tagLoving WivesHow to Cure a Stutter Ch. 02

How to Cure a Stutter Ch. 02


I now realize that I was being naïve.

I suppose my thoughts were clouded by alcohol. I probably drank the majority of two bottles of red wine and didn't eat. I got carried away with the naughtiness of exposing my body, just as I had with my boyfriend, Sean, whilst on vacation, why I thought that getting naked in front of Sean's awkward school friend, Rob, wouldn't have some kind of fallout is totally beyond comprehension.

Sean had found me asleep on the sofa, wearing my bathrobe, but only just. It was completely undone hanging off my shoulders with my body completely displayed. Two wine glasses on the coffee table told Sean I had not been alone.

That night when we were in bed I told him I loved him as we made love. He knew something had happened while he was out but didn't know what or with who. In the morning it was time to confess.

I started my confession while we were still naked in bed, I was snuggled in his arms, gently running my fingernails over the length of his aroused but not erect cock. I was going to tell him everything, but when it came to it, I couldn't. I got as far as telling him about showing my body to his friend, trying to reason that it was to cure his creepy attitude when he was in the company of women and comparing the action to exposing myself to the old German holiday maker from our first vacation together but I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I masturbated, brought myself off, with my legs wrapped around Rob's shoulders. I couldn't tell him that I fell asleep feeling Rob gently caress my pussy and that I had no idea how far Rob had gone, no idea if he had finger fucked me or even really fucked me.

I was a little ashamed of behaving that way and embarrassed to tell Sean about the adventure. I felt as if I had cheated on him, even though, at the time I was doing it, I didn't think I was cheating because we had both enjoyed showing me off to strangers on holiday and in my mind I was just extending that adventure, but as I was telling him what had happened, leaving out all the details I realized that it was totally different. I had cheated. I was a horrible person.

Strangely I wasn't in the slightest bit embarrassed by the thought that I had shown Rob my body, instead I was more concerned about trying to explain to Sean what I had felt and hoping he would agree it was no different to our vacation fun together and I really hadn't thought of it as being unfaithful – stupid as that may sound.

Sean though, was very quiet, trying to take it in, I thought, and when he left for work he didn't tell me he loved me or kiss me goodbye. I couldn't tell if he was angry with me, disappointed in me or just hated me, may be all three, but he was definitely not his usual self after I confessed to him and as he left me alone in the bed I hoped he could forgive me.

Finally, when I got up to bathe, the reality that Rob may have fucked me began to sink in. Obviously I knew it was a possibility, but it was a thought, tucked away in the back of my mind. Now I had time to dwell on it and it made me "relive" the moment in more graphic detail than I cared to imagine. I say relive, but I had no memory of it and no reason to believe he did, except he could have. I had made love to Sean when he took me to bed last night but before that I wracked my brain to try and remember what I had felt like, I remember feeling a little sore "down there" but I couldn't remember if there was any reason to believe it was more than my masturbating or possibly even Rob fingering me. Rob fingering me! Wow, in my mind I hadn't even processed that act! I was pretty sure he had penetrated me with his finger, the last thing I remember was him touching me, tracing his finger along my sodden slit, and I did remember the feeling of his finger slipping gently inside me. I had let this awkward, unattractive man slide the tip of his finger into my sex. I had let, actually encouraged, this man I had no feelings for penetrate my body. Why wasn't I feeling sick to the pit of my stomach. I should have been, but I wasn't. I wasn't feeling violated or disgusted with myself. I just thought "Oh well, if he did fuck me, I hope he enjoyed himself!"

My God! That was actually a thought that came into my mind. Rob was a virgin and I might have been his first, the one he will remember forever and I realized that I didn't object.

My mind should have been screaming rape or at least be outraged that he took me without permission, took me while I was passed out and incapable of objecting, but I wasn't feeling that at all. I just felt like it was something that had happened on the spur of the moment, if it had happened at all, and there was nothing I could do to change it.

