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How to Be a Female Breast

byDecayed Angel©

How can you be a female breast? It's an interesting question, one I admit I had never really thought about until recently. Sure, I've always admired them from my junior high school days as I began to pay attention to the more curved line of the female form, through my bolder peeks at cleavages on women of all ages, into my prurient studies in playboy, to more intimate tactile investigations (all this happened after the breasts and I were over 18, honestly) and afterwards.

Oddly, my tactile experiences have basically touched upon the extremes in size as I moved from basically slightly inclining mounds highlighted by wonderfully erect nipples, to soft, curving mountains peaked by seemingly smaller nipples. I figure the nipple size is all a matter of optical illusion, presumably they all were similar to each other in size. While this excursion into the extremes in breast size give me a pretty good idea what an average breast might look like (taking averages and all), I do lack the experience with an average size woman's breast.

Fortunately, breast size has never been an issue for me, I can appreciate the subtle change in slope while admiring the line of a dancer's form, while also turning my head at the fluid bounce of a larger breasted woman. I've never understood the reasoning some of my friends had regarding size, it always confused me why a guy would ignore a beautiful, friendly woman with small breasts and then chase after the meanest bitch with enormous breasts.

Of course all this doesn't really address the question at hand: "How to be a female breast?" As I mentioned above, this is a question I only recently have considered. The question first came to me as I read Phillip Roth's erotic tale The Breast, an enticing tale where a man suddenly discovers an increasing sensitivity in and around his cock. The increase in sensitivity obviously led to a heightened sexual experience for the man, leading him to crave more intimacy in bed and out.

Foreplay became more important to him and after sex, he was suddenly inclined to want to cuddle with his girlfriend longer. When spending time with her outside the bedroom he became more physically demonstrative and basically more attentive to the woman.

He noticed physical changes too. A discoloration appeared circling his cock and balls that not only slightly reddened, but was very sensitive. As an average man, he took all this in stride and increased his sexual activity with his girlfriend from maybe a couple times a week to four, five or six times during the week. He did visit a doctor but nothing much was found.

The doctor did want to complete some extended tests and hospitalized the man to conduct the tests. Surprisingly, within a couple of days, the man became a female breast. A transformation had been underway when he went into the hospital, but the overnight change in his condition shocked everyone.

At this time, I could wonder about how it happened, look into the varied theories the doctors at the hospital discussed, even do extensive research into the medical improbabilities, but that is truly beyond the scope of the question. We are, mind you, considering the question: "How can you be a female breast?" not "How do you become a female breast?"

The first thing you would have to consider is mobility. While this may not be a real issue for women with small breasts, it certainly becomes a concern for your normal six foot tall, two hundred pound breast. When considering the anatomy of this six foot breast and considering the problems of chafing and overall support probably the best means of support and mobility would be a large, sling like apparatus. This could be suspended from a framework above the breast. With wheels attached to this framework, there is some mobility.

Of course the breast would need to get nourishment and water. Intravenous feeding and hydration is a painful option, but perhaps if the nipple were partially submerged in a solution it might take in the food and water it needs to survive, much like the air it is breathing. Yes, yes I am cheating here, I am borrowing from the solutions Mr. Roth covered in his book, but it does seem plausible.

Communication might be an issue if the breast couldn't talk, but strangely it can. Yes, I understand no one has heard a breast talk, but have you really, honestly now, really listened to a breast. If it is real quiet and you listen hard enough, you just might hear it speak. You do have to listen hard and don't be discouraged if you don't hear what the normal size breast is saying. Actually it is very difficult to hear a six foot breast talk, so something much smaller it would be nearly impossible to hear.

A breast can and often does listen. In fact they hear very well. I think it has to do with all that flesh and the vibrations it can absorb and transfer. I mean just look how those things juggle as a woman walks, it must sound like drums in the jungle.

Boredom can be an issue with a six foot breast. Now with its keen sense of hearing an obvious diversion for the breast is to be read to. Unable to see to read, the breast does enjoy stories, long novels are favorites, but poetry and short stories are fine too. Of course, like many of us, a breast truly enjoys erotica.

When you think about it, what is this six foot breast built for. Well, considering it does not have the input of hormones for it to develop milk, the breasts next important function in life is not balance or fashion, it is sex. While a breast enjoys being read to, especially erotica, it lives for sex.

What kind of sex can a six foot breast have? Well pretty much everything a normal breast has. It loves manual stimulation of the areola and nipple and if someone kisses or licks it, it will moan in ecstasy. Of course gender can be an issue especially if you have a male female breast who craves sex with a woman. As long as a woman has no problems satisfying a male by kissing and manipulating a female breast then the breast can have a wonderful sexual experience.

Of course what the male female beast truly craves is to penetrate his female partner. "How?" you may ask. Well, that nipple does become erect and if a woman can handle it, the breast would love its nipple to slip into her pussy and fuck her. It arouses the breast immensely and can help satisfy the breast's female partner.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your outlook, the breast doesn't experience orgasm. This gives it the capacity for endless sexual arousal and stimulation, or at least until the breast collapses into its sling from exhaustion. The breast is always ready for sex and since after a while listening to someone read can drive it nuts, it actually craves sex non-stop. A breast's partner must realize this and be prepared for all the consequences.

Obviously there is a lot more to learn about how to be a female breast, but as time and relationships pass science and society will begin to define behaviors and practices in relating to these breasts. Relationships will vary as male female breasts are embraced by homosexual men and female female breast are touched by lesbians. And who is to say we may not begin to see six foot male breasts, whether male or female.

Yes it's a confusing world out there, but if we all learn to appreciate and embrace the breast into our society this would can be a better place. It will be a dream come true when six foot breasts of all sexual orientations and races can happily live in harmony with the men and women who love them.

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