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How Things Happened


I am a 37-separated lady with 2 kids from India. I had been separated from my husband 8 years ago. My husband walked away from me because of his secretary. I am working in a school and my parents had a house where I stay with my kids.

My house is big and I stay alone with my son & daughter so I wanted to a tenant.

One day my Cousin came down from Lucknow and wanted her son to stay in my house as a paying guest. I agreed his name is Manas and is studying at Hotel Management Institute.

Manas is about 22 years old with a good physique, I was sex starved for long and had a sexual relationship with a lady but was not satisfied I wanted to do it with a male. I used to masturbate with help of toys.

One day I came back from school early, it was a warm and sultry afternoon and went to my room and started to undress I knew that no one was in the house so I was careless and did not close my bedroom window before undressing. Unknowingly I looked opposite window into Manas's room and saw that he was there masturbating with his windows open. I was surprised to see his tool it was big, far bigger than my hubby's one. I had taken off my sari and was with my blouse and petticoat. I was wet and my pantie was dripping. I wanted him inside me. I closed the windows making a noise so that he notices me. I was watching him through the other window he looked up and saw me startled and pulled up the bed sheet.

I used my toys to relive myself, but couldn't forget his big manhood. I wanted to seduce him. I started putting on low cut dresses exposing my breast in front of him. I have big breasts my size is 38d, giving him a ample opportunity to view my cleavage.

Then I decided to by a computer, my son & daughter were asking for a long time. But I did not know computer at all. Manas knew computer and was ready to teach us. He started to teach me first. I came back from school and knocked at Manas's door and went to my room took off my sari and put on a sleeveless blouse without a bra and waited for Manas to come. I lit up a cigarette, I am not a regular smoker but sometimes I smoke.

Manas came into my room, was shocked to see his aunty smoking. I offered him a cigarette he was hesitating to take I insisted then he took one and lighted. I wanted to make him comfortable so I put my arms around his neck so my nipples would touch him. He was red and trembling in excitement. I asked him to show me how to work on this machine.

He continued to teach me and I would make some excuse to press my breasts to him and see his manhood rising and his bulge would be bigger. This continued for a month and I noticed that he comes into my room to teach me computer without his underwear and his manhood stands up straight.

I was taking classes about Internet, I asked him about some sex sites now he has become quite free with me so he showed me some sex sites. I asked him to log on to some sites he did.

My kids where planning to go to Lucknow during there summer vacation, I could not go because I had to check a lot of exam papers. Manas could not go because he had exams, so my kids left for their auntie's place. We went to the station to see them off.

While coming back from station I requested Manas to buy a bottle of rum and a few cigarette. Manas asked me weather I want to watch a movie? I told him ok but where? He told me at home in the computer, I said yes and he went to get all things.

He brought a porno movie and watched in the computer we where horny and I took the initiative and kissed Manas. Then he was all over me and we had sex like wild animals.

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