tagLoving WivesHow To Get Things Done Pt. 02

How To Get Things Done Pt. 02


Bonnie's experience with the plumber had not only gotten the faucet fixed it had stirred in her untapped feelings of sexuality and empowerment. Having another man get a hard-on and ejaculate at the sight and touch of her tits was something she had never even thought to imagine. The other plus was that she was carrying her new found lust into the bedroom with Henry, and he certainly was not complaining.

In addition to her emerging sexual awareness, she still wanted to help get more things done around their home. The summer would be over before she knew it and her opportunities to help Henry would be gone as well. There were still many things that he had on his "list" to get accomplished, she just had to figure out which ones she could help with.

One day, while she was sitting out by the pool, Bonnie noticed the pump house was still not completely finished. It needed some trim boards added and a coat of paint. It also needed some hinges installed on the door. She didn't know how to operate a saw or any of the other tools that would be needed but she knew which boards Henry wanted to use. She looked up a number for a handyman and nervously called to get an estimate. A guy named Charlie answered and said that he did all types of work and could handle this job easily. He agreed to come by sometime the next day and give her a quote and if she liked the price he could start immediately.

The next morning the doorbell rang about 8 o'clock. Bonnie was still in the bed and hurried to the door. She peeked out the window and saw a work truck sitting in the driveway. From the writing on the side she knew it was Charlie. She had not expected him this early and since she had just woken up she was only wearing a nightgown and nothing else. The cream colored nightgown was a little worn which made it very sheer.

She answered the door and Charlie introduced himself. He was about average height but a little stocky. His hair was black and his skin was tan, which was probably due to the type of work he did. His eyes were brown and he looked to be in his thirties. Without thinking Bonnie led him around back to the pump house. As she walked by his truck she saw another man sitting in the passenger seat. Charlie noticed this and told Bonnie that John was his assistant and he would be helping if they got the job.

The coolness of the morning and the thought that she was naked under her nightgown had started to make Bonnie's tits hard. She knew that the morning sunlight would probably make them clearly visible to both men but for a change she was okay with it. Let them look she thought, maybe it will help me get a better price. About this time she heard the door to the truck open and close. She looked back to see that John was following them around to the back of the house. When they got to the pump house she noticed that John was a younger man, probably in his early twenties, with short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was slightly taller than Charlie but thinner. Both men were somewhat attractive in their own way.

Bonnie showed them the pump house and what she wanted to have done. Charlie said they could handle it but it would cost about $250. That didn't seem too high but Bonnie thought she might be able to talk them into a lower price if she applied some of the skills she had learned with the plumber. Standing across from both men, Bonnie leaned over to pick up one of the trim boards to be used. While doing so she asked if that price could be lowered if she helped. As she continued to lean over she knew that both men were getting an eyeful of her immense cleavage and maybe even part of her nipples. This certainly got both men's attention as she could tell they were positioning themselves for a better view. At that time Bonnie stood back up and repeated her offer. Charlie stumbled his way through a response as his eyes were now glued to Bonnie's hard nipples pressing against the thin material. He said that it was really a small job that would require no more than two people. He knew she was trying to save money and said as long as no unforeseen problems came up he would lower the price to $200. He then said that since it was going to be a hot day she could help them by providing refreshments and motivation. Bonnie agreed and knew just what kind of motivation she would provide.

She walked back into the house as the men began gathering their tools for the job. When she got in the house she headed to the back to put some clothes on. She was standing in the master bathroom as she slipped the nightgown over her head. She stood there for a moment and looked at her body in the mirror. She held her enormous tits in her hands and lightly caressed her nipples. She had been working on getting her body into better shape and took notice of the progress she had made. After a couple moments she moved a hand down towards her pussy. It still had a bit of hair around it but she believed in keeping a little muff. Besides, continuously having to shave it would be aggravating and itchy but one day she hoped to work up the courage to have it waxed. She knew Henry would love that.

As she stood there she realized that she was starting to feel a tingle between her legs and thought she had better stop and focus on the work that Charlie and John were doing. She quickly put on her favorite shorts, the ones that felt very loose in the legs. She also put on one of her deep-cut, V-neck, t-shirts that Henry loved for her to wear. Then she made the bold decision to forego panties and a bra, especially since she was to provide Charlie and John with motivation during their work.

