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With gratitude and obedience- your dearest kitten

Begging is act that is not just an art form, but also a requirement in serving as a submissive. To some subs, it may feel awkward or even humiliating to plead for something they want since it has been engrained in them that the needs of their Dominant takes priority over their own. However, begging actually reinforces the position of power in the relationship through acknowledging that the Dominant has the choice to grant or deny a submissive's request depending on how well their level of desperation or genuine need is communicated. For some, verbalizing their needs can be very difficult since it requires deep understanding of their own desires, the ability to articulate personal feelings and thoughts and makes them vulnerable to criticism, judgment and rejection.

Begging can be displayed in many forms such as verbal pleading, hand gestures or kneeling or even facial expressions conveying desperation. Regardless of the type of begging a Dom enjoys or wants performed, the message of sincere need must be conveyed. In my case, my Dom will tease and arouse me to the point where every inch of my body is on fire with desire and I feel as though my heart is pounding out of my chest and my clit is throbbing with intensity and he will tell me to beg for him to fuck me. I can barely stand not having him inside me, so I compose myself enough to verbalize my need for him and how desperately I crave his cock deep in my dripping wet cunt. The first thing I do, is rephrase what he asked of me. Whenever my Dom asks me to beg for something, it is not his words he wants to hear out of my mouth but my own. He wants to hear my need, my feelings, why I truly want what I am pleading for and not just appeasing his command.

Verbal begging involves articulating exactly what you want and how you will feel once you get it. This includes details of your desire. To say simply "please fuck me" doesn't say anything about what is driving you to plead for it or even what craving you need satisfied. I will say something more along the lines of, "I need my cunt to be consumed by you, to feel you thrust in me, claiming what you own. My body yearns for the heat and power of your cock filling me, having your body grind against mine. I am your slut, your slave, please use me. My juices are dripping down my thighs I want you so desperately, please ease the agony of my lust and tension by fucking me savagely." This brutal honesty tells my Dom what I want and why I want him. He also knows that it embarrasses me to verbalize such nasty, sexual thoughts and the fact that I'm pleading in this straightforward, specific way shows him that I am doing this to please him.

In addition to begging with your words, you can also beg with you body or express your desire through your facial expressions. If you spout about yearning to be consumed, that your body actually aches with need to be fucked and used, to have some kind of release from the pain of anticipation, it is important to look like this need is affecting you physically. This aids in conveying that your need is genuine. Getting on your knees and looking up with pleading eyes can humble you, and reminds you that you are begging your Dominant to grant your request. I will find myself placing my hand on my chest while begging, because my words are pure and I am speaking from my heart. There is a pain in my chest from how much I need him to fuck me. I also look him directly in the eye, connecting with him, so he can feel my desire through my eyes. I have the tendency to wear my emotions on my face, so if I am desperate to be fucked, my face will express my agony, my yearning for my Dom's cock. While I'm begging, I will hear myself moan through my words because I am overwhelmed with need. I have also begged only using my eyes because I was in too much anguish to speak, all I could do was look at my Dom with intense, vulnerable eyes as tears of lust ran down my cheeks.

No matter how your Dominant prefers you to beg, it is important to remember that having your request granted is a gift. Pleading properly is to bestow mercy upon you which is something that needs to be earned. While begging, your Dom wants to see your true self, all composure and vanity stripped away so all that is left is a pleading, sex driven submissive who would do anything to have their Dom grant their request. As a submissive, we live to serve our Dominant, and begging for what we need is just another way to please him/her done with respect, honesty and love.

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