tagAnalHow the Grinch Fucked Christmas

How the Grinch Fucked Christmas

byDavid Phillips©

It was Christmas Eve and the Grinch was on the prowl.
He lurked and he crept, and he leapt with a scowl.
He landed atop the house of a Who,
Little Christmas Loo Who, who would soon turn twenty-two.

Chrissie Loo was born on the day of the Who's favorite season,
But she despised Christmas for that very same reason.
No one remembered her birthday because,
They were all too busy waiting for dear Santa Claus.

A quiet evening at home is what Chrissie most craved,
With a bucket of sex toys, and to really misbehave.
Twit-zlamps, mipple thisters and vibrating dilgazoos
Were all waiting to be used by this buxom blond Who.
Her pink flower was gushing wet with love,
Little did she know there was someone green up above.
The pungent aroma from her delectable quimney,
Had seeped out and wafted right up the chimney.

But the Grinch wasn't the only thing green on the roof,
He rolled up a fat one and lit with a "poof."
The Grinch blew out some smoke, then flicked off his ash.
He took a sniff, "Could it be? The sweet smell of Who gash?"
He followed the smell, then looked down with a sneer,
"Christmas is going to be a little different this year."
He slid down the chimney quiet as a mouse,
Then crept from the fireplace into Chrissie's small house.

Chrissie was playing with her three headed g-spot re-arranger,
She was much too busy to notice the stranger.
Then she looked up suddenly with a frightened start,
All she could hear was the beating of her own heart.

Then out of the shadows the Grinch had appeared,
Stroking his hardening package he grumbled, "Do not fear, my dear."
"Santy Claus you scared me!" Chrissie said with a shiver,
The Grinch said, "Don't worry sweet Who, I'm here to deliver."
The Grinch looked around and noticed no tree.
No presents or decorations where Christmas should be.
Just Chrissie Loo, and her assortment of toys.
So he asked, "Why aren't you out with some nice boys?"

Chrissie Loo laughed and said,
"They're too busy with sugar plums dancing in their heads.
I need a man who'll forget this Christmas crock,
Then I could spend the whole night having fun with his cock."

The Grinch stepped forward wearing a frown,
"I'm afraid you've let poor Santa Claus down."
He stroked his monstrous green tool to thickness,
"I think it's time you begged for forgiveness."

Chrissie felt guilty, she didn't mean to hurt St. Nick,
Then her eyes became transfixed on Santa's oversized dick.
Eye's wide as saucers, twinkling with fire
She crawled to the Grinch, and she felt inspired.
She opened her mouth, then opened up wider,
Then swallowed more cock than she's ever had inside her.
Chrissie Loo sucked that Grinch with such vim and such vigor,
That there are those down in Whoville that say his cock grew three times bigger.
The sucking sounds she made bounced off the walls,
While she sucked down and tongued his big green hairy balls.

Tonight the Grinch didn't want just her mouth,
He wanted to lick, he wanted to go south.
So he pushed Chrissie Loo down flat on her back,
Then settled down for an oral attack.
He flicked her clit lightly, then a slow strong lick up.
Then wiggled his tongue sideways, then slid his tongue up.
Chrissie writhed and panted while pounding the floor,
"Oh Santa, no one's ever done that before!"

Then the horny Grinch grew restless once more,
He was getting nowhere grinding his cock on the floor.
"I think you've earned your present my dear,
Now turn around so I can have a look at your rear."
Chrissie Loo flipped over dutifully,
Her ass spread before the Grinch quite beautifully.

Look at that tiny sweet little pucker,
I think that's how I'm going to fuck her.

So he grabbed a can of Slickery Who Grease,
Then lubed his shaft and aimed at her crease.
He shoved it in hard, all in one go.
Making Chrissie wince and cry, "Oh, Oh, OH!"
But her cries only made the Grinch bolder,
So he grabbed onto her hip, and pulled back on her shoulder.
From tip to root he pistoned with zeal,
He fucked poor Chrissie Loo so hard, he made her squeal.

"Oh Santa! Oh Fuck! God damn it! Oh Shit!"
I didn't know you can fuck where I sit!
Chrissie Loo's pain began to subside,
Then something incredible happened inside.
A strong tingling, then an explosion of pleasure
So exuberant no Richter scale could possibly measure!
"Fuck me harder!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Harder, deeper! Stretch out my bung!"

So the Grinch grabbed her pig tails, one in each fist
Then pulled back her head shouting, "Here, how's this?"
He picked up speed, fucking her harder never mellow,
I wonder how she'd like her bowels full of creamed jello?
Then when he felt his need finally arise,
he smiled and thought, I've got another surprise.

He pulled out, and forced Chrissie Loo to her knees
"Close your eyes, my dear, and open wide if you please?"
Chrissie Loo knew just what to do,
She tilted her head back, and opened her mouth for the goo.
Then in a flash, it arrived with a Splash!

Great globs of Grinch goo dripped from her face,
Splattering the floor, making a mess of the place.
It clung to her pig tails, shoulders and breasts.
Then she wrapped her mouth around his cock to suck out the rest.

The Grinch staggered back with a look that was quite queer,
"I believe you've gotten back your Holiday cheer.
Now don't be a stranger, come visit Mt. Crumpet my dear.
We can have fun like this all fucking year."

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