It was a Saturday and no work for me but, as I mentioned, Sean went to work - he would be home by 6pm, so I was allowing myself to soak in the bath and let my thoughts wash over me. I couldn't get what had happened the night before out of my mind and I even found myself giggling out loud when I closed my eyes and imagined Rob's face staring in disbelief at my boobs. I slid my hand down between my legs and tried to copy what he did to me as I was falling asleep, letting my imagination carry me away, picturing him taking his cock out and rubbing it up and down my vagina lips, letting the tip slip into my warm place. I let my middle finger play the role of his cock as it slowly sank deep inside ...

Bang, bang, bang!

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the front door. I ignored it, but the caller was persistent. More loud knocking, and again more. I gave in, wrapped a towel around my body and snuck to a window that would allow me to look outside and see who was calling. It was Rob!

My first reaction was to ignore it and hope he'd go away but then I realized I hadn't told Sean how far I'd gone and decided I needed to get the story straight with Rob. I also wanted to know how far he had gone while I was passed out.

I noticed him slowly deciding I wasn't in or wasn't going to answer and he turned to leave. I ran to the door opened it and called his name. He didn't hear and was disappearing down the street. I stepped out onto the pavement, or at least half onto the pavement. My right foot was outside the door and on the pavement whilst keeping my left foot inside the flat to ensure the door didn't slam and lock me out, after all I was only wearing a short towel, and I called Rob again, louder this time. I suddenly became aware of one of my neighbors, Ted, from across the street, was putting some rubbish in his bin. He seemed like a nice man, in his late forties or early fifties and I saw him look over at me in my periphery vision but didn't take any notice. Rob looked back over his shoulder and I waved, my towel slipped a little but I caught it before it dropped or showed anything. Rob smiled and came back. I smiled too and as he got closer I realized his eyes where not looking at my face but lower down at my crotch. I looked down to see what he was looking at and to my horror saw that my giant step onto the pavement whilst keeping my left foot inside the flat had opened the bottom of the towel and my pussy was totally exposed to Rob and Ted. In those days shaving wasn't so popular and my dark pubes against the white flesh that had been, mainly, hidden from the sun on our recent vacation meant the hair stood out like a beacon.

My first reaction was to jump back inside but having had all those thoughts about Rob from the night before meant a second reaction kicked in and I fought the impulse to cover up and let both Rob and Ted see me. I looked over at the neighbor, who'd I spoken to say "hi!" But didn't really know, and smiled and waved at him as if nothing was showing. Rob finally arrived back at the flat as a car drove passed and broke suddenly to slow down and get a better look at me. I had a fleeting idea about letting the towel drop, but that, I decided, was probably not one of my brighter ideas, perhaps it would be better to go back inside before I caused an accident!

Rob came in and I told him I was glad he called because we had to talk.

I told him that first I ought to dry my hair and get dressed. I asked him to put the kettle on and make us a tea. I went to the bedroom and began drying my hair. I hadn't realized that Rob had come into the bedroom until he put the tea down on the dresser in front of me. I was aware the towel was beginning to drop quite low and Rob had a good cleavage view as he reached around me to put the tea down. I decided it was silly to worry about it at this stage, considering what I had already shown him last night and even this morning, at the front door.

Rob sat on the unmade bed until I had finished with the hairdryer. I was nervous about talking to him about last night, about what I did and ask what he did. I took a deep breath and decided I shouldn't get caught up in small talk, much better to simply confront him, and my nerves, in one fell swoop.

I swiveled around on the dressing table stool, probably showing him another glimpse of my pubic hair, until I was facing him and asked if he had enjoyed last night.

"Y-y-yes, v-very much." He said

"Oh Rob, you're stuttering again. I was hoping to have cured you!" I smiled at my own attempt at a joke. There was a tension in the room and that was my attempt at lightening it.

I looked at the floor not knowing how to continue the conversation.

"Rob, did, did anything happen last night?"

"Wh-what d-do you m-m-mean?"

"You know!" I said, trying to intone a plea so I wouldn't have to be more graphic than that. I felt my face flush and for the first time I felt embarrassed by what had happened or even what might have happened.

Silence from Rob.

He was going to make me say it, make me talk openly about what we did.

"Did you ... did you fuck me?" I said, feeling some relief that I managed to say it out loud, not just repeat it for the thousandth time in my head.

"D-don't you re-m-member? He asked, playing with me.

