How To Hypnotise


You can end a hypnotic suggestion at any time; in my experience you don't need to hypnotize them again to end one. Explaining what the suggestion was, and then stating firmly that it no longer applies, seems to be sufficient. That said, I prefer to use hypnosis to end suggestions. It keeps suggestions mysterious, and I think they are most effective that way.

Erotic post-hypnotic suggestions should be limited in scope, to a particular time or event. Open ended suggestions ("You will always be a horny slut") won't succeed anyway, and don't reflect anything healthy.

Hypnosis and Underage Subjects

Just don't. If it turns sexual you will face rape or statutory rape changes. In practice, those charges are sometimes skipped if it's obvious that the girl was consenting, but any such hope of leniency is gone as soon as parents or police hear that hypnosis was involved. (No one is unlikely to understand or care that hypnosis doesn't give a Yes where No was intended.) If you can't legally have sex with her, don't hypnotize her.

What can you do with it? Random Examples

You're here because you want to know about getting sex. We'll get to it.

The best use of hypnotism in a D/s relationship is reinforcing the perceived power of the dominant in the relationship. D/s is based on a leader and a follower; the follower needs a reason to believe the leader is powerful enough to be worth following. The effect you have over the subject in both a trace and in post-hypnotic suggestions is clear evidence of your position of power. It doesn't matter that the "power" is all coming from inside the subject's head - she will perceive her own obedience as a clear token of your authority and power.

But what kind of power can you hold over the subject?

The most powerful use of hypnosis is - getting truth. Once in a trance, impress upon the subject that they may not, and cannot, lie to you while in the trance. This is a powerful reminder to the subject that you must be honored and respected. (Note that like any other aspect of hypnosis, this one has limits. If the subject has a driving need to keep some secret, hypnosis won't reveal it.) Once the subject accepts that they must be truthful under hypnosis, you can learn a great deal about what makes them "tick", sexually and emotionally.

Don't bother trying to make truth-telling a post-hypnotic suggestion. Even if someone could be constantly honest, it's a deeply oppressive way to live; the suggestion will collapse quickly.

Right, but you want to know if hypnosis can make someone horny. The answer is maybe. They can feel symptoms of arousal, but if they weren't aroused to begin with, what you get is more like a simulation of arousal. For some purposes, simulations are very sufficient. But the common staple of erotic fiction, using hypnosis to make a girl into a willing sex-crazed slut, isn't possible, ethical or sensible.

What you can do instead, is use post hypnotic suggestions to require a subject to fantasize at intervals. Most people like thinking dirty, but don't let themselves do it as often as they'd like. So this suggestion rests on telling them to do something they want to do anyway, and it can be very effective. "Spend three minutes imagining sucking cock, each hour", can build up a lot of desire, come evening. The trick of erotic hypnosis is not telling someone to feel something - they will simply fake it. It's to make them do something that causes the feelings you want.

Specifically, "have an orgasm" isn't really a viable command under hypnosis. A subject will dutifully fake an orgasm. She can even be made to wonder, on waking, if she genuinely had one, at least if she was otherwise aroused during the session. But it's not a real event and it will have no value in deepening the relationship. Fake orgasms are amusing in stage performances, and maybe you can get mileage out making someone think they had an orgasm when they didn't; but overall this is not worth trying.

Both in a trance, and as a hypnotic suggestion, it can be erotic to make the subject act sexually without realizing it. You can have a woman take of an article of clothing each time you snap your fingers; and you can make her unaware she's doing it. Then, with a word, she can be made to realize she's naked and has been naked for some time. Most subjects will find it shocking, but also very erotic.

A subject can often be convinced to watch porn or read erotica. This can be used to expose them to new ideas, or just reinforce an existing liking.

Using hypnosis, you can create erotic triggers. One subject had a picture of my hand; if I told her to look at it, she was instructed to start to fantasize until all she could think about was rough sex; and her need to masturbate would grow without stopping. She'd try to fight it out of pride (and a preexisting fascination with reluctance), but in the end she'd be masturbating, to her own vivid fantasies of being roughly used. There was nothing fake about these orgasms - when I let her have one. (More often than not I'd tell her to put the picture away, after she gave in to the need to touch but before she came.) Another picture, of my foot, caused her to crave kneeling and kissing my foot, giving her intense feelings of submission. If she got unduly grumpy at life, this symbol often calmed her down.

The triggers can be sounds. One subject would feel the sensation of a riding crop hitting her skin when I played a certain sound. I found it was possible to make her unable to consciously hear the sound, but still respond to it; only under hypnosis does she have any idea what the triggers actually sound like. Another sound made her pull her clothing off, as fast as possible.

