tagLoving WivesHow To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 06

How To Make A Buttermilk Biscuit Ch. 06


The sensation was quite pleasurable but I was too stunned to enjoy it for very long. Carlos came up behind me and cupped my breasts, his breath hot in my ear. My entire body shook with the sudden stimulation and I leaned back into my husband, covering his hands with my own and squeezing them. The pain mixed with pleasure and my pussy muscles flexed wildly, just inches from Alberta's questing tongue. Before I could catch my breath, Carlos picked me up and headed up the stairs, leaving Alberta to shut and lock the door.

"What's happening?"

The words fell on deaf ears. Carlos deposited me on the bed, then stepped back, unbuttoning his shirt and glaring down at me. A moment later, Alberta entered the room, kicking her shoes off and climbing onto the bed, hovering over me. Her proximity pressed me back down onto the pillows and she leaned down, targeting my neck with a wet kiss. The sensation went directly to my pussy again, especially when she let her tongue wetly trail down across my collarbones and into the open vee of my shirt.

My heart leaped when I felt her hands cup my breasts, then unbutton the shirt, spreading it open. I moved as if hypnotized, sitting up and letting her push the shirt off of my shoulders and remaining still while she reached around and unhooked my bra, pulling that off as well. Carlos announced his arrival by weighing down the other side of the bed and I gasped when his mouth took one breast and Alberta's took the other. I had never felt anything like that in my entire life and I squeezed my thighs together, having a small orgasm that made me vibrate with pleasure.

Carlos and Alberta arose of one accord and he undid my skirt, tugging it down over my hips while Alberta undressed herself, tossing her blouse, bra and pants onto his clothes. I lifted my ass off the bed, allowing him to further undress me and shivered at the darkness in his eyes. His hands splayed across my stomach and slid down my thighs, smoothing the skin as if in recollection. He bent and pressed a lazy kiss to my midriff, then moved back up to capture a nipple, sucking and licking.

Alberta nipped along my rib cage, letting her mouth move down to the waistband of my panties. She licked a line, following the elastic, then moved directly down to the crotch, pressing my knees open and hungrily licking the wet gusset of my panties. I whimpered, shaking as she snaked a finger under and rubbed it in my slit, then pulled the fabric away and replaced her finger with her tongue.

"Oh, Jesus!"

She yanked the panties off and Carlos took them from her, sticking the wet crotch into his mouth and sucking my juices from it. The sight of him doing that and the deep loving lick from Alberta made me cum hard and I shouted as her tongue speared my quivering hole again and again, licking the sweet cream from my honeyhole. Leaving a bit on her tongue, she arose and engaged my husband in a deep kiss, then moved aside so that he could partake from my fount.

I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath, remembering how much I used to love it when he went down on me. I concentrated on the roughness of his beard and how it contrasted with the softness of his tongue. He knew what I liked and his tongue burrowed deep, curling around my clit and leaving me breathless. Alberta's mouth captured mine and I shivered as her soft tongue caressed mine. He added his mouth, sucking on my clit and I exploded when his thick finger pressed inside me and Alberta's fingers pinching my nipples drove me crazy.

Carlos raised his head and smiled at me, parts of his beard covered with my cream. "You taste so good, Betty. Why is it that I can't get enough of you?"

Alberta bent down and licked my hole again, humming as she ate me to another orgasm. When I'd finished vibrating, she sat up as well, licking her lips while Carlos licked his fingers clean. "I can't get enough of her, either."

"So what does that mean?"

Alberta shrugged. "I guess that means that we have to share."

Share? "How can you share me?"

"Just like we did." Alberta gave one of my nipples a hard suck, her eyes locked onto mine. "You don't mind, do you?"

I thought for a long moment …

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