tagLoving WivesHow My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 04

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 04


Characters: Me, Susie (My wife), her brother, my cousin Swapna, Babu and lots of others.

Story so far:

I was a nymphomaniac.

How my wife was tricked to fuck - part I - I loved XXX DVD`s which made me a pervert. I loved my wife but wanted to see her fucked by others. So I decided to trick her by blindfolding her and let someone else fuck her.

How my wife was tricked to fuck - part II - Still my lust didn't exit. I wanted her to know she was fucked by another person. So I schemed to get her fucked by crook and letting her know.

How my wife was tricked to fuck - part III -- My wife turns into a sex maniac, dropping her skirt at the sight of man, even her brother. The excitement over, I wanted her back as my wife but she wouldn't stop. So I decided to go on a holiday to change her back to the old shy wife.

Now read on...


After adultery, in a way I was responsible in pushing her towards incest. Now I dreaded when anyone visited our house, so I thought a change would be nice. We decided to go on a trip. Maybe I could change her -- bring her back to her normal self -- as my only wife.

The trip was by bus and train and finally the pick up car of the reserved hotel.

As soon as we hopped on the bus, she began her maniac lust. In full view of the public, she folded her skirt to look like a mini skirt. All eyes were on her. Her buns seemed to be exposed a little. Not enough with that she dropped her purse and bend to pick it up, giving a full view of her panties. She had worn her G-string panties which give the impression that she had no panties at all. Even her asshole seemed to be displayed. I looked away getting angry. Soon she was surrounded by men. Each trying to get a feel of her. They got bolder and bolder by her smile. Finally one of them tugged at her panties and it fell down. They raised her skirt and giggled, as her ass was now in full view of the public.

An elder person parted her ass cheek and looked at her asshole as if seeing it for the first time. He licked his finger and inserted in her asshole. She jumped as she didn't expect it, bringing laughter to all. But the very next minute she surprised all by bending down to expand her asshole for the elderly man. She began rubbing her pussy. The next in line, soon took out his dick and pushed it to her pussy and it was engulfed. He started pumping her fast as if he could not hold on and true to his show; he held her tight pumping his cum in her. She sucked her finger with a school girl expression. Soon the next person joined in. His aim was her cute ass. He stood behind her and parting her ass cheeks, pushed his dick. He wrestled with her asshole for minutes till finally he succeeded. But even he couldn't hold on for long. He gripped her ass and pinched her ass and pushed deep as he exploded in her ass. After few more knocks in her ass and pussy we reached the railway station.

We had reached our reserved compartment. There was only an elderly couple. As soon as the train began to move, she began to change her dress in front of them. The old woman`s eye bungled up. The old man looked as if he would get a heart attack. She bends to remove her skirt, thrusting her ass right on his face. I am sure the cum would still be lingering on her asshole. She put on a low waist jeans unzipped. As she lay on the seat her red panties could be seen through her open zip. She lay there for the passers to see as they went. Soon people began to come and go as if visiting a holy shrine. I prayed that we reach the hotel fast. Luckily my prayer was answered and we didn't have a fucking session. Only some people looked and tried to grope her.

As we reached our destination by car, I was the first to jump out and run to the hotel.

The hotel stay was pleasant and a welcome change. I felt peace as I watched the waves hit the sand and re arrange to fall back. Watching the blue sky and the clouds I sat day dreaming immersing myself to the surrounding environment.

My wife meanwhile had made friends with all of the staff. Her friendliness and sweet smile won all of them before she even spoke. Soon she was like an MD of a company, with staff at a sweep of hand.

In the evening she pulled me to our room and began kissing me. She brought me to mood fast. Soon we were naked on the floor. She climbed on me and started riding me. She closed my eyes and suddenly I felt her weight increase. She moved her hands. I saw the waiter behind her. I jumped and got up but they stopped me. He was riding her ass. I lie down and found a big dick right on top of my face. Before I could move away, it was swooped up by my wife. She sucked it like a pro. Soon another pair of hands gobbled up my wife's boobs. I look around the room. There were many people, most of them naked. Susie had left the door open and invited some of the waiters. The talk soon spread. The waiters also left the door open, so even the other room occupants and passerby were walking in. it was like a walk-in fucking session.

