tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHow Naked Are You Willing to Get?

How Naked Are You Willing to Get?


How Naked Are You Willing to Get for a Case?

How "Veronica Mars" might have gone were it not for TV censors and Kristen Bell's reluctance to do nudity. Enjoy!


"I think you're falling for one of our suspects," I told my friend as we stood in her dorm room.

Mac gave that little grin of hers. "What? This spot here?" She pointed at her crotch and then circled with her finger. "For all cute guys who help the environment." She almost cracked up saying that.

"Is Bronson an environmentalist or an animal rights guy?"

"He's both, Veronica. He used to be in Greenpeace before he devoted all his energy to our college's PHAT-chapter."

"I'll bet People for Humane Animal Treatment chose their name while 'phat' was still a trendy term for 'cool.'"

"Probably. And the two movements have a lot of overlap."

"Such as?"

"Factory farms. They force animals to suffer all their lives to save a few pennies, but they also do insane environmental damage. Factory farms leave huge lagoons of animal feces. And livestock farming creates more greenhouse gasses than all the cars, trucks, and SUV's on the planet, according to the United Nations report on -- "

"Okay, Mac, I get the point. I'll help you give Bronson ... what you've got waiting for him." I pointed at her pussy and moved my finger in a circle. "But first, we have to convince PHAT to trust us so we can find those missing lab animals."

Mac confessed, "I really can't see Bronson going out with me."

"He already likes you. And nothing brings people together like fighting for a cause. We can win PHAT's trust and Bronson's heart in one fell swoop."

"Do you have a plan?"

"For a brainy college girl, Mac, you sometimes ask silly questions."

My plan worked beautifully. Mac and I publicly embarrassed an animal-hating celebrity, and we were soon invited to a private meeting with Sam and Darla, two PHAT-members who were my top suspects in the missing lab animal case. If I really had their trust, I figured, this case was practically solved.

"You guys were great," Darla gushed. "We definitely want you for our big project."

"Excellent," I said, trying not to sound like Mr. Burns.

"So whenever you're ready," said Darla, "just go ahead and take them off."

"Umm, take what off?"

"Your clothes," Darla said as she stepped behind a camera.

"You are committed," Sam asked. "Right?" He woke up his computer and showed the results of their last photo session. The photo showed Darla completely naked, and surprisingly attractive. Beneath her bulky sweater, this photo revealed, Darla had a firm body with curves in all the right places. The photo was not X-rated: Darla's nipples were covered by her hands, and her crotch was obscured by the back of someone's head. The caption read, "I'd rather eat p#$$y than factory farm meat."

I had seen this poster around campus, but I'd never noticed the woman in the picture was Darla! I couldn't tell who the naked man was. Maybe that was Sam, but it was hard to imagine such a fit body hiding under his grungy clothes.

And now they expected me to pose? And Mac?

I told them, "I'm not sure this is ... um..."

"Factory farms are torture chambers for animals," Darla said. "The so-called farmers make the animals live in filth just to save a few bucks and increase profits. We need to hit them where it hurts."

"Oh, totally," I said. "I would kick them in the balls if they had any."

Sam said, "We hit them in their profit margins by convincing people to eat better foods."

"But," I said, "is nudity the best strategy?"

"It gets attention," said Darla. "You'd be surprised. A lot of men really like looking at naked women."

"Yes, I've heard that before," I told her.

"PETA has all those nudie pictures on their website, and they've grown to eclipse other animal rights groups," Darla said. "We have to compete. PETA has celebrities, but PHAT has college-aged hotties like you two."

"We're certainly flattered," I said. "But couldn't we do more for animals by -- "

A curtain was pulled open and I stopped talking the moment I saw Bronson step out wearing a robe. Bronson Pope was the reason PHAT's membership was 80% female. This stud-muffin was going to pose nude with us?

"Well," I said, "if you really think this will arouse people's interest in going vegan, I guess we can give it a shot. Right, Mac?"

Mac stood nervously silent.

"Great," said Sam. "Let's start with Veronica taking off her top."

"Me?" I wasn't sure what worried me more: the danger that I might steal Bronson's attention away from Mac, or the danger that I might not. "Uh, okay."

I took off my shirt, wishing I'd worn a prettier bra. Mac and Sam and Darla and Bronson were all seeing my un-sexy white underwear. But that was all the more motivation to remove my bra, I guess, and convince PHAT of my dedication. I tossed my bra next to my shirt, my tits now displayed to the whole room.

I tried to act natural. This was no big deal, right? Studies routinely show that roughly half the adult population has boobs.

But Sam was now staring at mine. As awkward as that made me feel, I was even more embarrassed that Bronson was staring at Mac. She was fully dressed, and Bronson wouldn't take his eyes off her even to glance at my naked tits. I really wished the Mammomaxx had worked.

Sam said, "Now, Mac, you get behind Veronica and put your hands over her breasts."

