tagLoving WivesHow Naughty Shall I Be?

How Naughty Shall I Be?


Brian had promised not to shout or get mad at his wife. After all it was he who had told her that they both should always be open and honest with each other. And hadn't they talked about how if other men looked at Jenny in a lustful way and flirted with her that it wouldn't be her fault.

She was a very naïve and simple sort of girl but it was that quality that had endeared him to her in the first place. Not being one who would flaunt herself Brian never expected there would ever be a problem. In fact he had told her that he would find it quite a turn on if other men fancied her because it meant that he had married a desirable woman. After all if no man ever gives your wife a second glance then one may wonder why – is she a "dog"? He thought too that if it ever happened that it would do wonders for her self esteem.

So, she had told him everything when he came home from work, but not before he had noticed how giddy and excited she seemed. Giggling and laughing she broke the news to him that a man had made pass at her. Suppressing his natural reactions he asked what man? The workman who they had expected for days had finally turned up today and my how he was a flirt! Jenny innocently related to her husband how the guy had made naughty innuendoes and in a quite cheeky manner had run his eyes up and down her body making remarks about her figure.

"You're not annoyed are you?" she checked before going on to fill in the details.

Brian listened how this brash and self assured chap had flirted with his young wife.

"He said I had a great figure and wished he was twenty years younger." she proudly told him.

She did it all with an innocence and excitement that made her sound more like a young teenager than a wife of twenty-five. Calming down she snuggled up to her husband and asked him softly how he felt about it.

"I hope you're not jealous because you have always said that you would find it a turn on if I was brave enough to be sexier." She kissed his neck before adding, "Well now a man has made a move on me you will have to eat your words!"

She looked nervous and shy knowing that now she would have to get to the fine detail.

Sure enough the question came, "What exactly happened?"

"Well, like I said he flirted with me, made me laugh. I made them a drink and I stayed chatting with them while they worked."

"They – how many?" asked Brian.

"He had a helper with him, a man about thirty."

"So they both flirted with you?"

"Well yes...but the older one did it most."

"And you stayed because you were enjoying it so much?"

"To be honest yes, I was. There's nothing wrong with being admired and all women like to be made a fuss of!" she told him pointedly.

"So what happened, it was obviously more than talk?"

Jenny went a little shy and lowered her gaze to the floor.

"When they finished their coffee and I took the empty beakers from them....the older one bent forward and kissed me on the cheek. My hands were full so I couldn't push him a way."

"But you probably wouldn't have done anyway?" retorted her husband.

"You said you wouldn't get mad! You told me to always be honest with you!" Jenny was starting to get upset.

Knowing that she would clam up if he continued in this tone Brian kept his emotions under control.

"OK -It's the first time you have told me anything like this and it's just a bit of a surprise that's all. Carry on - everything's fine, no problem."

Hesitantly Jenny resumed her tale.

"I was shocked and embarrassed so I hurried out of the room into the kitchen. I stood at the sink and started to wash the beakers while I calmed down."

Brian saw how she took a deep breath before continuing and how her cheeks coloured red.

"I heard someone behind me – he said he needed some water – as I moved aside he laughed at me and said that I shouldn't be so shy. He said that lots of wives enjoy a little flirting and kissing when they have workmen in the house. He pulled me to him and started to kiss me again...this time though it was on the lips."

"So what did you do?"

"Well he was a big man and stronger than me! I was helpless really because he held me very tight but eventually told him he should stop. Anyway his friend told him not to go too far."

"Hang on!" Brian interrupted, "What do you mean eventually – and I thought you said he followed you into the kitchen alone?"

"Well, his friend came in a little later...to see where he was. Yes, he kissed me more than once – I never said he only did it once!"

"Tell me!" Brian demanded.

"He kissed me on the lips then he messed around a bit, you know, kissing me on my neck and saying nice things in my ear. It was like teenagers do, just fun really, necking and cuddling, you know?"

Jenny's husband stiffened up in the chair he had now sat down in. A thousand thoughts and images ran through his mind.

