tagMatureHow To End The Week

How To End The Week


By Suelove58 (c) 2011

I suppose it all started in the middle of the summer. My neighbours Jackie and Dan were having some work done on their house while they were away on an extended holiday.

When I arrived home from work on the first Monday I found the road blocked by the van and lorry of the workmen working on my neighbours' house. After sitting in my car and tooting its horn a couple of times without response I opened the car door, climbed out and made my way to my neighbours' front door.

I could hear some hammering and power drills and concluded that the workmen just hadn't heard me. I rang the doorbell at least three times before the door opened revealing a young man in his early twenties. He was shirtless, wearing only jeans and workboots, revealing a nicely toned torso and well muscled arms. We both looked at each other for some seconds before I found my voice.

"Can you move your van & lorry so that I can get past please?"

"Yeah, sorry. Jed!" he called as he turned and walked away from me.

I found myself scanning his back and jean-clad bum as he reached across and picked up a set of keys.

"What!" I heard from inside the house.

"Get your keys. A lady needs us to move our van & lorry."

"Ah shit!" was followed by the clump of more workboots as another workman emerged from the kitchen. He was also in his twenties and dressed the same as the first workman. I was frozen in place watching the two of them as they walked towards me.

When they reached the door I realised that I was staring and blocking their way.

"Sorry." I said as I moved to one side. They just stood there and the first one waved his arm indicating that I should go first.

I turned around and walked down the path to my car. Conscious of the two young men behind me I put a little wiggle in my walk. I was wearing a navy skirt from a business suit, a white blouse and two-inch heeled black shoes. My legs were tanned from sunbathing so I wasn't wearing nylons.

Halfway down the path I turned back, ostensibly to check that they were behind me, and saw both lads' eyes glued to my bum and legs. I felt a little thrill at the thought of the young men admiring me. All of that work in the gym was worthwhile after all. I got into my car and moved it away slightly to allow then to manoeuvre their vehicles so that I could get past. As I drove past them I gave them a toot and a wave as a thank you.

When I reached my house I turned my car around so that I had to climb out towards my neighbours' house. The two lads were standing watching. I waved at them again then quickly entered my own home. I realised that I was breathing deeply and feeling slightly flushed. My encounter with the two lads had definitely affected me.

Nearly every other evening for the next two weeks the events were repeated, except that I discovered there were another three workmen in the house. By the end of the two weeks I knew their names were Jed, Tom, Ian, Geoff and Bill. I admit that I started looking forward to the encounters and found myself loosening an extra button on my blouse on my way home.

During the third week the weather was hotter and the lads' outfits changed to shorts instead of jeans and I wore slightly more transparent blouses. On the Friday I was feeling adventurous so I removed my bra in the car park at work and drove home with the air conditioning turned up high in my car. By the time I reached my road my nipples were very prominent. Sure enough, when Ian answered the door his eyes immediately spotted my condition. As he went to pick up his keys he shouted to tell his mates that I was here and they all came to the door to say hello.

Standing there with my nipples visible through my blouse and my cleavage very apparent, having loosened an extra button after Ian had turned away, I felt myself blush slightly as I saw the expressions on their faces and how their eyes roamed over my body. I could feel myself responding to their lustful looks. As soon as I got into my house my hands touched my breasts and through my blouse I tweaked my nipples, sending pleasurable feelings through my body.

I loosened my blouse as I climbed the stairs and removed it as quickly as I could. My bra soon followed it as did my skirt and panties. I was desperate to give myself pleasure and release. I lay down on my bed and my hand moved over my stomach, down through my hair and to my pussy. My fingers found my very wet slit and I slid them between my lips. As my middle finger teased at my entrance my palm rested against my clit.

My finger penetrated me and I pressed my palm harder against my clit. I moved my palm over my clit and an orgasm hit me. I gasped as my hips jerked uncontrollably. I lay back as I started breathing more easily, shocked at the speed and intensity of my pleasure. I allowed myself time to recover then slipped on a robe and spent the evening wondering where this was going.

During the fourth week the flirting continued. I took changes of clothes into work with me each day and changed into them in the ladies at a shopping centre on the way home. On the Monday and Tuesday I wore a yellow dress which buttoned down the front, no bra and yellow panties which matched the dress. I made sure the top two and bottom two buttons of the dress were not fastened.

