How To Celebrate A Birthday


Somehow, I found my voice. "In a minute, now stand up and drop the gown on the floor, and take off your bra as well." The silk dressing gown slid to the floor and her lacy bra followed.

Imagine the scene. There I am, naked, sat on a settee in my Mothers lounge, next to my girlfriend, who is only wearing a pair of white hold ups. I'm slowly wanking myself off, whilst Emma is rubbing the head of a rubber dildo up and down her engorged pussy lips. All the time our eyes are fixed on my Mother, who is now naked from the waist up, and only wearing lacy panties, a matching suspender belt and seamed stockings, and high heels. She cups her breasts, pulling and twisting on her nipples as she moans her way to another small orgasm.

As Emma throws one of her legs over mine and starts to slide the dildo into herself, I tell my Mum to pull her panties to one side. "Show us your wet pussy," I instruct. She pulls the scrap of lace to one side and rubs her fingers over her exposed mound before slowly lowering her fingers into her crotch. "Remember last night you finger fucked me till I came?" Ruth asks me. "And today Ruth, your fingers up my cunt and arse made me come again? Well now I'm gonna frig myself off for you two to watch!" Leaning against the wall for support, my Mother thrust two fingers up herself and began to rub her thumb over her clit. A single bead of sweat ran down her cheek and dripped onto her breast and her eyes began to glaze over as she masturbated for us. I had to stop tossing myself off, as I knew it wouldn't be long before I came, and I certainly wasn't going to waste it!

Emma however, was too wrapped up in the scene to stop. Splayed across the sofa, she was ramming the dildo up herself whilst staring at my mother. I could hear her muttering to herself as well. Leaning closer, and running my hand up her stocking clad leg, I could hear her repeating the same phrase like a mantra. "Cum with me, cum with me, cum with me…" With a surge of sexual excitement, I realised both my mother and girlfriend were trying to cum at the same time. Her shaved cunt made her clit easy to find, and when I rubbed a finger over it, she started to cum, loudly!

"God yes, that’s it, God, I'm cumming, don't stop, oh please don’t stop…." I continued lightly rubbing her clit as she thrust the dildo into herself one final time before she raised her hips off the settee and shuddered to a noisy climax. I leant over and kissed her, tasting the sweat on her lips as our tongues met.

My mother's heavy breathing had turned into loud panting as she neared her second orgasm of the evening. "Cumming…cumming…ooohhh!" She dropped to her knees as she came, gasping for breath, two fingers still buried in her cunt. Without taking her eyes off the dildo still deep in Emma's pussy, Mum crawled on her knees over to the sofa and snuggled in between my girlfriends still wide open legs. "Your poor pussy looks so hot. Can I cool it down a bit by kissing it for you?" she asked. Emma was unable to reply, because I had climbed up onto the settee and had offered her my prick, and she was sucking on it with her usual abandon. She moaned though, as Mum slowly removed the dildo from her and replaced it with her tongue.

Emma was in heaven. I have seen her cum just from sucking on my (average size) dick, and here she was, getting face fucked by me whilst receiving a tongue lashing from my mother. Soon she was grabbing at her nipples, a sure sign she was close, but I was closer. Glancing down at her shaved pussy, I saw my Mother flicking her tongue over Emma's exposed clit. It was enough for me. Pulling out of my girlfriend's hot mouth, I came all over her tits and stomach. As usual, Emma started to rub my cum into her sweaty skin, but stopped as Ruth, rather reluctantly, replaced her cunt fucking tongue with her fingers and began kissing her way up over Emma's crotch, before licking my cum off her body. She glanced up at me and winked, "Mmm, tastes good. Here Emma, you try some." With that, she kissed my girlfriend hard, smearing her cum covered lips on to hers whilst continuing to finger fuck her hard.

The sight of the two women in my life French kissing got me instantly hard again, and I jumped off the sofa and got down on my knees behind my Mum. She was still wearing the white lace panties like a thong, so I pulled the material to one side, and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her sopping wet pussy lips. She broke off her kiss long enough to moan, "God yes, fuck mummy with your big cock now!" I grabbed hold of her hips, just above her stocking tops, and drove my prick into her. As we fucked, she took her fingers out of my girlfriend's receptive cunt and started pulling on her nipples instead. Although I am no expert, this was a 'great fuck'! My mother was pushing herself back at me as we fucked, and she began to shout at me as another orgasm rocked her body. "Yes, fuck your mother's pussy, you know you want to! Stick your cock into me and make me cum and cum and cum! Fuck me hard, hard! Shoot your spunk up your mother's cunt. I want your girlfriend to lick it all out afterwards! Oh God, I'm cumming again!" Her contracting pussy muscles, and the totally erotic sight in front of me was enough to make me cum again as well. Sticking my thumb up her arse, I shot my load deep into Mum's cunt. Her shouts of joy were drowned out as my girlfriend stuck her nipple into her mouth.

