tagHow ToHow To Make An Aurora Manhattan

How To Make An Aurora Manhattan


Kevin had been waiting somewhat impatiently when he heard the sound of tires crushing the dried leaves outside his kitchen window. The leaves, which had started to fall on his driveway much, too soon, he thought to himself, would soon be mulched. But not before he had lived out a fantasy that had been swirling around the inside of his head for sometime now.

He looked out the window in time to see a tall goddess exit her car. Aurora had finally arrived. She definitely has a name to suit a goddess, he thought. His goddess, and he loved every inch of her. It was so nice to stand toe to toe with this statuesque woman, to be able to look her in the eyes and tell her how much he desired her, without either one having to twist their necks at odd angles. He appreciated that for a number of reasons, not the least being the collapsing, bulging discs in his neck. His close to sixty years had not treated him that badly, but his neck had been an issue for years.. He though to himself, ruefully, that at least he had been pain free since he had met Aurora.

Aurora walked up to the side door of Kevin's house and, not bothering to knock, entered. She had been a guest here before, and would be again, hopefully, more often. More than three decades younger than Kevin, she had found in him someone who understood her so completely that it scared her sometimes. She had found the puzzle piece that fit her.

Kevin, for his part, had been nervous at first. The age difference had bothered him, knowing that he could have been this woman's father or, in some parts of the country, her grandfather. That thought made him laugh. But it had not taken long at all for his trepidations to subside. He knew this woman fit him, as well. They mentioned it often, reinforcing their feelings for one another. The real joke was that the gods had played a cruel trick on them by having them fall in love at this particular point in time. The two of them considered each other to be soul mates and were going to enjoy every minute allotted to them.

Kevin greeted Aurora inside his kitchen door. A soft, lingering kiss on her lips was his first form of greeting. The second form was that of his hand squeezing her ass. Aurora giggled into his mouth, which had opened to completely cover her lips. His tongue snaked inside, tickling her gums, causing her to giggle more and to pull away from him. She then hugged him tightly nuzzling into his neck, emitting a contented sigh. Breaking the embrace, he led her into the living room and had her sit down in the corner of the couch. His spot, she thought. "What does he have planned now?" she said to herself.

"Aurora, love, I'm going to make us some cocktails before dinner. Is there anything in particular you would like?" Aurora thought about it for a minute and decided on her drink of choice. "Could I have a Peach Sangria?" she asked. "I believe I have what I need for that. Give me a couple of moments. I'm going to have a Manhattan. A special one, I think. I'll show you how I make it after your drink is ready." he said.

After mixing a batch of Sangria and pouring Aurora a glass, he returned to the living room. Offering the peach flavored drink to her, he made sure she was comfortably seated on the sectional. "I think you'll find this to your satisfaction. Now, I'm going to make my drink. I'm going to call it the Aurora Manhattan, in honor of you." He then told her the recipe.

Two parts rye whiskey

One part apricot brandy (in lieu of sweet vermouth)

Two cherries (for sharing)

A drop of good bitters

Explaining more about his drink, he told her that old-fashioned American rye whiskey was making a comeback. He had four different kinds in his liquor cabinet, but for this drink, he was going to use a Rittenhouse rye. This was one of the less expensive ryes in his collection (and he did think of his whiskeys as collectors items) and it lent itself well to mixed drinks. He felt it was just spicy enough to overcome the sweetness of the brandy. She found it nice that he was telling her about another of his passions. She liked finding out about his passions, especially since she seemed to be one of them.

"If I may, I'm going to ask you for your help in making my drink. Most people use ordinary maraschino cherries, but I started marinating my own. Lately I've been using a brandy to soak Bing cherries in, but tonight I'd like to try something different ... if you're willing." Aurora nodded her head in the affirmative, smiling. She liked the thought of helping him make his cocktail. If, in doing so, she made his cock hard at the same time, why that was just so much the better. She laughed inwardly at that thought. "You are?" he exclaimed. "Wonderful! Sit there and I'll be right back.", he said as he smiled.

He went back into the kitchen, returning shortly with a small bowl. In the bowl were some large, dark red Bing cherries. Sitting down beside her on the couch, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips, tasting the sangria she was sipping. "As you can see, these particular cherries are on the plump side. Aurora, I'm going to try a different marinade tonight.", he said. "There is an art to marinating cherries. First, I'm going to need you to remove your panties." Slipping the hem of her dress up over her smooth thighs, he made a discovery. His eyes widened as he said "Oh my goodness. You're not wearing any. This is utterly fortuitous." His eyes were full of mischief.