One girl had a predilection towards obscenity. I happen to find this unattractive in females, so early in the relationship I asked her not to curse in my presence. (In a friendship this is a huge "ask", but in a D/s relationship I consider it essential. Nothing reinforces submission like having to watch your every word.) Out of respect and friendship she agreed, but at one point protested the limitation. I immediately put her in a trance and told her if she ever gave in to the temptation, she'd immediately and frantically start masturbating - regardless of who else was around. Then I woke her and told her I recommended she never try obscenity. She knew she'd been in a trance and rightly assumed there was a post hypnotic suggestion backing my recommendation, but she had no idea what it was.

Weeks later I was visiting her and her friends over the internet, and she recounted a friend's story. Without even realizing it she repeated a "damn". Instantly her hand vanished under the blanket, and she whispered to me in frantic and embarrassed confusion "why am I masturbating?!"

That little cautionary tale is intended to make several points. It shows that obeying suggestions is something that happens at a deep level and it has nothing to do with conscious volition. She'd legitimately slipped, unaware she'd broken a rule of mine - but some part of her brain was watching, and it instantly obeyed my command.

It also shows the dangers of creating very general commands. She happened to be on her bed at the time and it was easy for her to hide her obedience. It would have been much more humiliating if she'd been standing up. I'd been banking on the fact that at some deep level, she knew what the consequence would be for cursing, and that part of her would keep her conscious self from ever cursing in my presence. It worked very well, and she didn't deliberately curse around me. But I hadn't considered that she'd curse without thinking about it in repeating someone else's words - or that her subconscious would call her on her mistake. When you create triggers, be careful. How post-hypnotic suggestions are interpreted is very much up to the subject, and more often than not they'll apply a harsher level of strictness than you intended. I've sometimes, but rarely, had subjects attempt to find wiggle room in my suggestions so she could lessen their impact - it's rare because I try to make reasonable suggestions. It's more common that I've watched a trigger go off and found the subject overdoing it. (Suggestion: unless harm is possible, let them overdo it. They're getting something from the level of obedience they chose and may feel like failures if you correct them often.)

Post-hypnotic suggestions can be quite elaborate. Once I gave my subject an elaborate fantasy to play out when she was alone. (It was a Halloween prank, and deliberately creepy). On a certain date, when she was alone in her room, she'd look up, and all the pictures on her walls would suddenly display the aforementioned image of my hand, her trigger to fantasize and masturbate. But just as she gave in and started to touch herself, the hands would become "real" and leap off the wall, covering her eyes, gripping her wrists, ankles and throat, and then forcibly fingering her. (In reality she was fingering herself, but she was unaware of that at the time.) The hands kept it up until she was forced through a series of orgasms.

The most interesting aspect was that during the trances where I planted this suggestion, I talked over with her what she'd find hot, too scary, etc.. Outside of the trances she had no idea anything was planned; in the trances, she helped me plan the prank.

It worked. What I didn't expect was that she would mix it with her own reluctance fantasies. She actively fought the orgasm, and as a result a prank I thought would engage her for fifteen minutes, lasted over an hour, and afterwards she was sore and exhausted.

This introduces the risks of mixing submission and hypnosis. Under hypnosis, a subject will do things, and at base, they are doing it to please you. But when mixed with submission, where the urge to please is already deep and established, limits can disappear entirely.

I had one subject who was deeply susceptible to hypnosis, and also very submissive to me. She could enter "subspace" on command. In that state she became an egoless slave, wanting only my pleasure. She found this state so addictive I ended up limiting her access to it; egoless willing slaves are fun, but in that state there were aspects of her personality that simply went missing, and I wasn't comfortable with long stretches of her in that state. She found it freeing and very erotic, but there is such a thing as too much freedom, and it is up to you (whether you are a hypnotist, a Dominant, or both) to set limits, especially when the subject no longer wishes to set any. If a subject chooses total submission, you become utterly responsible for her well-being.

It's important to recognize the risks here. There are submissives who will allow themselves to suffer lasting harm if they think it means you'll love them more. It should not need to be said that no decent dominant, hypnotist or human being should ever allow that to happen. Cruelty and careless stupidity have no place in either hypnotism or domination.

Please note: if you have a submissive subject and she doesn't respond deeply to hypnosis, that does not mean she's a bad submissive. It may simply mean she's not very susceptible to hypnosis. Only the most pathetic and fake of Doms would blame a submissive for what does or doesn't happen under hypnosis.

Suggestions can also be quite simple and mundane. I had a friend who was prone to getting distracted and burning her fingers on microwaved food. A suggestion to hear my voice saying "use a hotmat" when she opened the microwave turned out to be effective.

The subject always exercises some amount of control, even under suggestions. At one point I planted a suggestion that when my subject happened to look at a certain picture on a wall, one of her friends would appear to her in it, and start talking to her. And then I visited with her, expecting it to happen at any moment. It took over two hours before she glanced that way. At some deep level I think she was pranking me back, making me wait for my surprise to go off. (When it did go off it worked well, causing her to freeze for almost a minute, her fingernails digging into her thighs because of how strange and eerie she found it.)