The first waiter grabbed her ass and fingered her asshole. He then spitted into her asshole to lubricate it. Another waiter handed over the beer bottle. He poured little beer into her asshole and laughed. Then slowly he pressed the mouth of the beer bottle into her asshole. Within seconds it was inside. He then let the beer flow into her ass. Everyone cheered.

"Her ass is thirsty. See the way it drinks the beer," screamed another one.

"Fuck her asshole with it."

The first waiter began fucking her ass with the beer bottle in midst of cheers and whistle. The beer was flowing into her asshole slowly. It was true what they were saying. The beer was slowly decreasing as if her ass was consuming it.

"Let me fuck her beer ass."

It was the manager of the hotel. He pulled out the beer bottle. Susie gave out a gasp and a small fart as the beer bottle was suddenly pulled out. This seemed to surprise everyone including Susie. The manager pushed his thick dick into her asshole and began pumping. He climbed over her and let his dick go deep and again rose to push deeper. My dick, which had gone limp, was starting to rise. The manager`s hard pumping was making Susie ride me automatically. He grabbed her boobs and squashed them in his big furry hands. The boobs seemed too small in his hands. The nipples were getting long and hard as he wringed them. He had no patience or love; he was just mangling her ass. Like a stallion fucking a mare, he pushed harder and deeper. The speed increased and I felt like I was rammed. He clutched her boobs hard and they seemed to disappear in his hands. The ramming increased in full strength and suddenly I felt the push as he pushed his dick deep into her ass and held as he ejaculated. After ten seconds he shivered as the cum drew to a stop. He pulled back again and continued his strokes. I was surprised. I thought he was going to fuck her ass again but he stopped after a few strokes. It felt like he wasn't through with her ass.

"That's one hell of beery mother fucking ass!" he said, cheered by others.

Susie pulled out of me and lay to the ground exhausted, but I felt it was more like a kind of invitation to others and dismissal of me. The others poured in all over her, pushing me aside. She seemed trembling in delight. I saw a glee, like never before on her face.

A fat man, rubbing his dick came and parted her legs. He pushed his dick, which entered her pussy effortlessly. Her pussy engulfed his dick. She contracted her pussy and the dick was tightened.

"The girl knows how to fuck and pleasure."

He increased his pace. Another one came over her and squatted on her boobs, rubbing his dick on her lips. He held her head and moved his hip to insert his dick in her mouth. She sucked it slickly as he bit his lips feeling the contentment. Two more waiters came in to tease her nipples. They squeezed her boobs as if they expected milk to flow from her nipples. They again squeezed not letting to go of the pleasure. Meanwhile two occupants of the adjacent room had come and were constricting her thighs. All together six of them were enjoying her softness, while others were gathered around her and masturbating watching these live wild sexual acts.

She was then turned around to ride the fat man. Now there was a hurry to grab her buns. One of them split open her ass cheeks and inserted his finger harshly in her asshole. She wriggled as it entered like a snake. It was good that he had only his finger in. if it was something longer he would have pushed it deeper till the hilt. He looked around as if searching something longer. Not finding anything he continued with his finger fuck deep and faster sending pleasure waves. Another of them was rubbing his dick on her ass, enjoying the pliability. Everyone was busy to get some part of her. Her hands, boobs, ass, pussy and mouth were always overflowing with a dick. Not wanting to wait, her thighs, calf, stomach, back, face, feet and even her hair were rubbed with dicks. It was a crazy theme for them. Not to blame them -- it's rarely you get to do whatever your dark mind says and not get caught.

All the dicks pumping hard on her, she rocked giving to pleasure to around twenty dicks at a time. This was nothing like in the DVD's. Xxx DVDs were soft porn compared to what these men were doing to her. Her ass hole was widened by one of them inserting his finger along a dick. She enjoyed the entire people's dick on her and moaned.

"C`Mon, more. Who is going to cum on me? Let me have your ejaculation flow on me. I love the taste. C`Mon," she screamed like a deranged woman.

