tagFirst TimeHow My Virginity Should've Been Lost

How My Virginity Should've Been Lost


The best suite in the hotel; Le Chateau des Ange; a big beautiful room in pale peach, pink and cream lit by hundreds of candles, rose petals everywhere, and a balcony with open French doors with a big orange moon peeking through to see Collin pressing me up against a wall making out like teenagers who haven't fucked yet. Our hand roaming all over each other with a hungry urgency and then he reaches down and grabs my ass and picks me up like I weigh nothing. I wrap my legs around his waist and except for a nervous excited giggle we haven't stopped kissing, he gently puts me on the four-post bed and shrugs out of the rest of his clothes which pretty much fall off any way because the pressure of our bodies rubbing together is no longer holding his pants up.

He climbs onto the bed and pushes the skirt of my negligee up past my waist and teases my naughty bits with the side of his finger while he smiles and watches me squirm for a moment. Then he moves up higher and we are kissing again, this time slower, pretending to be calm, all the while he's unhooking the back of my corset and continuously pressing his amazingly hard rod against my pussy, it'd be called dry humping except my panties are soaked through. Then he tells me to raise butt and slides the whole negligee past my knees and before I have chance to lower my ass he starts peeling my panties off with his teeth. Now we're both completely naked. He starts going down on me thoroughly; tonguing my clit while his fingers slide in and out of my cunny.

After a while of showing me what heaven is like he decides to give into my pleas to have him inside me. There was concern in his eyes, and I bit my lip, getting ready for the pain. For the longest moment I can remember he rubbed his stalk against my yoni, teasing me, and he started to gently enter me when my hips bucked to meet him. He was deep inside. I blinked, where was the pain? There was warmth. The feeling between my legs and the look on Collin's face made me feel more complete then I'd ever felt. I was grounded and floaty, I felt us like never before. I smiled and a tiny tear rolled out. Collin wiped the tear and kissed me. It wasn't like before, it was a love kiss. He started off slow and deep, and gradually picks up the pace, and went harder. Every once and while I look down to see the sight of his beautiful cock thrusting in and out of me. Through out the entire session of love making is scattered a few choice phrases; a few I love you's, he tells me I'm beautiful and I tell him how I love having his hard cock inside of me and that I love being his little slut, and a lot of wows and oh my fucking gods. We cuddle for a little bit and as I drift off I felt Collin's kisses on my forehead, then my eyelids, my cheek and then a soft but passionate kiss on the lips.

I'm woken up a little bit later by the smell of strawberries, as my eyes flutter open he slowly drags the strawberry across my lips and I flick with it my tongue. He lets me eat the strawberry and as I sit up he presses a glass of champagne into my hand, as I sip I notice him smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary and I look past him, to the bathroom, lit up in candles with a good 6 inches of bubbles clearing the top of the tub, which is incidentally about the size of VW bug.

We walk over and get in the tub. We splash a little, and cuddle a little. The plate of strawberries disappears almost as fast as the bottle of champagne. Before the bubbles thin out too much I decide to play a game. I let my finger tips drift up the inside of his thigh and down the other and back up and then wrap my fingers around him and stroke him with an almost painful slowness. We make eye contact and he starts to blush, as he attempts to collect himself he stands up. Collin looked like a god; wet skin reflecting the candle light and that amazing member jutting out almost daring me to suck on it. So I did. I sucked his cock with giddy abandon. Sucking him is getting me hotter and I reach down to rub myself, absentmindedly my breasts at first and then I saw the way he was looking at me in between gasps I slowly and deliberately slid my hand down between my legs. His pole feels so hard in my mouth and so smooth on my tongue. I love it. I hit a nerve and moaned the vibrations went all the way through him. His breathing sped up and so I did, I also got a little rougher with my tongue. When he cums I swallow every drop, surprised by how good it tastes. He's still hard.

The water is starting to cool so we get out of the tub we start to towel each other off and he props me against the sink. Out know where I feel thrust inside, all the way inside me. My legs wrap around him again, he fucks me a little more with each step he takes toward the bed. He leans my back on the bed, unhitches my legs and slides them into the crooks of his elbows. Collin starts to fuck me gloriously hard. He tells me to touch my breasts so I do, palming my puffy nipples until they are hyper-sensitive. He tells me to talk. I tell him how good it feels. He asks me if I'm his little slut I moan in the affirmative. He asks me if he can fuck me when ever he wants, I bite my lip to keep from screaming and nod my head. He tells me to tell that I love him, and the words fall out of my mouth as an especially deep thrust sends a happy shiver up my spine. He then tells to tell him how much I love him fucking me, I start rambling and moaning, telling him he's a fucking god. He's pulls out right before he comes and I grab his cock and finish him off as I watch his cum spill on to my tummy and on my breasts. We clean up a bit and fall asleep in each others arms.

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