"If I remembered I would be asking!" I almost yelled at him with an exaggerated exasperation in my voice. He was having way too much fun with me to give me a straight answer.

"Wh – what do you remember?" He asked, with a mischievous glint in his eye. I had never seen him so relaxed with a female before. Obviously I had broken down quite a few barriers for him.

"I remember you touching me ... down there!" I said, but not indicating where 'down there' was.

"Yes!" He agreed, but didn't fill in any more details.

"Did you, you know ...?" I asked.

He shrugged impishly to imply he didn't understand the question. I let out a frustrated sigh. "Did you put your finger in me?" My face flushed with embarrassment and I couldn't look at him.

"Yes." He said with a nervous quiver to his voice.

"Did you ... you know ... did you finger fuck me?"

"Yes, I – I didn't think you'd m-mind!" He said, looking a lot more bit sheepish, now. It was the first acknowledgement that he had played with me while I was passed out.

"Is that as far as you went or did you ... " why was this so hard to say? "Did you fuck me?"

"Why w-w-would – would you m-mind?" He said looking at his feet.

I thought his non-committal answer meant that he had definitely fucked me. He just couldn't come right out and tell me, he was, perhaps, trying to gauge if I would scream rape or be ok with it, but I felt his evasive answer was an answer in itself. We sat in silence for a moment. He studied his feet while I stared at him. His hair was untidy and greasy, his skin, spotty and blemished, his pudgy tummy bulging over the waist band of his jeans and flat feet nervously tapping out a beat on the bedroom floor. He was one of the most unattractive people I could think of and yet I had let him, no, I had encouraged him to stick his cock in my unconscious cunt!

"Look Rob," I said "I told Sean that I showed you my body"

I recognized a look of sheer panic in is eyes.

"But I didn't tell him that I masturbated or that I let you touch me." His expression hardly changed. I couldn't tell what he was thinking now.

"It's OK" I continued "I can't say he was exactly happy about it, but it's done and we'll get over it, but please don't tell him that we fucked, please!"

"W - What do I get, i-i-if I d-don't t-t-tell him?"

"What do you want?" I asked, shocked that Rob wanted to bargain.

"D-drop the t-towel!"

I sat in silence, mouth open, shocked at his request, his nerve. It felt as if we sat there without speaking for an hour, but then my mind caught up with the moment and I realized that if all he wanted was another look for his silence I had nothing to lose, he had seen all there was to show, so I stood up and let the towel drop to the floor. He let out a soft low whistle and I was close enough to feel his warm breath on my pussy. Then without any warning he reached out and touched me with his finger. He ran his digit the length of my slit and then pushed a little harder, still sliding back and forth over the entire length of my pussy until he felt my entrance. I knew I was wet and ready to receive his finger and he slid in quite easily. I opened my stance a little bit to allow easier access and felt his inexperienced finger try to saw me in half. I said nothing I felt that I deserved this treatment and what's more I felt that he deserved it too. I deserved it for cheating on Sean and he deserved it for putting up with my stupid showing off and putting him in a horrible position with his friend. I also felt that if he wanted to finger me in order to edit the events of last night, then it was no big deal, it was OK.

"D-do you like this?" He asked looking up at my face that I think had remained emotionless. I knew better than to disillusion him and nodded a 'yes'.

"Wha-what d-do you think S-Sean w-w-would say if I t-told him you l-l-liked me f-finger f- f- fucking you in the m-morning?"

My face must have told its story as the blood drained from my cheeks in horror!

"B – being drunk and d-doing something is o-one thing, b-but you're soaking w-wet and letting m-me finger you in b-broad d-daylight!"

"You wouldn't tell him would you?"

"Can I, c-c-can I f-fuck you?"

"You won't tell Sean, you promise?"

He used his free hand to draw a cross over his heart, the gesture that means he promises, whilst his right hand still played with my, now, soaking wet pussy.

"I – I want t-to fuck you" He said giving his finger a mean little twist.

In my mind I thought that he had already fucked me once so it didn't matter, it wasn't making it worse it was just getting him to agree to keep a secret.

