tagLoving WivesHow My Wife Became a Shared Wife

How My Wife Became a Shared Wife


My wife Paula and I have been married for 20 years. Our story beings right after the last child left the nest and Paula just turned 45. This was the second marriage for both of us.

We met when we were in our late 30s and have been happily married ever since. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world to land Paula.

To describe her I would say she closely resembles a dark-haired Megyn Price from Rules of Engagement. She is 5"6", 155 lbs, with natural 36DD breasts and an ass that would rival any 18 year old's.

Paula is so sexy and does not even know it. I remember not long after we were married we hosted a pool party at our place and she wore what she considered a modest two piece bikini, but it definitely got the attention of all our male friends.

They were constantly asking us to host pool parties after that party. I share this so you can see Paula was very desirable to other men, but was completely faithful to me no matter how many of my friends came on to her.

Flash forward a few years. I had some friends offer to help me with a deck project I was working on. It was really hot and the guys had been working really hard. Paula came out with a pitcher of fresh lemonade for us. It was the weekend and Paula, as usual, dressed in a tight t-shirt without a bra and shorts.

As I said earlier, I do not believe she is aware of the effect her body has on guys, especially dressed the way she was. I was so proud of my wife and the attention she was getting from my buddies.

After she went back in the house, Bill, one of my best friends said, "Man, Dave, Paula looks super hot today. I would give my left nut just to be with her if you ever thought about sharing her."

We all laughed, and I said, "Although that might turn me on, I am not sure Paula would go for it, especially with you, Bill."

Again, we all laughed. What I did not know was that Paula was in the kitchen with the window open and heard our entire conversation.

Later that evening as we ate dinner I could see something was troubling Paula. I asked her what was on her mind and she dismissed it as nothing.

As she cleared the table and took the dishes to the kitchen I went into the family room and turned on a ballgame. After she finished the dishes, she snuggled up next to me on the couch.

During a commercial she told me that she overheard the guys talking about her. Paula asked me, "Were you serious about considering sharing me with another man?"

I said, "Those guys are knuckleheads and were just teasing."

She pressed me as to why I would say it would turn me on to share her.

I told her, "I am the luckiest man in the world to be your husband and you are all I would ever desire. But, it might be hot to see how one of my buddies would react to the chance to be with you if you were willing."

I assured her however, that we would never do anything she did not want to do. She smiled up at me and kissed me, but I could see a look in her eyes that made me wonder what was going on in that pretty head of hers.

A few months later as we lay in bed after some fantastic sex, Paula was cuddled up with me. She asked me, "Do you have a favorite fantasy that you would like to play out if given the chance?"

I told her I did but I wanted to hear hers first.

She became very nervous and asked me, "Can I be completely honest, without you getting mad?"

I assured her she could be totally honest.

Paula took a deep breath and nervously shared with me,"I have been thinking about what I had overheard during the deck project and what you had shared with me later that evening."

My conservative wife then blew me away when she said, "Well my fantasy was to do another guy as you watched."

She then looked up at me to check my response. I just laughed, which made her mad as she thought I was making fun of her.

I calmed her down when I explained, "That is the hottest fantasy I could imagine and I would love for us to play that out some time."

Paula looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Are you really serious? I do not want to do anything to make you upset or jealous or cause any problems in our marriage."

I assured her that would not happen, but who would we ask and how would he respond to me being there watching?

Paula quickly told me, "It cannot be one of our friends as that might too embarrassing later."

Then I asked Paula to tell me what brought up this fantasy of sharing her with another guy.

She shared with me, "Mary, one of the girls who works with me, told me that she and her husband had invited another man to have sex with her while her husband watched from a closet and she said it was totally wild."

Paula asked Mary if she was not afraid of future complications and her friend told her that they had selected a married man who had a vasectomy to be a part of their fantasy to help ensure he was disease free, and that he would also be discreet.

Paula told me she asked Mary if she really thought the other guy could be trusted to be discreet.

Her friend told her, "It is a guy who works here with us." Then she asked Paula if she had heard anything?

