tagIncest/TabooHow NYC Changed Us

How NYC Changed Us


Hope you enjoy the story. Thank you MindsMirror for your inspiration. All parties involved in sex are above the age of 18. Chapter 1 is slow to build and leads to the back story of Chapter 2. It took over 13 months for me to complete this one.

A big thanks to Todger65 for editing.


How New York City Changed US.

Chapter 1: On Vacation with Mom and Little sister.


"I can't believe you two have been gone for over two years without me seeing you. I missed you kids." Teresa said to her twin children Justin and Zoe as they came out of the terminal at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee. They had been off to Columbia University for the last two years studying hard to earn their degrees. Zoe was going for her Law Degree while Justin was going to be an Accountant.

"I missed you too mom, you have no idea how much." Zoe said as she hugged her mother.

"Hey mom, nice to see you as well." Justin said to her.

"I missed both of you. Are you ready to go on a family vacation? Zoe, I love your hair, it's all frizzled out." She asked them.

"Yep, I've changed some things and my hair is one of them. I've also missed Lizzy." Zoe said to her mother.

"She has missed the both of you too. I have to pick her up in forty-five minutes as her soccer practice will be over." They walked to the SUV from the main entrance of the Airport.

"So, what have you two been up to? Do you like New York City?" Teresa asked them as she started the car.

"Yeah, New York City is never asleep. You can always find a party and I've met so many people up there, but I've always had my big brother with me." Zoe said and looked at Justin as her mother began to leave the parking lot.

"So, how are your classes coming along?" She asked.

"They are going great. I have a 3.89 GPA while my big brother here has a 3.88 GPA." Zoe said teasing her brother as she has him beat by just one decimal point.

"Well, just as long as you're both making good grades and getting a good Ivy League education. Your father would have been proud of you both." Teresa said thinking about Michael. Their father was killed in a plane crash four years ago while flying to a corporate conference in South Korea for his company. She was devastated by his death as it left her with Elizabeth who just turned six, ten days prior to his death.

"How is Lizzy?" Justin asked.

"She's doing ok. Her soccer skills are really good and her grades are all A's. She has been looking forward to both of you coming along to Disney World." Teresa said to them as she drove them to the soccer practice field next to the school.

"Well, we've been looking forward to coming home and seeing you both." Justin said as their mother made a left turn and on to the interstate.

A few minutes later she pulled in the parking lot of the school soccer field and turned around to look at Justin and Zoe. "We're here!"

They each got out and went towards the field as they saw the team practicing and Lizzy was running down the field with the ball. She kicked the ball to a teammate who was further down the field. The other player kicked the ball into the net scoring a goal. The coach then blew the whistle and the team came over to huddle up. A few moments later and the team broke the huddle and Lizzy came running towards them.

"Mom! ZOE!! Justin!!" She said ecstatic to their presence.

"Hey Lizzy!" Zoe said as she came running and hugged her.

"Hey Zoe! Welcome home." Lizzy said. "Hi Justin!" She added as she broke the hug with Zoe and hugged Justin.

Justin rode in the front while Zoe and Lizzy talked about school, soccer and other things while their mother drove to the house. Zoe told Lizzy much about New York City.

Fifteen minutes later Zoe and Justin arrived at home seeing the two story home hadn't changed at all in the last two years. They went inside rolling their suitcases behind them. Justin went in first and waited for Zoe.

"I'll take your suitcase." Justin said as Zoe stopped inside the door.

"Thanks!" Zoe said brushing a patch of hair behind her ear as she looked at Justin.

Justin turned around and took her suitcase as well as his up the stairs and disappeared. Zoe looked to the kitchen and went towards it. She got to the fridge and opened it and saw a bottle of water. She grabbed it and closed the door to be scared by Lizzy who said, "BOO!"

"Jesus Lizzy!" Zoe said while Lizzy was laughing.

"Kids come in here please!" Zoe and Lizzy heard their mother say. They both walked into the living room just as Justin came down the stairs. Zoe sat on the left side of the couch with Lizzy while Justin sat in the chair opposite of their mother.

"Kids, we're going to leave at 5am in the morning. I'll drive all the way to Valdosta, Georgia and then let one of you drive." Teresa said to her children.

"I guess I could drive mom." Justin said.