When I arrived at my road I spotted the lads looking out of the windows so I made sure that I was less careful than usual as I climbed out of my car. I'm sure they saw a nice flash of my panties as my legs parted and I stood up. When the door opened the lads' eyes fixed on my breasts and they commented on my less formal attire. I explained that the air conditioning wasn't working at the office so we were dressing casually until it was repaired.

On the Wednesday and Thursday I wore a halter top, no bra, a wrap-around skirt and no panties. Again I was less than decorous as I climbed out of my car. The skirt parted and my bush was momentarily revealed. I knew I was having an effect on the lads as, when they came to the door, I could see more prominent bulges in their shorts. On the Thursday they invited me into the house, ostensibly to "see their work". I told them that I was sorry but I needed to get home. I did, however, also let them know that I was planning on finishing work early on the Friday so that I could sunbathe in my garden.

On Friday I again drove the last stretch home in a halter top and wrap-around skirt. When I arrived home I was disappointed to find the lads' van and lorry already off to one side, allowing me to drive past without stopping. Ian was walking from the van to the house at the time so I tooted the car horn and waved to him. He waved back, turned back around and walked towards me. I stopped and lowered my car window.

"So, Sue, you finished early after all?"

"Yes, and now I'm off to make the most of the sun in my garden."

"Well, I am having fun visualising you in a bikini."

"Mm, I don't remember saying that I sunbathed in a bikini."

He looked slightly puzzled as he asked "So you like to remain covered? I haven't seen any white patches in the glimpses you've been giving us. Are you a fake-tanner then?"

I laughed and blushed "Well, Jed, I have a nice private area in my garden. I leave the rest to your imagination."

His eyes widened and he was momentarily nonplussed then realised what I was hinting at. "Now that is very cruel Sue. I'm going to be a bit distracted when I'm working this afternoon."

"Well, just keep it as our secret." I said, thinking that there was little chance of that happening. There was no doubt in my mind that the thought of those lads being distracted on account of me was a thrill.

"I must go. Give my regards to everyone."

Ian stood back from the car window and I drove the short distance to my home. When I climbed out of my car Ian was still standing in the road. I waved and went into the house.

I prepared myself a drink, picked up my sun-cream and towels and carried them into the garden. I went back into the house and removed my top and skirt, my mind still awhirl with the flirting. I settled on to the lounger and rubbed cream on my arms and legs then lay down on my stomach and dribbled sum cream onto my bum.

After about 20 minutes I rolled over onto my back then sat up and rubbed cream into the fronts of my legs. I started at my feet and worked my way higher and higher to the tops of my legs. I momentarily ran my fingers over my bush but resisted doing anything more intimate to myself. I switched my attention to my arms and applied cream up to and over my shoulders. I arched my back as I dribbled cream onto my chest. I enjoyed the warmth of the sun as I massaged the cream into my skin. I then settled back as I liberally coated my breasts, stomach and mound.

As the sun heated my skin I remembered my flirting with the lads over, particularly, the last week and my right hand edged to my stomach. I moved my fingers through my bush, teasing my skin with my nails. I could hold back no more and started to finger my pussy. I reached for the sun-cream, poured a dollop onto my hand and worked it into my lips. It felt nicely cool compared with the heat emanating from my pussy. I moaned with pleasure at the contrast and started to rub my pussy. I've masturbated a few times in my life, but never have I used so much speed on my clit and pussy. I rubbed fast, not wanting a slow ascent to my orgasm. The adventures of the last few weeks preyed heavily on me and I needed to cum quickly.

My head started thrashing from side to side as I reached my peak, my back arching as I pushed three fingers deep my slit. My legs were bent at the knees with my feet resting on the lounger. I lifted my bum high into the air as the waves of pleasure crashed through my body. I started bucking as my body convulsed in orgasm. I started to come down from the heights of orgasm when I thought I heard something. I removed my fingers from my pussy and slowly opened my eyes.