Paula told her no, and her friend told her that was exactly her point. The mystery man was discreet.

But Paula could not contain her curiosity and pressed Mary to tell her who it was.

Her friend laughed, "Why do you want to know so badly, Paula?" Her friend finally confided that the married guy was Rick and he was very well endowed which made their fun together very memorable.

Paula was not surprised. Rick is about ten years younger than Paula. He is cocky and always hitting on her telling her what a hot body she has, how he would die a happy man if he could give her an experience she would never forget if she would ever give him the chance.

Paula told me she had always dismissed Rick by telling him he was a dope and to quit teasing her. But now, if we were seriously considering living out this mutual wife sharing fantasy, she thought Rick might be just the guy for this.

Paula said, "While I am very satisfied with your cock, I think it might be interesting to experience a guy who is bigger."

I asked just how big Rick was?

She told me from what Mary had told her he was somewhere between eight and nine inches long and very thick.

Paula asked me, "Would it make you feel threatened or jealous if I fucked a guy with a bigger cock?"

I just smiled and said, "It would only make this fantasy hotter." Now we had the guy, but how did we make this plan come about?

I suggested that Paula start to wear sexier tops to work and make a point to innocently be around Rick a little more and let nature take its course during the next week. She did, and it did not take long for Rick to take the bait.

Paula told me that by Wednesday he got her away from everyone else one afternoon and whispered in her ear, "You know if you keep showing your tits off to me like this I might not be able to control myself."

Paula shocked him when she responded, "And just what would you like to do, Rick?" She told me that for the first time cocky Rick was speechless.

When he gathered himself he said, "If you are serious I would love to see your boobs".

Paula smiled and told him to meet her in the supply room in five minutes. Luckily no one was in there and she and Rick found a seclude spot where she pulled up her top.

Rick was in shock to see she was bra-less and her natural 36 DDs were on display in all their glory. He told her, "You have the most beautiful tits I have ever seen."

Paula then closed the deal by asking if he wanted to see all her charms?

Rick said wouldn't that be dangerous there in the supply room, to which she told him. "Not here at work, but if you want a full show, come by my house this Saturday morning at nine as my husband will be out golfing."

Rick asked how far things might go and she told him as far as he wanted to take it as she was tired of putting him off and wanted to see if he had as much "game" as he implied.

Rick quickly agreed and it was a go.

Paula called me a few minutes later when she got back to her office and told me, "Rick is all excited to finally get to fuck me!"

I told her I was sure he was, but how did she feel about it?

She told me, "My panties are wet and I could actually see a large bulge in his pants as we talked about our Saturday rendezvous." After we got home from work Paula was all aglow from what was to happen in just a few days, but she was concerned that I be able to see what was going on between here and Rick.

She told me, "I really want to put on a good show for you, honey. I want you to be able to see how good Rick's big cock looks in me."

However, she was sure that Rick would not let me just sit there and watch so she asked where I would hide to be able to see everything.

I told her that I planned to go to the local electronics store and purchase some nice camera and microphone equipment that could be hidden from view in our bedroom, but would give me excellent viewing opportunities on a computer in our basement. So our plan was in place.

Paula came home mad a few days before her date with Rick. She told me, "Rick almost blew it as he kept coming up behind me and even put his hands all over my tits telling me how well he planned to fuck me Saturday morning."

She said, "I told him I was looking forward to being totally his on Saturday too, but to not be so obvious there at work which seemed to keep him in check."

We were going at each other in bed each night that week as I would tease her asking, "How much of Rick's bigger cock do you think you will be able to take?" This just made her cum more wildly.

On Friday night I was looking forward to a wild night when Paula told me that she was hands off until after Rick fucked her all Saturday morning. This just drove me wild which my loving wife enjoyed.

She said, "It really makes me hot knowing that you are willing let me enjoy another man and I plan to drive you crazy watching me totally submit to Rick's desires." I went to bed with a raging hard on that night.

The next morning Paula woke up early to prepare for her guest. I was up checking on the connections to the cameras and microphones I had installed while Paula took a bath and shaved both her legs and pussy. She told me that she was not prepared to shave her pussy bald but did want to trim everything down to a nice landing strip which she did.

