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How To Get Rich Quick


So, you want to get rich quick? How rich do you want to be? C'mon, it's just the two of us. Whisper it in my ear; only don't blow in my ear this time. Wow! That much? You are a greedy person aren't you? Now, that is really being rich. Actually, it doesn't matter how rich you want to be because I can help you become as rich as you dreamed of being rich.

Just out of curiosity though, how much money do you make now? C'mon, it's just the two of us. Whisper it in my ear; only seriously don't blow in my ear again this time. It's not funny. No kidding? That little? No wonder why you want to be rich. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to be rich. With you making so little money now, a thousand bucks to you would be a fortune.

Between how to lose weight fast and how to become rich quick, I've pretty much cornered most of the self-help books and programs on the market haven't I? Now, seriously, what about my name Bostonfictionwriter did you not understand? I write fiction. Did you seriously believe that I could really help you become rich quick?

Wait; don't leave just yet because, actually, I think that I can help you to get rich, only maybe not quickly. Let's start with a bit of commonsense first. You need to ask yourself three questions.

1. Why do I want to become rich?

2. How much money will satisfy me?

3. How quickly do I want to become rich?

Seriously, these are important self-help questions that you must honestly answer. Realistically, you will never succeed in becoming rich quick unless you first identify the reasons not only why you want to be rich but also how much money you need to be rich and how quickly you want to be rich.

Moreover, it is important that you write down your answers. You need not share your answers with the rest of us, but by the mere fact of writing the reasons down on a piece of paper that you can review from time to time will give your reasons more weighted importance in your mind. Along with being in your conscious thought, the process of recording your answers will put them in your self-conscious thought and allow you to focus more on receiving what you want.

Basically, it works much like that principal that everyone is going crazy over, The Secret. Well, that was hardly a secret, duh, wanting something so bad that you think about it all the time. Yeah, now you've got a secret, too. You want to get rich quick.

Now, after you write down your answers to these most relevant and revealing questions, why do you want to become rich, how much money will satisfy you, and how quickly you want to be rich, fold the paper in a small square and tuck it away in your wallet or purse. There may be days that you may need a bit of motivation and this may help you to focus on your goal of becoming rich quick and if you have the paper there to whip it out and read it, the thoughts will remain in the forefront of your mind.

Matter of fact, the comedian and actor Jim Carey used the same principal. Early in his career before he found fame and fortune, he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars. At the time, he barely had a pot to pee in and two nickels to rub together. Yet, he believed in himself. Finally, a few years ago, he was able to cash that check. Think about it. It makes sense. It's all about positive thinking.

First let's ponder why you want to be rich.

This simple question has different reasons for so many people. Of course there are the obvious reasons, such as buying things, a new car, a boat, a motorcycle, a grand house, new furniture, jewelry, and clothes. Then, there are other things, such as paying off school loans and medical bills, assuring your children have money put aside for their college tuitions or you have enough money not to worry about retirement. Those of you who travel may put a top of the line recreational vehicle high on the list while others may plan a world cruise or luxurious trips to Europe or family vacations to Florida.

For me, the answer to the question of why I'd want to be rich is that I'd buy my freedom. No longer would I need to work at a nine-to-five job. No longer would I have to answer to anyone. I'd be in control of my life finally and could buy anything, go anywhere, and do anything at any time without worrying about how to pay for any of it.

That is what I'd do with the money. I'd buy my freedom. Moreover, I'd buy my children's freedom, too. Never would they have to worry about not having enough money to do the things that they wanted to do in life.

Now, let's consider how much money it will take to make you feel rich.

Different people have varying degrees of what it means to be rich. If you are a homeless person on the street, they may think that ten thousand dollars is rich, as it would give them enough money to put down on a place to live, but some of life's necessities, clean themselves up enough to get a job, and get them back on the road to making a better life.

There are those who may think that one hundred thousand dollars is being rich, having enough money to buy a new car with enough left over for a down payment on a house. Those two things, a new car and a down payment on a house are the two things that most people want.

Then, there are those who may think that one million dollars is being rich. Unfortunately, so many people will not even earn a million dollars in their lifetimes. A million dollars is rich enough for most people and enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Yet, with inflation the way that it is and after watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous, a million dollars is not nearly enough for anything anymore. Many people who want to experience life at the other end of the fabulously rich spectrum would need a minimum of ten million dollars and more like one hundred million dollars or even a billion dollars to consider them rich.

So, there you have it. Pick a number. What's your number? How rich do you want to be?

Lastly, how quickly do you want to be rich? Yes, I know, most of you who are reading this are mouthing the word...Now! Well, Abra Kadabra won't work in this instance. Even though this story is about how to get rich quick, there is no magic wand for being rich, especially being rich instantly. We all want to be rich and the quicker the better. I've never known a person to turn down free money though, and I have a few ways to get you some free money, which is money that is already your money but money that you may have let slip through your hands.

