You and I have a lot to discuss," I said to her. Her boyfriend was trying to make a break for the door and I grabbed him by his shirt collar and threw him against her wall. Holding him there by his throat, I leaned in and hissed in his ear "If I ever catch you NEAR my house or my daughter again, it will be the last thing you do! I swear to God I will kill you and bury you where no one will find you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir," he said as I released him and let him run out into the night.

Avery was crying on her bed, still using her sheet to cover herself. "Get your ass over here, little girl!" I spat out at her as fast as I could, the anger still pouring out of me." First you break my rule of having no boys in the house, and then you take it one further and have him in your room over night! Add on to that, you're not even married and you're having sex in MY house!"

Avery shot a look of death towards me "You're just jealous that I'm getting laid and your not!" she spat right back at me.

I had enough of her mouth and smacked her good and hard square across the lips. My hand was stinging but I knew what had to be done. I grabbed Avery by her wrist and, as I sat down on the edge of her bed, I put her over my lap. "One way or another you're going to learn to respect me, you spoiled rotten bitch" I said through gritted teeth. I went to her closet, grabbed one of her belts and folded it over.

The leather of the belt hit her ass fiercely and fast! "This is for disobeying the rules of the house," I said as I brought the belt down harder on her rear. "This is for not showing me any respect!" Then I heard it: she moaned! I was beating my daughter's ass and she was enjoying it! I kept spanking her as hard as I could. Then I noticed she had raised her ass and she had slightly parted her legs. My nose suddenly picked up on the smell of her arousal and I noticed her belt was wet from where I was beating her. My cock started to twitch and so I pushed her to the ground as I tried to clear my mind. I only came in here to punish her for breaking the rules and somehow wandered into a perversion I couldn't grasp. I found myself torn.

"So you like being punished, do you?" I asked her. Avery nodded her head while biting her lip. There were tears in the corner of her eyes. Avery was soon on her knees, her head in my lap, crying. I began to stroke her hair apologetically, but then noticed her hands were on my thighs, moving back and forth. I felt the heat from her mouth through my pajama bottoms. This was wrong on so many levels!

"Avery, we can't do this darling; it's wrong." She looked up at me with the largest doe eyes I'd ever seen. It was as if her innocence had returned, but only in theory. She kept running her hands along the insides of my thighs up to my groin; her palm gently passed over my nut sack and I was getting even harder. Baseball, Margaret Thatcher, cooking... I kept trying to think of anything non-sexual to help me get out of there, but it wasn't working!

"Daddy, we can do anything you want to do," she said as she pulled my cock out of its confines. Her mouth was on me faster then I could blink. Part of me wanted to get up and leave, but the other part wanted to enjoy the confines of her beautiful orifice completely. It was then I decided to do it to relinquish all my power to her.

Her delicate hands, that I once couldn't imagine even getting dirty, caressed my balls as her tongue wound circles over the head of my rod. She removed a hand from my sack and started to jerk me off as her mouth worked my tip. Then, without warning it all stopped and she deep-throated me! Oh my God, it was the most wonderful feeling I could have imagined! I was in shock and awe! She didn't gag once on my 8-inch piece of meat! I felt my nuts tighten and she knew I was going to cum. She pulled me out of her mouth and started to jack me off again. "Avery I'm going to cum all over you!" I exclaimed then I felt the contractions from my dick and watched as my spunk hit my daughter in the face! She acted as if it was a shower, the best shower she had ever experienced. She opened her mouth and greedily waited for some of the jizz to greet her tongue. When it did, she swallowed and then licked her lips, her eyes ever set on me.

"Daddy, I want you! I want to feel you inside me! Please fuck me like the nasty little slut I am!" she pleaded to me. I could only oblige her after the wonderful blowjob she gave me.

I looked at her twat; she was wet and plump. The smell coming off of her was so intoxicating. I placed my hands on her luscious boobs and began to knead them. Avery then took one of my hands and guided it to her mound, "Here, Daddy!" she pleaded as she placed my hand on her swollen clit. I placed my index and middle fingers inside her warm hole and began to finger her. "Bang me hard!" she ordered "In and out as fast as you can, don't relent!"

So I did what she instructed. I pulled my fingers out to her very opening and rammed them in as fast as I could and kept at it. Her nipples became so erect, and I took one in my mouth as I finger banged my whore of a daughter. She then came on my hand. Avery didn't cum like any woman I'd ever met, she squirted! Her cum was on my wrist, on the sheets, and the crack of her ass. Hmm that would make some excellent lube I thought to myself.

My prick was fully hard again and I rolled Avery over onto her stomach I was going to take her ass first. Suddenly as if she knew where I was going, she stopped me. "Wait, Daddy. Under my bed is a box, pull it out." I did as she instructed without hesitation. She opened the box and there inside was a huge treasure trove of toys. She was 18 years old and had a better toy collection then any woman I'd ever met! She pulled two things out of the box. One was some flavored lube, and the other I'm not sure what it was....it looked like some weird dildo that was made of jelly, and it had a cord with a battery pack.

"If you're going to take my ass," she said as she licked her lips, "then I want you to have something in your bum as well." She picked up the lube and began to put it on my ass as well as her own, and then on the toy. I quickly discovered what it was for. She pushed that rod into my ass and at first I was taken aback, then I realized how much I liked it. A smile spread to my face as I realized I had somehow gotten even harder. I put the lube on my cock and began to push it into her starfish.

