tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow My Wife Lost Her Modesty

How My Wife Lost Her Modesty


I don't believe either of us understood why that happened, but we just went with the flow. I believe she was accepting of the situation, because she was just following orders that were beyond her control. She was not showing off, she was just doing what the doctor said, to maintain her health and have a family. She had just gone to the doctor's office in the morning for her weekly checkup. Her doctor was beginning to be concerned about the size of the baby since it was late and my wife's ability to deliver vaginally.

As it turned out, there was no need to worry, and our first son delivered two weeks later at over ten pounds. However, on the day that fostered this story, he wanted to send my wife to the hospital for some x-rays to determine if her hips could accommodate a normal delivery. My wife called me at work, and asked if I would go with her to the hospital. I was concerned about her, and left work right then.

When we arrived at the hospital, we were directed to the x-ray dept and asked to sit in a little waiting area. After waiting about 15 minutes, the female technician came and took my wife to an x-ray room that was just off of the main hallway. The female technician asked me to stay in the waiting area during the procedure.

I then waited, people watching, both as they went down the hallway, and those patients who were wheeled around in wheel chairs and on gurneys, waiting for their x-rays to be taken. I remember two men who were placed sort of across from the room my wife was in who were waiting themselves for x-rays. About 15 minutes after she left for the procedure, I remember the men watching across the hall very closely, and people walking down the hallway glancing toward the room she was in, but nothing registered with me at that time.

After waiting about 30 minutes, I got up and walked to the room my wife was in. The door was open, and no one was around. She was lying on the x-ray table with her feet closest to the doorway. She had on a hospital gown, and was waiting for the x-ray technician to return and let her know the x-rays were clear enough to be read. I could tell she was a little up tight, and attributed this to the concern that she may not be able to deliver normally. I asked her if she was ok, and she said yes, but that she was very uncomfortable there and wanted to leave.

She just said that she wanted to get dressed and go home. We talked and the technician who had done the x-rays came back in a little while, saying everything was clear enough to be read, and that she could go. I helped her off the table, tied her gown with the only tie in the back at the top, and enjoyed the view of my pregnant wife, in her hospital gown that was short and open in the back. I saw that she was completely naked underneath. She went into a small room, closed the curtain and put her clothes back on.

We went home, and on the way, she told me she had never been that embarrassed in her life and that she was sure I would want to hear all about it later. This piqued my curiosity, and I tried to get more from her. She just said, LATER…. When we got home, I again asked what had happened. She told me to go and get undressed and wait for her on the bed.

She came in about three minutes later, completely naked, lay down on the bed, kept her feet together, and spread her legs wide for me, and related the following from her experience that afternoon. She started by telling me that the view I had right then, had been seen by probably 25 or 30 people that day. I was shocked, and asked her what she meant.

She then told me that her modesty was gone; it had been taken from her in the hospital. When the female technician came for her, she was directed to the changing room, and because it was all they had, given a very small gown to put on. My wife asked to leave her panties on, because she said she was spotting. The female technician told her no, that everything must be removed in order to get the x-rays done right. So, she reluctantly, removed all of her clothes, and put the gown on.

She was just barely able to tie it in the back, and then waited for the female technician to return. Well, a technician came to get her, but it was not a female. He asked her to come out and get on the table. As she was doing this, he untied the gown and positioned it such that it was more like a sheet covering her than a gown. She was nervous, and didn't look around, but just waited for the x-rays to be taken.

She first had to lie on her side, and he took three or four x-rays. Then she was asked to lie on her back again, and one more was taken. He then asked her to keep her feet together, bend her knees up to bring her feet to within about foot of her bottom, and then, she couldn't believe it, spread her knees as far as they would go, still keeping her feet together.

She knew that the male technician could probably see her, but he did try to keep her gown covering her pussy at that time. Then, he went to the wall, and came back with a measuring device, to measure the pelvis in order to make the right settings on the x-ray machine. As he was doing this, he moved the gown up to her tummy, and then tried to get the measurements.

Perhaps he was enjoying the view too much, but he couldn't get a good measurement and so he just kept trying. That lasted about 5 minutes, with her legs up and spread. About a minute into it, she looked down to see what was taking so long, and discovered that the door had never been closed. There she was, legs spread, feet together, looking between her legs at an open door with people walking by, and because at the time she was motified, she did nothing about it.

When the measurements were taken, she had to remain in that position for the x-rays. He never covered her up again until the x-rays were completed. Then she was allowed to put her legs together and wait for the processing. Because we were no longer having sex until after the baby, I jacked off like never before, looking at the same view many had shared that day. My wife was glad that I enjoyed it, even though it had been embarrassing for her.

When we went for the delivery, she was put in the labor room, and every time the doctors or nurses would come to check her out, I was asked to leave. When they took her into the delivery room, they again left the door open, placed her on the table, this time with her head closest to the door, and removed her gown completely. I was getting ready to join her, and saw many people look into her room before I went down to it.

As I entered, there she was, naked as can be, and the nurse tried to get me to leave, because they weren't ready for me yet. That is when I was ushered out, the door was left open, and everyone who walked by was treated to a sight that was being denied to me. This too surprised me greatly. This was a Catholic hospital, which was more concerned about her husband not seeing her naked, than anyone else.

After that experience, we never went back to that hospital; my wife started using a different doctor at another hospital for our later children, and has never had anything close to that happen again. My wife today has accepted that event as part of her maturing, she will relate it to me as part of our lovemaking, thinking about it as she comes, and has never been that modest since. She says that after having kids, there is no more modesty at all.

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