As I deflated, my prick popped out, and a trickle of my cum dribbled down my mothers leg. I scooped it up with two fingers, and offered it up to her. Greedily, she sucked my fingers into her mouth, her lipstick smeared and kissed off by my girlfriend. "Ha, it still tastes good!" she replied, before running her tongue round both Emma's still erect nipples. "Right, I need a drink, and then I want to get fucked by that strap on!"

Mum opened a bottle of champagne, and we all drank thirstily. It seemed a touch surreal, sitting in my mother's lounge, naked, drinking bubbly with my girlfriend and my mother, both also naked apart from stockings. I could see dry cum stains on boobs and thighs, and the room smelt of sex. Then, she lay back on the carpet, and stretched like a cat. I felt my cock stirring again. Then she gently poured half a glass of the champagne over herself, and invited us to lick it off. Quickly, I knelt on one side of my mother, and began to lick the wine off her body, paying particular attention to her full breasts and hardening nipples. Emma, who had paused to strap herself into the wicked looking dildo, joined me. Soon, the attention of two mouths and four hands on her body started to have its effect on mum, who began to moan and writhe around on the carpet. Then Emma, who had three fingers in mum's pussy, lay back on the carpet as well. The large strap on dick pointed straight up. "You said you wanted some of this, so come and get it" she whispered to Ruth, who licked her lips and straddled her new lover. "When I fucked your boyfriend last night, this is how we did it," she said. "I grabbed his hard dick like this, rubbed it over my pussy lips like this, and then lowered myself down on him, feeling his hard cock filling me up, just like this!" She grunted as the large plastic dick filled her up, and then she began to ride up and down on it, as Emma began raising her hips to help.

She reached up and began pulling on Ruth's nipples, tugging harder as she spoke to her. "Did you like it when your son fucked you? Did you like his hands on your naked flesh, did you like cumming on his cock, the feeling of his hot spunk filling you up, knowing it was your son fucking you so hard? Did you? Tell me!"

I've watched a lot of lesbian action in porno films, but it was nothing like this! Mum was sweating like a long distance runner, and working her hips to get as much leverage as possible as she rode up and down on Emma. "Did I want him? Did I want his hard cock in me? Did I want to feel his cum dripping off my chin and onto my tits? Oh God yes! Knowing he is my own son makes it even better…and nastier as well!" She looked at me through lust filled eyes. "Come here son of mine, I want to suck your beautiful cock before you fuck me up the arse."

Never one to disobey a parent, I offered my throbbing dick up to my mothers lips. She sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue along the length. I felt Emma licking my balls at the same time as I straddled her head. I grabbed a handful of my mother's hair and began to face fuck her, forcing my dick down her throat. Emma quickly took up the same rhythm as me, plunging the dildo into her as I pulled out, and vice versa.

As Ruth shook her way through yet another orgasm, I pulled out of hr mouth and moved round to kneel between Emma's splayed legs. It was an amazing sight, watching the plastic prick slide in and out of my mother, and I could see it was coated with her juices. Emma slowed down, and my mother wriggled her backside at me invitingly. Although my cock was wet with her saliva, she was already stretched by the dildo, and it was a bit of a struggle sliding my cock into her arse. She whimpered in pain, "Oh that hurts…but it feels so good as well!" Throwing caution to the wind, I pulled her arse cheeks apart, and slammed myself deep into her. Her whole body stiffened as if an electric current had passed through her, and then she half laughed, half moaned "Boy, I needed that. Now c'mon you two motherfuckers, lets go!"

Grabbing her hips, I began a slow thrusting motion, burying my cock deep in her arse and then withdrawing until just the head remained in her. Underneath us, Emma did the same, and soon we were both sawing in and out of my mother, who seemed to be in the middle of one continuous orgasm. It was very strange feeling the contours of the plastic penis through the thin walls of my mum's insides, and it just added to the erotic sensations pulsing through me.

The campaign to bed my Mother had succeeded. The very fact that I was ball deep up her arse whilst my girlfriend was fucking her receptive cunt with a strap on whilst they French kissed beneath me meant that it was likely to be a permanent affair, rather than an embarrassing one off. I felt the tingling sensation in my balls that meant I was near to cumming. I began to thrust faster and faster, and Emma picked up the pace too. Mother had just about lost it. She was drenched in sweat, her nails dug into the carpet, and her head was buried in Emma's neck.

"Here I cum mother. I'm gonna fill your arse up with my hot cum!" I grunted as I shot another load deep into her bowels. She arched her back, and screamed with joy, before collapsing, sobbing, onto the naked body of my partner. I fell back against the settee, gasping for breath, and watched as Emma gently pulled the dildo out of my mother. My cum dribbled out of her arse and dripped over her red cunt. Exhausted, Ruth rolled off Emma and lay on her back on the floor, tenderly rubbing cum into her sore pussy lips. She looked at me and smiled, "when your father was alive, we used to swing with another couple. If they are free this weekend, do you and Emma fancy joining us for a real gangbang…?"

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