tagIncest/TabooHow To Cure The Flu

How To Cure The Flu


God, I feel like shit. Someone may as well drive a truck over me and then back up for good measure. I can’t remember having such a bad flu bug. The whole week has been a fucking write-off.

Hopefully, the worst is over. For the first two days something very evil was coming out of me, from both ends. Now my bones and muscles ache like hell. The only way I can stop my nose from running is to lay flat on the couch. To keep my mind off the discomfort I’m channel surfing, while I hack my lungs out and feel sorry for myself. Right now I’m watching a soap.

I’m grouchy when I get sick. I admit it. I like to moan and groan and complain. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a girlfriend right now, even though it would be nice to have someone bring me stuff.

The entry buzzer rings. Shit, who could that be? Fuck it, I don’t want any visitors. It rings again. Shit! I roll off the couch and wobble over to the entry phone.

"Yeah?" I grunt

"Hey! It’s your big sister! Got a care package for my sick little brother!"

Christine. Figures. She’s always been more of a mother to me than our mother. Her voice sounds so cheerful it makes my head hurt. "Hey yourself Chris. I don’t know. I’m a mess, the place is a mess and there’s something very nasty loose up here."

"No way, brother-of-mine. I’m not leaving till I give you this stuff. I don’t care if you’ve got the Bubonic Plague."

Well, maybe she’s got some homemade soup, or some videos. I buzz her in and start to cinch my robe.

* * *

Good! Brad let me in. I wasn’t sure he would. My brother gets reclusive when he’s sick. But he has been holed up for days now and I’m starting to worry about him.

The door to his condo is slightly open. "Hey you!" I call cheerily, closing the door and walking into his kitchen. "Where the hell are you?"

"On the couch. Dying." I hear a little coughing fit.

I put the bag I’m carrying on the counter and go into the living room. Brad is sitting on the couch, making no effort to turn and greet me. I give him hug around the neck and a kiss on the side of the cheek. "Good to see you’re still breathing!"

"Jesus sis," he grumbles, pulling my hands away. "Tone it down a bit. I’m hurtin’ here."

"Oh, poor baby," I laugh. My brother is notorious for his bad moods when he isn’t feeling well. But I have to admit he doesn’t look good. His face is pale, his nostrils are red and chafed and it doesn’t help that he has a serious case of bed-head. There is a collection of used kleenex, dirty dishes, empty snack bags, newspapers and a big mixing bowl, which I assume wasn’t for food, strewn on the floor. Good thing I came over, I think.

"I’m sorry about the mess... and I must look like shit," he says, noticing me taking inventory.

"No problem, poor sick baby," I say. "That’s what I’m here for. I’ve got some treats for you and I’ll get your place cleaned up a bit."

* * *

I am right about the soup and videos. Sis has brought me six weekly movie rentals. I figure she threw in "Shakespeare in Love" as a hint I should get my love life together. The rest are okay. She has also brought me the latest Maxim, even though, in her words, it’s "cheap crap."

"Thanks Chris, I was starting to go insane flipping channels." I better show my appreciation.

"I can’t believe you’re actually watching a soap. I’m gonna have to tell Geoff and Sam."

"Fuck off! You better not..." Another coughing fit cuts me short. I don’t want her telling my best buddies anything. Trouble is, my sis and I are so close in age that we have always hung out with the same group. She knows everyone I know. She even went out with Geoff for a while.

"God, you sound like you’re gonna cough up a lung. Can I get you anything?"

"Some of that soup would be good," I say, and then groan. "Dammit, I wish this fucking disease would go away!"

"Soup coming right up," Christine says as she disappears into the kitchen. The sound of pots being moved around makes me wince. I recinch my robe, feeling a little self-conscious that it’s all I’m wearing. Christ, I’m in no shape to entertain anybody. But what the fuck, it’s only my sister. She’s seen me in worse condition. And not so long ago we saw each other naked. Last year a bunch of us went skinny dipping up at the lake. I discovered Christine is less shy about taking her clothes off than I am. She certainly has matured nicely, since the days we took baths together as kids.

"Be ready in a few minutes," she says, coming back into the living room. "So is your cold getting better at all?"