She used scented bath oil that made her legs feel exceptional smooth. When Paula came out of the bathroom I asked, "What do you plan to wear to greet Rick?" and she giggled, "not much."

She told me to go into the living room and let her finish preparing and then she wanted my opinion. I could not wait to see what she would have on. Soon she walked out of bedroom in a long terrycloth robe and told me to close my eyes.

I heard the words Ta Da and then I opened my eyes. She literally took my breath away. She was completely nude with the exception of a black lacy garter belt, sheer black hose, and a black pair of stiletto heels.

Her makeup was immaculate and her shoulder length black hair seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. At 45 years old she looked like a true sex goddess.

Now I was jealous that I was not going to have her first as I had another raging erection. Paula smiled and said in her sexiest voice, "Think he will want me?"

I smiled and told her, "If he doesn't he must be dead."

She told me that she would meet him at the front door in the robe in case anyone drove by as we live out on a country road. Paula told me to go to the basement as her lover would be there soon.

I went downstairs and turned everything on as Paula did a visual and sound check from different spots on our bed. Here was my loving wife who had never been unfaithful to me sitting nervously on our bed ready to be taken by another man.

The doorbell rang, she stood up, looked toward one of the cameras and said, "Here goes, I hope you enjoy my show, honey." I could hear the front door open and Rick come in our home.

Paula said he asked if everything was good to go, and she told him yes and hoped he was as she led him to our bed for her first different cock since we had married.

The cameras and mics worked like a charm. I could see her drop the robe and I could tell Rick was in another world.

He kept telling Paula,"You are even more beautiful than I ever imagined." She shyly thanked him. He told her it was now time from him to disrobe.

I could see the excitement in Paula's eyes. When he was down to his underwear he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply as he cupped his hands around her firm ass cheeks.

When he broke away he was smiling from ear to ear. Rick then told my excited wife, "I plan to fuck you like there is no tomorrow." He then completely took over my wife as he gave her ass a nice swat surprising Paula.

He told her to kneel down in front of him and peel his underwear away. She was completely taken in by him now and was his to use. I am not even sure she remembered I was watching her.

As his cock came into view she exclaimed, "Oh my god...it is so big" which made Rick's ego swell.

He then asked her, "Am I bigger than what you are use to?" and she just nodded as she stared at it. It was obvious his cock was bigger than mine but I think that just fueled the desire in all three of us.

She nervously began to kiss, caress, and suck his tool. Rick told Paula, "I just knew you would be a good cocksucker, Paula", and began to slowly push his cock into her hungry mouth. Paula was doing her best to completely swallow his dick as she moaned.

Rick told her, "Get it really wet as I want to fuck those big tits that I have lusted after for so long." Soon he moved her up on our bed, straddled her chest, and ordered her to encase his cock between her big breasts.

I was going nuts watching my loving wife become the star of our very own live home porn show.

Rick kept moaning,"Your big tits feel amazing around my cock. My wife's are too small to do this."

He told Paula he was about to cum and asked, "Do you want me to cum on your beautiful tits, your gorgeous face, or in your hungry mouth?"

By now, Paula was wild with desire and told him she wanted to taste him so he quickly stood up and brought her to the edge of the bed and put his cock back in her mouth and exploded. She moaned and told him, "Oh god, Rick your cum is delicious!" Paula loves to suck cock and always insists on swallowing.

Rick told her that was the best blowjob he had ever received and now it was his turn to taste her. So he laid her back on our bed with her ass cheeks right at the edge of the bed and began to tease her clit with his tongue. He told her, "I love how your cunt tastes."

Then he began to insert his tongue deeper and faster into my now very excited wife. Man, she was really putting on a show for me as she writhed around on our bed and I knew she was cumming.

Rick was driving her wild sliding multiple fingers into her as well, and commented, "You really want this I can tell; your cunt is soaking me."

He tried to slip a finger into her ass and Paula froze up. She told him, "I don't do anal and if you want things to continue you will stop that right now!" It was the only time in their morning romp that she told him no.