This increased the pleasure of the participants and the onlookers. All dicks were pumping hard to reach the climax. Holding her head the waiter was pumping vigorously in her mouth down to her throat as she choked in between. With a loud Tarzan sound he splashed his cum in her mouth. He held her head as the flow overflowed through her mouth. Other dicks too began to spurt on her boobs and ass. Suddenly it was an ejaculation fountain all over her. Cum started flowing all over from all her sides. Her bum, boobs, face, tummy, thighs, calf -- everything were just wet with cum. Her pussy too exploded her juice to mix with the dick spurting in her pussy and ass. She fell to the floor as the bystanders started squirting their cum on her and cheering her.

Some others were wiping the cum and trying to enter her pussy and again as she tried to reject them. She was again turned over as she tried to eliminate and held as her ass was wiped and fingered. She began to shout to stop but the crowd was out of control. Her ass was again stuffed with a dick and rider. Her pussy was sucked to her clitoris to give her pleasure. She soon succumbed to the pleasure and began to entertain all. Once again she grabbed a nearby dick and sucked him and pumped other dicks. Her ass was squashed as the rider fastened his pace driving his dick deeper and deeper to the spongy world. Her pussy was rubbed to give her pleasures beyond imagination as she sucked and bit the dicks. All her body was being used as a pleasure instrument.

It was quite some time when the crowd exited. The beginners had got their dicks up once more and again lined up to fuck her all over again. Evening passed to night. Drinks and food were supplied in between. It turned out to be a great party. I too had joined in and fucked her ass, made her suck my dick, masturbated on her body and face, till last I went to sleep exhausted.


"Enjoyed the show?"

I opened my eyes and looked at her not knowing what to say. It was morning and she was up, in a short skirt and a short string blouse which was smaller than a bra. She was going to the beach all charged up.

"You are taking revenge on me," I said, not believing myself.

"You should have thought of it before you exposed me to your friends and strangers. As a matter of fact, I am beginning to like this life. One better than the other, I should thank you for freeing me or else I would have experienced only your small dick. Now I have enjoyed sex as it should be enjoyed. I would never have allowed anyone to ass fuck me but now I love when someone fingers my ass. I love when they lick my asshole and push their dicks in my ass and covering their dicks with my shit. Each cock and cum has its own taste. I love to be covered by them."

I watched in anger and dismay as she made her speech. I suddenly realized I had lost her. I had created a monster. She did all of this for revenge, but now she has begun to love this life. Maybe I was just a hand in unleashing thee real women in her. I had read somewhere that most of the women keep their sexual desires hidden even from their lovers and boyfriends, but once it is unleashed there is no stopping her.

What my dick had lost was a gain to other dicks. I got what I wanted -- but I couldn't stop it when I wanted. Yes I could only begin it -- I couldn't end it --- hell --- I couldn't even control it!

I watched her walk away to the sea, her young ass dabbling in her short skirt. My shameless dick moved. Yes this is not over. There are many more dicks for her ass and so will mine. Flashes of my dick in her ass stirred me as I looked her waving to other men and their greedy eyes feasting on her assets. She was back to her teasing as she bended to pick a shell from the beach showing of her naked ass.

'Oh God, She had not worn her panties!' I looked at her sweet pussy lips sprout and the widening of the men's eyes.

She was a bitch in heat!

O Yeah!

Note to my friends:


This is not just a story! It is based on my life incidents. I wanted every one of you to know that it is real exciting & horny to see wife being fucked by others. Her facial expressions of lust and shame are worth the risk. Such expressions will never be seen when we fuck, however good we are because they will conceal it in fear of betraying their lust.

But on the other hand the privacy, intimacy and possessiveness all will be lost. The husband-wife relation comes to an end.

These being an irreversible process, if later on you feel to stop, your wife may not agree or the incidents may haunt your whole life.

Life is not a DVD which you can play, rewind or stop. Even though I enjoyed every moment seeing my wife fucked and still get horny thinking of it, I regret it now. There is never a private moment between us. She goes to fuck anyone she likes. I seldom get her to fuck and even if I get she smells of other men. Maybe it's psychological. The hatred between us is growing. I know soon our life will be shattered by a divorce. What worries me is my daughter. Will she become a slut like her mother? Will I, being famished in sex turn to my daughter? Will I gangbang her too? So many questions remain unanswered but one thing is for sure -- my family life is set to a disaster.

So if you have not turned your wife into a slut, think again before you push her to it. It took me around eight years of planning but what did I gain????

Would you like to fuck my wife while i fuck her?

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