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How to Fuck Me


I can't tell you how to do it to the next woman you meet. But when it comes to 'how to's' the one I'm going to be best at is how to get ME off! So here it comes, ladies and gents. Take notes!

I'm your girl. Not your wife, and not yet your lover. But I'm yours, no matter what title or position you've given me or that the world sees.

You've earned your way into my life by putting in the hours. When I talk, you really look like you're listening. And even better than that, you respond intelligently and can repeat back to me what I've just said. That elevates you very quickly in my book of respect. You astound and amaze me with what we have in common. Our interests, our quirks. What we don't agree on, you quietly accept with a smile. I love that. We can talk forever without arguing or feeling like we're spending crucial hours defending our principles and morals. I don't want to fight or debate with you, not all the time. I just want to get to know you, and give you the honest chance to get to know me. Check another one off for you because you're doing this part so well!

You've wined and dined me. A few flowers here, a pretty shirt on your credit card over there, and dinner at the restaurant of my choice but on your bill. That's pretty nice. When I want to stand up for myself and be your equal, I will. But for now, we're on the proving grounds. And I need to see that you're willing to put out for me...long before I put out for you!

I don't have to ask you for space, you don't invade my privacy. But whenever I need you, you aren't farther away than a phone call. And maybe you can't always come rushing to my rescue when some small drama happens. That's alright, as long as I can hear your voice during those crucial few minutes when something in this crazy world has me about to falter. I've learned that I don't require a lot. I'm not high maintenance like so many would-be lovers turned jerks have said. I require quality time, not quantity time. It's not about how much time you give me. It's about being available when I have time to give to you! Our schedules, our free time, our extra activities -- these things seem to match up. It makes me appreciate you more, makes it easier for me to see you as a real part of my life rather than just a one time crush destined to peter out.

So tonight, it might be the night. We've gone to a movie. I let you choose this one because you've really been great to me. Besides, we have similar tastes. No movie you choose is going to offend me. I might giggle. But with you next to me through the movie, I'll watch anything. I'm falling for you hard, you have to see that by now.

We've had dinner. It was quick, but good. You drove us to a market near my house, let me pick out those special gourmet items I always talk about. And you let me beckon you into my house with one finger, and the promise of good tasty things to come. You let me decide if tonight is the night you enter my domain. Smart boy...

The food was the foreplay. And we both know it. We dropped our coats and our shoes by the door, moved into the kitchen and quietly shared in small talk while I whipped up something I knew you'd like. Now we've finished eating and I've giggled over the few beers we shared. The music on the stereo is something we both like, heavy with a slow beat that vibrates my bones. Now this is where the lessons begin.

Come to me, because even if you can't see it in the way I'm swaying, I'm begging you to hear me calling. Stand up straight, but don't loom over me. Just melt against me. Not too close. I want to see your face. And don't try to be some pop superstar. I just need you to move with me. Or for you to stand rhythmically, swaying almost imperceptibly while I brush against you.

I'm moving against you, grinding my hips against yours, rubbing your arms, your ribs, your shoulders. I know you want to just throw me down and have at it right now.

Don't. No matter what you think you're here for, you aren't here to force me or overwhelm me.

Let me come to you. Let me guide you.

My couch is nearby. I'm not ready to have you in my bed yet. You're going to have to be good if you're going to pull this one off and if you've only ever made love in a bed. I'm ready to move to the couch now. You'll need to be ready to follow.

I haven't touched you much. But by now, you've got to be hard. Do what it takes to set that up yourself. If you're one of those people that needs me to touch them physically, skin on skin, before you can be aroused...we're going to have a problem. As a strong woman, I need to believe you're in a constant state of preparedness. I need to believe that the very thought of being near me, here in my home, excites you to the point of erection. Don't wait for me to slide my hand down your pants like a dance floor slut. It won't happen -- not until we're ready for role-play and I choose to become YOUR whore.

Maybe you need to think of what's coming next to get aroused. Maybe you have to fantasize I'm someone else, some super starlet or some porn mag floozie. I don't care. I don't read minds. Do what it takes. Just be hard. Because when we get to that couch I'm leading you to, I'll be checking. Trust me on this.

