tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHow To Get Things Done

How To Get Things Done


No matter how hard Henry tried he just couldn't get ahead of all the things the new house needed. There was always something left to do. It seemed like once he completed one project three others would pop up. Bonnie was worried about him. He was a proud, hands-on type of guy. He was also a little cheap and rarely would pay someone to help. Bonnie had begun to feel helpless. Most of the projects were beyond her skill set and she desperately wanted to lighten his load so that they could spend more time together. Knowing that she would be home all summer she had to come up with a plan to help.

One day she got up the nerve to call a plumber to look at the leaking faucet that had been an aggravation for the whole family. When she called she told them that she only wanted an estimate. If the cost was low enough she thought she might be able to pay for it without Henry knowing.

An hour or so later the doorbell rang. The plumber had arrived. He introduced himself as Paul and they made small talk as she led him into the house. No one else was home which made her a bit nervous. Paul seemed like a nice guy. He was clean cut, probably in his late twenties, with a medium build.

She led him to the sink where he began to look at the faucet. He eventually crawled under the sink to get a better look. Bonnie had dressed that day like every other day during the summer. She wore loose shorts and a v-cut t-shirt. Since she had been lounging around the house she had forgotten to put on a bra. Henry always liked the way the shirts would show off her cleavage so she had a lot of them. Her greatest assets were her breast. They were large, very full, and were always a part of sex with Henry.

Paul lay on the floor with his head and shoulders under the sink. Bonnie cringed every time he made an "uh oh" or "hmm" sound. None of that sounded good and the estimate would surely be high. She was worried about being taken advantage of because she was a woman. Paul asked her to lean down and he would show her what he found. The only way Bonnie was able to do this was by standing over Paul.

As Paul was pointing out the problem he realized that he had a perfect view of Bonnie's immense cleavage. The v-cut fell loose and while Bonnie was focusing on what he was saying about the faucet Paul was imagining what the rest of her tits looked like.

Bonnie stood back up and asked the question she feared the answer to, "How much?" Paul said that normally a job like this would run about $300. Bonnie said that was more than she was willing to pay and they would just have to continue living with the problem. Paul thought for a minute and offered that he could probably fix it for about $200 on two conditions: pay him in cash and Bonnie would have to help him by handing tools and holding the flashlight. Bonnie agreed and Paul went out to his truck to get supplies.

He crawled back under the sink and began to work. Bonnie grabbed the flashlight and moved to stand over him. Like before when she leaned over her loose shirt gave a wonderful view. It was hard for Paul to concentrate with the sight of those two huge boobs almost revealing their glory to him. They appeared as if they were ready to pop out at any minute if she leaned any further.

For her part, Bonnie had not picked up on the fact that she was giving Paul quite the show. Outside of Henry and several Doctors, she had never shown her breast to another man.

To make it interesting, Paul had Bonnie hand him several tools that were lying at his feet. He didn't really need them but he thought every movement Bonnie made might help release those magnificent tits.

She returned to holding the light but Paul asked her to lean in closer so the light would reach further behind the sink. Bonnie did so and Paul's reward got better. He could almost see a nipple crowning at the end of one of her breast. It was at that time that Bonnie realized the position she was in. Here she was a woman in her early forties, crouched-down and almost straddling a younger man to whom she was giving him an eyeful of her breasts. Paul sensed her discovery and worried that he had been caught. Quickly he thought how he could keep the scenery going and not get thrown out the house.

He said it looked like it might be a little more work to it than he had thought and the price might have to increase a bit. This worried Bonnie. Her sink was all apart and she couldn't leave such a mess for Henry to come home to so she got an idea of her own. Obviously Paul liked looking at her breast and she did not see any harm in that. She said listen, "a deal is a deal" and I need this fixed. With that, she stood up and said she needed to change into a shirt that could get dirty and when she got back she would continue helping.

Paul figured he had been busted and knew he was lucky she hadn't called his boss or the cops. When she came back to the kitchen he expected her to have more conservative attire. What he saw was nothing close to conservative. Bonnie had changed to a stretched-out tank top that fit her very loosely to the point that it could barely stay on her shoulders.

Before Paul could say a word Bonnie spoke up. "Look, I need this work done for the price we agreed upon and if my helping you can't keep the price down then you'll need to leave now." With that Paul agreed that her helping him would work.

Paul crawled back under the sink and got back to work. A part of him was afraid to ask Bonnie to hold the light again. Before he could ask, Bonnie grabbed the flash light and asked him where she needed to shine it. "Uhh, toward the back of the sink," he said trying not to sound too eager.