"Nooohhh," I moan. "I stopped barfing and don’t have the runs, but I fucking hurt all over."

* * *

I almost laugh out loud at Brad’s predictable complaining. Funny how a little bit of discomfort can turn a big, full-grown man into such a wimp. From my experience with past boyfriends, it seems to be a common transformation.

"Here," I say, grabbing a chair from the dining room and plunking it behind the couch. "Let me give the poor suffering invalid a little massage."

I give good massages. My ex-boyfriends will vouch for that. Brad definitely looks like he needs some kind of distraction. I sit down and start kneading the base of his neck.

"Uhh," he grunts when he feels the contact. Sounds like a bear who has just found a bush full of berries. His eyes close. Okay, this seems to be working.

I’ve always liked my brother’s strong shoulders. I have a thing for good shoulders on a man. Nice, detailed shoulders. I’m not sure where he got them from, because our dad was never that muscular. Brad works out though. Perhaps that’s the difference. I push my fingers up into the back of Brad’s hair.

He grunts again.

"That’s it," I say. "Just relax and let me work out some of those aches and pains."

"Mmm-hmm," he mutters.

He has a nice, strong neck too.

* * *

Oh... my... God... that feels good! I almost tell Christine to stop at first. My skin has that super-sensitive, almost-raw feeling to it, but the pressure on my aching muscles feels so damn fine! God, how long has it been since I’ve felt a woman’s fingers! There is something about that gentle-but-firm touch a man just can’t reproduce. And a woman seems to know how to find all the soft spots. Ahhh yes! Her fingers going up the back of my neck sends a wave of chills through me.

And then I notice the warmth in my groin.

Holy fuck! I think I’m beginning to get an erection... and this loose robe is definitely not going to hide it or hold it back! Chris will see it for sure if it keeps growing!

For a split second I hover in limbo, wanting her to continue, but thinking I should stop her because I am going to be embarrassed if I don’t. And then, in one of those fateful moments where irreversible choices are made, I decide to stay still and do nothing about it. So her touch is turning me on! Fuck it! I’m sick, I feel like shit and the massage feels too good! If Chris can’t handle it, too bad!

Somehow the decision speeds up my heart, which only makes my cock begin to throb and rise more quickly. All the feverish heat in my body seems to flood into my groin. Too late now! My cock is going to get hard as a rock whether she stops or continues. My growing dick is already pushing up the robe, in little heartbeat jerks.

I hold my breath as Christine’s kneading hands move out across my shoulders. Jesus... she must see what’s happening to me by now!

* * *

You can’t imagine the weird sense of shock I have when I see my brother’s cock getting hard. For some inexplicable reason I keep massaging him, even though I know I should probably stop.

But I am absolutely fascinated by the rising tent in his robe, watching it get higher and higher. I can actually see his cock grow with each heartbeat. I don’t think I’d ever had such a good view of an erection, from the first moment it stirs, without me actually touching it. In a strange way I’m flattered that my massaging fingers are having this effect on Brad.

My God, how big is it going to get? Is my little brother going to let it get totally hard without trying to cover up? He must know I can see it! Or maybe he’s too sick to notice... or care!

A little, warm shudder runs through me. Suddenly I want to see how far he is going to let this go. I lean forward a bit, slide my hands onto his chest, and begin massaging his pecs.

If I had a knife I could have cut the air.

* * *

"Ohhhhhhh..." I can’t prevent a little moan of delight as Christine’s hands begin kneading my chest muscles. I am still waiting for her to tell me I am a gross pig and pull her hands away, because my cock is almost sticking straight up now, the tent blatantly obvious.

But I don’t want her to stop because it feels so good... so very, very good! I have been in such pain that this is pure heaven. Whatever! If she can handle it, so can I!

Her hands move outwards and nudge my robe apart. The terrycloth tent tugs a bit to one side, inadvertently rubbing over my swollen, sensitized head. I’m not ready for that! The raw shock almost makes me sit bolt upright. Holy fuck! She’s going to expose me! But her hands stop and move back to the middle.

Yes, my sister has seen me naked before, but I am pretty sure she has never seen my dick fully erect. Is it possible she wants to?