"Well thank you Justin." Teresa replied. "I ordered pizza for dinner, Ham and pineapple and Pepperoni and Mushrooms for me."


Later that night, Zoe was in Lizzy's room talking about New York City.

"I kind of like the Big Apple! When we're not working on homework or studying, Justin and I usually go out to Central Park or Morningside Park and walk, talk and look at the various things around us. There are so many things for people to do there and you never know who you'll meet." Zoe said to Lizzy who was under the covers.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Lizzy asked.

Zoe though for a moment before answering, "Sort of, he and I have a delicate relationship."

"Does Justin like him?" Lizzy asked.

"Yeah, he does!" Zoe replied, "Anyway, you have your eyes on any boy at school?" She asked.

"No, I'm ten!" Lizzy replied.

"Yeah Yeah! I know Lizzy! But just remember this, 'Books before boys because boys bring babies!'" Zoe said to Lizzy.

"What's that mean?" Lizzy asked.

"It means to make sure that you focus on your schooling and graduate before you think about being with a boy. You wanna be able to provide for your children as they grow just like mom and dad have." Zoe said.

"Thanks Zoe! I love you and I have missed you the last two years." Lizzy replied.

"I know! I'm going to spend as much time with you as I can while we're down at Disney World. Now get some sleep so we can ride and talk tomorrow." Zoe said and kissed Lizzy on the forehead and turned out the lights as she left the room closing her door.

Zoe walked down the hall to her room and turned into it to see Justin sitting on the bed reading a book. She was surprised but closed the door. "Hey! What are you doing in here?" She asked.

"Waiting for you." He said and stood up and walked towards her. He stepped into her and hugged her gently taking in her smell. He pulled back and looked at Zoe in the eyes. He inched forwarded until his lips came into contact with hers. She kissed him back passionately yet quietly. They stayed connected for a mere minute before breaking apart.

"Justin, I love you!" Zoe said and pushed her head into his neck and shoulder. She held him silent for a mere moment before she released him and stood back. "You need to go get in bed as we're all getting up early in the morning."

"I love you Zoe! Good night!" Justin said to her as he turned and opened her bedroom door and slowly closed it behind him.

Zoe turned around and looked at her bed which lay pretty much the way she left it two years before now. She looked at the vertical mirror seeing herself in it. She looked at her auburn colored hair that was long enough to reach the tip of her shoulders. She moved her hands down and pulled at her shirt and slowly pulling it over her head leaving her clad in a dark red bra that kept her boobs pushed up. Zoe reached behind herself and unclasped the bra letting it fall away. She looked at her 36C breasts seeing the half inch saucers around her perky nipples. She moved her hands up and cupped them feeling how firm they were.

She moved her hands lower and felt the hardness of her blue jeans wrapped around her thin frame. She undid the button and pushed them down letting the zipper slowly unzip itself as she pushed. She pushed until they fell down, no longer supported by her hips and thighs. She stood there seeing herself in the light blue boy shorts that she was wearing. She spread her legs and kicked the jeans off one leg at a time. She looked at the mirror seeing her legs before she turned and looked at her bag. She then grabbed a shirt out and put it on before lying on the bed.

Zoe looked at her phone and swiped the password on the screen allowing it to bring it to the home screen. She pulled up the messenger app and looked at the last one received which was from Justin.

'I love you Zoe, good night and sweet dreams.' Justin sent to her all of ten minutes ago.

'I love you, tomorrow we can be together. Good night!' Zoe replied.

Zoe lay in the bed looking at her phone and seeing the picture of herself and Justin taken at a bar on Broadway near SoHo. She looked at the smiles on both their faces and then moved to the next picture showing both of them in a beautiful kiss with each other just a few weeks ago. She turned the phone off and laid it upon the nightstand next to her bed and pulled the covers up covering everything minus her head. Slowly, Zoe drifted off to sleep hoping for a good vacation.


Zoe awoke to the sun beaming in her eyes as the car traveled down the interstate. She guessed that they must be in Atlanta from the skyline showing several tall buildings.

"Where are we?" Zoe asked.

"Atlanta, you slept like a log." Lizzy replied as she was looking out the window to the tall buildings in front of them.

"Can we stop in a bit, I need to pee." Zoe said out loud.

