tagRomanceHow to Cure the Post-Partum Blues

How to Cure the Post-Partum Blues


"Oh my god!" I cried as I came home from a date to find my husband had packed his clothes and left the baby untended. The baby was choking on a bead and rolling around on the floor. I called the ambulance, just in time. I was in shock. All because I wanted a little fun out of life, my child almost lost his!

It all began the day Jeffy was born.

I was terribly unhappy. There I was, only 19 years old, saddled with a husband who drank so much that he couldn't satisfy me, and now with a baby too! Could my life get any more bleak?

I heard a soft knock on my door at the maternity ward. It wasn't my husband. You can bet he was out drunk somewhere. I nearly fell off the bed when I saw Brad, the guy who used to sit across from me in high school biology class, peeking shyly around the door. I remembered how I'd tease him in Mr. Gough's class by sliding my legs open just enough for his eyes only to reveal my panty-less bush. He'd give me a little smirk and I swear I could see a bulge grow under his jeans. How I missed those carefree days!

"Hey, Alice. Ginny told me you were having a baby, so I just dropped in to see how you was doin'. Are you up to some company?" His command of English wasn't the greatest, but he knew just what to say to cheer me up. Plus, he made up for his ignorance with his looks. Dark eyes, thick brown hair curling around his head. Long, muscular legs straining against his tight jeans. Strong arms tanned from working outside building houses. He'd be a good catch for this Ginny person, whoever she was. I pretended I knew who he was talking about, not wanting him to know I'd forgotten her.

"Why, Brad. How sweet of you. Tell Ginny I said hi, won't ya? That asshole I married is out drunk somewhere, as usual! I'm so depressed, I don't know what I'll do!"

"Whoa, I know how to handle depression. Shoot me a text when you get home from this place. We'll go out dancin'."

"Oh, Brad, that sounds wonderful! John will never even notice I'm gone."

"What a dickweed! If I was him, I'd sure keep you home, and not by force either!"

I texted Brad as soon as I got home from the hospital. John was asleep. I left a note, just in case he got worried. Ha! That's a laugh. He'd be dead to the world for two days, sleeping off all that beer he'd drunk during the Super Bowl. It was my turn now to have some fun. I dropped little Jeffy off at my best friend Sue's house. I told her I had some shopping to do and that John was sleeping off a hangover. She was thrilled to take care of my baby. She's very maternal. Well, good for her, I say. I heard her cooing like a moron as I closed the door behind me. I was satisfied Jeffy was in good hands.

I met Brad at a singles bar in the big town across the river. He bought me a Singapore Sling and he had a whiskey sour. The band was really hot, a blues-boogie band, real Southern chooglin' style.

Brad and I don't like disco, or whatever you call that electronic stuff, at all. I call it disco and I don't care what anybody else calls it. All I know is, it's for candy-asses who don't know how to get down and boogie like real people. We were such a hot couple on the dance floor that night, everybody kept ogling us. The chicks all wished they were me, and the guys couldn't take their eyes off my big tits. I felt like a queen, or maybe a princess. Brad glowed with pride.

After about two hours of drinking and dancing, I felt really good. I completely forgot I was a new mother. I was just a carefree girl out on a first date with a hot new guy.

"And why shouldn't I be?" I thought. "I'm only nineteen. Everybody else my age does this every weekend. I'm no different from them!" At my wedding the girls thought I was so lucky. John was still cute, and his future was all mapped out. He was going to take over his dad's shoe store's new branch. I thought I was set for life.

My friends envied me but swore they'd keep in touch. That promise sure got broken fast. Faster than you can say, "Johnny jump up!"

They're too busy getting laid by some new guy every week, it seems. They go out camping, or hang-gliding, and get into all kinds of wild things I've never even heard of. Things I'll never get a chance to do. Or would I?

Brad was taking quite an interest in me lately. "It's probably just out of pity," I thought. After all, I still had that mommy-weight to lose.

"If we keep on dancing like this, it'll be gone soon!" I shouted over the music.

"What'll be gone soon?"

"My flab!"

"What are you talkin' about? You're just as sexy as when I used to peek up your skirt under the lab table. Betcha didn't know I could see it."

"See what?" I was putting him on just a little.

"You know, your you-know-what!"

"You mean my labia majora?" I thought I'd throw out the technical term and pretend to be all high and mighty.

"Bring that thing closer over here, you hot mama," he whispered low into my ear, as he slithered up next to me. I straddled one of his legs while he gave me a long deep kiss, right out there on the dance floor. Thankfully, none of our friends ever went across the bridge.

About two o'clock in the morning, we headed for our cars. This was going to be it, I thought. The end of a perfect date. But I was wrong. It was just the beginning.

"Ya hungry?" Brad said.

"I'm starved!" I was lying, but I wanted to be with Brad a little longer. He was so alive, so fascinating.

"Me too. Let's go to Frisch's for some greasy bacon and eggs, okay? I'll meet you there."

"Okay, Brad."

It was such a drag having to take both our cars, when some people don't even have one car. I felt guilty using so much extra gasoline. I could be nested instead against Brad's shoulder as he drove....but oh God. I just remembered, the baby! I had left him with Sue, saying I was going shopping. What will I tell her?

I will call her from Frisch's and think of something! I didn't know what. I know, I'll say the car broke down while I was at Mom's. She lives way up in the hills. She'll not believe me, but that's OK, she's pretty wild herself.