"Relax..." she suddenly whispers in my ear, pulling my head back onto the couch. "Let it happen."

Her words send a jolt of warmth deep into my groin. Let what happen? Oh my God, I can’t believe this! She wants to keep going!. Her fingers are massaging my temples, but they may as well be caressing my balls.

* * *

Wow! I am totally amazed! My little brother is not so little after all! I can’t help staring at the monster poking up from his lap, barely hidden under the tent in his robe. Where the hell did he get that huge chunk of manhood from? It looks bigger than anything I’ve had experience with!

I remember Twyla, the class slut in high school, telling me that my brother has a nice big cock, but I wrote that off to her vain imagination. I have to admit she may have been telling the truth for once!

Okay, so now I’m getting turned on. My surprisingly un-shy brother knows I’ve seen his erection and he knows I’m not offended or stopping. Poor Mr. Bed-head is obviously enjoying the pleasures of my massage too much to care about hiding himself. At least I’m making him forget his aches and pains... although that superb, throbbing cock looks like it must be aching too. Jesus! What the hell am I doing?

I don’t answer that question. Instead I run my fingers back onto Brad’s chest, only this time I gently squeeze his nipples.

"Oh Gaawwwwddd..." he grunts. "You have fucking magic hands."

"You’ve got... some magic yourself," I say without thinking, my eyes locked on his massive woody. My chest is tight. I feel Brad’s breath catch as my massaging fingers slide over his ribs, close to the knot in his terrycloth belt. Hell, the belt isn’t really tied at all, only cinched. It would probably come apart in a second.

* * *

Okay... ohhhhhh-kay! My cock is like a rock now! That pinch to my nipples sent a final, fattening surge right up my shaft.

Christine’s fingers nudge my robe apart again as they move lower. Holy shit! I may as well be naked! The only thing left covered is my dick and it’s certainly not hiding! For a split second I think she’s going to slide her hands under my belt and grab my cock, but they stop. My sudden disappointment makes me realize I actually want my sis to do just that.

Fuck... I do... I’m so turned on I want her to wrap her hands around my dick and jerk me off until I cum! Oh God... what bliss... her fingers feel like fire on my belly. I can’t help spreading my thighs wider. Go ahead... reach down and do it sis!. I don’t dare open my eyes, breathe or speak, for fear of breaking the spell.

* * *

I smile when I see Brad’s legs jerk apart. Or maybe it’s just my pussy smiling. I love the little erotic rush of power that fills me when a man has become putty in my hands. It is suddenly very satisfying to have my brother at my mercy like this. I love him to death, but he has picked on me so many times it’s kinda nice to turn the tables for once.

I can’t resist his open legs. "Don’t move," I say, giving his chest a squeeze and walking around the couch.

He doesn’t move a muscle. In fact it looks like he’s holding his breath, or dead. I quickly discover he’s alive and well when I kneel down and slide my hands onto the insides of his knees. His body jumps at my touch, a deep grunt coming out of his mouth. But once again he makes no effort to stop me... or close his legs for that matter!

I gulp as I look between his thighs. My hands have lifted and spread the robe enough to see his balls. Oh my God, my little brother’s balls! The wrinkly sack seems to ooze and squirm as I stare, as if it’s ready to explode.

I can’t stand it! I have to see more! I feel his thighs quiver and shake as my fingers knead their way upwards.

* * * Oh fuck... oh fuck-fuck-fuck! I can’t believe this! She’s really going to do it! Christine’s hands are moving up my thighs and they don’t feel like they’re going to stop! Every time her fingers squeeze a little higher I moan. The pressure in my cock feels like it’s going to split the taut skin. And then in one quick motion her hands slide up and fling apart my terrycloth belt and robe.

"Oh yeahhhh..." I cry out, my eyes squeezed shut, as air rushes over my wobbling cock.

"Oh yeahhhh..." I cry out again, in a whimpery, squeaky voice, as I feel her cool fingers wrap around my hot shaft! She grips me tightly, holding me still, making my breath stick to the walls of my lungs.

"Wow..." I hear her say.