Bonnie leaned in and began to hold the light. There wasn't enough room for her to get under the sink so she had to point it under from an awkward position. This, once again, allowed Paul an unobstructed view of Bonnie's tits. Plus, she couldn't see that he was even looking at them. Of course she knew this but was willing to play this game if it meant that she could get the faucet fixed for a low price.

As expected, Paul could see her tits more easily. They were very large with perfectly proportioned areolas. Her nipples were also large and were at full attention. Paul wondered if they were hard because she was turned on. He wanted to reach out and grab them and run his tongue over every inch of them but somehow he maintained self-control. He could feel his dick beginning to stir and with Bonnie having to squat over him in a straddle-like manner he worried that he would not be able to hide his erection from her.

For her part, Bonnie had begun to wonder if Paul enjoyed the show. She was starting to feel empowered by the situation. She was also starting to feel a tingle between her legs. She dismissed any guilt with the joy she knew Henry would have over her getting the faucet fixed. Plus, she was getting so horny that she was already thinking of ways to celebrate when Henry got home.

Paul was trying to focus on his work but those tits just kept swaying back and forth. Truth be told he was just about half-way finished but he didn't want to end his experience just yet. His cock had reached full erection and he knew it had to be obvious to Bonnie if she looked. He tried to wiggle around just a bit to his side in hopes that he could conceal it. In doing so he accidently rubbed the side of Bonnie's leg. To shift attention he told Bonnie that she was doing a great job and that it wouldn't be much longer.

Bonnie was surprised that he had barely been there thirty minutes and was claiming to be nearly finished. Thinking back to the original estimate of $300 he had given her she now understood why Henry insisted on doing such projects himself. At that moment she wondered if she was getting screwed because she was a woman. That's when she thought about whether she could get the price lowered. She knew Paul was getting turned-on. She had noticed the bulge in his pants and his slick attempt to conceal it. She had also felt the moisture building between her legs when he "accidentally" brushed his pants-covered dick against her leg. She had an idea.

As Paul continued working Bonnie asked him if the price would be reduced since it didn't seem to take as long to fix it. He said he was sorry but a standard house call was $200 and that was what his boss would expect. Bonnie said that didn't seem fair, especially since she was helping him so much. As Paul looked away from the faucet and back to Bonnie's tittie's he knew without a doubt that Bonnie was aware of the show she was giving him. Bonnie had lifted the shirt and was gently rubbing her nipples, squeezing them to keep them hard. Paul imagined it was his hands doing the rubbing

As Bonnie continued caressing her breast with one hand while holding the flashlight with the other she asked Paul to reconsider lowering the price. In a moment of confused lust Paul said how about $150. That was getting close but Bonnie felt like he could do better.

Paul was finding it extremely hard to focus on finishing the job. He asked Bonnie to hand him a crescent wrench and told her he did not need the light anymore. She reached around for the wrench and let her leg lightly touch his hard-on. When she turned to hand it to him he had already extended his hand out. Seeing another opportunity, Bonnie leaned down to where her breasts were dangling just above his hand. "Here it is," she said, as his hand begun to blindly reach for it.

As Paul reached for the wrench he was expecting to feel its cold hard steel but he encountered something much different. His hand had found one of Bonnie's breasts. As he tried to move his hand back in embarrassment, Bonnie reached out and placed his hand purposely on her left breast. "Isn't this what you've been wanting to hold the entire time?" she asked. He was speechless. He slid out from under the sink and placed his other hand on her right breast. They were as soft as he had imagined. They felt so good in the palm of his hands. The nipples were firm and attentive.

Bonnie asked him if he was still sure about the estimate. Paul said he would lower it to $100. Bonnie leaned in further, smothering Paul's face with her titties. Paul opened his mouth and began to kiss them. Licking them like a kid with a lollipop. He gently sucked on the nipples, making sure to give equal attention.

Bonnie asked again if that was best price he could give. She couldn't stand much more as her breast were on fire and her pussy had gotten so wet she was sure she was dripping through her shorts. She reached down and lightly rubbed his cock thru his pants and could tell he was about to cum. She imagined that Henry would be pounding her pussy later that night and she would have her turn.

Paul continued to lick her tits. The action was too much for him as he shot his load into his pants. Bonnie asked again about the estimate. After he regained his composure he said it was an easy job and he would just tell the boss that it would be a comp job for a future referral. Bonnie thanked him and Paul finished the job and left.

Later when Henry got home Bonnie surprised him with the fixed faucet. He was amazed that it didn't cost anything. "Usually all they want to do is screw you over the work", he said. "Not this time", Bonnie said. "This time I figured out how to get things done."

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