"Oh," said Mac. "Okay." She gave an awkward smile, then walked behind and wrapped her arms around me. I thought she might hold her hands in front of my boobs, but she actually laid her hands on them. The feel of her palms on my nipples was a surprise that made it hard for me to act casual.

I looked at Bronson. I could almost believe he was looking at me now, though I knew he was really looking at Mac.

My nipples were hard. If Mac noticed (Hell, how could she not? They were poking her palms!), I hoped she would attribute my reaction to the cold air and not to the touch of her warm hands or to the sight of her cute, vegan crush-object.

The cutie himself asked, "Where do you want me, Sam?"

"Nowhere yet, Bronson. We'll have you get in later."

Bronson took a seat, and his robe now showed much of his legs. They were just hairy enough to make him look manly while still showing his gorgeously toned muscle.

Darla snapped some photos of me. I wondered how many people would see me with my boobs in Mac's hands. Of course, Mac could probably hack into their computers and delete the images once we'd solved the case. But no one could erase the memories of the people in this room. Every time I encountered them, I would have to know what they had seen of me.

"Okay," said Sam. "Now let's have Veronica fully nude."

Fully? I swallowed.

It's an ongoing question in the private-eye game: How naked are you willing to get for a case? Well, this girl's answer is: In for a "T," in for an "A." I took off my shoes and then -- I couldn't believe I was going through with this -- stripped off my pants. Finally, yes, I showed them the proof that this girl's a natural blonde. I tried to look casual, though, as I clasped my hands in front of that proof.

Sam almost pulled a neck muscle trying to look around my hands without any obvious motion. Even the vegan JFK, to my surprise, glanced at my girl fur for almost a full second before returning his attention to Mac's face.

Sam said, "Use your hands to cover your crotch, Veronica, so we don't violate the archaic obscenity laws."

He didn't have to tell me twice. I covered my crotch thoroughly.

"And, Mac," he said, "keep her nipples covered. Good."

Darla snapped more photos. Then Sam gave us the next pose. "Now, Veronica, I want you to put your own hands on your breasts."

I put my hands over Mac's, aware that I had left my pussy on full display as I lightly pressed Mac's hands over my tits. Sam's eyes were now glued to my girl fur. He said, "And Mac, you put your hands over her crotch."

I told my shy friend, "You don't have to actually -- "

Too late. Her fingers actually touched my slit. Then she stopped herself. "What. You don't want me to?" She removed her hands, exposing my pussy to the room again.

"No, no," I assured her. "It's fine. Put them back."

She again wrapped her arms around me and put her hands over my bush. Every inch of my slit was under her warm fingers. I stood as still as I could, not wanting my friend to think I was grinding against her hands.

Sam said, "Move your hands a little higher, Mac. There's some hair showing."

Mac slid her hands up my crotch, and Darla snapped the camera.

"Alright," said Sam. "Now, Mac, you get naked, too."

Mac dropped her hands, leaving my pussy right out there again. I did the casual hands-in-front-of-crotch move, but of course that left my boobs exposed.

Mac just stood there a moment. Then she said, "I don't think my body is the kind that people want to see."

"What?!" Bronson said, "You're beautiful. Guys would jump to see you naked."

Mac smiled and blushed. "I really don't want to do it. I'm sorry."

Bronson looked a little disappointed, but said, "Well that's okay. You don't have to."

"What about the poster? " Sam said. "The trio theme?"

Bronson said, "I bet it would be cool to have her fully dressed and Veronica and me naked. It would ... make a contrast."

The others grudgingly went along with it. Great. Now I would be the only naked girl. Sam's eyes would never leave my body.

At least I wouldn't be asked to burry my face in Mac's muff. I understand the need to avoid factory farm meat, but frankly I would not rather eat a pussy, thank you.

Then Bronson disrobed and, damn, he looked good! His body was so fine, it could almost distract you from his angelic face. There was barely an ounce of fat under his flesh. He was all lean muscle, firm chest, abs, etc. I repeat: damn! Bronson didn't even look self-conscious about being fully naked now, his vegan sausage dangling right there in front of us.

Sam said, "Now let's have Veronica sitting on the ground."

I sat before Bronson's feet, facing Bronson to keep my most private parts private from Sam. God knows Bronson wasn't going to look.

"And Bronson, you stand facing the camera, with Mac behind, wrapping her arms around your chest. Good. And, Veronica, reach up and cover his genitals."

Touch Bronson's cock? Yes, Veronica, there is a Santa Claus. I don't know why I never got that pony for Christmas, but this stud made up for it nicely. I plastered my hands over Bronson's package.

As I heard Darla snap the pictures, I felt Bronson's cock stirring under my palms. He was getting hard in my hands!

"For the next shot," Sam said, "Let's have Bronson and Veronica embrace passionately."

The idea of holding Bronson with his erection pressed between our naked bellies was appealing, I'll admit. But Mac would never forgive me. Would she?

"That's a good idea," said Bronson. "But instead of me and Veronica, maybe me and Mac would be a better combo."

"Yeah," I enthused, wanting Mac to see my loyalty.