I froze as I made out silhouettes surrounding me. Shocked, I saw Jed, Ian, Tom, Geoff and Bill gathered around me. I let out a small scream and covered my breasts with one hand and my pussy with my other. Even though I'd been flirting and teasing them and giving them glimpses of my body for almost four weeks I was taken aback to find them in my garden. I wondered how much of my wanton display they had seen.

The lads moved closer and surrounded me, enclosing me in a circle.

"Wow, Sue. That was fucking fantastic."

In my befuddled state I didn't recognise the voice. I weakly protested and asked them to leave.

"After we've become such good friends? C'mon Sue, don't go all shy and unfriendly on us! You looked so hot fingering your cunt."

Suddenly I felt someone stroke my arm. I had enjoyed the flirting and teasing but a sense of trepidation filled me as I felt vulnerable. I started to stand up to try to get into the house but I was surrounded and they wouldn't let me leave the patio. Hands were now rubbing my arms, legs, neck and back but they stayed away from my more private areas.

I tried to force my way out of the ring but doing so only brought me into contact with one or another of the lads.

"Sue, we won't hurt you. We'll just sit and talk if you want, but let us appreciate your body in its glory for a few minutes."

I looked around and could see no escape. I moved towards the patio doors but came up against Ian. He embraced me, rubbing his bare chest against mine. After a few awkward moments someone's hands stroked my back. Then the others on each side each grabbed a leg. Together the lads laid me back on the lounger.

I struggled slightly to break free but that only caused them to grasp my arms as well as my legs and hold me down. After a few moments I tired a little and each man held a limb in one hand while stroking my legs, arms, or neck with the other.

I closed my eyes as the lad at my head cradled me against his crotch as he sat cross-legged. My resistance was lessening. All five of them continued massaging me gently. I began to relax and enjoy their ministrations. I felt their grips loosen and ten hands were caressing me. They passed around the sun-cream and began to smooth it over areas of my exposed flesh.

The lad at my head began moving his strokes slowly, millimetre by millimetre, from my neck onto my upper chest. At the same time the two working on my legs moved higher and higher up my thighs and the two on my arms soon stroked their entire length to my shoulders.

I opened my eyes to see that Geoff had my right arm, Ian my right leg, Bill my left leg and Jed my left arm which meant that Tom was at my head. They kept their touching away from my pussy, which helped me to relax a little.

Soon they prodded me to roll over onto my stomach. I was slightly worried, as I felt more vulnerable, but they continued to massage my legs, arms and back. They gently worked the cream into me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the treatment. I couldn't help but moan softly.

Assuming they'd kept the same responsibilities, Ian and Bill's hands moved higher and higher on my legs and began stroking the cheeks of my bum. They were soon massaging my cheeks gently and sensuously as Geoff, Jed and Tom worked my upper body. These boys were good. I briefly wondered if they were a regular team at such things.

I'm not sure how long they continued this treatment but I drifted into my own little world under their hands. I was momentarily brought out of my dreamlike state as they prodded me to turn over onto my back. I thought about moaning my disapproval of being revealed to them again but realised it would be no use and lay back on the lounger. The lads re-started their sensuous massage.

In a few minutes Ian and Bill became a more bold in their movements along my legs and up my thighs. Occasionally their hands would bump up against my crotch and the side of their hands would briefly come into contact with my pussy as they rubbed my upper thighs. Meanwhile the other three continued to work on my arms and upper chest and were also becoming more daring, touching the globes of my breasts and moving them around slightly.

Suddenly Tom lowered my head to the lounger, causing me to open my eyes.

"Come on boys, let's move her." He said.

The next thing I knew I was being lifted from the lounger and moved towards the lawn. The cushion from the lounger was positioned beneath me and I was lowered onto it. As I was settled onto it I opened my eyes again. I saw Tom tap Geoff on the shoulder and Geoff released my arm. I noticed that Tom was naked, his cock resting between his legs in a semi-erect state.

Tom lowered himself onto his knees next to me, positioning himself so that my arm and hand were between his legs. My hand was only inches below his dangling balls. Geoff appeared on my right and tapped Jed on the shoulder. As Jed moved away and Geoff moved into my vision I gasped at the size of his cock. Even though it was only semi-erect it looked to be quite impressive. Geoff settled down opposite Tom and he moved my right arm so that my hand was not far from his balls.