I think the most striking example of hypnosis I at least have managed, is to give a friend of mine an imaginary stuffed toy - a small pink elephant. I did this without giving a command for her to enter a trance. She was so used to hypnotic obedience at that point, that I knew she'd obey the suggestion without the trappings of an induction. When she looked down she saw it, and stared at it, because she hadn't fully believed I could make her see something without an induction. (Deep down she'd wanted to believe it, and that's why it worked.) I told her if she touched it, it would vanish, which she proved. Then I "brought it back" and told her this time she could pick it up and cuddle it to her chest, and if she did it would appear to snuggle against her, and kiss her with its trunk. She stared at me and asked me if I could really make that happen. I chuckled and assured her I could. (Hypnotists don't have the luxury of expressing doubt, but in this case I really didn't have any.) The look on her face as she wonderingly held it, and felt it snuggle in, is something I will not forget. "I... don't like this," she whispered wonderingly. "I know it's not there, but..." She cuddled it close, and smiled delightedly.

I told her she could get rid of it by tossing it over her shoulder, and it would silently vanish in midair. It did, and she stared at me in bemusement.

That story, other than allowing me to boast, makes one final point about hypnosis. Whatever part of the brain sees hallucinations in madness, is available to the hypnotist. She knew there was no stuffed toy there, but she saw it, cuddled it, watched and felt it kiss her, and then made it vanish. The only difference between delusional insanity and what she experienced, was that I was there describing her delusion to her in advance. Hypnosis can be powerful. Be confident, but careful, when applying it. (I should also add that she was a perfect subject and I have never met anyone as suggestible as she was; and I'd been hypnotizing her for months before I tried this. Don't expect results like this in your first week.)

Why does a subject choose to yield?

It can simply be sexual adventurism. Hypnotism (and submission in general) deepens sexual response and can feel like exotic risk-taking to the subject. Hypnosis can also be how a subject gives herself permission to feel, want and do things she otherwise would never allow herself. (I've seen hints of bisexuality emerge under hypnosis that the subject denied in waking life.)

A simple answer can be love. Going into a trace requires the sort of trust that is usually only granted when there are other feelings in place. A subject may simply be saying "I love you" when she closes her eyes and sinks into your trance - or she may be seeking permission from herself to yield to those feelings.

Often, I think many subjects simply want to feel cared for and paid attention to in a deep, meaningful way. In other words, it may have the same root as submission, which is why I believe there's overlap between the two. I wouldn't hesitate to say that if this sort of hypnotic experience doesn't start in love, it will end there. Consider carefully what you are getting into when a subject becomes deeply enthusiastic for her trances. What's fun and games for you may be emotionally life changing for your subject. (The reverse can be true as well - it's not hard to learn to love someone who yields to you in hypnosis.)

Downsides and Bad Outcomes

Once the subject realizes that she won't remember what she did when awake, she might feel free to be more sexually daring. This can be wonderful, but in rare cases you might find someone is angry and horrified if they discover what they did under hypnosis. They are angry at themselves, but the anger can end up directed at you. Discuss what happened with them. Just slapping down the "you must have wanted it" trump card may be true and within your rights, but the reality is that hypnotism can be unsettling and mysterious to a subject new to it, and sometimes they discover things about themselves which are legitimately frightening to them. If nothing else, promising them you won't get them naked, and then having them wake up with their clothing in a heap beside them, is a very poor start to a relationship of trust, and trust is everything here.

Unless your subject is openly signaling "take me into my darkness and have your way with me", the first session should be short, and comfortably playful. The ability to hypnotize is not permission to be an asshole. Take small steps.

The same bad things that can happen in dominance and submission are possible in hypnosis, though the risks are probably much lower. At the risk of sounding dramatic, it's very necessary to pay attention to effects you have on your subject; those effects are your fault and your responsibility. I'd skip writing further about this, but there's a tendency to treat hypnosis as "not a serious thing" and just a playful activity. It can well be entirely playful and harmless. But it touches an area of the mind in ways that are not well understood, and it can modify behavior. The risks may not be highly likely, but they are still real, they can be serious, and they must be understood.

Overdependence - the subject craves your control because she doesn't have to think, and you can make all her choices for her. If she starts asking you to make choices for her in areas of her life unrelated to the relationship, things have gone badly wrong. Stop and discuss.

Abdication of Responsibility - I've known submissive in positions of authority and have to make decisions all day. Submission becomes their time to let go and get free - it's pure escapism. Nothing wrong with that. But if it goes too far it's damaging, and experienced Dominants are generally aware of that risk. Hypnotists who are experimenting may be less aware of those risks. If the subject starts asking to be put under more frequently and there's no wicked little sexy smile on her face when she asks, it's time to stop and discuss.

One-Sided Love - unrequited love is a bitch. If one of you "goes pink" and the other one doesn't, stop and discuss. (Note that while hypnotism can lead to loving feelings, love cannot be commanded as a post hypnotic suggestion, and only the stupidest of fools would try it.)

If anything feels wrong to either of you - stop and discuss!


Play nice. Play responsibly. Have fun.

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