After we ate, Brad suggested we go to his place for a night cap. I readily agreed. He had a nice little apartment above the cigar shop downtown. It was small, but oh so cozy. I sank into the plush couch and took off my shoes.

I was so wasted I didn't mind at all when he moved close to me on the couch and kissed me -- gently at first, then more urgently. He played with my breast under the loose dress I was wearing. Soon he was on top of me, rubbing his crotch against mine until I was begging him to put it in me.

"But you just had a baby. Are you well enough for this?"

"I think it's okay, Brad. It's been so long since I've had a man inside me. Please give it to me now!"

"Maybe we'd better wait, babe. I don't wanna hurt ya."

"I guess you're right." What was I thinking? I could feel how big his cock was and if he'd stuck it inside me like I wanted him to, he'd rip me apart! I was so revved up, I begged him to eat me out instead. He led me under the arched doorway into the bedroom.

"Hey, you never used to wear these," he joked as he slowly pulled off my panties. He acted like he hadn't eaten in days, as he hungrily licked and sucked on my clit. Oh, how my juices flowed.

"Yes, yes! Eat me, daddy! Run that tongue all over my pussy! Don't stop! Don't stop!" I was screaming and begging for it never to end.

I couldn't stop my pussy walls from tightening up, though. Too soon, the spasms went through me. I shuddered and cried. Then I couldn't stop laughing. It's a good thing he had no neighbors around.

"Ooh you like to make noise. I like that in a woman," Brad said. "Especially one that talks nasty."

I had almost forgotten what it was like to have an orgasm. My whole body was on fire, tingling and jerking. I couldn't stop shaking and laughing. This was a real humdinger!

When I had recovered somewhat, he kneeled over me and put that gorgeous cock in my mouth. It was so much prettier than John's wrinkly old dick. It tasted good and sweaty. Sort of yeasty but fresh at the same time. After the third time he squirted cum in my mouth and all over my tits, we fell asleep under his furry black comforter.

I slipped out before the sun came up, and picked up Jeffy. John was never the wiser. He didn't even care to ask where I'd been. Fine with me. All I could think about was Brad. My hormones were raging! I kept picturing his hard nipples and imagined sucking on them while straddling one of his legs and then slipping my pussy over the top of his hot rod.

I could almost hear his sighs and feel his breath on my milk-filled breasts. Then he'd stick his head in between them and lick first one, then the other. He wouldn't leave one titty feeling lonely and sad. While he licked and sucked on one of my big round boobies, he'd cuddle and cup the other one until the cows came home. Oh boy, I'd be his happy milk cow! I wondered if he'd drink it straight from the source.

I was crazy for his cock. I'd lay in bed after John went to work, playing with myself and running these scenes over and over in my head. I'd imagine myself kneeling under a table, giving him the blow job of his life, while he had to pretend nothing was happening. I'd give him little nips on the tip of his penis until he'd stick his hand under the table and pull my head away from it. Then he'd spray his cum all over my hair and I'd rub my head all over it to get the last drop.

Or I'd imagine us in the fancy hotel across the river, feasting on room service and champagne. That fantasy was a little too tame. So I'd spice it up by having him surprise me with a blindfold and handcuffs. He'd chain me to the bed and tickle me with his tongue. Out of nowhere, I'd feel two tongues going in different directions on my naked body.

I'd try to break free but couldn't. I'd squirm helplessly on the king-sized bed. There'd be two heads in between my legs, and I'd feel their hair brushing against my thighs as I bucked up to get more of those exploring tongues inside my pussy. I'd get so hot thinking about this that I'd have to get out the vibrator and squat over it like it was a real cock, humping and grunting as it penetrated me ever so slightly. My sheets would be drenched.

After just a few minutes, the thoughts would come back. Two tongues inside me...then the men would turn me over on my side. Brad would be in front of me, with his dick going in first, to sort of clear the way through the forest, as it were.

The other guy, whoever he was, would come in from behind. Not in my asshole. No sir, I don't go for that. I'd have two cocks inside my pussy. And both men would be sucking on my flesh as they ground away against each other's dicks. They'd bite me and hold me tightly in between their hot sweaty torsos. I could feel my ass cheeks against the dude behind me, his abdomen cupping them perfectly. And of course, Brad's pecs would be smooshed up against my heavy breasts.

"I'm a butterfly inside a human cocoon," I'd think. I'd snuggle deeper inside the juicy manflesh, begging them to hold on even tighter and then I'd feel them cum inside me, while I bore down on their cocks as if they were twin babies I was birthing. Out came the other vibrator, and I'd try to get both of them inside me but it was too much. Some things are better left to the imagination, I guess. Oh well, I'd be seeing Brad again soon!

A couple of months after I started seeing Brad, I came home from a "date" to find little Jeffy gagging and choking on that bead. That asshole husband of mine had left me, and I was glad. But he didn't think to have someone come look after Jeffy. Thankfully, the EMTs were quick.

Brad felt guilty about the breakup of my marriage and Jeffy's misadventure. He told me he had loved me since those steamy high school days, and wanted nothing more than to make me happy. We're not getting married just yet. We're just shacking up as one happy family, and I'm getting all the sex I can handle. True to his word, he keeps me home, but not by force. I'm so fuck-happy I can hardly walk. Although I keep hoping he'll bring the owner of that extra tongue over for a visit soon.

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