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How to Know What Woman Want


Well guys I’m going to try and help you understand females. I may not know what all females want but I do know from being a female and from my female friends that we have a lot of problems with what the guys think they have to do to please us.

If you guys out there really want to know how to please a female and I’m not just talking about in the sexual way then read this and I guarantee it will help out.

First of all, All woman love romance we love to know that you have put a lot of thought into pleasing us the one thing you guys always mess up on is the excuse I couldn’t do it because of money or because I didn’t have the time. First of all it does not take money to plan a romantic evening. Here are a few ideas. Take her to a park bring a radio and picnic food with you but make sure to add some erotic food in with the rest like, strawberries, grapes, oranges and whip cream. If you have a bottle of wine bring it along with glasses. Play some slow music and poor a glass of wine for both of you. The erotic fruit is there for feeding each other. Try and tell her on that day what she means to you and what you think about her and if you want you can tell her what part of hers turns you on females like to know they please you.

Another thing you can do is find an open field turn on the radio and the head lights and get out of the car and ask her for a dance it’s romantic to be in the arms of the person you love, while beneath the stars.

Another problem I have heard about from a lot of females is guys don’t buy them anything for their anniversary because they said they didn’t have the money to or what they want to get was to expensive right now. First of all females don’t care about how much something cost what we care about is the fact of how much thought you put into it and if it comes from the heart. Make a card and put your feelings down in it or write what you would like to do to her in it. Write a coupon book with things you would do like “I will give you a thousand kisses but not two can be in the same spot”. Light some candles if you have them if not turn a lamp on and throw a thin cover over it and turn on some slow music and take her into your arms. That all it takes

Now when it comes to the sexual part females like be shown how much she turns you on. First of all the one thing I have heard that a lot of females have complained about is you guys always want a blow job but don’t go down on her half as much as she does you. Or that you guys don’t take your time on feeling her or rubbing her. Guys listen up females are as just as sensitive as you are in that area or maybe more we always hear it makes my tongue tired or it hurt or my tongue is numb well guys here is the truth giving you head is not easy why not get a pickle or cucumber and try it and see what I mean. Our mouths get tired and numb and sore but we still go on because we want to please you. Also take time to enjoy your partner’s body take time to find the sensitive areas find out what she likes and don’t like find out what makes her moan or what makes her scream and the way to do that is to explore and take your time doing it. And I guarantee you your partner will thank you deeply later.

Another thing you guys may not know or understand is females have low self esteems most of the time they need to be told how you feel they need to know you desire them and that you think they are pretty or beautiful. They love to be complimented like for examples your lips are like a fine wine, your hair shines like the morning sun, and your eyes are like the stars at night things like that.

I think there are only a few guys out there who truly know what a woman wants out of you. Why is it so hard for you to do simple things like calling your girl on your lunch break or writing a sweet note and sticking it somewhere you know she will find it how hard is it to pick up a rose on the way from home from work? Well I think I will end this now it will be continued later please leave feedback to let me know what you’re thought are and guys if you have a problem with this leave feedback about it and let me know why this stuff is so hard for you.

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