How to End a Bad Day


Using another warm, wet cloth, I clean off the excess hair and lather and then dry you gently. To make sure you don't have any irritation, I take out a small bottle of skin lotion, pear scented and containing aloe, and I begin to rub it into your now naked skin. Your lips are flushed and full from the shaving and from your excitement and your hips grind involuntarily as I stroke my thumb across your clitoris.

Finishing up and leaving you frustrated once again, I remove the towel and return the shaving equipment to my bag. In the bag, I also have a digital camera that I now bring out and begin taking pictures. We've talked a little about this before, and you haven't been to keen about it, but I've promised that we'll look at the pictures together and then delete them. I've asked you to trust me and I won't betray that trust. After taking a few pictures of you tied up and exposed, I return the camera to the bag.

Leaving you hands tied as before, I now climb up on the bed. I'm looking for a little satisfaction now, but I also know that what I'm about to do is something that you enjoy also.

I position myself on my knees, straddling your chest, and lay my hard shaft between your breasts. Taking your breasts in my hands, I squeeze them around the column of my manhood and slowly begin sliding back and forth. With each stroke, I can see the head of my penis appear and disappear from the deep cleavage I've created with my hands. I twist and play with your nipples also as I move, bringing small noises from you, and I can feel your hips moving almost in time with mine behind me.

Stopping again, I move forward just a little, and taking my now rock hard member in my hand I slowly rub it across your lips. At first you do nothing, but after a moment your tongue comes out and licks at the hot, velvet soft head of my erection. It's my turn to moan now as you lift you head ever so slightly and capture just the head in your mouth. I can feel your tongue exploring, swirling and pushing at the hole in the tip, and your teeth ever so gently reminding me who really is in charge here. I move my hands down to support the back of your head and slowly begin to move my shaft back and forth in your mouth. I know you enjoy oral sex and I can see your cheeks hollowing as you suck and move on my rigid muscle.

But after a few minutes of this, I can feel the beginnings of an orgasm stirring in me and I know that I have to stop now if I want to continue our play.

Turn about being fair play, I position myself between your outstretched legs and place a small pillow under your ass. I can feel you tense up, hoping that you know what's coming, and I don't disappoint you. But I do surprise you. Expecting the gentle ministrations that usually accompany my tongue worship of your musky cleft, I surprise you by greedily stabbing my tongue as deep inside you as I can and lapping at your juices with broad flat sweeps. I search with my lips between yours and find and suck in the fleshy nub that drives your need.

I can hear you cry out "Oh my God, Yes!!" as I capture your clit in my lips and tease it from its hood with my tongue.

Your hips buck upward, pressing your crotch against my face as I explore with my tongue. Tasting, teasing, drinking in your juices and bringing you to the edge of orgasm again. But once more I stop. You're almost crying with frustration now, having been left on the edge again, but another new sensation awaits you.

Moving to the dresser, I pull open the bottom drawer where you keep your nylons and such. Reaching to the back, I locate the bag you keep there with the toys I've bought that we've played with before. Opening the bag, I pull out the small paddle that I know you love. We've used it before. No hard spankings that might leave marks, but just enough to give the sensation and the excitement. But this time I have something a little different in mind to start.

You're still tied to the bed with your arms above your head and your heaving breasts make an inviting target. The slight curve of the paddle that fits just perfectly against the cheeks of your ass also fits the swell of your bosom quite nicely. I press the paddle against you, and you jump form the coolness of it as well as the strange sensation of it against your breasts. I give you a moment to think about what it is I'm about to do, and you when you don't use the safe word, I begin. I start with a few light taps around your breasts, at this time avoiding the nipples. I rub the paddle against you and remove it randomly before replacing it or striking you with it, not giving you any sense of rhythm to be able to anticipate. I start hitting a little harder, just on the undersides of your breasts, causing them to jump with each blow. Even thought this is new, I can see you are enjoying it by the way your nipples have hardened and puckered and by the quick sounds and heavy breathing coming from you.

I bring the flat of the paddle down this time directly across the nipple on your right breast, sending lightning bolts of pain/pleasure coursing throughout your body. Your moans are louder now, begging me to stop/don't stop, showing just how much you like it and how good it hurts.

I stop for a moment, and picking up a glass I had brought from the kitchen, I take an ice cube in my mouth and bend over to tease you more.

I take your throbbing nipple in my mouth, the softness and warmth of my lips soothing to the touch, but then I allow the ice cube to fall onto your nipple. You cry out sharply as your overly sensitized bud is bombarded with sensation and you squirm at your bonds, trying to free yourself. I continue to rub the ice around your nipple with my tongue until it finally melts, and the heat of my mouth begins another set of sensations.

Then, taking advantage of your squirming, I loosen your legs and quickly roll you over onto your stomach before re-securing you with your legs spread once again. A pillow under your hips this time and your ass is presented in all its glory. I waste no time in beginning to apply the paddle to it. Starting just above the crease where your legs meet your cheeks, I begin with light hits. Just hard enough to make you feel it, but not really enough to hurt you. Your skin begins to take on a nice pink glow as I start to apply the paddle a little more firmly now, covering each globe in turn and alternating randomly again to keep you guessing where the next hit will be.

After a few minutes of this, the whole time of which you've been moaning/crying into the pillow under your head, I stop once more. I gently run my hands over your ass, feeling the heat my paddle has caused. You are so sensitive now you jerk in your bonds at the slightest touch. I rain small kisses over your ass, licking and blowing air on the sensitive flesh. You are crying freely now from the pain, pleasure, and frustration of being left on the edge of orgasm once more and this time I don't deny you.

Kneeling behind you between your outstretched legs, I take my hardness in my hand and guiding it to your dripping opening, in one smooth stoke I bury it to the hilt inside you. You are flowing copiously and the lubrication eases my entry but the suddenness of it takes your breath away. One, two, three times I buck my hips, driving my shaft deep into you before you begin to shake and clench my pole with muscles deep inside you as the most powerful orgasm you've ever had makes your senses spin.

"The little death" the Japanese call it, and the overwhelming sensations truly do make the world go gray and make it seem as if you have died and gone to heaven.

All the while this is happening to you, I am pressed as far into you as I can get, my hips crushing your tender ass cheeks, as I pump rope after rope of my hot seed deep inside you.

I collapse panting onto your back, both of us sweating freely now, and I lovingly kiss the back of your neck. After a moment, I roll off you to the side and gently remove the blindfold. You blink at the light, then smile as I kiss your mingled tears and sweat from your face. I loosen the wrist cuffs and leg ropes and we lie there for a while, basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking. I tell you how much I love you and you reply in kind. I ask if you are ok and you reassure me laughingly that other than maybe being a little tender to sit for a day or so, you are fine and that you've never enjoyed our lovemaking so much.

In fact, taking the cuffs in your hand, you say "Don't you think turn about is fair play?"

To be continued?

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