Realistically, unless you win the lottery for millions of dollars, are purposely and unremorsefully run over by the president of Coca Cola while he drove a Coca Cola truck, are left a vast fortune when your crazy aunt Hilda died, invented the cure to the common cold, invested in a new startup Internet company that actually made your molecules travel through space and time ala Star Trek with their time warp travel transporter, then you will have to make your fortune the hard way. You'll actually have to work hard and earn it. Sorry, but it is best you stay in school and finish your education because you'll have a better chance of being struck by lightning than getting rich quick.

Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are some things that you can do now to become rich sooner than later. Surprisingly, by applying the list of twelve items below, you just may become a millionaire.

1. Pay off your credit cards. Do you realize what those jeans that you just bought on sale and charged on your credit card will end up costing you? Figure about two and a half times what you paid for them. So, those twenty dollar pair of jeans will end up costing you fifty dollars. Do not use your charge card unless you can pay the balance in full when the bill is due.

2. Pay cash for everything, yes, even your car. If you don't have the cash, don't buy it. Paying cash not only allows you to avoid paying extra on interest charges and late fees when you don't pay on time but also it will limit your spending to what you can truly afford. Instead of buying the new Hummer, you may have to buy the used Honda Civic because you only have $10,000 and not $50,000 to pay over time.

3. Except for renting your apartment, which is a terrible idea, never under any circumstances should you rent furniture of fixtures. Stay away from those rent to own stores. They are a rip off. You are better off waiting until you have to cash to buy what you need. The same thing applies to taking out weekly pay check loans and accepting your tax refund money early from those tax services. Do you realize the interest rate you pay them for the privilege of having early use of your own money? It's whopping. It's a rip off and it's costing you money.

4. You need to buy a house. Yes, before you add those shiny $2,000 set of 20" chrome rims to your ten year old Honda Accord, buy a house. Save that money that you would have spent on foolish things towards a down payment for a house. You will never make wealth without owning property. Consider the game of Monopoly. There is no way to win that game unless you own Board Walk, Park Place and the Rail Roads.

5. Pay yourself first. When you get your paycheck every week or every month, put something aside for you. Whether it is $25 or $250 after a year or two you'll be surprise how quickly it will accumulate.

6. If there is a 401K at work, invest to the maximum, especially if your company matches part or all of your contribution. This is free money people. This is a benefit given expressly to you by your company that you can not afford to take advantage of while toiling away for them. It is not uncommon for long term employees to leave their companies with six figure savings over the course of fifteen or twenty years. Moreover, you are allowed to roll over your 401K into another plan at a different job.

7. Pay someone to do your taxes. So many people miss so many deductions because the tax laws change every year and the average person does not have the expertise to take advantage of the changing tax laws.

Now, I'm not advising you to do this, but if it was me, I'd pay someone to do my taxes correctly but not have him file them. Then, I'd take them home and increase all my itemized deductions to where I'm getting most of the monies that I paid in taxes back. Hey, if the rich people can get away with cheating on their taxes and paying one half of one percent on their enormous incomes, why should I be a sucker and pay ten to fifteen percent, twenty to thirty times the amount that the rich people pay?

8. Take a little money and invest in the stock market. On average the market rate of return on investment is 9-14% per year. Which stocks should you buy? It doesn't matter so long as you buy blue chip stocks, diversify, reinvest your dividends, and hope for stock splits.

For those who are nervous about the market and about losing money, buy stocks in the products that you use and that you like. Buy stocks in the company names that you trust.

Take a look around your house at those things that you buy all the time, that you can't do without, and that you love using because of their quality, value, and/or engineering, whatever. Find out the name of the corporate company and buy stock in them. You really can't lose.

9. Buy in bulk. Buy those things that won't go bad, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, paper plates and cups, Kleenex, water, trash bags, lunch bags, tin foil, plastic wrap, soaps, dish detergent, tooth paste, shampoo, razor blades, deodorant, breath mints, and/or anything that has a shelf life of at least a year. Watch for sales and buy it by the case. You will be amazed how much money you will not only save but also how much money you will have at the end of the year because your pantry will be completely stocked.

My favorite stores are BJ's Wholesale Club and Wal-Mart. If I can't buy what I need at either of those stores, I do without. Yeah, sometimes I splurge and hit the outlet stores, but I leave my charge card home pay cash for what I buy.

10. Whenever you must buy appliances or furniture shop around for deals. So many companies now offer no interest financing so long as you pay for your purchases within the allotted time. The catch, of course, is that if you don't pay for the purchase in that time, you will be charged interest from the day you made your purchase.

11. Use it up, pass it down, wear it out, and repair it before buying anything new. We all waste so much money buying stuff we don't need. Think about and question what you are spending your money on and why you are spending it before reaching in your pocket. Do you really want that? Do you really need that? Impulse shopping is the worst. Stay away from the malls.

12. I've saved the best for last. This last item is the most important and is the best way that I know how to get rich quick. Are you ready?

Buy life insurance, lots of it and make me the beneficiary.

Definitely, if you follow my instruction, you will make me rich quick. Hey, this is my way to get rich quick with the death of you. Don't worry; I'll come visit your tombstone some day.

Rest in peace.

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