"Just as soon as we get clear of Atlanta and then we can stop to eat." Teresa said to her children as she drove with traffic on both sides being a Wednesday morning.

"Okay, just not to long please." Zoe replied as she looked over to Justin who was still asleep.

An hour later Teresa pulled the Chevy Traverse into the parking lot of a gas station, next to a diner in the City of Forsyth, which was just off of I-75. Zoe shook Justin to wake him up.

"Where are we?" Justin asked sitting next to Zoe.

"We're in a city called Forsyth. Get up and get moving, go pee and then meet us inside the diner." Zoe said and opened the door to the left passenger side and stepped out. She walked with Lizzy to the door of the diner and disappeared inside.

Zoe used the bathroom and waited for Lizzy to finish. She brushed her hair with a small comb that she had in her purse. A minute later Lizzy came out of the stall and washed her hands. They then walked out of the bathroom and ran into their mom and Justin waiting to be seated.

"Bout time you two." Justin said to them.

"Right this way folks." The female hostess said to them. They followed her in and to a booth. Justin sat with his mom while Lizzy went in first with Zoe sitting on the outside.

They all sat looking at the menu's pondering what they were going to eat. Zoe decided instantly upon a waffle, two eggs over easy and two sausage patties with a cup of orange juice. She looked over at Lizzy seeing her still looking at the menu, "You need help deciding?" Zoe asked.

"No, I know what I want. Hash browns, bacon and eggs." Lizzy said closing the menu which earned a giggle from their mother.

"You are so headstrong Lizzy." Teresa said them and added, "I guess I'll have some eggs and bacon with raisin toast."

"I guess I'll have a waffle, eggs, bacon and sausage." Justin added.

"When are you going to start eating healthy? I've told you many of times about what that will do to your cholesterol..." Zoe said feeling somewhat annoyed and caught the attention of their mother.

"Are you two okay?" Teresa asked them.

"Yeah mom, we're good. Zoe has been after me to change my eating habits." Justin replied looking at Zoe just as the waitress came to take their orders. They ordered one by one until finally she had written everything down. Zoe watched as the waitress walked away swaying her hips as she went.

"So, the resort we're staying at is close the Epcot Center which has a lot of attractions and things for all of us to do." Teresa said to her children who all looked sleepy considering they were awoken at 4am. "Justin do you feel like driving when we leave?" She asked feeling tired herself.

"Yeah, I can mom." Justin replied as he saw a large convoy of Police cars pull into the diner parking lot. He looked closer and saw that all of them were Georgia State Troopers. He looked oddly at them and saw them starting to walk towards the diner. One by one, each trooper walked in with family members. All in all, about eighty people entered the diner which caught the attention of everyone as their waitress came back with drinks.

"Good thing you guys made it in before they did. Every year around this time, they have a class graduate from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. Looks like about thirty of them made it this year." The waitress said as she put straws on the table. "Your orders should be done in just a few minutes." She added.

"Thank you." Zoe said and took a straw off the table. Zoe pulled out her phone and unlocked it by putting in her code. She pulled up her photo gallery and started showing Lizzy photos that she had taken of New York City. "Lizzy, this is the Empire State Building. This is the Chrysler Building, The New World Trade Center and here are pictures of Times Square." Zoe said continuing to show her photos. She kept scrolling through them and swiped showing a picture of Zoe and Justin kissing at Times Square on New Year's Eve. The photo showed them in a passionate embrace taken by a friend. Lizzy looked at Zoe and then to Justin but didn't say anything as the waitress came out with a tray carrying their food as Zoe put her phone back into her purse. Zoe looked at Lizzy who remained quiet while the waitress was putting food on the table.

They all ate their food while looking around the room hearing laughter from various tables coming from the Troopers who were with their families celebrating the graduation. Zoe looked up from her plate at Justin who was finishing his plate. She then looked at their mother who was also finished eating. They waited on Lizzy to finish eating.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" Asked the waitress as she came to collect their plates and leave the bill.

"Um, I think we're good." Teresa said to her and then she walked away. Teresa took the bill and looked at it. She then took out cash and laid the money with the bill and waited for her to come back by. She did and grabbed the bill and the money. "You can keep the change my dear, thank you for your excellent service."