We're there now. I've tugged on your belt a little. This is only to get you to be in the same position I am, on my knees on the couch cushions. Me tugging on your belt was not THE SIGN, the one that says, dude get naked now. When that time comes, IF that time comes, I'll let you know. Right now, pretend innocence. Have a questioning look on your face, along with that dazzling smile. Just let me pretend I'm doing the seducing, and join me on the couch, on your knees.

It's time. I'm running my hands down your chest while I lean in to kiss you. Kissing is something we should have down pat by now. I'm thinking we would have kissed many a time. I'd have given you much opportunity to show me that you know what to do with a kiss, with lips pressed against yours. I don't need to focus on that right now. Your lips against mine excite me, have no doubt. But for now, this kiss is a distraction. It's me pretending you're too distracted to notice my hands are going lower...lower....and lower still.

Good boy. You listened. And I can tell that your cock is rock hard under your pants. I'm not going to linger there. It was just a check, me testing to see if you're really into this. Into me. And you are. You pass. We will continue.

This is the part where I play coy now. This is where I pull away from the kiss and make eye contact, where I imagine and pretend things of my own. This is the part in the dance where I tell myself, I can tell what he's thinking about by looking in his eyes. Oh I know what you're thinking about. And your eyes didn't tell me a damned thing. Your cock, hard in your pants, is what I am thinking about. And it's telling me you're into me and really willing to let this play out, on MY behalf.

So we continue.

I lay back now in the corner of my couch. I might throw one arm above my head. This is to make me look vulnerable, exhausted, faint of breath, dizzy. Anything to make you want to jump on me, throw your massive body against mine and start taking me hard and heavy.

Don't do it. Don't fall for the ploy. If you did, I might have let you fuck me. But I don't think I'd ask you back. My trust in you would have been destroyed, even if we continued to see each other. You'd be just a fuck to me. And if that's what you wanted, then you shouldn't have read my little instruction story here. It's not what you need. This story is to tell you how to get ME off. Not how to get me naked so YOU can get off. If you jump me now, you might get your dick inside me. But the chances are strong that it will be the one and only time you do.

You've resisted the urge. Good boy.

Now I'm going to look at you. And my eyes should show you how hungry I am for you. My teeth might come out and bite at my bottom lip. I might run my hand suggestively along my chest. Your job right now? Sit there, on your knees, and smile. Enjoy the show I'm giving you. Watch for the body parts I touch -- take notes! I'll want you to know to touch them later, just like I'm touching them now. Am I rubbing my thighs together? That's because my clitoris is swelling. Am I playing with my breast flesh? That's because I like having my whole breast stroked. Am I teasing my nipples through my shirt with the barest bit of my fingertips? That's a sign, sweet one. I like my nipples played with. And if my hand is wandering down to my abdomen, to my waist? Chances are good I'm hoping for some oral action. Take notes. There's a test later, count on it.

I'm reaching up to touch at you now. And now you're finally able to come to me. I'm hoping you took note of everything I did up to now. Because now, we're going to kiss. And I want to know that you want me. This kiss isn't the surreptitious kiss from earlier. This one has expectation in it. Is your mouth wet? Are you drooling for me, baby? This is where you show me, by kissing my lips, my neck, my chin, my jaw line, all done very softly.

Notes for this kiss: don't pant now, you'll sound like a dog, especially if you're panting in my ear; don't try to whisper things to me unless you're a professional writer because you just won't know what to say and if you say something stupid or macho, I'll be kicking your ass out the door; don't bite or nip at my ear because we're still in the set-up stage and that comes later, I won't be paying enough attention right now.

Now you need to look at me. Look me right in the eye. Right here. And tell me you want me. Don't be shy, don't be afraid to say it. And don't muck around with paperback novel or dime store types of lines like, oh girl you're so fine that I gotta have you right now, or things like can I fuck you now? Just say three words -- I want you. Because believe me, if I've let you get this far, I want you too! There's still a large opportunity for you to screw this up and for me to cancel this whole thing and ask you to leave. But by now, if that happens, I'll be really disappointed. Tell me you want me. And I'll tell you I want you too. I might ask how much you want me. It's just a test, and you don't need to create complicated metaphors or analogies to pass it. Leave that for your wedding night. I'm just a girl and just need to know you really are into everything I am.