This tapping on the shoulder and replacing each other continued until all five lads were naked and kneeling down beside me. All the while the stroking of my body continued. I was enjoying their attention more and more. I was taking deeper breaths all of the time and my nipples were standing out as far as they'd ever been.

Bill, who was working my legs, reached up and touched my mound. This action caused me to shudder and the reflex action of moving my arms brought my hands into contact with Tom and Geoff's balls.

All of a sudden Bill said, "O.K. I can't resist any more."

He then reached over for the sun-cream and dribbled some on my pubic hair. After putting the bottle down he reached forward and rubbed it in to my mound, then trailed his fingers over my clit to my lips. My hips jerked and twisted at his touch but my legs were held apart by Jed & Ian and I was utterly exposed to him.

He rubbed my clit for a minute or two and then slowly worked his middle finger into my pussy.

"Boys, she's so fucking wet!"

He dipped his fingers into me then smeared my juices as lubricant on his cock and stroked himself until his cock was fully erect.

"Lift her up."

Each of the others cradled a part of my body, controlling my squirming. They lifted me up until I was at the height of Bill's waist. Bill then stepped forward between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down my slit. I'm not sure what I was saying but I think I again protested weakly and begged him not to fuck me. By that time, though, I think I knew that any such pleas would fall on deaf ears. I needed to put up the token resistance for my own peace of mind.

Tom and Geoff lifted my head a little so that I could see Bill. He had moved forward a little more and had rested his cock on my pubic bone, so that its head was visible through my mound. It disappeared from view and I felt it slowly begin to be inserted. Bill worked very slowly, allowing just the tip to penetrate me then pausing, then nudging in a little further.

"God, she's trying to suck me in." I heard him say. I was not in control of the actions of my pussy but his deliberately slow penetration was a cruel torture. Bill started moving back and forth, increasing his depth of penetration each time until he was fully inserted. This was the first cock I had had inside of me for some little time and the feeling was something I had missed.

The other men began to rock me back and forth on Bill's cock. He was quite vocal, saying how good and tight I felt as I looked down between my legs, watching intently. I didn't know whether to enjoy it or show a little resistance and fight back in some way. After a little while I gave in to the inevitable and began to respond. As soon as he detected some enthusiasm Bill moved my legs up over his shoulders and signalled the others to lower me to the ground.

Once I was flat on my back he began his own rhythm, moving slowly back and forth. Geoff and Tom took hold of my hands and moved them to their cocks. I allowed their cocks to rest on my palms but each thrust from Bill caused my hands to move. They then wrapped my fingers around their cocks and I tightened my gripped slightly.

I allowed my head to drop back, relaxed and closed my eyes as Bill worked away between my legs. I could feel my pleasure building. A nice warm feeling was spreading through my body and I almost groaned in frustration as I felt Bill withdraw completely. My feet rested on the ground, my legs bent at the knees. The next thing I knew, hands were on my knees, spreading them as far apart as they would go.

"Sue, you smell delicious." I recognised Jed's voice then I felt a gentle waft of air against my pussy lips. My hips started moving due to the teasing quality until hands pressed down on my hips to keep me still.

"Oh God, what are you doing?" I groaned out loud.

Then I felt the soft lips of someone's mouth cover my pussy. I have always enjoyed receiving oral sex and as he went to town alternating between my lips and my clit I moaned with pleasure.

I gripped the cocks in my hands tighter and began to stroke them almost subconsciously. Whoever was between my legs continued his ministrations and I soon began bucking with pleasure and stroking the cocks faster and harder. The lad licking me suddenly inserted his fingers into me and continued his tongue lashing of my sensitive parts. I tensed and moaned a deep guttural sound as my pussy began to pulse with pleasure then, as I came, I screamed then stopped all movement as I gasped for breath. My orgasm had been amazingly brief but intense.

I rested and then Bill resumed his position between my legs and slowly reinserted his tool. I had resigned myself to the situation so I relaxed and began to respond to his movements. I gripped the two cocks in my hands and slowly began to pump them again. Bill increased the force and pace of his thrusts. He reached down and locked my knees in his arms, pulling my legs up and pressing them against my shoulders. I was momentarily discomforted, never having been fucked like that before, then I realised I could feel a deeper penetration.

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