Sam said, "Umm ..." He looked at Darla.

Darla said, "It's a little awkward with her fully dressed."

Bronson suggested, "It could be a CFNM thing."

"CFNM is for closeted gay men," Darla said. "We need broader appeal."

"I think some straight people like CFNM," I offered.

"Not enough of them."

Mac suggested, "I could strip to my underwear."

"That would be great!" said Bronson. I voiced my own enthusiasm, and Sam and Darla went along.

Out of her baggy clothes and wearing only her bra and panties, Mac looked cute. Her alabaster flesh made a sweet contrast with her black hair. She was blushing but she was smiling when she looked at Bronson and they wrapped their arms around one another, keeping only a few awkward inches between their bodies. Sure. Mac didn't hesitate to put her hands all over my cooter, but when it comes to the hot guy she wants to grab, suddenly she's Ms. Propriety.

Sam suggested, "And, Veronica, why don't you get behind Mac."

I walked up behind Mac and wrapped my arms around the couple and pulled them close together, even wrapping one of my naked legs around them. "A Mac sandwich," I said.

Bronson, now looking at me over Mac's shoulder, announced, "A Vegan Mac Attack."

Mac giggled.

I had been wrong about one thing. Bronson's erection was not pressed between their bellies. It was actually trapped between Mac's legs, the length of his shaft running along her panty-covered pussy. I could tell because the head was poking my thigh.

In fact, if I shifted my pelvis a little, I would have the tip of his beautiful cock snug between the lips of my naked pussy. If I made that shift, it would be a magical moment, I knew, but it would also be a betrayal.

Of course, Mac didn't need to know if her crush-object's cock slipped just a little bit into my slit. Just for a moment. Mac wouldn't be hurt if she didn't know, right? Hell, even Bronson might not know what his manhood was touching. And if anyone found out, I could always say it was an accident.

But I wasn't about to get pregnant on his pre-come, so I stayed loyal to my friend and tried not to let on how much I enjoyed his cock pressing into my thigh.

I heard the camera, and I wondered if there was a way I could convince Mac to save me a copy of these photos before deleting them away from PHAT. I didn't want this going public, but this was a moment I was tempted to preserve for myself.

"Okay," said Sam. "Now we need to do the big shot. The whole 'I'd rather eat pussy' thing. Veronica, if you could spread your legs."

"I'm thinking Mac and Bronson make a better couple," I said.

"Yeah," said Bronson.

"I think so, too," Darla said. "Mac, can you take off your panties? I promise your beaver won't be in the shot."

Mac said, "Oh, you can Photoshop it so it looks like I'm not wearing panties."

"How about this," said Bronson. He went down to his knees before Mac, sliding his hands down her body along the way. "We'll make it look like I'm just about to take off her panties." He hooked a finger inside the waistband.

"Don't," Mac told him. "Please, I'm serious."

"I won't take them off," he assured her.

It must have been torture for poor Bronson. All he had to do was pull down the waistband a little bit and he would have seen every black hair on Mac's muff. His cock was throbbing with the temptation, but he resisted.

"That's good," said Sam. "And, Veronica, why don't you lie down between Mac's feet like you're about to give Bronson a blowjob."

I did, grateful to have my most private parts pressed against the floor, hidden from view. Having Bronson's large, thick cock right in front of my face was certainly a bonus.

Not that I was about to find out or anything, but I suddenly wondered if it was true vegans have tastier cum.

"Veronica, put your hands around Bronson's genitals. It will help cover them."

I realized now I had made a mistake. It should have been Mac down here touching Bronson's cock. But it was too late, now. I put my hands around his package, aiming the little slit in the head toward my mouth, like I was about to give him the treat I secretly wanted to.

"Mac, move your foot forward a little bit so it blocks the camera's view of Bronson's crotch. Good. Now, Veronica, get your hands over the tip of his cock: that's the half that's showing. Good, good."

I confess I enjoyed repositioning my hands by sliding them along his shaft. There was no way I could stick out my tongue and taste that vegan pre-come and get away with it. I knew that. But I did get a little of his fluid on my thumb. Maybe later I could satisfy my curiosity without anyone knowing. That was as far as I would go.

The camera clicked its final shots. I felt relieved when it was over. Sure, I felt silly later when I learned PHAT had nothing to do with the missing lab animals and this was all for nothing. But the experience wasn't entirely unpleasant, and I had helped Mac.

After we dressed, Bronson asked Mac if she'd like to have some coffee with him. I was stunned when she told him she had other plans.

"Maybe some other time, then?" he asked her.


Once Mac and I strolled out of the room, I asked her, "Why didn't you go with him?"

Mac shrugged. "I just... Everything's going so fast, I need to catch my breath," she told me. "I'm going back to my dorm room and crash myself for a while."

I nodded.

What I did next I hoped would look natural. Like I was contemplating something. Or like I was nursing a minor sore spot. But I failed to make it inconspicuous.

"Veronica?" Mac asked me. "Did you just suck your thumb?"

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