Before my brain had worked out what to say, I heard my voice agree to it. I suddenly felt empty as his fingers were whipped out of my pussy and Rob stood to take his clothes off. I stood like a naked innocent watching as if in a daze, then I managed to snap back to my senses enough to get onto the bed and lie on my back with my legs spread and used a finger to tease my clitoris. I watched as Rob threw off his T-shirt. His stomach bounced a little. He was, as I said podgy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Then came his jeans and Y-fronts and his cock, fully erect, sprung into the air, it wasn't standing completely upright, but out at an angle. He climbed on top of me and fumbled as I felt him try to find my entrance with his uncut cock. I reached down and guided him into me, and just like that I let him fuck me.

I told myself this was the third cock inside me, and if I hadn't agreed to do it with him this morning I would never have known what cock number three was like. It was an odd reasoning, but your mind can play odd games with you.

Rob pushed in all the way on the first thrust, then out just a little and in again. There was no finesse, his cock wasn't big, may be (and I am thinking about this in hindsight for the story, I didn't give it a moments thought at he time) may be about 5 inches? He thrust into me about three more times and I could tell by his breathing that he was very close. I clenched my legs around him in a scissor hold and told him not to move. He froze, apart from raising his body onto his elbows to look at me. I realized my hips were now moving, still humping his cock and my vagina was clenching it as hard as it could. I looked into his face and asked if he liked what I was doing. His answer was to shoot his semen into me. I doubt the whole thing lasted more than 45 seconds, but then he collapsed on top of me, mashing his flabby body against my aroused nipples. My hips still rotating and squeezing the cock that was still inside me but now dormant. I concentrated on squeezing his flesh with my cunt and I lowered my legs and tried to shut them under his body in an effort to keep his cock in me so I could grind myself against him, all to no avail, his limp cock shriveled to the size where, if I had wanted to, I could have held it easily in two fingers. It fell out of my wet sex.

We lay there, naked on the bed and he rolled off me making room for my hand to reach down and play with my clitoris. I shut my eyes and thought about being fucked by anyone. I thought about Ted, my neighbor, the one who saw me earlier this morning. I thought about him taking his turn now. Why hadn't I waved to invite him in as well? I thought about Rob telling everyone in the pub how he had fucked me twice and when they didn't believe it he made me prove it by having me strip naked and let him fuck me in front of everyone, I thought of visiting him at home one night – he still lived with his Mum and younger brother – and fucking him on his bed and then fucking his younger brother. I had never been to his place or met his younger brother, but right then I just wanted to fuck. I was feeling very aroused and frustrated. The dirtiness of fucking someone I didn't even like that much and didn't find at all attractive was intoxicating. If Rob had asked me to promise to fuck him every Saturday morning I would have happily agreed.

My eyes shot open as I felt Rob move. He was holding my left thigh just above the knee and pulling it aside to open my legs. I let him. He began to roll over to get between my legs. His cock was hard again, already. I grabbed it and desperately guided it into me. I fucked him with abandon. He was lasting better now and pushing back into me as forcefully as he could. This was fucking. This was animal. No technique, no muscle clenching, no rotating hips, just thrust, thrust, thrust!

Under my breath I managed a rasping "yes, fuck me, fuck me" and he did. He lowered his head and sucked my nipple into his mouth, clenching his teeth painfully around it, then he released it and sucked on the fleshy mound of my tit, then did the same to my other tit. I exploded as I felt his bite. He kept pounding, having come once already that morning he was still able to go on. He slapped into me and I heard a squishing sound as our bodies collided. His mouth was engulfing my breasts again, first one then the other and I orgasmed again, loudly, screaming and that proved too much. Rob tensed up and I felt his warm seed fill me one more time.

We were just coming down from our incredible high when Rob whispered into my ear that he wanted to fuck me again. I misunderstood thinking he meant again that morning and told him to let me recover a little first but then he told me he didn't mean that, but he wanted to fuck me on some other occasion. If he had waited 5 minutes to allow me to recover I would have told him no – it had been a one off, well a one off to agree not to tell about the "one-off' of the night before, but in my post-coital glow I simply agreed and told him he could fuck me any time he wanted.

Eventually he went to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. He came back into the bedroom to find me still naked on top of the bed, legs wide and with my hand gently playing with the hair on my pubic mound.

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