tagHow ToHow to Learn to Swallow and Not Gag

How to Learn to Swallow and Not Gag


There seems to be a lot of issues regarding learning to swallow your lovers cum. Some people gag, some choke, some just let it run out of their mouth and make a mess. That is not pretty or sexy!

Swallowing your boyfriend's cum goes a long way toward showing respect for him. It is an important aspect of being a gay guy, and a useful skill for a woman.

The point after a man's climax leads to a bit of a downer in most guys, and swallowing helps to allay that feeling. And of course, there is no clean up time necessary so you can seamlessly slither back into his arms and mitigate some of those feelings by whispering into his ear how wonderful he is, and how happy you are to be there.

So for you girls or boys, here's how to learn this important skill.

The initial problems many face are:

A - I didn't expect it. You'll learn that quick enough.

B - it was gooey.

C - it hit the back of my throat and made me gag.

What I am going to attempt to teach you is how to control the ejaculation by restricting the urethra (tube) at he bottom of the penis. You can push down on that tube a little as if your finger were pressing on a hose, and by doing that you are regulating the flow - but don't stop it completely, he won't like that. If you can't deal with it's output at first, then just retreat and let him cum the way you usually do. It takes awhile to learn, but you will learn if you follow my steps.

For the girls, if your boyfriend is cool with it, try regulating his stream by pressing on the urethra when he is taking a pee. Trust me, he might think you are crazy but he really won't mind. For the boys, no explanation is necessary except to do it on your man when having sex. But for both, try to be subtle with it. If you are gentle, he won't know what you are doing or why, let alone care. After all, he is in the midst of an orgasm!

So, reducing the velocity of his stream this way will also reduce the velocity of the ejaculation, and will spare your gag reflex from being triggered. As you probably know, the first and second spurts are the strongest, then things taper off from there, so you can practice letting off sooner and sooner.

By reducing the initial inrush of cum, you will be able to more easily concentrate on getting used to the taste, texture, and the feeling of the cum as it flows into your mouth slowly and gradually instead of getting it in a sudden deluge. By having smaller amounts come in slower, it is more quickly diluted with saliva and depending on your progress here, much easier to swallow. As you practice, you will find yourself becoming more and more eager to have him cum in your mouth with strong manly spurts. And you will also eventually be more and more comfortable with being a genuine sweetheart and letting his cock relax and soften in your mouth until he is ready to remove it.

When you've finally leaned to go "hands free", you will love and crave the unique and sexy feeling of your lover climaxing in your mouth. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing you gave him a blow job worthy of a porn star.

Regarding the gag reflex. Learning to tame it won't affect you too much. But if you don't really need one as much as you did when you were a child, your next lesson should be to deep throat, since it's related to cock sucking.

Like any nerve, it gets used to a certain stimulus and eventually treats it as normal. So start by going deeper on the cock until you start to gag, then back off, then immediately do it again and again until the reflex gets tired. It's as simple as that, and you already have a head start from the exercise above. But over time, you will diminish the gag reflex to the point where it really doesn't work effectively anymore. The only question then is "do the the benefits outweigh the risks".

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by Anonymous08/22/17

It makes me gag because of the cum hitting the back of the throat, plus the salty taste and squishy texture...I hear deep throating allows it to bypass your tastebuds and ensure that it doesn't 'hit' themore...

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