"Let me get this right. You let him kiss and fondle you for so long that his friend needed to come and find him. Then you carried on anyway until the other man found it necessary to tell him not to go too far. You describe it as fun, so that means you quite happily responded to him - enjoyed it!"

"I thought that if I let him have a kiss or two that he would stop pestering me. He wasn't rough or anything – he kept making jokes."

"So you did enjoy it – you liked him kissing you?" asked Brian anxiously.

His wife nodded and blushed up a bright red. He had noted how when he used the word "fondle" that she hadn't disputed or corrected him.

"So it didn't bother you about letting this man's mate watch you being kissed and fondled. I don't think you allowed it just to quieten him down did you? I think you really liked what was happening. Tell me the truth – that's what you started out to do – tell the truth."

Jenny nodded her head and avoided her husband's eyes. Sighing she admitted that she had in fact liked it.

"Yeah all right, it felt thrilling having another man touch and kiss me like that. It was the way he didn't care or pretend. He just grabbed me and took me in his arms and admitted he was turned on. I'm not used to people talking like that. It felt exciting that it was me who was making him feel like that."

"So you did respond to him then -kiss him back?"

"Well I never pushed him a way! Yes they were sexy kisses, you know, mouths open – his tongue in my mouth."

"Did you do the same – put your tongue in his mouth?"

She nodded reluctantly again, "A couple of times, yes."

So it all got a bit passionate – what about his friend watching?"

Well, that's what made it funny again," she said relieved she thought she could ease the tension.

"It stopped being heavy then because his friend then made sarcastic remarks that made us laugh!" Jenny nervously bit her fingernail then admitted, "Jim, the man kissing me, told him he was just jealous."

Brian fired the next question quickly catching her off guard.

"Did the other one get a turn then?"

"Oh yes!" exclaimed Jenny smiling in her own innocent naïve way before realising what she had just blurted out.

Brian sat and stared waiting for his wife to explain.

"Jim said his friend better have a kiss too then he wouldn't keep on about it and make his life a misery. I didn't see any harm in it so I said, 'Oh go on then!' and we all laughed. He was called Alan – I spent a few minutes with him – necking."

Jenny now was looking and sounding very guilty and before she became overawed and upset Brian knew if he wanted to hear more he should act now. Forcing a laugh he tried to make light of the situation.

"Well, it certainly made your day! I've never seen you so excited and perky. Seems to have given you a new zest – I hope I benefit from it later!"

He winked at his wife when she raised her eyes, surprised by his comment. She never noticed how his light hearted laughter and smiling face was almost beginning to sound manic and his little high pitched shrieks covered an urge to scream and shout his nerves knotted and tense.

"And, yes, thanks for being honest and telling me about it. You're right, I have to put up or shut up – practise what I preach. Silly to get mad or cause trouble, isn't it?"

He decided to leave it for the time being and waited until they went to bed. It didn't take much effort to get Jenny in the mood.

"Today really excited you didn't it?" Brian asked as his wife wriggled against his busy fingers.

"Yeah, it came as such a shock though, just grabbing me like that!"

"Being kissed and fondled by two men like that must have made you very horny,"

"Well, it's the first time since we've been married that a man has kissed me like that."

"Do you hope they will do it again?

Brian knew the job of replacing several doors and architraves in the house could take several days.

"I don't know – I hadn't thought about it," Jenny told him but her body movements betrayed her true feelings.

"There's one bit of the story you missed out," said Brian as he prepared to insert his penis into his wife's wet vagina.

"What's that?" she asked.

"You haven't told me about the fondling bit. I've used the word three times now and you haven't denied or corrected me. Tell me about the fondling."

Jenny stayed quiet and he knew she was nervous.

"You can't go this far and not tell me now. You promised the truth if I promised not to get mad. I already know they fondled you because you never denied it – so tell me."

Brian slowly moved his penis in and out of her pussy while he gently played with her nipples.

"It was nothing really," his wife admitted in a slow reluctant voice. "They let their hands touch my breasts a couple of times."