After about an hour she went outside to check on their progress and take them some bottles of water. The sun had begun to beat down and both men had removed their shirts. They stopped to drink the water as Bonnie began looking at the progress they were making. She knew they were checking her out but she didn't mind. Standing in front of them she bent down to look at the door hinges. This gave them an excellent view of her cleavage again. While doing this she "accidentally" fell backwards causing the bottom of her shirt to lift up. She acted oblivious to the fact that the bottom of her breast were momentarily in clear view for Charlie and John to enjoy. Charlie quickly reached out to help her. Bonnie thanked him and brushed herself off. Bonnie asked Charlie if everything was going okay with the work. He said, "So far so good, but you never know when something will go wrong". She told them she would be back out in a few minutes and if it wouldn't be a bother she was going to sit by the pool and monitor their progress. They both nodded and said that having someone watch them might help them work better. The men got back to work and Bonnie went into the house to get some suntan lotion.

When Bonnie came back out she moved her chair into the sun by the pool and about 50 feet from Charlie and John. She sat down and began to rub some lotion on her legs. She glanced up to see that John was watching her from the pump house. She took a handful of the lotion and continued to rub it on her legs. She worked it up higher and higher until she reached the bottom of her shorts. Making sure that John was still watching, she pulled the legs of her shorts up higher towards her waist to get the lotion on her upper legs and inner thighs. Just to tease him she even pulled the bunched material to the side which momentarily revealed part of her bush. At that point Charlie asked John to go get some items from the truck. As he walked by, Bonnie thought she could see a bulge growing in his shorts.

While he was gone, Bonnie began rubbing lotion on her arms, neck, and face. She tried to get some on top of her breasts but her shirt was getting in the way. Since no one was looking she decided to do something risky. She quickly lifted her shirt off and rubbed the lotion over each breast and her stomach. As her hands rubbed across her nipples she began to get that naughty, tingling, feeling again. A few seconds later she heard John coming back from the truck and she froze. Since there was no way for her to put her shirt back on she just laid it across her chest. As he walked back by he glanced over at Bonnie and smiled. She watched him walk over to Charlie and the two of them whispered something back and forth as they looked over at her.

Bonnie began to relax while the men continued working. After about 45 minutes Charlie came over and said they were finished with the construction part and only needed to paint. Bonnie was amazed at how fast they had gotten the work done. She asked Charlie that since they were going to be done sooner than they thought maybe he could lower the cost more. Charlie grinned and said, "Maybe" and then he turned and headed back to work. Bonnie sat there and began to think about how she might get them to lower the price.

The pump house was pretty small so within a matter of 10 - 15 minutes Charlie and John were finished with the first coat. Both men walked over to Bonnie and asked if they could have a bottle of water to drink while they waited to see if one coat of paint was enough. Bonnie said "certainly," as she jumped up out of the chair. When she did this her shirt, which had just been laying across her chest, fell off. At first she pretended to act embarrassed as she placed her hands over each breast trying to cover her nipples. Both men assured her not to worry. In fact, Charlie said that on a day like today everybody should be able to go topless as long as no one minded. Bonnie said that going topless was certainly more comfortable. Charlie and John continued to reassure her so Bonnie uncovered her breast. She then held both breast up and said, "The only bad thing about letting them go free is that they sag down due to their size." Charlie said there was nothing wrong with that, in fact he said that most men would love to have a woman so endowed. Bonnie thanked him for the compliment and went inside to get the waters. While she was gone John told Charlie that the sight of Bonnie's tits was making the day very interesting. Charlie agreed and said if he didn't keep his wits about him he would end up doing this job for free.

Bonnie overheard their conversation and knew her plan was working. She knew the term "sex sells" but never considered her body to be enough of a turn-on for other men. Sure Henry was always grabbing her ass or breast in public, and he often tried to get her to let down her inhibitions. He also wanted her to go topless or occasionally flash some nudity when they were out in public but she just thought he was crazy. One thing was certain, she was starting to enjoy the attention that she got and the way it made her feel. If what she felt right then was any indication of how she would be when Henry got home, he had better be ready to fuck her long and hard. With that thought she grabbed the waters and headed back out to Charlie and John.

