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How My Wife Changed...


How My Wife Changed Into A Slut In Just Five Minutes!

This story could be described as being unbelievable! The very fact that it happened at all is quite amazing. My name is Ron Chalmers and I am 32 years old. I have been married to my wife for 6 years and up till this event I loved her dearly! Cherrie and I were sweethearts from way back! We knew one another when we were in school and have kept in close contact ever since. We dated when she was only 18 and I was 22 and have never dated anyone else - neither of us! We just seemed to be made for each other and have been in love all this time - well, up until just recently. Cherrie was a very shy girl, not extremely attractive but nice and homely! She didn't have the best figure in the world and wasn't the prettiest girl around but for some reason I loved her!

Although she was 18 when we first dated she was a virgin and hadn't been out with boys much at all. She came from a very strong religious background - Baptist - and her parents were very strict with her. She could go to church functions and meetings with the boys who attended the church but not out on dates. Of course, I belonged to her church also so that was the reason her parents thought I would be alright for their daughter.

The dating of Cherrie was quite an ordeal. I had to present myself before her father for a grilling about my background and ideals before he would even consider allowing her to go out with me. I must have passed because he allowed us to go to the pictures one night on the condition that I have her home immediately after the pictures finished. He even rang the theater to find out what time the film finished and we had just travelling time to get her home! There was no way Cherrie would ever disobey her parents but I did talk her into being the first couple out of the theater when the film was still running with the credits and we rushed to my car which was parked nearby. We managed to get in half a dozen kisses before we had to drive home but those quick but passionate kisses were the start of our relationship.

We courted for a long time always under the threats of horrible things from her father until we announced we would like to become engaged. We had agreed to wait until we were married before we had sex and we both were happy about that. Anyway we became engaged and then married and at last we were able to break free from her parents. Cherrie was true to her word - we didn't have sex until after we were married, in fact, a while after we were married! After the ceremony and the party afterwards we headed off to a motel room for the beginning of our honeymoon hoping to go on a touring holiday for two weeks around some lovely beach resorts.

We arrived at the motel and everything that day had gone extremely well. The marriage ceremony was wonderful, the party afterwards was a huge success and here we were at the motel and together and completely alone for the first time. By that I mean before this no matter that they weren't physically present, her parents were always hanging over us!

Cherrie was very shy in fact she had always been very shy but tonight she seemed to be more so! I told her we were in love, married and now able to do the thing we had always wanted - make love! She agreed she was being silly and so we undressed in front of each other for the first time, embarrassed but nevertheless excited. To cut a long and sad story short, once we were in bed and I had her so aroused she was shaking with anticipation, I attempted to enter her! Here we struck a problem. Every virgin has a hymen which has to be broken and apparently it hurts but can be broken fairly easily but in Cherrie's case, it was almost impossible to break and she was in tears as I tried to force my way inside her. After much trying we just gave up, rolled over and held I her naked body against mine and drifted off to sleep. It was also very hard for me because I had a case of blue balls and badly wanted relief but I was determined to wait until we could make proper love together.

The problem apparently was that Cherrie had a very thick hymen and after the fifth day (and night) of trying without success we finally agreed to consult a doctor at the next city we came to. This doctor was very sympathetic and arranged for a surgeon friend to give Cherrie a local anaesthetic and then broke her hymen surgically! He told us it would be painful for a few days but to be very gentle with each other and the pain would soon go.

Anyway sex after that was wonderful and we have made love with each other in some way or another almost every day we have been married! Neither of us has been with another person so we are completely faithful to each other but totally inexperienced in sexual matters except those which we learned from books and each other!

The upsetting event which I am writing about happened three weeks ago. Cherrie and I have a great number of friends. These friends range from the quiet church-going people to the rowdy party animals and we love all of our friends. We were aware of the carryings on with some of our friends and had heard all sorts of rumors about them. We had heard they participated in wild sex parties but had never been to any of these events and didn't know for sure if what was said about them was true.