"They let their hands?" repeated Brian, "A couple of times each? So you didn't mind that either...them taking turns to feel your breasts too?"

"Under your clothes was it?" Brian asked, but by now he was thrusting his hips hard into his wife's groin.

"No!" she told him as she responded to his fucking.

"I bet you felt their cocks – when they pressed against you" he said in more frantic tones. Brian was very aroused.

It was a long half minute before she dare admit it, "I could feel that they had got hard yes!"

Did that make you turned on – feel sexy?"

It was a silly question and Jenny could only answer truthfully. Also evident was the way the memory affected her and she writhed and bucked her hips to meet her husband's thrusts.

"Yeah!" she admitted again.

Something about the moment caused Brian to lay down a condition to his wife. It was unusual but while in the throes of passion and sexual arousal it seemed a good idea.

"If anything happens tomorrow," he began slowly, "You must promise to tell me everything. If it excites you.....makes you happy....I don't mind....but you must always tell me the truth!"

"I will! I will!" promised Jenny breathlessly as they made the bedsprings bounce.

Brian was quiet at breakfast not believing what he had given permission for. Things always seem different in the cold light of day. Jenny was a simple soul and naïve to a fault but would she be as honest as he wanted her to be. He had never thought she would be capable of running away with anyone during a torrid affair. Something had given Brian a perverted sexual pleasure and that was the mental pictures of his loving wife being groped by another man. The fact she had told him that two workmen had made advances to her and that she had given in to them – in the same room one after the other – made the mans mind boggle!

He thought about how they had fucked during the night and he couldn't remember a time when it was so intense and she was so aroused and eager. Her new enthusiasm excited but scared him also. He looked at her dressed in only her dressing gown but took comfort from the knowledge that the workmen were not expected until about ten. By that time she would be dressed – to think they would catch her like this would cause him to spend the whole day freaked out and on edge. Would she be so daring and blatant so as to want to do it again now it was out in the open he asked himself?

He kissed her goodbye as usual seeing that she too was quiet and thoughtful. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed very passionately – not her usual way at this time of the morning. When he told her to have a nice day he saw a little wicked smile break out on her face.

"I meant it you know," she whispered to him, "About telling you the whole truth."

Now Brian was already phased out because it was as though his wife had taken his comments to be licence to make it happen on purpose. She was obviously expecting that there would be a tale to tell by the time he came home from work! Silently, because words failed him, he gave a weak smile and left for the office.


The day passed slowly and it was a weary and nerve racked Brian who opened the front door and threw down his briefcase. Right away he looked for certain signs and even went to the bedroom and checked the sheets. Jenny was in the kitchen finishing cooking their evening meal. The usual comments and remarks were made but both shied away from conversation.

It had to be mentioned some time so when the dishes were out of the way Brian asked his wife a question.

"So – how did it go with the builders today?"

She jumped up like a kid who had just been told they could go to the fair. She was very looking forward to telling him of her day. Brian brought her to earth when he added that they didn't seem to have achieved much.

"Not made much progress, have they?" he said grudgingly.

Jenny hadn't thought he wanted to talk about the building work and sat down confused. Her naïve nature was such that she thought they could simply carry on from where they left off last night, same mood same passion but refreshed and ready for another bout of sex while she related her latest adventure. Isn't that what he wanted?

"Anything happen with you?" he asked as casually as he could.

"Yes – do you want me to tell you about it?" she checked in a slow quiet voice.

His heart was already thumping partly with anxiety at now knowing his wife had indulged again in sexual shenanigans with the tradesmen and partly with excitement that the images brought to his minds eye.

"Been kissed again by them?" he asked abruptly but smiling.

He was trying his best to appear calm and collected. The way her cheeks blushed up and seeing her apprehensive facial expression unsettled him. So it seemed that a little more than kissing had gone on today, he reasoned. His stomach churned at the thought so he sat back next to his wife and requested she should commence to talk him through the day.

"How did it go then?" was all he could muster.

