tagHow ToHow To Have Sex...Ch. 1

How To Have Sex...Ch. 1


How To Have Sex, All Styles
Ch. 1: Man-Man

Gay people are often scolded and treated like pieces of crap. However, sexual orientation doesn't matter once it comes down hot, sweaty sex. If you're a girl and you want to pleasure another girl, then it shouldn't matter if they are a girl or not -- All that should matter is bringing pleasure to both people, or, in some cases, all people.

For a guy to screw another guy properly, you can't just dive in and hope for the best. There are several techniques which you must master before you can fully give pleasure to another man.

First of all, hand techniques. Most of you men out there have probably mastered the art of jerking off. Giving another man a "Hand Job," as it's called often, is almost identical. However, there are several differences that you should note. First off, you need to not just grab and yank away -- That's not a huge turn on, trust me. If you really want to pleasure your partner, you should take a more calm, relaxed, and "I want you to cum" approach. Instead of just grabbing and jerkin', instead slowly run your fingers over the head of his cock. Slowly make a fist around it, not squeezing too tightly, but tighten and UN-tighten your grip in varying speeds and ways.

As he starts to get into it, he might "fuck" your hand. Let him. Either way, start to run your hand VERY SLOWLY to the bottom of his shaft, then back up again. Slowly increase your pace, and at this time, start handling his balls. He should be fully erect by this time. Now comes the real "warm up." Continue feeling his sac, but take your other hand away. Lean over, or kneel if you prefer, and lick the head of his cock a few times, just to prepare him. Then, lick the bottom of his shaft, running your tongue all the way to his balls. Once there, stop feeling his balls and take one in your mouth and suck. You can moan a little if you want to give effect. Suck his ball slowly, then switch sides. After a little bit of that, re-lick your way up to the head of his cock.

Here is where preference takes over -- If you and your partner are into anal, then apply a little lube to your hand and SLOWLY finger and work your way into his ass. If not, you can simply skip this part. While fingering, make sure to start slowly. If he seems to be loosening up, slip another finger in there.

During this time, you should wrap your mouth fully around the head. The head, tip, whatever of his cock is the spot where you should focus your attention. Plan ahead -- Do you want to swallow his cum, make him pull out, or cum on you? While the choice IS yours, you should make sure he knows what you want. If you want him to cum in your mouth, I recommend taking his cock, licking the head, then stuffing it as far down as you can get it without gagging. Rub the head along the top of your mouth or your throat, depending on how far back you get it. Lick the BOTTOM of his shaft, since this is usually more sensitive. Continue to rub it in the back of your throat until he shoots his load -- Be prepared and use his cum right. Make sure to swallow it slowly, so you don't gag.

If instead you choose not to swallow but to have him cum on your face, or if you want him to pull out, then follow this routine (My recommendation). Slowly take the head in your mouth, and use your hands. Tickle his penis with your fingers, running your hands all along. For about a minute, suck the head and part of the cock where his head and shaft meet. After that, slowly lick the bottom of his shaft down to his balls and passed until you get to the skin between his asshole and sac. Lick up and down from here to the head for a short while, and he's bound to cum. If that doesn't work, try sucking the side of the head for a while while either jerking or fingering him.

After a short rest, or not if you're especially horny, you both should get hard again. Now comes the real test. Go to the bathroom -- Both of you. Take a REALLY hard shit. If you want, a joint shower would be a way to be absolutely sure to be clean. Second, decide whether to be TOP or BOTTOM -- Do you want to take it in the ass, or do you want to give it? If you choose to take it, you're a bottom. Make sure he applies enough lube to your hole and his dick (or condom if you prefer) to prevent too much pain. A little is expected. As he slowly enters, tighten your crack a little. As he goes all the way in slowly, stay still. Then, as his movements become more rapid and he goes in and out, move with him. As he is slowly thrusting in, move toward him. As he pulls out, go away from him. Keep your movements aligned. If you want, noises can be a nice added effect. Whatever you do, don't just lie there, like a dead animal.

If you choose to be a TOP -- you're the man with the tool in the hole -- then things change. A condom is a good idea to prevent anything ugly (Whether something in his ass or him ... relieving himself), and lube is a must. Apply some to his ass crack, slowly fingering him to loosen him up. Apply some to either the cock or the condom. Either lay him on the bed face down, bend him over, or lay him face up with his legs spread high and his head (Face head, not dick head :-)) between his legs, and prepare to enter. Don't rush in as you would for a girl -- Go slowly. His ass, if he's a virgin, will be tight, despite everything you may think or have heard. Slowly go in if it's his first time or if he's a veteran -- Either way, don't rush. Push your head a little way in, then pull out a little but not leaving his ass.

Go back for another thrust, pushing a little further. Read his judgments -- If he's in pain, slow down or back out for a second. If he's loving it, go a little faster. Making sure to understand your partner is a must. Fuck his ass for as long as you can -- If he cum's first, keep going. If you finish before him, then jerk him off, give a bj, or let him fuck you. The choice is up to you.

There are other techniques which I personally am not into -- Such as rimming -- But you can feel free to try them. I hope this guide helped you, and I'll be writing three more -- Girl/Girl (Learned this from watching), Girl/Guy (Learned this from doing), and group (also from doing.) If you wonder how I learned all this YES, I do have sexual relations with men. I'm not gay -- I am semi-bi.

Just as a side note, you may find yourself wanting to experiment with another guy. This doesn't mean you're a full-fledged gay man. You could be SLIGHTLY bi -- I personally couldn't see myself with another guy for anything else then sex. Don't worry if that's what you feel like -- It's perfectly normal. However, my suggestion is to act on those urges and find someone to experiment with. But make sure they know that you don't want a relationship. Thanks!

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