We had been invited to a party at one of our good friend's home on a Saturday night and managed to leave the two children with my mother until the next afternoon. This gave us more freedom to stay out a little later than usual because we usually had to return home to relieve the baby-sitter.

When we arrived at the party we found there were six couples all together plus us and these were all of our friends. We knew everyone and enjoyed their company. Neither Cherrie or myself are drinkers so, although we love to have a couple of drinks each, we don't drink very much. The party was in full swing and everyone was enjoying themselves. Four of the women guests were dressed in rather revealing party dresses which, at times, showed a lot of flesh. I must say I can get rather excited looking at female flesh particularly when I am as close to it as I was that night. Several times I managed to look down a neckline and look at very smart looking breasts - breasts which were not hindered by bras. Also a couple of times I saw rather widening areas of flesh around the midriff when someone would lean over a bit too far. Of course it was also very nice to be able to look up some of the dresses when the women carelessly crossed their legs. None of the women were wearing stockings and I love bare legs.

Anyway, Cherrie was dressed as usual. Always very neat and tidy and quite smart but she had on a reasonably long skirt and a thick jumper which totally hid all of her charms. Cherrie's breasts are not very big and after two children as well as myself had been sucking on them they were not in the very best shape but I loved them just the same. Cherrie always wore a bra and panties where ever she went and also she loved stockings or pantyhose as well - she said this made her feel comfortable when she was dressed like that! Cherrie was also rather a prude about some things like; she didn't like to shave her legs unless we were going to the beach in summer. Also she almost never shaved under her arms although there were occasions when she had done so if a dress didn't have sleeves on it. Also she never shaved her pubic bush saying it was how God wanted her to be so she wouldn't change anything by shaving her body!

Cherrie was extremely well liked by all of our friends and they always went out of their way to include us in everything they did. We were very happy and comfortable with our friends.

Back to the party. I was about 11pm when we would have normally been leaving when all of the women were sitting in a group talking while the men had gathered at the other end of the room talking about sporting interests. We overhead the women raising their voices and I realized they were teasing Cherrie for some reason. Anyway I pointed this out to the other men and we drifted down to be with the ladies.

What I heard really surprised me. I heard one of our friends say to Cherrie, "Well, if you have never had another man, how do you know you wouldn't like to have one?" Cherrie blushed and said, "One man, my man is enough for me!" The women persisted and kept on telling Cherrie how much they had enjoyed being fucked by another man other than their husbands! The language was crude but we were used to that although we didn't use foul language ourselves. The women kept on at Cherrie telling her she was missing out on the fun of life and should try other men.

One of the men near me said, "Cherrie, if you want to try another man, I would only be too pleased to be the one to fuck you - that is something I have always wanted to do!" Another man chipped in with, "Cherrie, I want you tonight - please let me fuck you!" And the others joined in with similar remarks. We were used to some of this carryon from past parties but this seemed to be going too far. Cherrie was sitting there just blushing and not saying a word. I felt I should say something but just couldn't think what I could say which wouldn't sound stupid!

The hostess of the party then leaned over to Cherrie and touched her arm and said quietly, "Cherrie, I am sure you understand what everyone is saying to you. We all want you to have a chance to experience another man. I am sure any of the men would be able to show you how wonderful it is with another man and all of us women would be very happy to allow our husbands to make love to you and show you. We can arrange it for you right here tonight! Cherrie, will you try one of the other men tonight?" In a quiet, almost submissive voice, Cherrie said simply, "O.K. it sounds like a good idea. Where will we do it?" I almost fell over. I had never wanted my wife to fuck anyone else and it was a subject we never discussed at home.

The hostess took charge and said, "Cherrie you are amongst friends here and we would all like to help you enjoy another man. We can do it right here in the lounge room and we can all help you. Which man would you want to be the one who shows you how much nicer it is to share your body with another man?" Cherrie didn't hesitate for more than a second or two before she said, "Well, if it is a good idea to have another man, I guess I had better choose the man with the biggest equipment! Who would that be Cathy?" Cathy, the hostess, replied "I think you had better make that decision although I have experienced all of the men here tonight, except your husband, and I have loved them all."