Right now, I wouldn't mind if you pressed your cock against my thigh. I wouldn't mind if you looked over my whole body as well. Just don't spend too much time staring at my tits. Sure, they're beautiful. I enjoy them too. But I'm a whole person, not a pussy and ass with boobs. Enjoy all of me and show me with a wandering gaze down the length of my body. I just might arch my back and press those heavy breasts up against you. Just like you're pressing that cock against my thigh. I'm enjoying myself. You're good.

Now I want you to hear me speak. I might make up some excuses on why we can't have sex. Maybe it's my moonflow and I'm too ashamed and horny to tell you to stop. But we really should because our first sex session shouldn't break intimacy barriers. It's just us coming together as one. If this isn't the right time, hopefully I wouldn't have let us get this far. If I did, there must be some reason I'm stopping it now. If I'm objecting and asking you to wait or slow down, just do what I ask. Me telling you that now isn't a good time is not the same as me telling you to pack up and leave. Smile and say, so what WOULD you like to do? And we'll do it. If I say I really need to get to bed, well, I guess you're out in the cold. Something went wrong. If you're lucky, you can earn your way back here again. I'm not other girls. I'm not going to tease you and bring you to this point more than once before going beyond it. You'll have to have faith in that.

Being angry with me right now if I say no would be a bad thing. So let's hope you aren't doing that. And let's pretend I didn't say no.

Good. I want you too, and really badly.

Now you could tear my clothes off, put your dick inside me, and get your rocks off and be home in time to watch the end of the big game on the television. You really could. I'd be disappointed, ashamed I thought more of you than that, and I probably wouldn't want you back. I'm not pathetic, I'm not desperate and at this point, you're replaceable. But then, if you did that, just took me hard right now, you don't care what I think of you and you got what you came for anyway.

The best thing to do right now is make out with me. I'm not going to get into the details of this. I'm hoping that you aren't a virgin and I'm hoping you have some experience with a woman's body. I'm not talking about having sex with a first timer right now. I'm talking about you and me finally hooking up. So spend this time enjoying the sweet taste of my skin, the soft feel of my flesh under your hands, and appreciate the way I rub and grind against you. My hands will wander too. We're enjoying our time together.

Note -- don't make this take too long. I have plans for you. Big plans. And they don't include spending the evening acting like teenagers on the couch. Watch for my signal. It's a tricky one but it's there. It comes when you move your hand lower and rub against my crotch through my clothes. If I pull away, I'm not ready. If I press up against you, I'm ready. So, ask me if I'm ready to go to the bedroom, or say it like this -- can we take this to your bedroom?

By saying it like that, you've given me the chance to say no. You've also acknowledged verbally that it's MY bedroom and MY choice. You've spoken respectfully and made your intentions clear. That's all good, baby. How can I say no?

Don't run ahead of me as we go to the bedroom. Follow me. If I am not holding your hand already, don't reach out and grab it or awkwardly grab at my hair as I walk. If I'm moving fast ahead of you, it's probably because my bedroom's a mess and I have something I want to clean up fast with a quick swipe of my foot before you get inside. If I want to hold your hand, I will. Better yet, when YOU help ME off the couch in a nice gentlemanly manner, I'll fall into your arms and we'll madly kiss again. Let that continue to the bedroom, if I am willing. And I'll lead you there, never fear.

My bedroom. It's my domain. I know where everything is. I walk through this bedroom with my eyes closed while wrapping towels around my hair. I walk through here in the dark if I have to pee in the middle of the night. I know where everything is.

Don't touch anything. Nothing. It's mine. I will probably explain things in my room tomorrow, if I let you stay. Or some other time, when we're just cuddling. Right now, we're about to have sex or something equally engrossing. I don't want to talk about my teddy bears or my portraits on the wall or where I got that particular antique dresser. Just follow me to the bed.