* * *


I can’t help repeating my expression of amazement as I grip Brad’s cock. My fingers don’t even meet! What an incredible slab of male beef my little brother possesses! I have never seen such an incredibly big, beautiful cock in my life! I hadn’t intended to touch it right away, but when his monster sprang into view, right in front of me, my hand just reached for it. Maybe I wasn’t sure it was real!

His cock is definitely no illusion... breathtakingly thick and long, beautifully curved and capped with a fat, reddened, arrow-like head! I can feel his heartbeat pulsing under my fingers. All I can wonder is what that huge hunk of horse-meat would feel like inside a pussy... or inside a mouth! Or if it would even fit!

My brain stops functioning. Why bother with calculations? My mouth has been wide open since I flung apart his robe, so I simply lean forward and wrap my lips around Brad’s swollen mushroom tip.

* * *

Yeeeooooooowwwww! Christine’s mouth gives me the biggest shock of my life! The last thing I expected was my sister to suck my cock! I think my dick is extra-sensitized from my flu bug, because her mouth seems to suckle the very cords that hold my weakened body together. My upper body snaps forward helplessly. I try to cry out but my throat isn’t working. My hands clutch at something, anything, to hang on to, as I flop back against the couch.

Her mouth is already busy, swirling, sucking, licking, working more and more of me into her warm, wet oral cavity. Oh heaven, sweet fucking heaven, sweet mother-fucking heaven... I think she’s going to eat my dick right off! Where did my sister learn how to do that so well?

Her hand begins to tug on the base of my cock, milking me, pulling up into her gobbling mouth. Oh fuck... oh yeah... oh fuck, I’m going to cum!

* * *

What a mouthful! What a heavenly mouthful! My lips have to stretch to fit Brad’s smooth head into my mouth. It’s hard to move my squashed tongue. I’m trying to be gentle to my poor brother, but it’s impossible! Especially since I now want to get as much of him into my mouth as I can. His monster cock is an irresistible challenge. Goddamn it, I’ll show him some talent! I fight the gag reflex as I plunge his big plum down my throat and reach my tight lips along his thick shaft. I’ll give him a nursing he’ll never forget!

I slide my free hand under his nuts and squeeze them. At least my brother’s balls feel normal, although they are a little too hairy for my liking. I wonder if they manufacture extra cum for his extra large cock?

I feel him tightening. I guess I’m about to find out!

* * *

I have to take a quick, wide-eyed peek at my sister. Holy shit... I’ve never had anyone swallow so much of me! Christine is a champion cock sucker! My mouth gapes wide as her fingers scrunch my balls.

She pulls and squeezes me each time her throat fucks my buzzing dick. Uh... uh... uh... my... Gawwwdd, she’s gonna make me disintegrate. I’m gonna fucking cum... into my sister’s mouth!

* * *

I don’t usually let a man cum in my mouth. But somehow it doesn’t seem so bad to let my brother do it. I want to give him a treat he’ll never forget, by swallowing his entire load.

He’s moaning worse now than when I first got there, but I guarantee he’s not feeling sick any more! And then I feel his shaft tense and swell. Christ, he’s gonna split my jaw apart! Here he goes!

His cock recoils between my lips like a cannon going off, firing a huge gush of warm sperm down my aching throat!

* * *

I’m gone. Fucking gone. Nothing left of me. I can’t believe my sister just sucked me off, swallowing every last drop of my cum.

* * *

Fuck that was amazing... watching my brother’s face twist in joy as he came so violently! I wait until I’m sure he has stopped shooting and oozing, then gently pull my mouth off him. He whimpers as my lips give his quivering head a farewell kiss. Oh yeah, I’ll bet his dick is feeling a bit sensitive!

"Wooohooo... I guess THAT got your mind off your flu!" I say, breathing hard, smiling with satisfaction. "Not such a sick baby now, huh?"

Brad groans and feebly nods his head. His cock is already looking more human-sized.

"Oh shit!" I suddenly cry out, running towards the kitchen. There is a nasty smell. "Shit! I burned the damn soup!"

I don’t really care. And I’m sure my brother doesn’t care. My legs are shaky and my pussy is warm mush. My only problem now is going to be getting my little brother’s monster cock out of my mind.

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