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How To: Female Ejaculation

byblack saphire©

Most women, if not all, have the ability to experience female ejaculation – or squirting. Female Ejaculation should not be confused with urinate although it may feel very similar when highly aroused. How many of you have been so turned on during sex that you found the sudden, inexplicable urge to urinate? Thinking that you are about to pee, you have restrained yourself and held back the sensation – thus depriving yourself of an ejaculate of fluid that goes along with an intense orgasm.

Female ejaculation, to me, is extremely erotic and is a pleasure both for the person ejaculating as well as the person in your company while you ejaculate. It can be related to the thrill of having a man squirt all over you (for those that are into that sort of thing), or sucking or jerking a man off and watching the results of your ministrations explode into his cum spraying out of his cock.

As mentioned earlier, the first step to achieving female ejaculation is the realisation that you can achieve it. Secondly, you must WANT to experience it and as such, you must let your body take control and not fight your sexual feelings. To this end, the most important factor is that you must be completely comfortable with your partner and you must be relaxed.

If you are afraid of creating a mess, line the bed with towels. At the very worst, just mop up after yourself! Don't deprive yourself of an awesome experience just because you are worried about creating a mess....

This how-to will attempt to teach your partner how to give you a most unforgettable experience. After some practice, you may be able to achieve this on your own, but it is always easiest to start of being 'given' and ejaculation rather than getting frustrated trying it out on your own and not succeeding.

You should also be aware that this might not work the first time. Constant experimenting and practice will get you there in the end.

Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, relaxation and the desire to achieve ejaculation are the key. Set the ambience with scented candles, light music and extra towels nearby. Start with a lot of caressing and light touching to get your partner in the mood. Nothing spoils it faster than rushing in. Spend a lot of time kissing her and lightly stroking her body. Once she is sufficiently 'warmed up', work your way down to her pleasure zone between her legs and lick and kiss her vulva gently.

As she begins to respond to your pussy licking, slowly insert one finger into her, palm upward. Slowly fuck your index finger in and out of her as you continue licking on her clitoris. Don't go further in that past your second knuckle.

At this point, gently curl your finger toward you (as if beckoning someone) and seek out the rough, ridged area at the top inside of her pussy. This is her G-spot. Gently apply pressure to this area and using the pads of your fingertips, pull your finger toward you. Don't apply too much pressure, as this could be uncomfortable if she is not fully excited at this stage. All the while, keep licking on her clitoris and vulva.

If she complains that it doesn't feel good, reassure her. Tell her to relax and to trust you. This is extremely important as she must let her body take control and release all inhibition.

At this time, you should notice that her pussy is getting very wet. This is a good time to introduce another finger. Insert your middle finger along with your index finger – this works well for me, but it all depends which fingers you are more comfortable with. Again, go no further than the second knuckle.

Repeat the entire process of curling your fingers upwards and applying pressure to her G-spot with the pads of your fingertips. Pull your fingers toward you and then straighten them out, push them back in and then curl upwards again. Don't forget to keep licking her pussy, paying attention to light tonguing of her clitoris.

You should start getting a response from her now and she should be moaning and bucking her hips upward to meet your fingers. It is time again to reassure her and tell her to relax and trust you completely.

Apply more pressure on her G-Spot and work your fingers in-upward curl-pull toward you- then in again faster and faster. It may help to use your other hand to press gently on her abdomen, just above where your fingers are working inside her. This serves to press her G-spot down onto your fingers.

You will have to work extremely hard now as she will be very close to coming and ejaculating. Keep the fingers working inside her and be careful not to be too rough. Keep your curled fingertips pressured on her G-spot constant and rather than pulling your fingers toward you, press your palm against her clitoris and pull your hand upward – as if you are fucking your fingers against her G-spot. Keep fucking her G-spot using a constant jerking motion and be careful to use your finger pads and not your nails.

You will hear her getting really squishy inside and her pussy will feel very wet and almost sloshy with juices. Encourage her to cum, tell her not to hold back as you keep applying pressure and finger fucking the rough ridged area.

She will feel the urge to pee and she must not fight it. If she cries out "I'm gonna pee!" then encourage her to pee! She is not going to pee but have a female ejaculation. Keep on what you are doing with your fingers and perhaps increase her pleasure by playing with her nipples, lick her clit or whatever else excites her.

Her body will be trembling now and she will be experiencing a rather large orgasm. Again, keep encouraging her and don't stop what your fingers are doing. She will feel the pressure building up – very much like the need to pee and finally, her body will shake in orgasm as female ejaculate shoots out of her urethra.

The amount of ejaculate can vary so don't expect too much – especially the first time. After experiencing female ejaculation for the first time, the realisation will dawn that she is able to do it. The second time will be much easier and the third even easier. Most women are able to ejaculate from normal penetration or cunnilingus once they learn that they have the ability to ejaculate. Some even ejaculate every time they have sex. Once you know exactly where to touch and the right pressure to apply, you can even ejaculate through masturbation – either with your fingers or even sex toys.

This how-to works for male-female as well as female-female. For those of you that are into multiple partners, it would be a good idea to have her suck on a cock or another pussy as she gets worked up. The prime aim of this is to distract her from fighting her feelings and to concentrate completely on sex.

Female Ejaculation is very real and can be a real change to your sexual life. As a final word, always stay relaxed, trust your partner, don't try to hard and above all have fun.

Good Luck!

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