Her ass was tight and warm as I thrust into her. Avery reached a hand down and began to play with her clit, and then she reached further back and grabbed the cord. She flicked a switch and I felt the object in my ass begin to vibrate! It felt amazing, so much so that I felt the need to return the good favor. I fucked her ass so hard she moaned in delight, her orbs bouncing as I impaled her over and over again. "You like that, don't you? You're a dirty little slut who likes to be fucked in the ass!" I said to her.

"Oh yeeeeeessssss Daddy!" she screamed back at me as she began to cum again. Feeling her pussy contract through her ass was so amazing that I couldn't help but fill her ass with my joy juice. As I came, she pulled the toy out of my ass which made my orgasm more intense. She turned off the vibrator and then pushed me so I was stomach- up on her bed.

She reached into her box and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs. Oh my she really is a kinky twat! I thought to myself as I allowed her to cuff me to her bed. She pulled out a blindfold and put it over my eyes and I heard a lighter get sparked.

"You see Daddy; I like a lot of things. That jerk you ran off wasn't the first boy I've screwed. Hell he doesn't even please me. It's been you I've imagined with each boy I've been with since I started having sex." My dick was getting hard again. "I've been preparing my cunt for your staff," she said, "and now you're going to fuck me the way I want you to."

I felt her folds grace the knob of my prick and then she impaled herself on me. Avery leaned forward and put her hands on my wrists "My Daddy!" she whispered in my ear, "your dick feels as good in my box as it did in my ass." She began a slow grind into my pelvis, first moving left and then right, like a washing machine. "Avery, honey," I said my mouth dry with lust. "Please don't stop, I'm begging you!"

"I'm not going to stop, Daddy, but I'm not going to let you pop your cork fast this time either" She was fucking me so slowly, and then she sped up! Avery kept a hand on my nuts the whole time, and every time she felt them tense she pulled down, which quickly stopped my orgasm. I could have kept filling anything she wanted all night long, but she obviously wanted something different.

Her hands reached up and she pulled off my blindfold. "I want you to watch me cum for you, Daddy" she moaned.

Her hole was contracting over and over again on my cock and she was still moving left to right, up and down. It was too much for me to bear. She kept her eyes open the whole time she was having her orgasm. They burned into me like a fire...then I saw it, a candle burning bright on her night stand. She picked it up, right at the peak of her orgasm, and let the wax fall onto her perfect breasts. For some reason she came even harder!

"Oh Yes DADDY!" she screamed. I lifted my hips into her and began to meet her motions. She arched her back and I hit her honey pot in the right spot again, and she came even harder. She pushed down and I bucked my hips right up to meet hers. She had removed her hands from my nuts and I could feel them tense. "Fill me up, Daddy, cum in your slut!" she screamed as she came. I could only obey; she had me wrapped around her little finger.

I exploded into my daughter's unprotected twat harder then I had the two previous times before, and she loved it. She pulled herself off of me and then began to lick our juices off of my pole. I was shocked to find I was still hard. "Take these damn things off of me Avery!" I ordered.

"No, Daddy" she retorted "I'm going to keep fucking you 'til I've had enough of your dick."

She turned her back to me, placed me inside her once again and began to ride me backwards. There on her lower back were the words "DADDY'S GIRL" It got me so much harder then before. "You like that don't you Daddy?" she asked. "I had that done especially for you so that every time you fucked me after tonight you would remember my pussy belongs to you."

She came again and I found the strength to break the handcuffs free from her bed. I pushed her to her knees and began to ram my cock deep in her hole. "Take it all, slut" I said to her.

"Oh yes, Daddy! I am your slut. Fuck me like the tramp I've been, fuck me hard for each rule I've broken"

"This is for letting that limp dick in your twat," I said, thrusting into her hard. "This is for sneaking boys into your bed to practice." This time I brought one hand to her waist to guide her in harder as I brought the other down to meet her ass cheek. I slapped her hard and felt the sting on my hand. She loved the pain so much she came again for me. "I'm going to keep filling you up with my jizz, Avery, until you realize what a BAD girl you've been!" I grunted as I thrust into her twat. Avery hung her head and screamed as she came hard. I was fucking her so hard I felt her cervix open around my purple head.

I kept slamming into her, my nuts hitting her pussy and ass. I couldn't believe how long I was lasting! "Daddy," she pleaded, "please tell me when I can cum again for you! PLEASE!"

I knew she was on the verge of a huge orgasm, but I couldn't relent. "No, you cannot cum for me, you dirty little whore. Take every thing I give to you and then some! You can only cum when I do!" She was fighting the urge as hard as she could and she was not only moaning, she was screaming! She was not just my daughter anymore; she was my goddess! "Ok Baby!" I said, "Daddy's going to fill your pussy up again. Are you ready to cum with me?"

"Oh YES, DADDY!" she yelled back in ecstasy. I unleashed my last load into her and felt her milking my cock with each ripple of her orgasm.

We lay down next to each other and she draped her legs over mine. "I love you, Daddy" she said sleepily.

"I love you too, angel." I said to her as I stroked her beautiful brown hair.

Avery decided to live at home and go to a community college. We have sex every night and have tried just about every toy in her chest. I love her more then I loved her mother.

To this day I still remember the night she made me realize why she was acting out: she only wanted my love and attention.

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