"These cherries are perfect for what I want to do." he remarked. Taking a finger of his left hand, he placed it on her labia. He started to rub some. As he began to part her pussy, he told her of his intentions. "Aurora, I'm going to marinate these cherries in you. I need to see if you have enough juices for this to work." Slipping his finger past her slippery lips, he marveled at how wet she was. "You have more than enough to do this properly." he stated. He took his finger out and raised it to his nose. Then he put the finger in his mouth and sucked it clean. "The taste and smell are exactly the qualities I was looking for in my marinade." he remarked. Using both his hands, he pushed her thighs farther apart. "Why don't you throw a leg up onto the back of the couch?" he asked.

Aurora was very compliant. This was going to be extremely interesting, she thought to herself. Bending her leg and putting a calf on the top of the couch back, she asked if she could assist in any way. "Just relax and enjoy", He said. "Watch and learn.", as he chuckled.

Picking up a cherry, he made a show of inspecting it. Putting it back in the dish, he reached into a pocket of his shorts and took out a small container of dental floss. He pulled on the floss and tore off two 12" long strands, tying a strand around the stem of each cherry he had chosen. Then, reaching between her thighs, he began to rub the first cherry up and down her slit. Aurora started to moan and shifted her hips some, lifting them off the couch to increase the pressure. With a gentle push, he inserted the cherry into her vagina. Aurora caught her breath, her eyes never leaving his.

He took another cherry and repeated his steps, rubbing her labia and then inserting the firm , tiny orb into her pussy. She squirmed a bit, feeling those cherries inside her. They may not have vibrated like her favorite toy, but having them nestled in her cunt like sugarplums was every bit as exciting.

Looking down, she saw the two strings and hoped that they wouldn't slip off the stems when the time came to remove the cherries. She closed her eyes, relishing the feel of his fingers on her slickened pussy lips. Aurora wondered was going to happen next. As if reading her mind, he said, "I'm going to start dinner. I have a movie I want you to watch. It's called 'The Guitar' and it stars a woman named Saffron Burrows. Very hot! But her co-star, Paz de la Heurta – oh, Aurora, I think you'll really like her. She has such full lips. You watch, and moan from time to time. It's a very erotic movie. Not porn, just simply erotic. I'll come back when I think the cherries are ready."

Aurora squirmed around a bit more as she brought her leg back down and crossed her ankles. He picked up a remote, turned on his plasma television, and started the movie for her. Sitting up, legs still crossed, she took a sip from her sangria. He went back into the kitchen, letting her know that he was going to get started on dinner for the two of them. Aurora had never felt more pampered and certainly had never been a part of foreplay like this before. As she watched him disappear, she felt a shudder, the cherries rubbing the surface of her pussy with every slight move. Enjoying the sensations, she began to watch the movie.

About halfway through the show, he reappeared, stepping through the kitchen doorway and carrying a shaker containing his Manhattan ingredients. He also had a martini glass. Placing them both on the coffee table, he sat down beside her. He patted her thigh, noticing the hooded look of her eyes, and pushed apart her legs again. "Why, Aurora, you're still squirming. I do believe the cherries have marinated long enough. Why don't I take one out and see." He said, another sly grin crossing his face.

He had her put her leg back up on the top of the sofa and slowly lowered his face to her pussy. He kissed her, first on her womb, then lower, just above the top of her slit. He looked at her very swollen labia and noticed that she had drops of nectar seeping out of her, making a small trail down to her anus. There was wet spot under her ass. He thought to himself that it was a good idea to have gotten the stain protection when he purchased the couch. His tongue darted out, catching a drop of her juices, tasting her ad causing her hips to jerk upwards.

He continued to lap for a short while, then brought his lips to one of the strings attached to the fruity sex toy. Sucking it into his mouth and following the trail to her now open petals, he bit on the floss and began to gently tug, his nose brushing her slit while did. Soft gasps escaped from her. Out popped the nectar-marinated cherry. He deftly untied the floss and placed the cherry in his cocktail glass. Repeating this sequence of events, he retrieved the other cherry and plopped that into his glass as well.

He picked up the shaker, beads of water on the sides mirroring the beads of juice on her pussy's outer walls, and poured the chilled contents into the glass, covering the cherries. Letting it sit, he returned to more pressing matters, pressing his face to her cunt again, this time not stopping to tease. He proceeded to lick and lap at every surface of her pussy until she came with enough force to buck his face off of her.

Sitting up, his lips and chin now covered with a coating of her juices, he reached for his glass. Watching Aurora as she recovered, he took a sip of his drink. He then took his index finger, placed it to his chin, swabbing at the juices left behind, and touched it to the rim of his glass, making a lap around the edge. "Perfect." He said. "Just perfect. This may be the best Manhattan I've ever made."

Kevin sat down next to Aurora, placing an arm around her. Holding her close to him, sipping at his Manhattan, they resumed watching the movie. "Dinner will be ready shortly", he said. He couldn't wait until she laid eyes on the cheese filled chicken breasts. Anything filled with a creamy substance seemed to get her juices flowing, he thought, with a lascivious grin. And I'm going to have her for dessert.

The End

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