They left the diner after using the restrooms with Justin getting in the driver seat and their mother in the front passenger seat. Zoe got in behind Justin with Lizzy to her right. They all settled into the car as Justin began to leave the diner; they looked at the line of patrol cars in the parking lot. Justin turned out of the diner and a minute later was driving on the I-75 heading south. Lizzy tapped Zoe on her shoulder.

"Can we talk?" Lizzy asked.

Zoe pulled out her phone and started texting. A few seconds later Lizzy received a text.

Text. 'I know you're wondering what that picture means, right?'

Lizzy started to text. 'Yes, that kiss! What is going on?'

'It's complicated. I will tell you but you can't say anything to mom.'

'Ok!' Lizzy replied and looked at Zoe.

'Justin and I are more than brother and sister. We love each other very much. In fact, we wanna stay together after we finish college at Columbia.' Zoe replied and looked at Lizzy with a tear running out of her left eye.

'I promise not to say anything. I love you both very much Zoe.' Lizzy replied and moved her hand to Zoe's hand still holding the phone.

"Thanks!" Zoe said which made their mother turn around and look at them.

"Are you okay Zoe?" Teresa asked.

Zoe wiped away the tear and looked at her mother. "Yeah, I'm good." She then looked to the mirror and saw that Justin was also looking at them. Zoe then looked out the window watching as the concrete passed beneath them.


Justin pulled the car into the resort parking lot, which was just a mere mile from the Epcot Center which was a main hub of Disney World. He parked the car and they all stepped out stretching as it had been three hours since they stopped at a rest stop near the Florida-Georgia line.

"Okay kids, I'm going to go check us in." Teresa said and walked to the entrance.

Justin turned to Zoe looking at her. He walked up to her and brushed her hair in front of Lizzy. "Hey, we're here!"

"Lizzy, welcome to Disney World! I hope we all have a good time together." Zoe said looking at her with Justin beside her. From where they were standing, they could see a large sphere and several buildings. Justin pulled out his phone and started snapping shots of Zoe and Lizzy standing there and then turned it and took a selfie.

A few minutes later their mother came out shaking her head. She walked over to them and saw them leaning against the car waiting. "Well, good news we can go ahead and go to our room. Bad news is that they over booked the resort and only have one room available." Teresa said watching as Zoe instantly closed her eyes and started counting away trying to keep herself from getting upset. "I was able to upgrade our one room to a double queen for free and they will refund me the price of the second room plus twenty percent of our week's pass and the room has a kitchen." She added trying to put a little positive spin on the situation.

"Well darn, I guess we will all spend a lot of quality time with one another." Zoe said looking at Lizzy and Justin next to her.

They all jumped into the car and went over to the building where their room was. The resort they were at had it broken down into different areas and named them after Caribbean Islands. The one they were staying in was called Aruba. After their mother parked the car, Justin unloaded the SUV one luggage bag at a time. They all walked up to the building and went to the room which was facing the artificial beach.

Teresa opened the door and saw the room which was very large having a couch near the front with a TV mounted to the wall, a small kitchen with a table, then the bathroom followed by the two queen beds which were about eight feet apart.

"Wow, this place is large." Zoe said following her mother in to the room with Lizzy and Justin behind her.

"It sure is." Lizzy added.

Zoe rolled her suitcase to one of the beds with Justin right behind her. "Dibs on the left!" Zoe said and jumped into the bed and smiled at Justin as he went to the right side.

"Ok, you can have the left." Justin said as he gently sat on the bed as Lizzy and their mother went to the other bed which was closer to the bathroom.

Zoe got up and went towards the kitchen area. She looked out the small window that was above the sink which looked out onto a patio area. "Mom, thank you for the trip. It's beautiful here and warm." Zoe said.

"You're welcome kids." Teresa said, "I only wish your father could have been here with us." She added which made Zoe turn around.

"Me too mom." Zoe replied and looked at Justin and Lizzy.


Zoe lay on a lounge chair near the artificial beach that was a part of their resort with her mother right beside her while Lizzy was swimming a little ways out in the water. Zoe had her blue bikini on which earned a few looks from men who were lounging with their families. Her top was thin revealing a lot of her upper body covering just the rounds of her breast while her bottom covered her butt and had a thin strap that connected the front and back to maximize her tan.

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