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How to Have Safe Sex While Driving


As a Literotica Writer I have to believe that the majority of the writers and readers here know about safe sex and while we are happy to throw our characters unprotected into a world of scary creatures and diseases, it is important to keep ourselves safe. Now, now, this is not going to be a lecture on condoms or abstinence (heaven forbid), we are looking beyond the microbial dangers we face in our sexual escapades. I believe, with our freeways becoming more and more crowded, we need to keep driving safety at the top of our priorities.

Sure most of us have taken driver's ed. or some other safe driving courses, but in this brief article, I thought I needed to cover something that I doubt you covered in driver's ed., and that is How to safely have sex while driving. Scoff if you must, but if you have some terrible accident while driving under the influence of your libido, don't come whining to me.

Now you all remember those days in high school, after your 18th birthdays of course, when your date suddenly looked at you and said, "I can't start the car," or "I think we're out of gas." Gosh what are you to do then but quickly begin making out and unbuttoning blouses. Ah what fun, but now, that stuff get's to be old after a while and you need something more. Well, how about one of those hot, sweaty sessions in a car doing fifty, sixty or seventy miles an hour.

Okay, you see the possibilities now...

First of all, turn off your cell phones. There will be no calling or even worse, there will be no texting while sexing as you drive. What you are about to undertake will take all of your concentration, besides, it's rude to be texting while having sex.

Okay, now with the cell phones safely shut down and put away there are a few other things to keep in mind. While a parked car offers you a lot of things you can grab for leverage or just the right place to squeeze as you are coming, the moving vehicle tends to react oddly when say a steering wheel is swung to the side as someone spreads their legs, or the gear shift can do some awful things to your car if suddenly pulled as someone adjusts their position.

And hey, that car in your side view mirror will really be closer than they appear in the mirror... closer to get a better look at the action going on in your car. So, rule one, make sure whatever appendage you go to grab while in the throes of passion, make sure it is either attached to you, your partner, or a non-essential part of your vehicle.

Now, I don't care how good your wife or girlfriend's gag reflex may be under control, if she doesn't also have excellent control over her bite response, I'd be careful about what goes in her mouth as you are driving. I mean, you know how glancing lightly off a car, or guard rail or some one's house is kind of normal for you, well, it can be an excruciating thing to lightly broadside a car and have your partner suddenly bite hard in response to the accident. Yes, regardless of how good your car insurance is, it is damn difficult to reattach an errant cock.

We already lightly touched on another danger... the spectator. Yes, if we are to remain safe we must keep the spectator in mind. Yeah, it's okay letting all the passengers on that bus examine your prowess at eating pussy as your wife shifts gears, but when you reach the driver of the bus, you need to show some discretion. Cover yourself up so not to distract that driver. You should probably do this when passing police officers, school buses and funeral processions.

As for positions, you are basically only limited by the model of car you have and the design of the interior. I can imagine doggy style from the back seat of a convertible while the car is on cruise control and your wife leans over the headrest of the front seat as she drives can be thrilling, there's also the more sedate thrill of a hand job while cruising over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I do recommend you make sure your doors are locked when you get in heavy traffic. Well that is unless you want a few others slipping into your car as you slowly creep along the highway. Who knows, a few alternative passengers or hitchhikers make help you pass the time caught in the gridlock.

So there you have it, some tips on having a safe trip. If you follow the above advice you can enjoy numerous climaxes without the anticlimax of an accident or ticket. So please drive and fuck safely, especially if you are doing it at the same time.

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