With that said, Cathy said to all the men. "Right, every man drop his pants and show Cherrie who had the best equipment and let her choose. Every man, except you Ron, can take down your pants but we will allow you 1 minute to get your equipment into its longest state before Cherrie chooses! In the meantime we will get Cherrie ready for the action!" I just couldn't believe what I was hearing - my darling Cherrie had agreed to be fucked by one of my friends and was totally unconcerned about my feelings!

The men all dropped their pants and began stroking their cocks to make them hard. While this was going on, the women were undressing Cherrie. First they sat her down on the lounge and removed her shoes. Next they pulled her jumper over her head and she sat there just wearing her bra above her waist. The women were excited removing Cherrie's clothes and when her unshaven underarms were revealed they began touching the hair under her arms and complimenting her on leaving it unshaven. Someone undid the catch on her skirt and then stood her up while the pulled the skirt down to her ankles. She stepped away from the skirt and now she was wearing just her bra, white panties and pantyhose. Next they removed her pantyhose rolling them gently down her legs and revealing she hadn't shaved her legs. This was also a topic of excitement as they stroked her legs and played with the fine blond hair. Now she was only in her bra and panties. The bra was next and as soon as one of the women undid it, it dropped from her breasts to reveal her slightly sagging but still attractive breasts with their thick, nubby nipples! Cherrie isn't particularly hairy but she has a few stray long hairs around her nipples and although I find them exciting I guess other women would have removed them.

Clad only in her panties, which were to immediately follow the rest of her clothes, Cherrie stood in the center of the room looking very excited in anticipation of what was to happen next. The women pulled down her panties exposing her thick, darkish pubic hair. Cherrie is a blond but her pubic hair is quite dark compared with the hair on her head. Now she was standing there totally naked and appeared not to be embarrassed at all. She hadn't looked over at me the whole time she was being undressed but now she glanced over at me and smiled, mouthing silently "I love you!"

Cathy then called all the men over to stand in front of Cherrie. The sight of their erect cocks jutting out from their body must have been terribly exciting to Cherrie because she hadn't seen any cocks other than mine before. The women thought it was a huge joke and stood behind their husbands and reached around grasping their cocks and waved them at Cherrie suggesting each should be the one she should choose!

I was horrified by all this disregard for my feelings and also Cherrie but I was beginning to believe that Cherrie was really enjoying herself and there didn't seem to be much I could do about it. I knew if I tried to make Cherrie stop now the men and women would gang up on me and I might be thrown out of the house.

Making a bit of a show, Cherrie walked past each of the hard cocks but then returned to the middle and declared, "If I am to try out a new man then I guess it would be best for me to try out the longest! I will therefore choose the longest!" With that said, it was obvious Steve, one of my best friends, had the longest cock being about 8 1/2" long and quite thick! His wife pushed him forward and he put his arms around Cherrie and kissed her passionately! The rest of our friends gathered around them and, although they made room for me to see, they made sure I wouldn't be able to interfere with whatever went on!

I realized, with horror, I was about to see my wonderful, faithful wife fucked not only in front of me, but in front of our other friends. I was appalled that she would stoop to this. Perhaps if she had wanted to do this in private with just only me watching I might have understood - not that I would have been happy about it - but to do this in front of the others was beyond belief!

