tagIncest/TabooHow The "Sweet Throat" Thing Began...Ch. 1

How The "Sweet Throat" Thing Began...Ch. 1

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There are many stories in Literotica about Incest, but most I have read appear to be fiction. Mine are true stories of real things that happened to me. I've kept a diary over the years, so now it's just a matter of writing about those things and expanding them with recollections of conversations and sequences of events....not always easy. I hope these next fours stories come out okay....

It's been very difficult trying to decide how...where, etc to start this...I think I've sat here "thinking" how to start and every way I think of starting sounds hokey to me...

It all started in high school, I started getting attention...the kind of attention I couldn't understand at first...all from boys...and at home particularly from my older brother. His name was Jim. He was 2 years older than me, and a real jock. He was big and muscular and very handsome, but also very crude and nasty. I think he got that way from hanging around his teammates in base/foot/basket ball...

He started by telling me what a cute ass I had, and then it was comments about my breasts...that were growing faster than the other girls were I knew by far! By the time I left home, after high school, I was in a "d-cup" bra! Now, at 34, I've tried...and chickened out...of having a "reduction" to get rid of these "dd's!"

Anyway, the thing that got to my brother was my lips.....my mouth....my face.... He was always making fun of my mouth...calling me "fish lips" and telling me I better invest in a pair of knee pads soon, etc.

It started out harmless at first....I like bananas...and he liked to watch me eat the bananas... My younger brother Randy, later told me that he used to pick out the "morning" banana for me by helping Mom pick the biggest ones at the store. I am a "real" blonde, by the way... I think they made up all those blonde jokes thinking of me... I was and still am an air head... Anyway, it took, and I'll bet...about 2 or 3 months for me to catch on to why he liked to always be there at the table when I had breakfast.

Well...one morning, I was ready for him to be there.... I just kinda sucked on the tip and when I got eye contact with him, and then pushed it all the way in my mouth and down my throat...and didn't gag....I just swallowed the thing whole...in the middle of it disappearing into my mouth, he was gasping something like "holy shit" and my father looked up from his morning paper just as it disappeared down my throat.... When I licked my lips and smiled...Daddy fell out of his chair, spilling coffee all over himself....Jim and Randy gave me a standing ovation. Funny...huh?!

I remember one night when I was in my room....It was a very warm night...I was wearing a blue chiffon nightie and had the lights turned off and my door closed. I was between my bed and the open window...full moon...It was beautiful.. I heard the door open, and it was my brother Jim. He slipped in....I think he thought I was asleep...until he saw my silhouette against the window lit up by the moon. He stammered around telling me he just wanted to talk to me about stuff....and I told him to get out.

But, he was moving towards me as he was talking, not making any sense as I remember...just telling me to be quiet or Mom and Dad would think we were together consensually! I threw something at him...a book I think.... He caught my arm and forced me down on the edge of my bed. I was sitting there eye-level with the hard on that was hidden only by the flimsy material of his pj bottoms. My god....He was hung....His cock had to be monstrous!! Since I had never seen one before...duh...I'm sure...

He let go of my wrist and grabbed me by my hair with one hand and reached in his pj's and pulled it out and pointed the blunt head right at my mouth, which by the way was wide open in surprise... I had no idea what was happening for sure, only that I was completely dumbfounded! He started rubbing the tip over my lips while he held my head....telling me that he knew I wanted to suck his dick...that EVERY girl in school wanted to suck his dick. He said his dick would look much better going down my throat than a banana....and that none of the other girls could throat him...but he bet I could!

Then the bathroom door shut in my parent's room, which is next to my room, and we could hear Daddy peeing..... He told me to shut up and not ever tell anyone about this and then he left my room...

I'll never forget the first taste of precum smeared all over my lips that night....I licked them clean...It wasn't THAT tasty, but not bad....just unbelievable how HOT I was after that!!! He wasn't around much the next day, and I can't remember how long it was before the subject arose again...but it did....a number of times.

A few months later, I think....I stayed home from school for something...Jim didn't know. He brought home one of his bimbo girlfriends and fucked her in my parent's bed. I was in the bathroom while it was going on...YES, I saw almost the whole thing!! The part that was so bizarre about it, was what the girl said as she was sucking him off.... Something about "ME" having the hottest mouth in school, according to an underground vote by the boys., but that SHE could give better head than me no matter what anyone believed. I remember frigging myself to death on the floor of the bathroom after they left. I was soooooo excited about what I saw...and heard!!!

* * * * *

More to come...I make the varsity cheerleading squad, and the "hazing" I have to go through to be accepted. The date was to be with Lester "the molester", Mr. Rich kid, nerd...., then the surprise of my life...Sean Tranor...and finally, Daddy...

Let me know if this is what you had in mind for me to write about....I'll try to post more as I have time.

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