Note -- if you come into my room and immediately get naked, I'm going to think you've got one thing on your mind. And that would be the wrong thing. You're right if this is confusing. It's meant to be. I want to believe at least in my own mind that you are just doing what you can't help but do -- but only what I want you to do. I don't want to think you're following me, staring at my ass going yeah, imma hit that shit tonight! That's not what this is about. It's about me being seduced by you in such a way that it looks like I'm the one in control. Of course I am because I've already taught you exactly everything you need to do, in this instructional story. But I want to pretend, alright? I want to pretend that you're only in my room because I invited you, that you're surprised and delightfully so, that I invited you in. And I want to believe that you come into my room with no expectations, that should I end things at any point you will respect that and stop. Truth or not, it's what I need to believe in order to feel safe, in control and willing to go on.

Wait for me to beckon you to the bed. Maybe I can't keep my hands off of you. Maybe I will be the one breaking the rules. Maybe I will tear your shirt off and unbuckle your pants, throw myself on the bed and pull you on top of me. And that means throw this whole story out the window because you are GOOD and you just hit jackpot!

Chances are, though, that I want to see what you're made of. I want to see how you handle this new pressure. I'm going to slowly slip out of my clothes, and drop there wherever I wish, or fold them and put them away. Are you naked yet? No? Good! You're waiting for me. I might even tease you and ask what you're waiting for. This is a great opportunity for you to act dumbstruck at my raw and naked beauty. Take this time to say something poetic if you're of a poetic nature. Or just whisper softly, 'damn...' -- I'll understand and appreciate anything you say in the positive affirmation of my sexual beauty.

Now I'm beckoning you closer while I lay on the bed. Watch my hands as I watch you get naked. Go slowly, so you can watch me move. Do I hide under the sheets? Then I'm proud of my body but secretly unsure what you think of me -- OR I'm playing coy innocent and really into being seduced. Am I blatantly stroking myself while watching you get undressed? Then I'm saying I'm a dominant female eager to be pleased and telling you that you've got your work cut out for you. This is my room. And I'm the one that's allowed to enter it with expectations. Am I on my knees, helping you to get naked? Then chances are good I think you are so damned hot, your cock so big, I just can't wait to see it. From here, I might even proceed to give you a standing blowjob. Don't ask me to. Don't move my head to your crotch unless you want me to cut your dick off with my teeth. If you get a blowjob right now, it's only if I say so. Don't hope for it. No expectations, remember?

Personally this time, I'm laying on the bed. I hope you're strong. I love it when a man moves over me, using his arms to hold him up and keep his body from laying heavily on me. I love the idea of a man looking down my body, appreciating my curves and dips and valleys and crevices with his eyes. I want you to be imagining all the things you'd like to do to me some day. Today is not that day. But let's just pretend you think it is. Devour me with your eyes. That makes me feel so much more wanted than if you just toss your weight on top of me.

Hold your body up for a very short while, then lean your legs on top of mine, sliding between my thighs. Don't put your dick inside me. That's just rude at this point. Look me in the eyes. No matter what fantasy you had to have in your head to keep your cock hard all this time, it's time to just think about me. Just me. Think about me. I will see this in your eyes, in your hot gaze, in the way you wet your lips and drool while looking at me. And it will make me shiver. It will make me struggle not to writhe underneath you.

You're doing so well. If you're at this stage, you've passed the verbal and physical exams and it's a go!

We're going to kiss now. Let the kisses be soft. Now's the time to nip gently at my ear, and the time to lick that sensitive place on my neck beneath my earlobe. Move a hand over my breast like when we were making out. Remember the notes you took about where I like to be touched? Follow those notes now, baby. Show me you learned my body just by studying me. It's what I've dreamt of, a man who knows me before he gets to know me.

Your job now is to wait for me. You can grind against me with your cock. You can move side to side with your hips, a bit. But don't enter me until I give you the sign. And the sign is? Parted thighs! That's it, that's the big sign telling you to do it to me now, baby, oh yeah oh yeah. Parted thighs!

When I part my thighs, your body should slide naturally between them. By now you should be evened out proportionally. Your head will be above mine because my lovers are usually taller than me, putting their heads higher up on the bed than mine. Your chest might end up near my face if you don't raise up on your hands. If you're super huge, we'll have to do some delicate adjusting because really, this isn't the time for me to lick your nipples. Right now, all I can think about is your cock inside me, so let's not smother me with your hairy or sweaty chest muscles now, okay?

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