tagFetishHow To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 02

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 02


Oh, my darling bois. I almost forgot to tell you. When I taught you how to smoke like a whore. It leaves something behind. Hmmmmm. Such a wonderful sweet smell that lingers. In that room you were in. It stays there. For hours.

To be smelled by your wife. Or your girlfriend. Did they ask you? Did they wonder? Who that bitch was? Who smoked? Do they suspect? Are you afraid that they do? That they will find you out? Find out that bitch was you?

Maybe I should have told you. Warned you.

But I didn't feel like it. Hmmm. I didn't want to. That's right, bitch. I didn't want to. I told you. You are my bitch. For now. Until you have learned your lessons. Until I release you. Into the world. Into your new body and soul.

And I wanted them to know. To wonder. About you. And I love for you to be afraid. Fear, my darlings, is what you need to feel. Right now. Before you can fly. Before you can be a butterfly.

You hid it all, didn't you? In a drawer, maybe. Underneath stacks of old bills that your wife, your girlfriend or boyfriend would never look at. A newspaper. Your little secret. It's not so bad, you tell yourself. But it is. And you are. Bad.

You could have thrown them away. But you didn't. You hid them. Because they are yours. Your cigarettes. Your holder. Your case. They are already a part of you. And you lied to keep them.

I'm so very proud of you.

You learned your first lesson. My darling bitch. I forgive you. Because I know that you touched yourself, even though I told you not to.

Because you feel guilty already, and because you will never do it again.

Or so you think.

I know better. I know you.

And I'm going to punish you for it.

Until you scream. And you will. You will scream.


And you are not. Not yet. You are your own mask. Sculpted in years by your parents. By your teachers. Your lovers and friends. To be socially accepted. Be acceptable. That man you are when you sit in your office. That woman you are in the eyes of your boyfriend. It's a mask they have shaped around you. Hardened it into a shell. I will rip if off from you.

There will be pain. I won't lie to you. It will hurt, my darlings.

But I will be with you. I will be your mirror. Look at me.

I will do to me what I want you to do to you. I will hold your hand.

I will be your first cock. And you will be mine.

I will teach you, through the hurt, how to love yourself.

How to truly fuck yourself.

You will need a cock, of course. Buy one. Feel that rush of guilt and excitement again as your bitch steps out once more. Buy it for her. For that glorious glamor whore you will be.

And remember, darlings. Bigger is better. In everything.

But especially in cocks.

I already have mine. More than one. I have a collection. So I can choose. It's like choosing a lover. Do it carefully. Do it with thought. Celebrate it when you fuck yourself. This is not masturbation. This is not what you do when your wife or girlfriend is asleep. Short, guilty strokes and half-formed desires, too afraid to moan.

This is your moment. Prepare for it.


Now, you have probably already looked through the web. Oh, there are so many choices, and in time, darlings, in time you will want to use all of them.Just like each real cock is different, makes you feel different, so will the right dildo, vibrator or anal plug.

I prefer them to be inflatable. So they can grow inside me. Become bigger and harder and hit all the right spots. Hmmmm. Like they are moving inside.

It's time for you to drop the mask. To stop hiding.

Get out your little secret. Your cigarettes. And I will do the same. Light them. Now. Feel the same rush you felt when I taught you. Doesn't it make you feel good? Wanted? I'm smoking with you. For you. Snaking my tongue into your mouth. Can you feel it. Exploring?

Hold the dildo in front your mouth. Blow smoke on it. This will be your lover. You will be your own lover. And who could be more worthy for a bitch to fuck than herself? This will be your first fuck. And I will fuck myself with you

Slide the cock against your cunt. Yes, that's right. It's a cunt. Boi or girl. We all have one. Don't be ashamed to say it.

This is my cunt.

Can you feel your muscles shiver in anticipation? Mine are. Closing. Opening. Feeling the ripped cock against it. My boi bitch cunt. Oh, yes. That's what it feels like to be a bitch. My mouth is filled with smoke. Yours should be, too. Breathe in your own decadence. It will relax you. And you will need to be relaxed.

Slide on top of the cock. Slowly. Do it the way I do it. Slowly sliding down on it. Into your cunt. Into mine. Watch me. And see how you look right now.

All the way down. And stop. Don't move. Feel it filling you. Remember this moment. There will be so many more. But this is your first time. This is what you should remember. This moment. With me.

Now spread your legs. Can you feel it move?

How it makes your own cock harder?

That's right, bitch. You have never been this hard, have you?.

Smoke with me. And feel it. How it all connects. Inside your body. From your mouth to your lungs. From your cunt to your cock. It feels warm, doesn't it?

Silde yourself up and down. This is one of my most favorite things. What I focus on, in those first moments of fucking myself. Just my cunt. Until that feeling spreads. Into my legs. And into my nipples. Making them hard. Pinch them. That's right. There's so much pleasure in pain. Into my cock. And then reaches my fingertips. As they slide to the tip of my cock. Taking that first drop of pre-cum and putting it on the tip of my tongue. It tastes so good, doesn't it?

Stroke yourself for me. For yourself. While you fuck yourself. While your cunt is filled with cock. You want to cum for me, don't you? Want to show me what a bitch you have become?

Do it. Fuck yourself. Don't hold back. Cum for me. Cum for yourself.

I am right now. Because you are my bitch, and I love you.

I want you to love yourself.

I want you to fuck yourself. And say it. Scream it! I am! I am screaming with you! Scream with me!

I am a cock whore!

Yes, like that. I am a whore. Hmmmm. A whore for cock. Feeling your cock tighten. The pleasure from your cunt pushing into it, an electrical current that takes control of you, that is everywhere. Now and forever.


Yes, like that. Like me. I am doing this for you.

I'm cumming with you. For you, my darling whore. Feel it. Cum for me, bitch! Feel your cum rushing out of you.

Hmmmm. Like I can feel mine. Thick ropes that gush out! White and glisterning and beautiful. In my hand. And on my fingers. Oh god, yes! Taste it. Hmmm. Taste yourself. Put it on your tongue. Hmmm. You are your own lover. Taste yourself. I love to taste myself.

Leave the cock inside you. You have time. Feel how you glow. How the sweat runs down your skin. Smoke. Feel it shift inside you, from the rush to calm. Stay there. Stay with me. That's what it is like. To love yourself. To fuck yourself. To be a bitch.

I'm a bitch. And so are you.

You are not alone.

I will be with you, my darling bois.

Through each lesson learned. And each step of the way.

Until you are ready to come out to the world.

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