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How to Create Erotica on the iPhone


Like many of the writer's of illustrated stories at Literotica I have continually searched for a way to create graphic art that can be easily translated into the text of a story and posted at Lit. While photographs using a digital camera is one means of creating some erotic art, if you don't have models willing to pose in sexual positions you are left to either landscapes or abstract images.

There are some computerized drawing programs that are available that will allow for some fairly sophisticated erotic drawings. From the looks of some of the art included in the illustrated stories at Lit these programs work nicely. Unfamiliar as I am with the complexity of these programs I am not ready to drop a lot of money on one of these programs.

Well, while shopping through some applications available for the Iphone, I came across an interesting product called Sketchbook Mobile by AutoDesk. For only $2.95 I downloaded a product that gave me the tools I needed to create my own erotic art on my phone.

When you first open the program, you are given a brief tour of the program showing some drawing and painting tools, a color palette, and some file management tools. Then the screen falls to a blank page with only a small circle of icons at the bottom of the page. You tap on that circle of icons and it will move to the center of screen and give you three drawing options, a pencil, a spray painter and a brush painter.

You can also choose an eraser, a brush or pencil sizing tool, a layer option, a color palette or a mirroring tool. In the center of the circle of these icons is a dial which will let you adjust the thickness of your pencil line, the paint spray or the paint brush. At each corner of the screen you can undo an operation, redo an operation, clear a layer of fit the drawing to a view. A simple double tap at one of the corners will make the changes indicated.

My Iphone is a 2G phone using 3G software. While it does work well with the program, the 3G phones include features that can enhance your work. I will not cover those since my phone won't let me.

In creating your art, you need to keep in mind the tool you are working with to do the drawing, basically your finger. The screen will not work with a pencil or pen point, so don't have a great deal of fine control as to where the screen will sense your fingertip and put down a line. Unless you are very patient or have small fingers you should veer away from highly detailed work with intricate line work.

Often times you will need to make a number of attempts to get the line placement and curve you really want. You will get used to using the undo feature here a lot. I have found the best way to paint a human figure is to use a flesh tone color with fairly wide brush stroke to form a body part, say the curve of a hip, a breast, etc. Later, I will switch to the pencil set to black and add lines of detail to show the hip more distinctly, to form the curve of the breast or to add an areola and nipple.

Again, unless you can really get a good control of how your finger moves on the screen, you will probably be better off working with abstract or impressionist art. With only a few colors and black lines you can often create a truly seductive image. Often a few lines will offer the hint of two lovers in a more intimate scene that the most detailed photograph.

Sketchbook will also let you import photographs you have on the Iphone into the program. You can then use the tools to alter the photograph or take advantage of the layering tool to actually trace a photograph. Once again, your dexterity with your fingertips will dictate how successful the tracing can be.

The real beauty of the art you create in Sketchbook on the Iphone is the simplicity in moving it into your illustrated story. The size of the art is typically small, but you will need to make sure the width doesn't exceed 525 pixels wide or it won't fit Literotica's guidelines for submitting art. Assuming the art is small enough, all you need to do is use a function in Sketchbook Mobile to email the art directly to yourself.

Once you begin typing a story into a MS Word document all you need to do is open your email, copy the artwork it and paste it directly into the document. The drawing file you transferred from your IPhone is in a PNG format, basically a transfer file, however, I was able to transfer it into MS Word and later into Literotica. If you do have difficulty here, you may want translate the PNG file into JPG before importing it into your word file, but for me the PNG worked fine.

Once your drawing is in the word file, you can scale it up or down once it is inside MS Word using the tools available in the word processing software. From that point all you need to do is directly upload the story to Literotica using the function on the submit page.

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