She handed them the waters and sat back down in her chair. Both men pulled up a chair to each side of her and sat down. She noticed that they were trying not to stare at her tits but it was pretty impossible for them not to. She asked Charlie again if the price could be lowered. Before he could answer Bonnie grabbed some more lotion and gently started rubbing it on her breasts. Charlie watched her rubbing her titties with the lotion and in a trance-like state offered to lower the price to $150. Bonnie smiled and said that the price was starting to sound much better. She glanced down and noticed that both men were sporting hard-ons in their shorts. She continued to sit there with her magnificent breasts still on display for both men to admire. She laughed a little on the inside as she noticed their subtle movements as they tried to adjust their shorts. As they continued their small talk, she slid her right hand down to the bottom of her shorts and like before she bunched up the shorts so that more of her inner thigh was exposed.

The squirming that both men were doing as their cocks were no doubt at full erection was causing Bonnie to get very turned on. She could tell that her pussy was soaking wet and on fire at the same time. She wanted to pull her shorts off and start fingering herself right there in front of Charlie and John but she knew better. Then, sensing that both men were adequately uncomfortable she made them an offer, "Since both of you are obviously aroused by the sight of my breasts, you can both make yourselves more comfortable if you lower the price some more." John looked at Charlie and said not to worry about paying him, he was having a day that he would never forget. With that John stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off. His fully erect penis sprung to attention. Bonnie figured it to be about the size of Henry's, but maybe not as thick. Charlie then stood up and removed his shorts as well. His dick was shorter but seemed to be thicker. This was the first time that Bonnie had ever seen another man's dick in person.

For a moment Bonnie thought about how she got to enjoy the show for a change as both men just stood there with their hard cocks in hand. It was quite a turn on and she knew that things could get out of control if she didn't lay down some rules. "I'll tell you what," she said in a seductive tone, "Lower the price to $75 and y'all can jerk off while I lay here with my tits exposed." The men looked unsure. They were both hoping for something more. Bonnie spoke up again and said, "That's the deal or either the two of you can jump in the pool to cool off, I'll pay you, and then you can be on your way." Charlie and John looked at one another and then down at Bonnie and her tits and started jerking themselves.

Bonnie had figured they would choose that path so to help them along she began to rub more lotion on her titties. With every motion she made sure to finish at her nipples by giving them a gentle squeeze. After a few minutes she realized that she was starting to moan. She knew that her pussy was so wet that she was gonna have to call Henry and convince him to come home early. She wanted to reach down and rub her clit so badly but she knew it would be too much for Charlie and John. Both men were still jerking their dicks. Although she didn't notice them moving toward her, it seemed like both men had gotten much closer. It was like she was a magnet and they were metal slowly drawing nearer.

Then she felt Charlie step closer. Bonnie turned to see that his dick was only a foot away from her face. She then turned back to see that John had also moved closer. He too had his dick about a foot away from her face. Both men were dripping pre-cum from their cocks. She hadn't figured on this and wasn't sure what to do. She looked into both men's eyes and saw the desperation of impending release. All this time she continued to rub her tits while still trying to resist the urge to shove a hand down her shorts and finger her pussy. She knew that something needed to give, and soon. Then, as if someone else had taking over her body, she reached out with both hands and grabbed their dicks. It felt odd to not only be holding another man's penis, but holding two of them at the same time.

She quickly started stroking them. For their part, Charlie and John leaned over and gently started rubbing Bonnie's titties. Bonnie then told them, "I think this will cover the rest of the bill, don't you think?" They nodded in agreement. At that moment she felt Charlie tense up as cum shot out all over her tits. Then, within a matter of seconds, John tensed up and shot his load all over Bonnie's tits as well.

Both men slumped back into their chairs and after a couple minutes they got dressed and thanked Bonnie for the refreshments and motivation and left. She wiped the cum off her breast and called Henry and told him to come home quickly so she could show him something. She then jumped in the pool naked to cool off. After about ten minutes Henry got home and saw the finished pump house. He then saw Bonnie naked in the pool. She told him to strip down and jump in. He quickly obliged. He asked her what it cost and how did she get it done so quickly. She said the price turned out to be negotiable and with the right motivation you can always get things done when you want it.

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