Rick evidently wanted to continue so he stopped, but I could see he had plans to fuck my horny wife in the ass and was a bit disappointed.

At this point Rick told Paula his cock was ready to go again. She now returned to her submissive style and asked her lover, "How do you want to fuck me for the first time?"

He told her, "I have always imagined fucking you doggie style so I could watch your big tits sway as I slammed my cock in and out of you."

Paula started to remove her stilettos and Rick stopped her. He told her he wanted to hold onto her heels as he took her.

Paula just smiled and said, "Whatever you want lover, just fuck me."

Once she was on her hands and knees, looking right in the direction of one of my cameras, Rick entered her for the first time. The look on Paula's face was priceless. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an O shape as her younger lover slid his big cock into her for the first time.

Rick picked up the pace fucking my hot wife faster and faster with the biggest smile on his face. He almost sounded like he was bragging to Paula as he said, "I can tell you have not had someone my size before as you are so tight." My loving wife could only nod as her lover began to drill her.

As Rick continued to pound my horny wife, Paula looked back over her shoulder at him and said, "If I had known it would be this good, Rick, I would have let you fuck me a long time ago."

This drove Rick crazy as he released her heels and grabbed my wife by the hips and really started to hammer her pussy.

By now Paula was moaning, "Yes, yes, yes....don't stop!" She told him how good he felt in her and how she did not want this feeling to end.

Rick was in heaven now. He was fucking the older woman he had desired for so long and she was begging him to keep going.

Rick gave Paula's ass cheeks a couple of slaps as he continued to pound her to let her know he was in control of her, and he must have been as Paula usually did not let me spank her shapely ass.

This went on for the next couple of hours, with both of them cumming numerous times. Rick fucked Paula in a wide variety of positions and seemed to really enjoy it when she rode him where her big boobs fell in his face.

He had a hard time deciding if he should play with her ample tits or grab her nice round hips as she ground her cunt down on his big cock.

I do believe Paula's favorite position was when Rick had her on her back with her ankles crossed on his shoulder and he cupped her ass cheeks as he drilled her until he came for the last time. I have to admit I had to let my cock out for some serious stroking and had cum a few times myself during this incredible show.

About 11:30 Paula looked over at the clock and told Rick, "We had better clean up as Dave will be home soon."

Rick asked her if they could shower together to which she giggled and said, "why not?" I knew I should have installed a camera in the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later they both came out of the bathroom smiling and Rick told Paula, "That was the most incredible sex I have ever had", and asked her if she would want to make this a regular thing.

She told him she would think about it if she could count on him to keep his mouth shut and not let anyone at work know they had been intimate.

Paula admitted to him, "I have never been fucked like that before and it might take me a few days to recuperate", and they both laughed.

I watched as she started to grab her robe and Rick told her to just walk him to the door naked. I was surprised, but she did.

Paula told me that when they got to the front door he insisted she kiss him with the door standing wide open. She said it turned her on to feel the cool breeze on her body as she kissed her lover goodbye and told him she would see him at work on Monday.

Paula closed the front door and came to the basement door and yelled downstairs, "Are you ready to come upstairs?"

I practically ran up the stairs and took my beautiful naked wife in my arms and kissed her as deeply as I ever had. Paula pulled away and said, "You must have really enjoyed that!"

I assured her I had and that I was ready to take her back to bed and have my turn.

Paula said that while she wanted to give me all she had given Rick she was a bit sore and wanted to rest for a bit, but that I better be ready for her "afternoon round Two."

I am married to the most amazing woman, and will be writing about our further adventures soon which includes her being taken by one of her son's best friends.

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by Anonymous06/22/18

Let's just call a slut a slut

And leave it at that. How many diseases did she pickup? Why would he touch her with a ten foot pole when she shows him by her actions that she has no love or respect for him? And I can't think of anythingmore...

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by col_lover04/10/18

Wife Sharing, not

I gave it 5 but it should have been 4. In the beginning the wife overhears hubby say he would like to share, and he did not get his wish, their should be a follow up where the hubby does get to fuck hermore...

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