Steve led Cherrie over to the wide lounge in the center of the room, laid her down gently on her back then knelt down alongside her and began kissing her again! She had her arms around his neck holding him tight to her as they were kissing. Next his hand began caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples and every now and again she would pull her mouth away from his and let out a great sigh showing she was enjoying the foreplay. Next his hand began snaking down over her belly until it came to her navel. He ran his fingers around her lovely belly button before he slowly inched his hand into her wild hairy bush. As soon as he began stroking her bush she spread her legs as his hand went lower in her bush until it was resting on her cunt! She spread her legs even wider to allow him access as he thrust first one and then two fingers into her cunt! With his thumb he began stroking her clitoris and she was trembling with excitement before she let out a scream and came with a giant orgasm! She continued to kiss him and then I saw her hand snake down and grab hold of his very hard, long and thick cock! She stroked his cock then motioned for him to stand up in front of him and without hesitation she pulled his cock to her mouth which she opened wide and took it into her mouth! She wouldn't suck my cock except on very rare occasions and even then she didn't like doing it!

After sucking on his cock for about a minute we could all see he was getting close to cumming so he pulled out of her mouth. She looked disappointed but rolled back on the lounge, spread her legs widely and held her arms up to welcome him to her body. As he moved between her legs she grabbed his cock again and guided it into her cunt! I never in my wildest dreams expected Cherrie to fuck another man but here she was - doing it in front of me!

Steve entered her gently at first but she locked her legs around his behind and pulled him into her! Now he was embedded as far as he could go in her cunt! The expression on her face told me she was experiencing surprise at his longer length as he bottomed out in her cunt. He began to fuck her in earnest now and she was responding better to him than I had ever seen her act towards me! They fucked hard for several minutes but it was obvious he couldn't last much longer and, with a yell, he shot his load of cum deep into her cunt! Cherrie came too at the same time and her scream will last in my memory for ever!

After a while, with her consent, he slowly rose off her body and pulled his half hard cock out of her cunt! To see Cherrie lying there with her legs still wide apart and her cunt lips red and inflamed with passion and wet lines of moisture, probably some of his cum, running down between her legs hurt me terribly!

When Steve had managed to stand up he moved back to his wife Peta who hugged and kissed him as if he had won a medal or something! Cherrie still laid there with her legs wide apart breathing heavily from the excitement. Then she said the fateful words, "Well, I really enjoyed that! That was my first experience apart from Ron and it was super! Now, is there anyone else who might like to fuck me while I am in the mood?" I couldn't believe Cherrie would say that but she did and to actually say "fuck" was beyond my imagination.

There was no shortage of volunteers now as they lined up to fuck Cherrie! All of this was with the blessing of their wives who were encouraging them to fuck her! Anyway in the end all of the men fucked her! Three of them, after fucking her, placed their cocks in her mouth and she gladly sucked them as hard as she could until they, too, shot their loads of cum into her mouth. She swallowed their cum and never missed a drop. She had become a slut in just five minutes of asking by her friends! Probably what hurt me most was that she had so obviously enjoyed the whole episode so much!

She was just a wet and sloppy mess lying there when they had finished with her body and she just didn't seem to have the energy to get up! The women then grabbed me and took me over to her prostrate body and told me to fuck her too. Nature robbed them of the chance to see me fuck her in front of them. No matter how much they played with my cock it just wouldn't rise to the occasion for them and so I was able to resist their efforts.

When Cherrie eventually rose off the lounge I was disgusted to see the cum running down the insides of her legs right down to the polished boards! Still naked she walked to their bathroom leaving a trail of wet marks on the floor. Once she came out of the bathroom, still naked, she made no attempt to cover herself up preferring to stand around the others looking very proud of herself. The women asked lots of questions of Cherrie about what she thought of sex with other men and how she enjoyed the experience! Cherrie answered them by saying she didn't know why she had waited so long to try other men. She told them quite frankly that each man had been different to me and she had enjoyed the variety enormously! Some of the other women removed their clothes and moved about the men selecting the one they wanted to fuck them! A general orgy developed after this with couples, not partners, fucking all around the lounge room. I told Cherrie it was time to leave but she wanted to stay longer and watch the fun. Try as I might I couldn't get her to leave then. We watched the other couples fucking, a sight I had never seen before tonight, and I had to admit it turned me on!

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