He must not alarm her or let her see the turmoil he felt inside. He knew she would interpret this as anger and rage. Other women would have an ulterior motive for wanting to tell their husbands about their illicit sexual goings on. Jenny on the other hand meant no harm and would be innocently unaware of what it could do to a man. Lost in her simple childlike world she was blissfully unconscious that it might be better to be discreet. After all hadn't her husband said it was OK as long as she told the truth? Wasn't it like playing a game, albeit a naughty one? And he certainly seemed to be enjoying it too judging by the way he made love to her last night!

Giggling and excited Jenny began her account of the day's events.

"I felt really funny when the workmen arrived today – butterflies in my tummy. They stared at me really dirty like but I suppose that's because I was still in my dressing gown."

The first of many to come bolts of breath-stopping, nerve tingling jolts of mixed emotion ran through Brian's body. How could so many powerful feelings be felt simultaneously - jealousy, anger, foreboding, shock at what your wife is capable of and daring to admit – all mixed together with a strange excitement and arousal. The thrill felt when listening to her tell of her indulging in the forbidden practice of a married woman enjoying enticing men to desire her sexually, a wife who has a captured audience in their home, strangers with whom she is willing to play provocative games while her husband is away at his work.

Most of all exciting was the thrill obtained by hearing all this from her lips. Only men of a certain disposition, ones who have a particular preference for a particular type of erotica could understand and empathise with Brian and how he felt at that moment. It needs careful handling and takes time to come to terms with.

"You're usually dressed at that time of the morning – did you purposely intend to tease them right away...was it intentional?"

"Well," Jenny seemed to struggle for the right words, "I had decided to have a shower and things and hadn't made my mind up what to wear. I had my "undies" on underneath my gown though!"

Brian held back from further comment.

"I left them to it a while then took them a coffee." Now Jenny's eyes lit up and her voice took on a fervent tone.

"The older man, Jim, looked straight down my front and had the cheek to ask me if I had anything on under my robe! I told him yes, I had and not to embarrass me."

Jenny looked a little bashful now as she told her husband, "He asked me what I had on and I told him, my underwear of course. He said, 'Show us what your taste in underwear is!'

She sat with a little wicked smile on her face waiting for her husband to ask the obvious question. He did.

"It was all done in fun and we were all laughing and giggling. I refused at first but then I joked about it and thought I would tease them. I was very naughty I know but it was only for a laugh. I undid my robe and held it together with my hands and teased them. Then I did open it, just for a second."

"What did you have on?" asked Brian in a faltering and croaky voice.

"What? Oh which underwear you mean – that black lacy set that I bought a while ago. Bra and panties... you know?"

Another bolt shot through Brian.

"Hum. Is that all you had on?"

"Stockings too," she told him, but this time she seemed aware that this fact would have an effect on him.

"You don't normally wear stockings to do your housework in. Tell me honestly...did you put them on for their benefit....hoping something was going to happen....expecting them to get to look?"

Jenny once again started to bite her finger nails and look down at the carpet, then nodded before fidgeting around.

"Lift your skirt, show me the view they saw!"

Jenny brightened up thinking this must mean he was getting aroused. Happily she stood and slid her skirt up her thighs.

"They are different panties – but almost the same," she told him.

He looked at the flimsy wisp of cloth that hardly covered anything and felt his heart thump imagining the thoughts that the men must have had.

"Why are they different – why did you have to change them?" he asked quietly.

Jenny's cheeks went bright red and glowed, through guilt, embarrassment perhaps? Brian felt himself begin to shake a little. Why wouldn't she answer this question?

"So did you keep your gown wide open, to give them a good view, to tease them?" He tried to make his voice calm and casual.

"I opened and closed it quickly about three times," she said in a soft slow voice. "The last time I held it open longer, just a few more seconds"

"They must have been excited, paid you lots of compliments?"

Jenny sensed her husband was unsettled and kept the same quiet slow tone.

"Yes – their eyes popped out because they didn't expect me to be so naughty."

"I bet you were excited to – standing there in front of strange men in your panties and bra?"

"Yes," she admitted with a hiss, "I told you, it feels nice to be looked at and admired."

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